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  1. @derekox This is way beyond the Tea party. And yes there is nothing religious about this. It’s mans next evolutionary leap. Within the decade you’ll understand this. It’s going to eradicate our automatic following mentality and being controlled by external authorities like governments, police, religions, traditional schools etc etc….And we are going to become self integrating individuals that need no authority to tell us what to believe and how to think.

  2. Can you imagine doing what you loved to do as a child.. play all the time? With a job of the mind, you will do just that. Find out what your Friday Night Essence is, and then you can prosper and live happily as you make a difference in society. Every child wanted acceptance. The Neothink Society accepts everyone everywhere. If your desire is to lift others up, rather than tear them down, this is the place for you. Uniting the Non-Ruling Class to bring prosperity and happiness to the masses.

  3. The Prime Law is the 3000 Year Old Secret that has been withheld from all of us individuals. America shall prosper and live happily and so shall the rest of the world. Let’s get this momentum moving. An uplifting Political Party, what a paradigm shift? Not one that takes from others, but, one that will set each individual free to create, prosper, and live happily. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  4. To be honest Credit really should be given to Ayn Rand for the Neo-Tech Breakthrough, without her work Neo-Tech could never have come about, it is pretty poorly written unfortunately. Read Atlas Shrugged today folks, it will do more to help you understand Neo-Tech then any other book you can buy.

  5. I like that Mark Hamilton sees that taking America back to where it was in the beginning is not enough. So long as there is force upon the people there is no freedom. I want individual freedom for all, not freedom for the few rulers. The Prime Law of Protection will protect all of us. Never before has this been possible. Check into the Twelve Visions Party. We are on facebook too.

  6. Harking back to the 1980’s tongue-in-cheek NT zoo; I see politicians and bureaucrats wildly waving their arms about trying to get people’s attention. …As if to say… I’m still relevant!

  7. On a forum in 2001 I was writing about the Constitution of the Universe. I worded mine The Universal Constitution and rewrote the three original articles so as to keep their essence and not plagiarize. Anyhow, I knew implementing a new constitution was too tall a challenge. Then it struck me that it would be just as effective as an amendment to the existing constitution. Definitely doable.

  8. Do you know about the precinct strategy? It explains how grass roots political parties best tool is the already-in-place election process that begins at about the five-block radius.

  9. This is a good example of politics emanating from the local level right up to getting your preferred candidate elected president and any other elected office. I first read about it before I heard about the Twelve Visions Party, which is absolutely brilliant, IMO. As soon as I read about the TVP I saw a glove-like fit. Check it out at: wagthedog2010 D-O-T com

  10. People get stuck talking about problems rather than moving on to planning and implementing solutions.
    A person that’s without the neothink secrets, I’m not a paid society member but have been reading NTP literature since 1989, I especially love the Long Wave — rocks my universe — without the neothink secret of wide-scope integrated thinking getting to solutions is an arduous task. Compared to naturally invigorating. I just want to blow right past people’s biases and political correctness.

  11. This is a multi-part post.
    A powerful technique and concept I’ve used in doing integrated thinking is what I call The Quest. I’ll explain more in a moment. Plus, give a little bonus at the end.

  12. I’ve been aware of The Quest for about three decades. It first came into my awareness when my father commented: “How do you know what you don’t know, when you don’t know it?’ That was in response to my mother saying she knew something and dad asked: “How do you know it?’ Mom replied, “I just know it.’ To which dad replied: “How do you know what you don’t know, when you don’t know it?’

  13. It had probably been with me prior, all along without my need for conscious awareness of its mystery. It’s taken me this long to put into words for others to understand. To be able to explain how I do it and how or why it works.
    It’s simple. When integrating thoughts, sensing a gap in the puzzle I’m working on at the moment I’ll ask myself a question about something that I think may fit in the gap or space.

  14. But until I stop my internal dialog of trying to have whatever answer I’m searching for fit my vision of the puzzle – which is by “nature’ biased – I let go of the bias by asking the question in a detached, truly inquisitive nature as to what the puzzle looks like once the piece is in place. It’s a way of bringing the vision into focus. What is this that I’m looking at.(Can you tell I’m a visual type person?) And it is at that point that the piece I was in quest of comes into focus.

  15. As if to say to myself, “there’s a piece missing, how does it fit?’ Not what does the pierce looks like, rather, what does the puzzle look and feel like. Because when you think about it, that new piece will alter the puzzle picture in ways I’m not aware of prior to receiving or acquiring it. Boy, when the piece fits it invariable sooner rather than latter shows how it integrates in several places of the puzzle. Since the master puzzle includes the unknown fifth dimension it’s limitless.

