Over Half A Century
(Fifty-Four Years)
Neothink Society
100,000+ Unsolicited

The 50,000 testimonials uploaded here were captured from the advent of the Internet and emails…from 1997 forward. Between 1968 to 1997 exist tens of thousands more unsolicited testimonials on handwritten letters. Well over 100,000 unsolicited testimonials exist for Neothink® Books.

5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hello, my name is Matthew, my father in law Terrill Nichols, had received a copy of your book “Neo-Think “. Terrill has passed away and I have inherited his things including your manuscript. Unfortunately the book and the letter you sent him have been damaged prior to me finding it so it is not possible to read them however I have researched this a bit on line and I find it interesting. May I please know more?

  2. the marketing ive used to make some of the best resolutions have proven useful for the company.
    Thank You

  3. ive met some the most smartest people in the world they all say its a god send but but not one single american believes in Mr. Xist superpower of prosperity and the secretariate patriarch body see what i mean? looking for way to embarras the nitty mind solution work beyond materials not even about monetary freedom even the goverment is saved by it im glad in god i trust. yes very importan PBT gift.

  4. Mark, this is Jerry (Jerome) Trammer. I find myself akin to your last question author being at this point being at this point, an octogenarian of age 86. Perhaps you were referring to me in your final response.

    I am taking this opportunity to send you a bit of a writing I put together to introduce myself although you likely know what I am about to send you: MY NAME IS JERRY (JEROME) TRAMMER AND I AM A NEOPHYTE MEMBER OF OUR SOCIETY.

    I have spent 52-years in the profession of designing and building edifices and other projects requiring electrical design and/or construction during which time I have served the real-estate and construction industries as a consultant and construction manager for multiple projects (one architect whom I worked with calls me the dean of construction managers.) I also served the public as the chairman of the Alaska state electrical board for a 5-year term.

    I HAVE BEEN A SELF-STARTER FOR A LONG TIME while operating my firm as a sole proprietorship. I almost always work by myself without employees; I see my profession as being somewhat analogous to yours while as to value creation, everything I do creates value which is why I have been employed by various individuals and businesses over the length of my career.

    I’D LOVE TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOU and serve at your pleasure as your mentee. I’m older than you but I have no issues with taking direction from a person of an earlier age where there is mutual respect. I HAVE BEEN A SELF-STARTER FOR A LONG TIME while operating my firm as a sole proprietorship.

    BY THE WAY, I am an octogenarian of 86 years as is my wife who is 60-days younger than me. We have been married for 48-ears and both intend to live well beyond the century mark. In our minds we are both physically able to do so.


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