Association For Curing Aging

Association For Curing Aging

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  1. Hello mark have recieved material
    For years lately last few years I’ve had challenge after challenge since last reading a few years ago
    Am trying to contact you for mentor ship /help
    Am desperate have lost mt y clear thinking and strength
    Can you please contact me and help me achieve the greatness again
    Nick Montas
    Thank you mark please help

  2. We are not alone in this world. I have 2 incidents that I want to sit down and discuss with you Mr Hamilton. I have read all 3 of my books. I have witness many things but I have doubts about some of th his. I know there is something in the universe that I can’t explain but one day I will the portal to the stars are true and I am not joking. People think that I am crazy but I don’t think I am my mind is just open to more possibilities than most of th he people I associate with at work. Thank you Mr. Hamilton for being my friend. Carla Moore 33/3 that’s m ugh numbers. They mean something to me. Have a blessed day today.

  3. You say it quite well in book one i believe that we let people tell us what to believe. We believe we are going to die and that belief is ingrained in our minds even though we have many examples that we don’t have to. So believing we don’t have to is half the battle

  4. Hi this Maria I think you know me already and you have a great night. I do to have a lot to looking for to live forever, that’s why I’m making time to just work on my special food and spices. Maybe one day I will be able to share with you Mark, and the society.

  5. WOW– wish my other eye worked and I could speed read like I use to. This is SO interesting. I firmly believe that we, as we are, are DESIGNED to LIVE FOREVER– and the “sin” of man screwed that up — the bicameral mess. In simplifying my thought- I think getting to “immortal” will involve more use of our mind than anything- and not so much technology, except in handling physical issues that are more “urgent” requiring need now. it’s like DaVinci- looking at the piece of marble and saying- the statue is THERE- I just release it– and that’s US– if we can cut the useless garbage away- physical and mental- the rest will become immortal!! 🙂

  6. Mysticism keeps us in the anti-civilization. The path of least-resistance guides us. This is one of the reasons we are mortal. Thinking over the posts here and looking at things from my perspective; some comments: If we want to give up smoking/drinking our mysticism stops us. There are quite a few things we should/should not do that help our health to be optimum. Exercises, having a good diet to name a few. I can say from personal experience that the mind rationalises why you should/should not do them. You must use conscious thought to control your actions and not let the bicameral brain do it. It is so very easy to give into “external authorities”. We have strips and tablets to stop us smoking. Doctors to help us stop drinking, humps in the road to stop us speeding when we drive. What do such things do? They reinforce the rationalisation that we need an external authority to guide us in what to do/not to do! This helps us build more rationalisations into our belief-systems to justify our actions. We have to tear all these beliefs down! This is our anti-civilization.
    Can we correct this wall-of-beliefs we have built from childhood? I think not. We must start to build another such wall-of- beliefs in another place and walk away from the old one. That is what I try to do.

  7. well I must say that I have been a member for many years. I am now rereading the prime discovery for the second time and i am like reading it very slowly.Things that I did not catch the first time I am now discovering. Well I must say that I like the ideas that conscious beings in far advanced planets-maybe 50000 years more advanced than planet earth have discovered the technology. Technology to create biology immortality which I believe they have, And from what I now realize, it is our time on earth to create the technology for biological immortality here on planet earth. According to what I know, we have the will and technology to start in that direction. So I hope that we can depolitize planet earth and get the scientific community and all involved to pitch in and with the Neo-tech society start the movement towards attaining bilological immortality here on planet earth.
    Krishna R.

  8. I see that the platform started in 2010 and it’s now 2018…how much longer is it going to be before the 12 visions party runs.

  9. Yes I know that I have the gift to heal this is one of my gifts. That was given to me when I was young. My mother told me that I was Born with a veil over my face. I’m thankful God and to You Mr. Mark Hamilton.

  10. TerriandPatrick Rasmuson
    No One has ever been to the moon. The moon landing was done on the nasa Scripted and Staged Stage by the 33 degree freemason Cult Club. You could say I am pretty good at picking out deception. Mark can you help me monetize on the knowledge I know about history being an Absolute Lie?

  11. If human beings lived on the moon and or Mars where the gravity is one thousand less as it is on Earth would human beings live longer instead of working against the stress and strain of gravity?

  12. Billy A. says: Hi, I am 83 years young and I am thinking of starting a Clubhouse In South Florida area . I bought my first of five that I own . Neo-Tech books back in 1991 up until recently, I am ready to talk . God takes care of death, I would like to talk about living, mostly pain free or how I do it . I am a sheet metal worker, and licensed in the State of Florida as a CNA worker. I am caregiver, and I work mostly private cases, and plus other things I do in my spare time helping others . I am active in all. I exercise, walk, eat right most of the time, and I give praise to my Higher Power.

