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  1. dig up the riverbeds to make room for sea level rising and take that dug up sediment and carry it over to the deserts to begin layering the deserts to prevent heat from rising or heats that cause hurricanes much less various kinds of weather events related to heat rising that can be controled and prevented

  2. Got my manuscript 2 weeks ago and have been reading and reading. So much material to cover and remember. I still don’t have my FNE, but you said not to worry too much about it, that it would come with time. Sure hope so. I am a retired LPN, practiced for almost 30 yrs. Loved it most of the time. Have been having trouble with my internet connection being on the blink every time the wind changes direction, so my notes to you may be sporadic. Sorry about that.

  3. The concept of death was solved millions of years ago. However was hidden to specific people that could help humanity and they went through and go through various checks to see if they are nuts, crazy or just bad people. Reading and studying this as a doctor, I found various types of methods used to keep the body both noit ill and not aging. A few are simple yet fascinating to see the change even if a person was of older body it changes it. Some of the others are simply held in secret by assinine corporations. But can be learned as recently it was taken to society but removed. Having studied Neo tech, I believe at this point this can be taught to members because of the integrity I see and studing the many books of neotec.
    Its actually a simple process that anyone can use, taught only to kings, queens, princes of great integrity.
    But its coming out to day, we will see how neo tech will do, I must look further into where neo tech will go.

  4. Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton, my name is Mikeyel. I have been reading books off and on for almost the last three years. I was mid-June in 2019 when I received your first letter and responded. Then in July i received my first book “Neothink III”. I remembering taking that book everywhere with me until I had finished reading it. I have had some some difficult health issues these last three years and have continued buying books to read when I was able to. I received the most recent book earlier this month, but was just this evening able to start reading it. I don’t know enough about these comments to reveal this book’s title, but I love the new direction of the very first story I ever read of yours in the first part of this book. I am so looking forward to actually meeting you and your team/friends. i am not ready to openly discuss my current job/career here on this site, but i would very much like to discuss more about everything with you personally.
    Sincerely, Mikeyel K.

  5. Good Day Mr Hamilton,

    Need guidance on transitioning to a friendlier environment job wise. Not sure I can stay in my current position I’m looking for an opportunity it’s a complicated situation. Any pointers?

  6. Twenty second miracle,can be applied in twenty seconds is simple and easy to do.In your orientation booklet you sent me.How do i apply it please.I apologise for not being able to keep the monthly commitment of $30,it is awhile now.Yes but hope can in the not too distanced future.

  7. Hi mark i am one of your choosen students you are my mentor which i am very grateful sir i have read all 3 herion books and have started on my secreat teaching book as well mark i am from the old school not very good on cumputers sir sorry i feel very energetic and stronger then i ever been i can feel something is happening to me and it is very strong feeling i feel like something is taking over me all for the welth and power i feel very powerful sir thank you mark i beleve in twelve vision word and prime law and very greatful to be selected by you sir for a powerful and better life for me and my family again i say thank you sir please dont give up on me i want to grow with you teaching me how please i dont ever want to lose this feeling you have a good day sir im hoping to be by your side soon my cell 419 571 5704 call me any time want to find a clubhouse near me

  8. Thank you. Although, my beautiful 19yr Maltese was murdered for barking. My son decided I needed a different place to live and Yahoo Finance wiped my 50 accounts due to their new data breach cover up. So now I have to sue YF for my money. I must admit Life always changes. I am grateful to find my place in the sun. I am now a complete NeoThink and TVP member convert. I am thrilled to be here.

  9. No specific questions yet, but eagerly anticipating what is to come and life changes that will be made.

  10. Hi Mark, this is my first email to you, I am new to Neothink. I finished reading the 3 manuscripts your organization has sent me and the first book was most enjoyable to me, like reading a good novel. The subsequent books were a bit technical for me and somewhat political with a message. My issue is, I have no idea where this membership is leading me to, what your organization expects of me and what I can expect from your organization. I have no idea what my Friday Night Essence is, how to get rid of layers of mysticism and how to self integrate. I am debt free, have to take care of taxes but I would like to experience wealth and live the life I meant to live. Thank you finding me.

