Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law

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  1. Then we need to start over with the Prime Law at the center of every community but … again, how do we get there?
    This is basically Jesus VS Satan. Good VS Evil. Eart VS Vatican. It’s … been going on for thousands and thousands of years.
    Rome is winning, by initiation of force.

  2. So how do we collectively enact article 2 with so many lost souls?

    I have massive faith in the Prime Law (call it whatever you want) but look at the divide on this, people just can’t understand it (too simple?) and I would wager that many of those same people could be bought off with money.

    So how do we get here without WWIII?? How do you battle a flesh eating disease? Words aren’t working and we’re running out of time.

    We need to collapse MONEY. Not reform it, get rid of it. Global Jubilee.

  3. We that are watching this already know that our rights are being slowly dissolved, we have to stop this, if it has to be a revolution well that’s what we have to do I don’t at all condone violence but if we let evil take hold of our lives than it has to happen otherwise we are slaves to a system of greed, lies and poverty.

  4. Therefore Government is the parasite on the collective living system. Like all living systems on all levels if the parasites are not eradicated the host will die and so will the parasites if they cannot find another host. This is why all tyrannical governments eventually need to invade other countries to survive.

  5. Parasites are on all levels of life. Viruses and bacteria are parasites on a cellular level. Ticks, flees and leaches are parasites on a micro independent full living system. Thieves, rapists, bullies are parasites on the macro full independent living system. Government is always made up of thieves, rapists and bullies because parasites want to optimize their position.

  6. The government wants us to believe that we and it are the same but nothing can be further from the truth. The government is a parasite that feeds on the people to protect itself and it’s cohorts, it’s puppet masters, it’s beneficiaries, it’s existence at a cost to the people.
    Mack A.

  7. The government doesn’t care about the people, they only care about grasping more power. It’s like they are children, fighting over bull on the playground….

  8. No society in human history has ever accomplished this, look at how it worked out for communist/socialist societies. The greatest way for a country to be prosperous is to let people, by there own self interest, strive to be wealthy by filling societies needs. The more resources that go into reallocating assets, the less resources there are for everyone.

  9. Aside from interactions with government, which has no voluntary support. Pay the tax or go to jail. Government is men and women attempting to provide services at the barrel of a gun. Outside of government. 98% of people interact voluntarily — it’s all about voluntary support for each other. Like minds attract and co-create wealth for their benefit and society. The dislikes are due to ignorance and lack of thinking about how they themselves voluntarily interact with others.

  10. I wish we could live by this “prime law”, and everybody just leave everybody else the heck alone. But it won’t ever work, too many idiots around who would muck it all up.

  11. I agree I think the problem with society today is that people only ever try and change what we already having laws, policy etc. But if the system isn’t working changing a few points will not help, we need to go back to the start and decide what we want our society to be.

  12. Well I don’t know, but he has one good point: things aren’t working as they are. At least he is making an effort.
    Wayne R.

  13. That’s going to be a tough one, seeing our current situation, where we have a false government , that is really a corporation posing as our government. The main objective of a corporation as everyone knows is to make a profit for the shareholders. These guys running their companies (Corp. USA, States, Counties, Cities) are all having a great time making money off the poor people. While it sounds good, it would be interesting to know how you think presenting this prime law to them would turn out.

  14. When I was 18 received letters in the mail 1st class from “The Neothink Society” and read them in and out underlining what I valued and thought about it a lot. My peers and family thought it was nonsense so I disregarded them after awhile. I just stumbled upon this randomly and didn’t even notice it was Neothink till after the video had started. I just have to say I regret not joining when I could have. My views follow most of what Mark Hamilton speaks of. Thanks.

  15. Thank you for that important link w w w . t v p n c . org; it is such a learning playground! I also want to tell everyone that the web site advertised on this video w w w . T w e l v e V i s i o n s P a r t y . c o m answers all the questions one can have about the Prime Law and why it will make all the people wealthy, including the poor. Listen to Mark’s talks. They’re beautiful. Thank you Mark Hamilton for opening my mind!