  16. The fifth dimension is that which is unknown to me .It is what I tap in quest of answers. It’s sort of like what KT talks about in YWIYC. I don’t know all the variables the Universe moves around at my command to get what I want – my wish is my command. I tap into the fifth dimension to get there. Socrates and others have said something to the effect of: the one thing I know is how much I don’t know. Perhaps more important is knowing how to get the answers I need to enrich the puzzle.

  17. Bonus: I’ve used remote viewing over a hundred times to successfully predict and describe a picture I would be looking at at a specific time in the future, Typically for the following day. After doing my remote viewing session and sometime prior to the designated time to look at the picture the picture/target would be randomly selected form a database of over 6,500 pictures I had not seen.

  18. It is absolutely amazing to me that the human mind/body can do this. This isn’t some special gift I have. Everyone has the ability – it’s species wide. It’s for real — no illusions or slight of hand or mind playing tricks on me.
    On the other hand, when one considers the human mind excels at pattern recognition and envisioning the future it isn’t really all that amazing. It just is.

  19. The thing is, I know how to do it, as do many other people, what we don’t know is how it works. Much less how it fits into the bigger picture. Bare in mind that as far as I know none of the remote viewers I’ve had dialogs with have read the Long Wave, neothink literature or NT discovery. I think this would limit their ability to perceive the larger picture. Amounting to trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

  20. The best one word description I’ve come across is “intuition’. Prior to learning to remote view the idea of intuition I had previously left off to the side as it seemed too anecdotal and unable to be proven.
    How will this play out as we move further into creating the CofU? Probably people will become increasingly adept at recognizing intuition. A sixth sense?
    So many stories. So little time.

  21. The hook or lead in is the Unique Selling Proposition or USP> Make Everyone Wealthy, Including the Poor. The comparatively spontaneous emergence of the CofU will be marked by a trove of existing “advanced” technologies in health/medicine, energy, money and finance that will rapidly build up to economy of scale production to fill market demand.

  22. There’s a concise explanation of Prime Law that causes the reader/listener/viewer to defend and protect their human-being essence — a no-escape mini-matrix. Backed by extended integrations for those interested in really digging into Prime Law. As viewed from multiple professions and perspectives traversing the CofU to this anti-civilization and back.

  23. Compared to the breakdown of the bicameral mind 3,000 years ago, the emergence into neothink and the CofU will appear to have spontaneously erupted in a hundred million people’s hearts and minds. Public consciousness will merge with thy true self and reflect back to man his/her essence.

  24. I think that the ruling class has always endeavoured to suppress the people into value production as opposed to creation. This has been accomplished via their methods of perceptual (as opposed to conceptual) teaching, leading to roles in specialized careers. The individual then sinking deeper into stagnation and resignation is the end result of this. However, neothinking can free everyone into hitherto unimagined realms of excitement, fulfilment and happiness.

  25. Antidote: ‘A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.’ ERADICATING INITIATORY FORCE via Mark Hamilton’s ‘Prime Law of Protection’ is the ‘Antidote’ that will NULLIFY the ‘Poison’ of ‘The Rule of Man’ by… replacing it with the ‘Rule of Law’, thus freeing the geniuses and ushering in a Super Society of Wealth, Health, and Peace, Making Everyone Rich, Including the Poor.

  26. Many people already sense or can even identify with what Mark says in this video. However, I believe that it was necessary for him to record it in order for this important principle to be brought into the public consciousness.

  27. @Mr123456King Mr. Slice, I wanted to know if you read about Mark Hamilton’s Split Run Marketing Theory and that a Fully Honest Integrated Individual such as Mark Hamilton would have Integrated Split Run in a Linier Fashion when building the Neothink Society. Some Nt brethren understood that the research that was done in Theory has now became the Key in Application through the Neothink Integrations of Mark Hamilton and other Openly Honest Integrated Individuals.

  28. Thank you Issa for this warm and reflective video. ‘Alan UK’ of the incomparable Neothink Society.

  29. Within the Neothink Society, you are given the techniques and tools to becomes the person you meant to be… by becoming the Self-Motivated-Responsible Leader to create wealth, health & peace in one’s life. Love you Mark Hamilton.

  30. Mr. Larry Johnson, your gratitude for the Neothink Society and its impact on you and your family is heartfelt. : )

  31. I just am reading the information sent to me and it is so complex but informative. I can see how this can be applied in many areas of my life. I am hoping to be able to apply this to my current job this spring to improve my performance and to hopefully start a new business venture come this fall to hopefully be successful enough to not have to dely on a second job. I am just curious if there are others I can be in contact with when I have questions … How does that part work?

  32. Thanks so much! I find the information I am reading very helpful. I am new to this so I am looking forward to growing and changing many aspects of my life for the better.

  33. A very thought provoking video. My foundation is calling me, I have to start listening to my new way of thinking. Thank you Mr. Hatfield.

  34. Many people come to America to be happy and to improve their lives. The Neothink Society can add the cherry on top! Great heartfelt testimonial to what the Society means to this man.

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