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  1. Hi Mark Hamilton; Just joined the website and wanted to thank you for the great life changing
    books. I am one of those that are level 1 and completely stumped on what my FNE could be.
    I am however looking forward to the life altering journey with your help of course. Thanks
    again for the opportunity

  2. Hi Mark.
    I feel like you and I have known each other for a very long time. My ancestors and your ancestors have had a lot of similarities, endured a lot of hardships. I do agree and believe that the only solution is to do the 12 vision world. I will do everything in my power for that cause. This time of year is very demanding of my time with our business. Sometime in the future when you and I are not so busy, perhaps we could talk about our similarities.

    Yours truly your friend, Ferdinand Fueller

  3. hi Mark, i live in london- Middlesex, uk, have been trying to get hold of the CLUBHOUSE,nearby but it hard for me at the moment, this is where i you need to come in,am afraid, i would appreciate this as soon as possible! thanks – Temi

  4. Helo mark just joined the neothing page , would like you contact me and explain me more thank you.

  5. Mark, Im longly alone in SOUTH AFRICA please introduce me to other Neothink/neotech society members.To start inter acting, register with our local Clubhouses SEALE MOCHEKO S .A

  6. Dear Mark,
    I would truly appreciate a word of my approval to be taken into Neo-Thinkers. I HAVE HEARD THAT MY ACCEPTANCE IS LIKELY AT ANY TIME. i want very much to meet you, and the other people who have\
    been so patient with me! I want to be personally known by the next president of the United States!
    Most honestly,
    Dr. Robert S., Ph.D.

  7. We are happy to be invited into the Neothink Secret meetings. We had duplicate memberships. We have called and cancelled one of them. We don’t have a lot of money , However, we have a phenomenal business to build and a story to tell. We look forward to meeting you and networking with others so we continue to grow!!!

  8. Thank you Mr. Hamilton for brining me in the Society, I need to know art advice on how to give advice to others to bring them in the society of secret, I would appreciate some help.

  9. hi Mark,
    Have just received your letter and the book yesterday.So the next step is what am waiting for.

    speak to you soon.Membership number: 2697513-Temidayo O.

  10. Thank you very much Mark for your life changing books. The first two heirloom packages were wonderful. I am yet to receive my third package. I am very humble to be invited to join this members free website that is full of wisdom. Although, it should have been free for one-year but I am charged. All said, I am now looking forward for my 10 minutes miracle. I desperately need to move away from the continues hand to mouth struggles and be who I am created to be.

  11. Hi Mark,
    I’m straightal, new chosen member(thank
    you very much) hardesty. I’m on level one
    Having some tech problems using. Galaxy
    3 tablet, need to know if it’s compatible
    with Adobe Flash Player and videos on website?
    I see I may have to wait until level 3 to find
    out but, to date, I’ve not been able to de-code anything!!!
    You are my mentor (great) and I’m looking
    forward to working with u.

  12. i am so excited about my books i am on my 4th book .there is alot to read, in am trying to sign in and i cannot get in for some reason .i am a computer naves .i really need to talk to some one can someone contact me and give me a lead way.

  13. I am so excited to become familiar and learn this material. It is a lot comprehend. Thanks for inviting me to the Neothink Society. What is the best method to comprehend all of this information?

  14. I am so happy to be part of the Neothink Society. I am seeing a clearer picture and looking forward to learning more. I taken steps (that I wouldn’t have normally taken before) to find my child of past. I have enjoyed reading the material that I received and looking forward to more. I am applying the tools I have learned so far. I have become more focused and happy since becoming a part of Neothink and TVP. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will accomplish.

  15. Mark:
    I just got your letter inviting me to finally begin going to the meetings! But I cannot activate my account to begin my journey. I called and spoke with someone yesterday and they told me to just type in ” activate my account”. But there are literally ten pages under this search………..what am I missing? I really want to get into this site as I am half way h my third book. Any ideas would be helpful! I am going in under FireFox as y search engine, as you stated in the letter that yahoo and google do not function.

    Sorry to bother you with an IT problem, but I could not find the number to call to ask someone else.
    Thank you
    Cannot wait to meet you soon!