  11. Hello Mark, Larry Schmidt here…. I felt I must communicate to you a proper thank you for the many positive things I have read from you and your Father through all the many years I have been with the society. At times it was the letters from you that kept me on line and going forward. After quite some time I have achieved a better focus in my life. A man can only go forward if his heart lets him. I’ve found that a good and kind spirit can be crushed and broken when a life is taken away and you have no say even if it was your own creation. To be transparent and profoundly honest is paramount. But instead of communication and reason there was evil and the deliberate spread of false interactions. The crushed spirit was then sent away through deception and rumor. After years. Thirty some years the crushed and broken spirit is still unable to make it to the next level. Neo Cheating is so suttle and the disguise is so clever that the kind and gentle spirit of good is unrecognizable. It has been so cleverly made into something so far from what it truly is. But for one brief moment the truth shines through so that the neocheaters will be exposed for who and what they truly are. Mark, please believe me. As I have known the sting of a combat environment. If your heart is not true and clean you will not be able to be the person you need to be. You will not be able to pull the trigger when that moment arrives. The same is true when an innocent man is unjustly accused and his heart is broken so he remains stagnate. I am so keenly aware of this unjust human disease that I swear to you I will do every thing in my power and this universe to give my true brothers and sisters the protection from the crippling cheaters that your father saw before anyone else. I thank you and your father for your vision and true caring spirit for your people.
    Please! If you can hear. Please know this message is the truth. We need to talk sir!!!!
    You and your father are true modern American hero’s I’m here man. I’m here

  12. Mein english ist nicht so gut und hoffe das da bei euch wer deutsch kann…das mit dem spielen ist easy wohne dennoch bei meiner mum und dies ermöglicht es mir dennoch wandel zur Änderung. ..möchte spielend auf einer gesunden lebensart
    Spielend Herbalife erlernen und neue Fähigkeiten ausüben…ich hoffe es versteht mich wer…denn nur durch Neotech weiß ich so vieles mehr…

  13. Der Mark thank you for letting me join in he secret neothink meetings I m level one I don’t know what my Friday night essence is . I have tried starting a home based business many times but always failed I don’t know how to do any thing.i feel like a failure.still trying to learn neothink but it is hard.

  14. I was poking around the site and saw that you are a musician and singer. I am looking to collaborate on some original music specifically with Neothink folks. If you’re interested please reply.

  15. Hi, Mark Hamilton, I’m about to begin my investing with a diversified plan of proportionate values. Before I start I have a question, Will there be any chance for future training and guidance in investing or am I on my own? I would welcome any suggestions but soon will launch my FNE’s. Thanks again for all I have learned from your books. I am excited about the future and hope that I will not only become a value for myself, family,and society, but also for the C of the U. Respectfully Yours, J S.

  16. What could i really do to help u.. Is it about my faith? I feel science and religion will go hand in hand at some time in the future..and that is just my view.u gonna help turn me on/off to it?lmao…ok its funny…the first and only time i read ur faction story of miss annabelle,i seen opposites?! That has something to do with something?!…..

  17. Greetings Mark,

    Ahoy, my brother, it looks like a splendid day outside, where I plan to go to right away… While I’m on the subject of days, I’d like to discuss your days filled with sharing your brilliant Neothink Society…
    Would think most people will flock to your offer for a brighter tomorrow…At least the one’s I know would.
    Because what you’re offering is eternally gratifying…It has the potential to lift one’s spirits…
    Regardless it is the right thing to do…Later alligator…

    Your friend,
    Robert W. Henry

  18. Hi Mark,

    I am going to pay my monthly fees on my May 19th check. A couple of questions: Will I have to do another Introduction Meeting again after I pay my monthly fees? And if so, will I get a couple of people to help me with my Introduction Meeting? I have so much catching up to do because we lost one of our people at Casey’s where I work at and now I am getting more hours of work. So getting caught up on things is a little tough right now. So I hope that you can hang on with me a little longer.

