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  1. Hello mark,
    Hope everyone is well.
    I just got hired at Texas Rangers baseball.
    This is probably due to reading, and being a member of neo tech.
    As I’ve advanced my learning far beyond my peers.
    It’s becoming necessary.
    To have this sort of lifestyle, to supply my needs.
    The start pays not as advertised,
    But it never is.
    Once I put my knowledge to work, the Architect, culinary artist.
    And retail sales, will be booming.
    I can already see the storm ahead.
    This is the hugest nugget.
    Thanks man,

    And thanks zon friends.

    This is turning everything around to be better.
    I’m way glad I joined.

    Well I’ve been in for centuries.
    But I’m still happy I know that.


  2. Not to sound egotistical or arrogant hopefully,, but I have so many talents and skills to offer after being in the manufacturing, commercial building and residential industry, along with many others that I’m ready for the next phase in life! We need to talk!!!

  3. Hi, I have ideas but I don’t know how to make them a reality. I’m an over the road driver (30 yrs).the transportation industry can use some serious updating.

  4. Hi Mark,
    I have started my new teaching business. I am an independent contractor going into school districts making a difference in Education by training other teachers. I have a desire to implement the 12 visions into my lectures, the integration can be most affective with proper support. I am available the first week of June. Rev

  5. Just wanted to say hi , I live in the UK in a lovely town have been a member for a few years, it was actually still called Neo Tech when I joined I’m also friends with many Neo Think members on Facebook and am so happy I found this amazing chance , thank you so much.

  6. Or is this an inappropriate post? It is an awareness and mind expanding game to play; I ought to know because I have played it with others and it could be used for helping Firestone power-thinking and downstream focus.

  7. the triangle chess board. 90 degrees times two divide by three =120* or that is an an equilateral triangle. nearly pure to square format chess play, but that three people can play. I have two prototype boards, a copy right certificate for the game, and save on sd AND usb. Jill Reed has the first prototype. I have super-refined everything.How and to whom do I send it to review?

  8. Maria Duval sent you my information

    The episodes that happened after that, let’s see
    where it goes to

    Billionaires Club
    The rich, the powerful and the stolen

  9. Mr.Hamilton,jameszeallo[Moderator: DO NOT put your email address on the public internet] Last thing on Daisy’s idea.She can easily add cosmetics to the posterior’s of the structures to make them pleasing to the eye.

  10. Mr.Hamilton,jameszeallor[Moderator: DO NOT put your email address on the public internet] about Daisy C.’s studio’s.I think she should go with the shipping containors.Hire a good welder and go for both studio and homes.With New York’s high rate,you could rent and sell at low rate.In short the rental studio’s will generate.

  11. Mr.Hamilton,this is jameszeallor.I read the posts here and came to a women named Daisy C. She wants to build studio apartments in NY.Great idea with marginal results.The studio’s can be built very inexpensive,in home building standards.

  12. Hi Mr.Hamilton.This is James Zeallor from Philadelphia.I’m your clubhouse coordinator and an inventor.I’ve read the three key books and quickly absorbed alot of the information,applying it to my culmination.I see why you want to talk marketing approaches,you have a few hot cakes you want to unload.Mr.Hamilton,I read you live in Nevada and thought of some ideas for an enormous solar thermal power station for the deserts.I can work diligent on any project involving innovation.Thank you for your assertion of inspiration and the reminder of what is! Real quick I would like to mention that I’ve had internet access for almost a year and the transparency on nutritional health requirements is phenomenal.Do I dare say that a high percentage of people need only a nutritionist?Can we get some clinics going?

  13. I have a flooring business, Install ceramic custom shower and have other Ideas ,to invent this fun game looking forward to hearing back from you Thanks. Bill Smith of okla

  14. Hello Mark and every one else . This is Fred Jordan, in Milton Florida. I like what Mr Charles Daniels is talking about i would like to know more about getting a club house started and and how to manage it .I think we need one in this area , If any one around here wants to help i would help all i could, I am finally able to listen at the meetings and i think it is helping me understand how to cope with the way people try to out wit every one and try to use them , i have always been honest and tried to help people. This world would be a better place to live if every one would be honest.. thank you and hope you have a good day

  15. It’s been a long time, I was searching for a direct way into the actions of the Business Alliance. This was where I ended. My years of working with the Numerological Science of developing the 21 UPPERCRUST OF ESSENTIAL ANALYSES is just about ready to be launched publicly and I wanted the how for the Business Alliance. I’ll get back on the Saturday Call with Digger Fagan and ask for my answer.

