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  1. The disease of the Rule of Man is now endemic, mind poisoning pandemic…. to the point that no amount of fixing will solve it. A ‘clean sweep’ into a new dimension is necessary. Such a sweep will not happen collectively. It begins with each individual who consciously acts to switch their consciousness to a new-world paradigm (it will be the greatest paradigm shift in humanities history. Consciousness of the Prime Law – is the consciousness raiser – that needs to be integrated into the minds of individuals, until a critical mass is reached.
    Craig H.

  2. Frank R. Wallace talked about integrated classical music been used as a form of escape, from a corrupt civilization (actually, the guitar playing of Jeff Beck does it for me). In a new civilization created through a new conscious awareness of the individual having Primacy…. such escape would be unnecessary. It is time to dump two party politics and think in terms of none agenda Prime Law.

  3. I have watched this video four times. Every time I learn more. This is amazing. Thank you for opening my eyes!!!!

  4. The Rule of Man will continue to destroy the world. The introduction of the Prime Law now is a very timely solution to save a very desperate world. I thank Mark Hamilton for take the lead.

  5. “Rise up! like lions after slumber.
    In invanquisable number.
    Shake your chains to earth like dew,
    which in your sleep had fallen on you.
    Ye are many – they are few!”
    Percy S.

  6. I think our country in deep..deep danger…We are loosing our liberties everyday…I just hope is not too late … Americans have to wake up, a big majority of citizens have no clue as of what really is going on. Very scary days ahead of us…The Prime Law is great…but we are running out of time!
    Nik C.

  7. Even current events reveal that the rule of man truly has been in charge of poverty and waging war against their own citizens. Initiatory force has been conducted by oppressive rulers .countries like Egypt, Lybia, Morocco, Somalia , and many other countries in the Middle East. Authoritarian rulers must be replaced by the Prime Law and establish a protection only government, like what Mark Hamilton says here. The government should only use “Self Defense Force” for its people.

  8. I am a member and Neothink has the best , powerful way of changing your life to be all that you can be and a new way of thinking that is the best I have ever heard about and shows you how to become much happier, more caring and loving. I am 75yrs old and I have never been able to learn the things that he teaches. I am not so quick to learn as I used to be but it is sinking in but I have a long time left to learn it. It is mighty enjoyable. Mark Hamilton is my mentor and I am very grateful for that.
    Yvonne H.

  9. I agree that we need a change in the world. We need this Prime Law that will help us lead ourselves instead of government leading. In this day of age we can’t afford to sit back and be passive. There’s been too many wars from a man who is imperfect and is abusive with his power to his own people and other people. The time is now for the Prime Law and have a government protecting its people only. So we don’t have these abusive social programs and dictating man over man laws.

  10. The anticivilization is seeking to create this world thru stereotypes on all broadcasting links in an attempt to change perception. Be careful and know that the seeds of destruction are being planted in the week minded.

  11. I have read all of Marks’ books and have been personally mentored by Mark Hamilton , he has a vision for a better world thru Neo Tech. I believe by using Marks’ vision and the Prime Law we can make the world a better place for everyone to live and prosper. I want to personally thank you Mark for helping me find my true self.

  12. If the Prime Law could be put in place in the world of today and our world could become a Neothink world it would be a world of wonder and people could walk down the street any street and fear nothing. We have become a world that lives in fear and it will be wonderful to take back our fear and hold our heads high.

  13. The economy is crying, “Rescue Me!!, Rescue Me!!” Many in America are suffering financially!! Adding The Prime Law as an amendment to the constitution may just simplify government and stimulate new businesses to flourish!! The Twelve Visions Party may just have some new ideas that may help to rescue this economy. The Twelve Visions platform is worth checking out. It’s a new approach. A new way at looking at how to solve our economic woes!!

  14. I was not a member of this site but now am and can respond to this and many others I have listened to many times. Listening to this video brings to mind the scene in the Wizard of Oz as a young girl when Dorothy throws the water on the wicked witch of the West in the castle and she starts melting and says, ” wicked girl destroyed my beautiful world who would have thought, what a world, what a world, and continues on with I’m melting, I’m melting and the soldiers yell hooray for Dorothy. Wow?

  15. I could agree more, during this 2011, I want this video, to hit atleast 2,000,000 views just like a music video.

  16. The time has come for all Americans to be free form the slavery of the political elite. We must all embrace the Prime Law and what it can do for us. It is true freedom in a way we have never known before. Please go to and learn more. Also visit and support Jill Reed in her quest for the presidency. And most of all love your neighbor as yourself because the most important value on the planet is human life.

  17. The government should protect ITS people???
    The government should protect its EMPLOYER — the people.
    Later on Government Company should protect its customers or be out-competed.

  18. As soon as the Prime Law becomes a legislature of the U.S Constitution, that will bring about change to eradicate the ruling class, CHANGE in TVP language means eradicate the ruling class and Make all the people rich including the poor. How do you make all the people rich? By simply getting rid of the ruling elite of oligarchs and bringing the innovative wealth creations to the public poor through the great replacement program.

  19. The Prime Law is genius. There is beauty in its simplicity. It reaffirms the importance of the individual that has been obscured in the shadow of big government and big business. The TVP and the Prime Law provides hope. It takes me back to a time in my youth when there was a feeling that through ingenuity and effort we could prevail over all obstacles and adversity. The TVP with the Prime Law provides the opportunity and the means to make a difference in our lives and in the world. Throughout history most people have lived their life without ever having had the opportunity to have had an impact on the world or if they have they have not had the opportunity to realize it. I am grateful that in my lifetime I how have the opportunity to do both.