  13. Hi Bobbie Guthrie and Mark Hamilton,

    I have a partner with a Cure for Cancer. I know it works because I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma
    One of the Leading Experts in the World, that was part of the Group that Wrote the Standard of Care for the World, gave me 3 – 6 months to live. I won’t go into all of the details here, but if you’re interested, I’d be happy to share them with you. That was 5 years ago, back in 2013. After the first 2 treatments six months apart, the Expert told me to keep doing whatever I was doing, because it was working. I made the Doctor my partner then, and 5 years later I’m still here. I’d be happy to share this with anyone that’s interested.

    Sincerely, Rick McD.

  14. Mark,

    Greetings to you, just got off the phone with Jill Reed and Steven Forester…They are my closest link to Neothink Society in my area…I’m finding your secret society is literally throughout this grand country…
    When I spoke with Steven he sounded like he has my character…Can’t explain that but he does have it…
    Now all we need to do is to establish times when we can meet…Steven says he holds his meetings in his home…I’ve read in your manuscript that we’re your next level of recruits…I’ve read that our next level will be so impressive…I’m afraid to mention this with my sister because of her Jezebel Spirit…She’s looks for ways to belittle me…She’s small but her mouth isn’t–lol…Don’t know what to do?

    I know there is but one time to make a good impression…That has already passed…So nothing I present to her will be looked on favorably…Her new boyfriend has already been influenced by her…Which is tragic because he has so many friends which all would love this story line…Totally!!!

    Robert W. Henry

  15. I want more info about stem cell research . Are you involved in stem cell research ? Is the society involved in stem cell research ? I have read about preliminary research regarding sickle cell disease and stem cells . How effective it is . I do not know.I am also interested in curing aging .Do you have any authentic literature or research department for this project .

  16. Mark, I have been a Neo Tech-Neo-Think since 1975. I had just returned from Nigeria, after years of being away from home. I wasn’t home very long when I got my 1st letter from you. I have quite a library of your books. You are right about being a searcher. Yes, I was looking for something, I didn’t know what. It was an instant knowing some day I would be alright if I could stay alive long enough. I am looking into stem cell infusion, but that is too costly. I am also checking out a formula for supplements, I am at a loss as to what I can afford and that will help with encapsulated tumor of the kidney. I would be interested if you have information that would help me.

  17. Hello Mark, I have always known I would live to be very old. But at the present time I have a malignant tumor in the left kidney, and a spot on both lungs. I am searching for an alternative drugs or a treatment, that would be of benefit to me.

  18. Mark – Great that your teachings emphasize bio-immortality as a solution to the world’s
    greatest problems. If it were possible to achieve the widespread media recognition that other movements have achieved, it would be wonderful if Neo-Think could launch a global pro-scientific immortality mass-movement. If Neo-Think can get average people marching, demanding that science concentrate on anti-aging and life-extension research it would endlessly be filling the news media reports just as the civil rights movement and the women’s movement have captured the imagination of millions. Long ago Senator Hubert Humphrey call for scientific research to offset the effects of mortality. I know many who will be on the immortalist picket lines with you! The boomer generation launched a youth revolution. Now it is time for young and old to launch an eternal youth revolution.Yes? I’d like to know what you think.Keep going!

  19. Joycelyn kong. every morning I awoke from my sleep
    I feel happy about my self nowing I will be look younger each day thank you Mr Hamilton

  20. Joycelyn kong. I’m feeling great within my self I was constantly thinking about my self but now I found my longing thanks to you mr Mark Hamilton

  21. Mark Hamilton, thanks for all the books of Neo-Tech. i read all the times more times the books. Dcoh ich bin sehr gläubiger Menschen, kann Ich dann das mystische mit dem Mystizisms trennen. Help me for found my Mystizismus in me,than i can better found in the other People. I hope you answere me
    Das 10sec. wounder is findet i hope so i hope i foundet a man in Neo-Tech. My english is no so good, ich hoff das macht no Troubles…Ich muss noch mal von vorne beginnen mit Verbotene Enthüllungen…Hab es mal im schnellverfahren durchgelesen, jetzt mach Ich ans erlernen der Enthüllungen Monat für Monat thanks for all Mark Hamlton mfg Dorothy

  22. Mark Hamilton
    Iam reading teachings to be sure that I am getting the full idea’s
    yes I would like toright about neo-tech.
    yes , I would like to get books to sell through a club house.
    thank u for your integrations
    I think club houses could be accessed by internet and computers .
    love of the heart is expandable by me.