    Sincerely yours,

    Linda K. Poynter

  19. Hi Mark,
    I figured that I should tell you why I haven’t been able to afford to pay my $30.00 monthly fee. This past January my youngest son moved back in with me form his estranged dad. But shortly after that two of my son’s friends moved into my place. At first they had jobs. But more recently they have been unemployed. So that left me handling the rent and the food, and not much else. I am suppose to get a raise from my job, but I have not seen it as of yet. So as you can see I am struggling very much right now. I don’t know if I am suppose to pay that money all at once or if I can pay it a little at a time? Also, I put in a request for my Introduction Meeting tonight and have not heard from anyone as of yet. Getting concerned! Well I gotta go.
    Sincerely yours,

    Linda K. P.

  20. Hi Mark’
    I Have my place that I am going to have My Introduction Meeting at the Urbana Civic Center, 108 East Water Street, Urbana, IL 61801 On April 25, 2017, from 6pm- 10pm. Hopefully that be that long. But if I Have a good amount of people come, then it just might take that long. However I do need a couple of speakers at my meeting. I don’t know who to ask. Can you help me with that?

    Sincerely Yours,
    Linda K. Poynter

  21. Dear Mark,
    I left you a message yesterday about getting a place for my Introductory Meeting. I also was asking you if this meeting is for ordinary people to come to or for newest Society members? I also was asking you about whether there was going to be a First person there to help me with conducting this meeting? I hope to here from you soon. Thank you so much for selecting me.
    Sincerely Yours,

    Linda K. Poynter

  22. Hallo.lieber Herr Hamilton,ich verstehe das Englisch nicht.Was kann ich tun?Kann man das übersetzen?Ich habe eine software gekauft,aber das klappt nicht.Soll ich die Videos trotzdem schauen?Ich freue mich so,daß ich zu Hause bin,bei Ihnen.Peoplepedia werde ich einrichten.Es wird mir eine Ehre sein .Bitte helfen Sie mir,das Sprachproblem zu lösen. Ich hätte soviel zu sagen.Noch etwas :mein Vorname(Firstname)ist Hella,mein Nachname ist Kirchner. Nochmals ich bin so glücklich die Reise mit Ihnen begonnen zu haben.Herzlichst Hella KIrchner

  23. Lovely Mark Hamilton!
    I doesn´t no i can found how the Mystizismus in me and other People?
    please help me,that i´m so in alone with my Mystizismus! in my mothers home…

    Thanks beore for your answere!

    MLG Dorothy

  24. Lieber Mark!
    Danke, daß Ich jetzt mit Ihnen und vielen anderen von Neo-Tech kommunizieren kann. Mein English ist nicht so gut ,daher schreib Ich in Deutsch. Hoffe das sich einer finden wird der mir in Deutsch antwortet. Ich möchte viel von Ihnen lernen, da Ich mit niemanden darüber reden kann, über das Ich lese und lerne. Möchte die Portalseite finden, wo wir kommunizieren. Mein größte Problem ist es den Mystizismus in mir und in anderen zu finden. Also Ich freu mich schon. Lg Dorothy

  25. am new to this website but not new to neo=tech read all major neo =tech books 20 plus years ago

    they changed my life. The success come by thinking about the values they represent every day

    am also a successful roulette player which is one area you can make lot of money

    to your success LASZLO

  26. Hello, Mark,
    I was sent two times email to mentor on the list which I receive but unfortunatly didn’t receive any response, you can find copy of email below:

    Begin forwarded message:

    Subject: Member from Latvia
    Date: 12 Oct 2015 20:11:20 CEST

    Dear Loren Taylor,

    I have received a letter from the Desk of Mark Hamilton with your details, so, I choosed to contact with You, because Im going to visit California in November 2015 and would like to visit Trebor Clubhouse as well.
    Im looking for Mentor.
    What could you recommend me?