    Cathleen Macy

  16. Mark, your teaching have transformed me,especially after i have discovered my friday night essence and the Ten second miracle.I have discovered my innate leadership possesions i have ,and the creative urge coming out of your teachings.With hope for the better and trust to the GODMAN. Thank you,Thank you, Mark Hamilton. Seale Mocheko South Africa.

  17. Mark. I just can’t believe that this is genuinely real and I have been chosen into your Neothink Society. I’m so excited. I am re-reading the Deepest Inner- Core Secrets book again. I have decided that I am going to live my life how I’m supposed to live it and be very happy.
    I’ve always felt different and was forced to use my right hand and not my dominant left at school when I was seven. Hence the reason I had learning difficulties at school as well as comprehending tertiary readings. After reading Neothink 111 and unable to put it down, I have decided to leave my teaching job of over twenty years. YES! YES! YES! My brain was blank of creative ideas or new products that no-one has come up with until I read this book, Now I am going to re-read the Deepest Inner-Core Secrets book to be successful. I was excited last year when I renovated my house for the first time all on my own and sold it. I felt calm and ecstatic. I was my own boss. Thank you Mark.

  18. Mark thank you very much for choosing me to be part of this new unfolding world in frond me, i feel honoured and previledged to be selected to partner you in Neo-Think/ Neo-Tech society . As you promise to hold the leddar for me,in the next twelf steps of my journey i will not disappoint you.THANK YOU SEALE MOCHEKO

  19. J’ ai la vive reconnaissance pour ce que vous m’ aviez choisi pour être parmi vous dans cette société
    j’ ai reçu la première partie de colis il me reste que le dernier cols pour que je puisse faire LES 3 PIÈCES du PUZZLE SCN je remercie beaucoup mon MENTOR

    I ‘ am gratitude for what you m’ had chosen to be here in this society
    I have received the first part of the package I still have the last passes so I can do ALL 3 PIECES PUZZLE SNA I thank my MENTOR

  20. I’m a single parent – who works two jobs, seven days a week. I don’t have any days off. I have not been able to completely read my books. I’ve been so tired lately – due to being sick. I am very grateful that I was chosen, but I can’t seem to keep up. I am excited but kind of worried that I can’t fullfil my obligations to excel.

    Larrilynn P.

  21. Mark,

    I forgot to mention that I am so honored and thankful every day for you, your Dad, the Neothink Society. Thank you for including me and asking me to be a foundational level member with you. Thank you for I am humbled and greatful every day. I can not wait for my dreams to actualize! All the way MHP!

  22. Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for following up and following through with regards to helping us jump into our 10 second miracles and moving into the wealthy elite and achieving our dreams!! Thank You reconfirming and solidifying the letters we received as members to become the people we were always meant to be! This is priceless, transformative and life lifting. Finally, that other life now exists. Thank you so much!

  23. Thanks mark for sending 3000 yr secret it got me back interested and an active member again i have forgotten how long it was when i started 2004 i think i am glad to be back thanks miltferg

  24. Thank you Mr Hamilton

    In this comment to you. By hand selecting me for this new opportunity. I pledge to you and the great people of NTS that I will do my best to move the NTS, NTR and the TVP forward. And I will do this by starting a new clubhouse in Souhtern Massachusetts ASAP! And I also want you to know I’m deep into the new manuscript 3000 YEAR OLD SECRET!

  25. Hello Again dearest Mark Hamilton, family and Friends:

    It’s after 1:00 A.M. now, and I can’t be busy all night and all day ever day, so I should go and get some rest now. I need to get an early start Sunday morning.

    Let the strenght of God-men in-power all of us, we have to speed up our generation now, and get all of us on a higher level, so that we can all continue to enjoy the gifts of love and life that we were all ment to live and enjoy, (Our Garden of Eden on Earth, Our Paradice, Our Bliss, Our Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.