    Have a great day.

  16. I have just made my first value creation. It’s an album of music that I have written performed and produced. That I feel would have great value to all of our Neothink members. It could be our first ten second miracle together! Please let know the best person to talk to about this? Anthony Renfro

  17. I have always wanted to build homes like a great numbers of nice studio apartment especially in New York…Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx., long island, westchester, Staten Island, and upstate New York, Then I would spread out world wide. I’ve lived in new York for a long time and I see the condition that it would be welcome. At the rate of how NY is very expensive this would go like hot bread, some people in new York don’t really mind tight space they would be available for $750 per month in new York and two people could share this could be like 3-4 stories high with 10 or 20 rooms.. Please look into to see if this can work.

  18. Thinks to Mark Hamilton for his great insight.It is helping me Along in my thinking. Thinks to the Neo-think,way of thinking and the neo-tech system for showing the way.

  19. I am a fairly new to this an its taking me some time to catch on. but I am going to keep going until I catch on. I will be at the Sumit in Sept. think you Mark Hamilton for giving us a chance at life.

  20. Mark Hamilton, Mark Hughes ist gestorben, dass machte mich traurig und nachdenklich, das Ich schneller reagieren sollt…dieser Mystizismus ,geistesist doch ein Gebet Lewis Hamilton…
    Ich hoff mein Deutsch wird verstanden. Ich weiß, das Ich damals niemanden zu Hause hatte, oder noch schlimmer nur die Pfarrgemeinde. Doch Ich hatte es sehr schwer wieder zurückzufinden in the church. In meinen Denken dachte Ich ich wäre verrückt, doch durch Neo-Tech fand Ich das Ich ganz normal bin, natürlich leide Ich unter einer leichten Form von Schizophrenie, doch verstanden fühlte Ich mich nur durch Neo-Tech, obwohl Ich schon sehr früh mit dem Lesen der Bibel anfing. Doch mein kommunizieren mit Mensch-Gott hatte ich schon eine ganze Weile, obwohl meine Mum sowie mein Therapeut das nicht versteht, doch Neo-Tech schon, das liegt wohl am Universum, ist doch so? natürlich kann Ich mehrere Persönlichkeiten annehmen, durch mein Nachstellungen, teilweise, oder es liegt an Neo-Tech meine Schizophrenie. Ich spreche nicht wirklich in Versen, dennoch tue Ich mein Denken mit der Wirklichkeit verbinden, Ich komponiere, doch ist das Mystizismus, oder doch nur das Ich nicht auf Menschen zugehe und sage wie Ich das sehe. Ich glaube zu wenig an mich…Hoffe das Ich durch diese Verbindung mit Neo-Tech auf meinem Nivea komme. Im Moment ist das alles. Auf wiedersehen Mark Hamilton

  21. Mark Hamilton, Mark Hughes ist gestorben, dass machte mich traurig und nachdenklich, das Ich schneller reagieren sollt…dieser Mystizismus ,ist doch ein Gebet

  22. Lieber Mark Hamilton!
    my english is good, Than we have foundet The Mystizismus in me. Schwierig das in English zu schreiben. Ich kämpfe darum… Seit schon fast 18Jahren habe Ich Neo-Tech undlese es immer und immer wieder. Meine Zeichnungen sind Geld wert..meine Gedanken ebenso… denn doch kann sein das meine Wahrnehmungen, nein dieses Geschäftliche dasein ist schwierig werde Ich hart dran arbeiten denn mein Verlangen Neo-Tech in Herbalife mit Menschen darüber zu diskutieren, mein Denken ist ausschlaggebend…Kann Neo-tech mir erklären wie der Mystizismus

  23. Congratulations to all America, this is the greatest day our planet has ever witnessed. It is a new beginning .for all Humanity and it will ensure we all remain in universe. The real power of the unique , selfdeterming , conscious , individual is about to rise like a phoenix and take their rightful place at the edifice .