  23. Mark & Dedisuished Members,

    To begin with, this is NO GAME. I am active in both politics and healing. Curing Aging, has already been accomplished, of which I MUST speak with you Mark, or a close associate. I studied Mr. Wallace’s works and I have studied yours, Mark.

    We can advance more rapidly that one may thing. I have tools, answers, scientist and a medical minded team of which is in the position to work with us. In fact, if this discussion can take place, funding for this Association will manifest. This is important because these teachings are the best that I have ever seen in my years of life, as I am now 53 with the body of a 21 year-old.

    Anyone of which can place Mark and I in communications, MUST.

  24. Larry Buckley
    Sept 19 2016 at 11:40 am

    I believe you can be whatever you want to be. All you need to do is think and be young at heart and mind. Exercising and eating healhy helps..

  25. Stories abound within a Trilogy written by Arcady Petrov (Amazon Bookstore) and within Arcady’s searching for keys to life and healing of diseases he and his associates have come across valuable lessons and with results of resurrections and regeneration of bodily organs which have been surgically removed by doctors in hospitals; plus cures of cancer patients. One story was of a Japanese woman that was in her late 70s when she noticed that she was getting more energetic (tells of this in the Third Book) and then the lines and wrinkles of her skin started to disappear and become more elastic. Finally her close family members and friends noticed that she was now looking twenty years younger both physically and with attitudes of exuberance in her daily conduction of life. Well, yes, her sexual drives returned to a woman of the forties and her husband had no interest, so she divorced him and remarried and began to raise another family by having their own children. This occurred without any knowledge of Petrov’s Center in Moscow as having any participation with its occurrence. Then the other night on a date I was telling of my ideas to a woman who read of children in Japan that go to school and are given a book to hold between their hands (not opening the covers) and to just relax and meditate upon the book and later the teacher would ask the children for their comments and how they liked the ending of the story that was in the book. This also was a factor of clairvoyant learning being practiced in Petrov’ Center with Russian children. The literature about Petrov is dated back to 2000-2001. He has lectured in Germany and there is a SVET-Centre in Germany currently doing workshops of the nature of how both Petrov and his trained Clairvoyants perform their skills of healing on people. Within creation of the God-Man there are three major components, Soul, Consciousness and Spirit all of which work in complete harmony and perfection with each other before manifested into the Man/Woman form of human. Immortality is also a choice of form factors; as whether you desire to exist as a human living within a third dimensional reality or evolve into a higher form of life, still human in appearance but capable of morphing along with the energy levels of the reality in which your immortality transits. It is a fascinating field of knowledge and would like to learn about Neo-Tech Society ideas researching the transformation of basic mortal human into immortal human; as I believe there is only one process, and it was implanted in to the soul upon its Creation and within its awakening it will arise as if like a Phoenix into an immortal being, a being still diverse in its Friday-night Essences; but still holding that original Image and Likeness of the Creator.

  26. Hello, name john, go by Buckshot, I’m just a hill billy that lives in a small town in KY. I do a lot of searching on everything what I have come to learn is that free radicals are what causes mutations in our DNA, thus this is where the chaging of our physical structure is taking place…
    And with out our magnetic sphere we would decay much faster, So think about that for a moment…. Stoping free radicals is our main goal, that an looking into the genes too.
    thanks for listing and please correct me if i’m wrong.

  27. I came here looking for answers per Mark Hamilton to find the “secret formula to biological immortality” per Mark Hamilton’s Level 1 teaching. I am not finding the answers here, please tell me Mark, where do I need to go on this site to find this wonderful answer. I know I am ready for this new world, the civilization of the Universe. I can’t wait. Its all so real, I have seen the new city… I was wondering what I was seeing, but I seen this huge glass building with this very expensive car that the door opens up into the air, and I was so skinny, my stomach was flat, and I was so happy standing next to my husband, it was so wonderful, I wish for this to be happening NOW, for sure.

  28. Hi Mark, I see varied levels of experiences and interests with the “Living Eternally” quest. There are real ways in getting there! At least we have a beginning, which you have started, with the great Neothink movement. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it, in person.

    Philip Seifer

  29. Curing death is most likely possible after the anti-civilization crumbles and gives way to the Civilization of the Universe. The various agencies within the anti-civilization greatly hinders research needed to complete this puzzle piece. However, I would highly recommend that you look at this information. Its a practical way to cure all diseases. The big pharma company wants to keep cures like this off the market to ensure they have an unlimited stream of income pouring in. They would rather people suffer and die than to give up their profits. Together we can all make a difference and make this world a much better and safer place in which to live!