    So God-men bless you all and adjust you speed to your God-men perfection now, and keep it there. Take control of the reins and lets all have no dought and bring that heaven you are dreaming about down to earth for all of us, every moment of your lives and mine. God-men bless you beloved Mark Hamilton always and all our families and friends. Lets always remember all the God-men blessings we have benifited from and continue gowing the blessed life of our heaven on earth, for one and for all of us. From the beginning, now, forever and evermore always. God-men is within all of us, lets use that power now and always,

    God-men bless you Mark Hamilton, Family and Friends, yours turly; Mark Escarcega

  26. Thank you, Mark Hamilton: just doesn’t seem to cover it, to express my thankfulness, for what you are doing for me(us). To be a part of your hand-chosen, is the best thing that ever happen, to me. I feel the best things are going, to keep happening, with you, as a mentor. My favorite from Morpheus is “Don’ t think you are, know you are”. This should be the results. Thank you, thank you, an again thank you Mr. Hamilton, did I say that enough?

  27. Have come many myriads of miles since receiving the 1st letter from you & all of them interesting & enlighting. Now it it truly X for the uplifting of Universal Wealth, & Health & Peace, & Love for all.

  28. Hello Mr. Hamilton,

    In my favorite movie, Morpheus says, “I can only show you the door, you have to open it”.
    I said to you in an earlier integration, “You asked for 1 year, I’ll see your year, and raise you ..???”
    I’ve opened the door. I’ve taken the red pill, I’ve had my vision sharpened. My senses are extremely acute. I see the numbers and the dream completed. It is so stunningly simple, yet complex.
    I look forward to meeting you personally, and I will, to thank you. I too see big things in my future and I’ve
    always cherished that dream (creating values by playing) only I called it “getting paid to have fun and be human”. As a singer, I have had the pleasure in life of getting paid to do what I really love doing. As a
    singer, I also have had the “real job” taunt, and the vampiric touch of those who have no dreams, hope,
    or belief in themselves, the non-believers in life.In my favorite movie, Morpheus also says,”there’s a
    difference in knowing the path and walking it”. Whereas I want to run, I’ll walk,. One of these days you must hear the joke ot the two bulls overlooking a herd of cows. Cue off the punchline-I’ll take my time ,
    walk, and have it all.

    Thank you, Mr. Hamilton. This is going to be fun. I am ready to see just how far the rabbit hole goes.
    I bid you peace-Linda

  29. Thank you Mark. What an honor it is to be a part of this. I just received my book yesterday and I’m looking forward to reading it. The first tree heirloom packages were just amazing. I’m so looking forward to seeing all these changes take place…Once again…Thank You!

  30. Thank you Mark for this opportunity you want to give me but first I need to tell you that I cry all the time. It is due to the stroke that I had in 2006, it left me crying all the time. When someone speak to me, I cry, I don’t want to but I cry. My doctor don’t know what it is that I have. So if that will be a problem for you than I understand.

  31. Mark Hamilton you open my mind to the new and real World. Thank you my great mentor.
    Apprentice Daniel González

  32. Hi Mark I’m glad to be a member,and know I have a lot to learn,and can see you’r (our) dream come to a Reality in the not too distant future,again, Thanks.

  33. Dear Mark,

    I feel honored, very privledged you selected me to partner with you. I’ve been waiting all my life to reach someone who shared the same thoughts and visions of the future I’ve always dream of. Only a few things in the manuscripts you sent me, floored,or took me by supprise, but I embrased them, because
    I undersood your full vision. 99 percent of your visions, I’ve only lived them in my dreams. Thank you so very much for contacting me. I would love to be a part of your Twelve Visions Party.

    Dianne Lewis

  34. Dear Mark,

    Thank you very much for making me feel so very special by selecting me to join Neothink Society. You are truly a literary genius. Ever since reading the first volume my life changed dramatically. I realized that by honestly following your instructions with no hidden agenda or looking for instant gratification is the key to success in achieving all that you have stated. I know that my vestige of mysticism is still blocking me from achieving my potential. I also know that by constantly reading your literature and being active in the Society will help me get to the next level of GodMan and into the C of U. Thank you once again for believing in me and helping me fulfill my life and dreams.



  35. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for the Opportunities on this Web-Site. Also for the Great Book!
    The Web-Site, and the Prime Literature is Quite Impressive! The Book is Great Reading!

  36. Thank you Mark Hamilton for selecting me as part of the Society. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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