  24. I will post the name and details of my newly created business after i am financially able to register and trademark it fore my protection. The new business alliance with Digger and Falon is just starting to move us onto the fast track. Thank you everyone

  25. this is fred jordan I sent fagen a e mail but i havent heard any thing , I would like Hear from any one in the milton florida areia thats is a member of neothink so maby i could learn more and help more. I am 74 yrs old but i still got my thinking cap on,years ago i went to work with a company called holiday hut , they built travel trailors and i designed their first self contained trailor plumbing system, the owner of the company was an aronotics designer before he retired i had this idea that kept bugging me about , building a hydrolic driven car, i had it all figured out except the throttle valve, if some one is intrested and has a real good idea and wants to help build that car let me know e mail . i have went through 5 books and i think this is the only way that we can save this planit , if we dont get serious it may be to late it is in a mess already and going down hill fast. thanks honestly fred jordan

  26. Liebes Neo-Tech Team!

    Mein English ist nicht gut, hoffentlich gibt es jemanden der mich versteht. Könnte mir wer sagen, wie Ich die Portalseite finde ,wo Ich mit Neotechleuten kommunizieren kann. Möchte endlich schon anfangen.
    Danke für die Hilfe. Dorothy

  27. Hi Mark, with my FNE posted 9/13/16 I havent got a reply or even comment. Just trying to see if I am on the right track. I know it might be a litte too soon to get any feedback. but still would like to know if I have the right idea to this 0process

  28. As time moves on I am becoming more and more obsessed with this dream of creating this well needed bus transportation system back in my homeland Jamaica. It is reaching the point where it is as though its real. Yes this three-pronged system:: two buses travelling from Lucea (the western tip) into Kingston – the major city and a third between Kingston and Port Antonio – the eastern side would be major for locals and tourists alike. With time, I would build a beautiful home in Rosehall just outside of Montego Bay on a vast piece of land with a basic school for children between the ages of 3 and 5. This would be the HQ of the bus company. On this land I could cultivate mangoes, yam, bananas,pimento,coconuts and so on. Could supply the whole country with coconut oil and help the locals to restart finding the love for agriculture. This could indeed be a lucrative venture and help to establish well-neededemployment and hope to a country that has lost its way. Your comments and financial assistance is most welcome

  29. I am Herald M Allen – 9545884966 or I live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I started a small real estate investment company where I want to buy, fix, and sell homes especially purchasing the ones that need fixing. I am lackng the necessary funds for this project and asking for members who are able to contribute the necessary fund to accomplish this. This could bring the kin d of return on your funds that very seldom come by – the details of this has not yet been worked out. Initial goal would be to be working on three deals mimultaneously – purchasing, fixing , and selling around-the-clock. Thanks for commotments while I work on profit distribution. All aspects of this will be crystal clear soundly backed by the neothink phlosphy. Thanks

  30. I have been stuck in poverty most of my life, I know I am meant to live the the opulent life but my
    passion, my fine is to heal the un-hopeful thru the power of
    my voice.mainly the duo diagnosis. I seem to have an
    Also uncanny gift to know who has good or bad interest intent and in specificly to spot another neothinker. I am also an abstract visual artist. I also an innovator and inventor. I also a songwriter band singer.Jill Reed has my Kingdom Triangle Chess (copy) copyright. It forces people to think outside of time. Good for enlighted thinking. But… I have one thing holding me back; I have a rrepresentitave payee.

    P.S. I have a patent that Swabe,williamson and Wyatt are patent trolling. The very same firm that did it for me pro bono through a place called and founded
    by kedma ough, good peoples thar. Yeah, I need make a llawsuit.
    Thank you. Let’s see what I can do for tvp iinthemeantimeh O yeah.I almost forgot to mention that I am the receptical of the common variable equation

  31. I am meant to Demonstrate .Integrate and Promote the Synergistic acknowledgement that the Unique
    Self-determining Conscious Individual human being is at the edifice and the saviour of all humanity This will ensure we remain in universe..