  30. i have always believed in immortality. why? because I just do and reading all the books that have come into my possession has verified my belief system. We need to rally and establish that any man controlled government is really bad for mankind. We are now on the threshold of nuclear decision and with the upcoming elections, I shutter at the thought of what is coming, but we the people can change this by actively enacting neo-think and neo tech, into our lives. Long live Honest Value Creations!!!!

  31. So far I have read nearly 5000 pages and 20 or so 10 or more page letters, paid in excess of $900.00 AND have 3 more manuscripts to be purchased which promises to change my life and fortunes. Many things like mini-days goals and schedules which are all in other works like “think and grow rich” and many others and,,, so far,, I have not seen very much that is truly New>

    The “Earth Chronicles” series (7 books) + the “lost book of Enki”, all by Zecharia Sitchen may be of interest for many seeking long life. The Stem Cell Research group out of California says “The First human to live 1000 years has already been born” !!

    The two main things that promote long healthy life, Don’t take the poison the Governments promote ( Fluoride, GMO crops,GHO Meats, read the labels) and,,, Deserve and,,,”Believe you Deserve” It. There are many Pub’s like “Health Science Institute” that are helpful. Read Hulda Rudger Clark’s works, Oxygen Therapy rebuilds cells and, Kills Cancer Cells. I believe NeoThink is a place to start but,, KEEP SEARCHING.

    Too much for 1 post.

  32. Hi

    I think life is too short, we all have so much to learn and do, would be nice to slow the process down just little.


  34. I am eager to learn more about this, as I am certain I would be of great benefit to your cause. Especially if I may be granted access to pure, raw chemicals, I can help you on your goal of not only this, but on curing every disease.

  35. I would be a good candidate for cloning. Getting older sucks! I am 62 and healthy, but have planters fasiciate in my feet. It is painful. However I find dr. Scholls shoes work great with not too much pain.
    I want to do so much more in my life…I need time..cloning is the only way to achieve my dreams. Just think how sexy I will be at 20 again!!

  36. I have grandkids now, but want to see my great grandkids and their grandkids and their grandkids!!!

  37. My thoughts are that continuously living is possible, and I am all for anyone developing
    a way for people to live longer lives. I am thankful to Mark Hamilton for introducing the world to
    the idea that continuous life is possible for conscious beings.

  38. I think Youth is inside brain.If you keep active your brain,You always thinking young and Creative.

  39. What do you do now to celebrate life. You are alive! You don’t have to die before they burry you. What you eat how you live, what you think what you wear and where to spend y our time all leads to the quality of life you have right now. With no research into prolonging life. Just goo to the local “Rest Home” or assisted living center and see how others are living NOW. That should spark a big fire in your soul to see that you don’t end up there. So what do you do to avoid being placed in such a situation? Wow where do you stand on drugs. Not the so called street drugs the drugs you get from your friendly DRUG PUSHER called a MD. How many shots do your young children have to have to be allowed to enter school and be part of what is???? And oh this is by far the most ridiculous thing I can think of. I go down the street and see a sighn at the local elementary school that says DUG FREE ZONE Who is kidding who. Most of the teachers are on anxiety pills to be able to deal with the kids. How many kids are on behavioral drugs?????? And you call it a drug free zone? So what are we doing to improve the lives we now have.

  40. I always question religious leaders about death and never wanted to die but since reading your literature , I am at ease with my self and happier .happier every day I want to thank you Mark.Dr.Frank Wallace and Kevin Trudeau. This literature should be in everyone’s house that lives on the earth. THANK YOU ALL I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!

  41. I think its more of a right brain problem. For thousands of years the mind has been programmed or hardwired to die. The universe is programmed to die with out consciousness interdicting. Because of this simple programming glitch which at somepoint was natural(reasons) is now more of an illusion. I feel immortal, I think like an immortal there for my natural state is immortal. The question is: Why is it when living in a mystic free society everyone free of mysticism when having a newborn your newborn doesn’t have to startover from mortal to immortal your newborn is born immortal. Just like they are born conscious and not bicameral. Its the very reason the anticivilization has to be deleted its what keeps the assembly line of death going. When you think about this then we are racing against time looking for the combination of a serium or cloning to exchange the old body or reverse aging. I think the serium or cloning is needed.(reasons) The right brain is a powerful chamber even more beautiful when working in synergy with the left hemisphere.

  42. If not, I would be more than happy to post breakthroughs through research on current studies that prolong youth

  43. Shouldn’t there already be alternative health professionals in the society to post current developments in this arena.

  44. I got one question regarding curing age. Is it more psychological or physical? I know I need to get the book to get more information on this topic.

  45. I think deep down I always wanted to stay young forever. I sure am excited about it now because I have so much to look foreward for.

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