  16. This is very important in our current times. High unemployment and discouraged folks that have worked a lifetime to now have to endure these hard times. This is a real solution.

  17. Politicians of all ilk fear and hate the Prime Law. as it will neutralize their powers of looting & destruction. May it be implemented real soon!

  18. Hello to Everyone… I notice some of you who vote for dislike for Mark Hamilton’s important Video for you and all. Please do your research for more information at w w w . t v p n c . o r g – It will help you to understand it better, We are very happy and find the right light of our life and you will be next and It will be SURPRISE for your wonderful future that you never seen before… Wink
    Patrica V.

  19. Thank you. I’ve been saying this for years and I get called crazy everywhere I go for it. It’s nice to know that there’s someone else who can see this.

  20. PEOPLE Globally are all being called to change by the Universe as a whole and through this our government as it stands today and without the PRIME LAW will not be changed until “we the people” change. I have read all of Mark Hamilton’s books to date and highly recommend them to others WHO WISH TO CHANGE AND GROW and dispel this “dis-ease” we all have felt and/or are currently feeling today.

  21. In the video Mark reads The Prime Law. It’s only 107 words long and is the one law that is imperative to amend to the constitution that provides the conditions to make all Americans wealthy — including the poor. It’s the ultimate “tool” for achieving pure freedom, peace, health and wealth for any nation and its people.

  22. Peaceful change begins with us. We have to be open minded on all options that may fix our economy and strengthen this great country we live in. We have to be doers and not bystanders. Doing nothing will not fix our economy!! It is a privilege to live in this great country of ours!! As good pro-active Americans we need to all do our part and be a part of the solution, and, not part of the problem!! TVP may just have some solutions that may indeed help our economy.

  23. Catch the vision!! Check out the TVP platform today!! It truly is a unique way to look at governing. It is a new approach that will simplify government so we can concentrate on that which is truly really important. Protecting our country and growing the economy should be our number one priorities. The Prime Law will show the way. Cut the flack and focus on that which is truly important and we might just save our economy before it’s too late. TVP shows the way to breathe new life into a failing government. As the song depicts, “It’s A New Day, It’s A New Way, It’s a New Life!!”

  24. How sad to have lived but never to have chosen your path because it is chosen for you in the current political structure where wars are waged and people are starved to keep their system of suppression “The Great Suppression” alive and well. Let’s open our flight into riches “we must close our fall into poverty…” (rule of man) leading to “inescapable depression and tyranny” we can remove the fundamental ingredient of initiatory force with the Prime Law – 3k secret – vote in 2012!

  25. I think its time for the whole world to realize that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting left behind so man made laws only apply to those people who are either poor or have no idea on the system that’s because we are letting these people walk all over us.

  26. Throughout history enlightened individuals sought to attain their rights to live their lives freely without the suppression of those that sought to remove their rights to live life in freedom or in the way that they saw fit. Governments were never meant to control lives, they were to protect life only. There is no need to dictate how life should be lived in a free society. History continually repeats itself unless and until people realize their need to be 100% self responsible for their lives.

  27. The ruling class has a secret they have kept from you. Without the use of initiatory force, there would be no ruling class and society would flourish. In fact, the TVP Platform at the TVP official web site clearly explains how EVERYONE would become rich, including the poor without a ruling class. The fact that EVERYONE can be rich including the poor is a 3000 year old secret, and the Prime Law is the 3000 year old secret to get us there by ending initiatory force.

  28. As identified by Mark Hamilton… The purpose of the Prime Law, is not to bring society back to the original purpose of the founding fathers… however noble the founding fathers intentions were (and they were). The purpose is to go beyond this anticivilization…. into a totally new, never before envisioned new dimension, a dimension that recognizes the rights of the individual, and integrates those rights through the Prime Law…. that takes away the Rule of Man – the potentially corrupting Rule of Man – that has slowly eaten away, at the founding fathers initial good intentions.
    Craig H.

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