    Best regards, Armands Gulans
    Active Neothink Member
    Riga, Latvia

  27. Hello, Mark,
    I was sent two times email to mentor but didn’t receive any response, you can find copy of email below:

    Begin forwarded message:

    Subject: Fwd: Member from Latvia
    Date: 17 Nov 2015 20:39:56 CET

    Dear Mr. Artem Badalyan,

    I have received a letter from the Desk of Mark Hamilton with your details, so, I choosed to contact with You, because Im going to visit California in November 2015 and would like to visit Trebor Clubhouse as well.
    Im looking for Mentor.
    What could you recommend me?

    Best regards, Armands Gulans
    Active Neothink Member
    Riga, Latvia

  28. Mark:
    i am trying to figure out what my Friday night essence could be i have been self employed most my life.
    In 2006 i became fully disabled with a degenerative disc disease in my back . At this point in my life i woulds have to find a new career to get into and i just draw a blank when trying to find new path. I have been in computers since my 20’s and that seems to be a throw away item now .i need help opening my mind to a new horizon and way of life. look forward to any suggestions you may have for me
    James (Jim)

  29. Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton, thanks for the letter and this opportunity, I want to be financially free, Im looking for Mentor. I have contact one of the Clubhouses under Your recommendation and waiting for response.

  30. dear mr. Hamilton, I find it very difficult to hold back tears of humility since I read your acceptance letter into the level 111 program. the impact on my heart and mind has been tremendous. I humbly thank you so much for the opportunity to serve. Your leadership is exemplary and your heart is right. I am struggling to communicate this message as I have so much joy. I love my country so much as I love my family and my god. He has surely created a fine work in you. Thank you again so much for the trust you have in me. I will not let you down. my whole heart is in everything I do….even though I have no idea what or where I can go. I will be the best that my Dad And Mom could have ever wanted. Just having my good parents in my life has given me the blessing of you choosing me. I would be nothing without you all.

  31. thank yuo mr mark hamilton
    as mentor salvatore vaccaro,i am ansious to change my life mr hamilton
    and working for civiltitiation of the universe
    sincerely sv

  32. Mark,

    Everything I have in you emails tells me that the secret meeting I will attend will be at a unknown location, and so far in the first book it all sounds increditable. so I guess my question to you is this unknown location the internet with fine dinning and the best wines and in person rubbing shoulders and shaking hand with rich and famous at a sort of resort, or is this an online thing only?

    My Regards
    Frank F

  33. Salut M. Mark Hamilton,

    Comment puis-je avoir une version française de votre site. Je suis Yves BONTEMPS N° Membre: 332P-D

  34. Thanks for part one.
    How will I know if I am progressing at the level you expect?
    Will I be able to continue if I am a little slow on the computer?

  35. Mr Hamilton let me first apologize for being so late but I’ve had some things to come up but I’m very anxious to start and overwhelmed with your expectations of me and would welcome the chance to live up to them but the technology of doing this is difficult for me I’m learning as I go thats the main reason why I’m late . I know the meeting are daily but what time , please help me get started I’m ready if you can call me my phone number is [moderator: do not post your phone number on the public internet] not that I think I’m so important but call would be greatly appreciated very truly your BARBARA D.

  36. Mr Hamilton let me first apologize for being so late but I’ve had some things to come up but I’m very anxious to start and overwhelmed with your expectations of me and would welcome the chance to live up to them but the technology of doing this is difficult for me I’m learning as I go thats the main reason why I’m late . I know the meeting are daily but what time , please help me get started I’m ready if you can call me my phone number is [Moderator: Do not put your phone number on the public internet] not that I think I’m so important but call would be greatly appreciated very truly your BARBARA DELANCY

  37. 4/30/2015

    Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,

    Once I realize that due to my being insanely busy since November, i had missed the part of the April 4th letter that I was now eligible to attend the secret meetings and the procedure to do so

    I feel I owe you a letter as to why you haven’t heard from me and why I haven’t yet begun to attend the secret meetings.