  20. Wouldn’t this be lovely? I was just talking to someone about “promoting the general welfare” as written by the founding fathers, so idealistic, so naive, it seems now.
    Donna T.


  22. You are genius to put it so pithy!
    Every day will be like Christmas day, without our sacrifice to anti-civilized predators!

  23. This is exciting and maybe the most powerful thing ever to happen in the US. I hope you can get on board and take this very serious. Thank you.

  24. Mark Hamilton’s latest address to Arizona is also a powerful awakening. “We will all rise to a great and wealthy new world.” Thank you for wanting everyone to close the fall into poverty.

  25. Thank you once more to help make it possible for others to see how better the world can become through the PRIME LAW.

  26. As SOON as the Prime Law gets recognized. There truly will be prosperity for all people, including the poor people who are poorer than the poor, like me, so please who ever reads our Neothink comments here and who ever watches this video , please recognize that you have an obligation to humanity and that obligation is to eradicate poverty and the rule of man. Under the Twelve Visions Party’s Prime Law.

  27. All people of the world need to subscribe the Prime Law now as is the only way to be super human and prosperous in every area of life.

  28. I like that Mark Hamilton sees that taking America back to where it was in the beginning is not enough. So long as there is force upon the people there is no freedom. I want individual freedom for all, not freedom for the few rulers. The Prime Law of Protection will protect all of us. Never before has this been possible. Check into the Twelve Visions Party. We are on facebook too.

  29. This information in the Prime Law is The final ever lasting Law that will lead people into Super human and prosperous in area of life is now time to subscribe.

  30. The comparatively spontaneous emergence of the C of U will be marked by a trove of existing “advanced” technologies in health/medicine, energy, money and finance that will rapidly build up to economy of scale production to fill market demand.

  31. Thank you once again Mark Hamilton for sharing with the world the 3000 year old secret! “The Prime Law” My life has change 150% by listening to your video’s. You have given us all the right’s to our birth right. Thank You.

  32. There’s a concise explanation of Prime Law that causes the reader/listener/viewer to defend and protect their human-being essence — a no-escape mini-matrix. Backed by extended integrations for those interested in really digging into Prime Law. As viewed from multiple professions and perspectives traversing the C of U to this anti-civilization and back.

  33. It is only a matter of time before civilization collapses under the weight of corrupt parasites… In some parts of the world, that living hell is already a reality… War-torn nations, such as Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq… often influenced by some form of dogma, whether religiously motivated, or some kind of fascist or other nihilistic agenda…. almost always sponsored by a bully government headed by mafia like goons. What is worrying about these dictators, is they are almost never happy with simply controlling their own citizens…. sooner or later they feel the need to go beyond their own boarders, such as Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. The Prime Law is desperately needed Worldwide to put an end to the Rule of Man, that allows such madness.

  34. Compared to the breakdown of the bicameral mind 3,000 years ago, the emergence into Neothink and the C of U will appear to have spontaneously erupted in a hundred million people’s hearts and minds. Public consciousness.

  35. Antidote: “A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.”
    ERADICATING INITIATORY FORCE via Mark Hamilton’s “Prime Law of Protection” is the “Antidote” that will NULLIFY the “Poison” of “The Rule of Man” by… replacing it with the “Rule of Law”, thus freeing the geniuses and ushering in a Super Society of Wealth, Health, and Peace, Making Everyone Rich, Including the Poor.

  36. ERADICATING INITIATORY FORCE via Mark Hamilton’s “Prime Law of Protection” is the “Antidote” that will NULLIFY the “Poison” of “The Rule of Man” by… replacing it with the “Rule of Law”, thus freeing the geniuses and ushering in a Super Society of Wealth, Health, and Peace, Making Everyone Rich, Including the Poor.

  37. Many people already sense or can even identify with what Mark says in this video. However, I believe that it was necessary for him to record it in order for this important principle to be brought into the public consciousness.

  38. Modern physics is pointing towards the idea that universes can come from nothing…. for the simple reason that ‘nothing’ is unstable… and something naturally breaks that unstable symmetry. Indeed, in this modern view…. nothing as the natural state is unthinkable (indeed, try to think of absolutely nothing, it is not doable). This can only mean that there is no place where reality is not. I see this as an analogy of the anticivilization. The anticivilization is also unstable… the only thing stopping the collapse of anticivilization ‘symmetry’… into the far more complex consciously created asymmetrical technological civilization is the Rule of Man. To paraphrase Frank R. Wallace… is the example of the seemingly jumbled mess of the asymmetrical car engine, compared to for example, the less complex, seemingly more symmetrical horse buggy.
    Craig H.

  39. We need solutions now for today’s problems. Not tomorrow. The economy is suffering, the deficit is growing, many in America aren’t able to keep ahead of our escalating inflation. When need some fresh ideas, some new solutions, some new methodology to fix these problems now. The Twelve Visions Party may just have the answers. The same old path is not good enough anymore. We need a new and fresh approach. We need the Prime Law which will simplify government and allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to flourish. We need a government that is down-sized to a protection only role and which performs on a business services level.

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