  32. Hello
    This last year I was care giving for a lady with MS. I was given information through a vision that had to do with MS and it was a device connected to the feet.It had to do with lei lines in the body. Also it had to do with magnetism. I have no extra money to do any kind of development. But maybe with others it could be devoleped.
    Any ideas?
    Karen McElroy
    Love being back here and the site is fabulous.

  33. Hi Mark
    Creating a product out of thin air. A process ,Ephemeralization

    Discovery is @ minimum 4 The conscious Discoverer – Discovered Discovering – the Undiscovered
    past present context future
    Right-Wrong Conceived as neither
    In- Around-Out with Soft eyes @ 90 degrees
    Information – In-Formation Integrates Infinitely (a Pattern. Information – In-formation Integrating Infinitely)
    We will do Less & Less & Less for More & More & More
    Dancing with the Universe @ 186,000 mps We love to dance the value creation dance

  34. My name is leon k I am an inupiaq Eskimo artist I am in the process of promoting my work world wide my art has an emphasis on the changes the inupiaq have endured in the arctic and the cultural history of the inupiaq my art work is very unique. I am seeking guidence in the promotion of my work.

  35. I would like to pursue a mail order business and think I would be an asset to spreading the Neothink knowledge. Is that a possibility ? I will be retiring from my full time job this fall and don’t want to stop working. I would rather be a value producer.
    Thank you for any type of follow up.

  36. I have made a breakthrough with a TSM and came up with a Business Puzzle that could help tons of people get debt free and make the right investments to have more time and choices to pursue and discover their FNE’s.

  37. Have read all the manuscripts, incredible! Was a stockbroker in my first life for 17 yrs. and recently finished an accounting career of 18 yrs. Could not get a job and had no funds to start anything when I started reading the manuscripts last October. I have excellent communication skills with all levels of persons and a strong work ethic; and have arrived at a point after reading the Manuscripts, where if I had Neothink I would meet with company owners around Denver first, to get them powerfully profitable, maybe 4-10 companies per year. I want to obtain Neothink; I want to attend a clubhouse/neothink church in my area. My FNE’s are Science (Anatomy), Business (Investments), and Sports (Teach a quality level of Golf worldwide-I laid this out in my mind one night going to bed). I will appreciate any thoughts from Neothinkers anywhere!!! I also have some other ideas of businesses!!

  38. I would like to learn how to get a internet business started, something that can run on its on and make great income. I am taking real estate classes and my wife have her real estate license and we would like to learn about how to invest in real estate. I would like to learn how to do speaking, this is one of the things I love doing. Thanks. Gerald J.

  39. My heart desire is to help special needs people to become the best people they can be. I have many visions to help them., but first I have to have help to start my business. I need financial help and board members that have a passion for special needs people.
    Projects: affordable housing, community centers, farms – co-ops – horses to ride (people need this) Education – 1-1 teaching, sports centers, Medical help (heal them), Amusement parks just for them, Centers for the blind to be taught how to live on their own. Apartments to go with the blind center, where the people can live while being trained. etc more later on.
    Please help make this thing happen!!!!!
    Estella D.

  40. I have an invention idea and I could use some help in starting my Invention. Please give me any ideas that would get me started on my mission. thanks, Joe Benson

  41. I have been member since 2006 but never knew how to text or send email till last oct. Now I want to find out what to do about getting ahead with neo think I have all the books two times over but do Not know how to find the secrets I read but only get them as stories please help me

    Out to

  42. Can I still do this even if I’m not math &internet oriented? Well I’m exited & very ankshous. 15 yrs ago I am fins be be very rich & powerfull & A famous rapper & dancer. A lot of people think I’m a joke but I’m fins prove them wrong. There’s a lot I’m of big money making opportunities i had in the past. but due to my wrong thinking & math skills & lack of computer skills they disappeared. So thank youso I’m ready for this one mater what! I drew this into my life. thank you its my time to shine.

  43. I have contacted Steve Fagan and Charlie Moore about opening a clubhouse here in rochester ny. I was told by Charlie Moore there is a application process,if so I would love to get started right away.I want to visit a clubhouse so I can get a feel of what go on in the running of a clubhouse.

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