    It is definitely not that I’ve lost interest in Neothink. On the contrary, your writing on the Twelve Visions and the Twelve Visions Party have touched & grabbed me more than any teaching or treatise in many, many decades.

    I’m speaking truthfully. The notion of that the Prime Law as the most fundamental natural Law and the rightful purpose of government; that being the protection against initiatory force that hinders the eradication of any condition (i.e. poverty, crime, terrorism, etc.) that stands in the way of fulfillment of the two fundamental objectives of improving one’s life and improving the world one lives in. It strikes me that the simple articulation & support for these objectives amongst people of goodwill can yield probably awareness and movement toward the furtherance of the development of our species, the Earth and, perhaps, the Universe itself.

    I’d like to acknowledge that in my life’s space there seems a rising of the view, certainly amongst the 300 seniors who live in my apartment complex, that human nature is not yet fully evolved and that definitely is a clarion’s call for attention. ( I’m guessing that one current influence present here may be the study by highly respected British professor from Cambridge,U.K., Karen Armstrong/Carrington.) This 9 year nun went as deep & far into human history as possible. Result: she could not find one year in which there was no war.

    There’s also, probably, a persistent influence being wielded by the extent of dysfunction currently inherent by our current state of continuous war and and its subsequent threat to the Earth. As a species we are certainly looking incompetent in dealing with what we face daily. I can imagine (and sincerely hope) that your work and that of Neothink (including, of course, the teachings of integrative thinking & knowledge, are making making an impact. important contributions. I had never been presented with that material before and its not only been been impactful but mind-blowing really. It’s helped me understand the work of a retired 89 year old here who I’ve assisted for fourteen months in the writing of his final book, an impressive work crowning a 65 year impressive career working with people. I don’t always agree with his slant on things but his genius is the result of his substantial talents as an integrative thinker, a lens I never looked through before.

    The next subject matter I feel most in need of is “protection”. I know enough about people, the political processes of nations, states, cities & communities in U.S, some of Europe, & Latin America through 2 years Peace Corps service & 2½ years worth of graduate work in Latin America and Political Science to now have a genuine interest in knowing what you mean by protection: what does it mean? How does it work? What is there to be protected?
    The next chapters look delicious.

    Now i’d like to present you with the pre-occupations that have made me – seemingly unavoidably so god-awful busy. I imagine it’s clear to you were I am in my readings, page 521 of the 3rd book. Once this completed and sent off I’ll get back to the reading.

  38. Hi Mark,i am Nagnouma. Every time i read your books i am greatful , your good intentions to help the world and you have some wonderful people who really care.but some time every body is not the same. Your organization will get more strong because your good heart and you asking to be free,honest. Wich include fredown speak, integration ,for what been learn

  39. Neothink Members:

    Please Attend The Wednesday Afternoon “Brown Bag” Prime Literature Study Guide Program
    The Time: 1:00pm eastern time / 10:00am pacific time

    The call-in # 425-440-5100 The ID# 256015#

    The lines open up 15 minutes before the hour start time.

    The call is 90 minutes long and very interactive.

    Remember Bible Study class now you can have The Literature Study Class. Enjoy The Call……..

  40. Hi! I am grateful for the opportunity to realize my potential. Work in progress. Looking forward to learning more.
    Be blessed and be a blessing

  41. Hi Mark Hamilton it’s Robert It has been a few months to be honest since last on the site my laptop is still broken I haven’t really had the financial means to get a new one just got re employed hopefully will have a new one soon. I know I’ve been MIA for a minute there hope to be back in action soon.

  42. Thanks you Mark for this opportunity, I want to be financially free, pay my debts and accumulate wealth in order to live my Friday-Night essence. I am a writer, a musician, singer and actor… who wants to use his talents to educate, bring conscience to mankind, get them to get the best out of them, realize their potential, to have control, free of all gov brain wash. I am a leader and I want to help all Latin people also to see this light shining the future as a New Humanity for a better world… Thanks for being my mentor, I’ll absorb as a disciple, to live the life I was mean to, to be part of this cause.

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