Secret Meetings Level 12 Comments

Secret Meetings Level 12 Comments

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  1. only I can say thankyou for teach all this trou the 12 leson I steal learn a lot.thankyou so much.

  2. Hi Mark. I’ve reached the final level, and I’m pumped! “Tomorrow, ending the physical end game will become the greatest value you can bring a human being.” Your own words, Mark, and I love each and every word. As I went through each level, I could feel new energy, my confidence growing, a fantastic excitement. It has, and will forever be, for me, an intriguing journey. Business, the TVP, the Business Alliance, the Association for Curing Aging and Death, my NT brothers and sisters…the C of U is going to be a reality! As you know, Mark, my FNE is writing. I write poetry, history articles, political joints, and dabble in fictional novels, philosophy, and many other areas. I am constantly researching, growing, learning, and building. I am more than happy to be a full-fledged mentor in the Neothink Society. “The Prime Cure” is a wonderful manuscript. It is a book of more detail on previous books combined with summary information. It is much more than just a review. I’m still going through each of its pages carefully, slowly. Though I’ve reached the last level, my new journey into Neothink has just begun. Thank you so much, Mark, for being the wonderful mentor that you are to all of us…the Neothink family. There is a ton of work to do, and I, for one, I’m ready for all the challenges that lie ahead.

  3. Mr.Hamilton,i do want to thank you for the teachings.All so mind blowing and yes,i am excited about being a mentor.A person has to go back and review not once,but to me its as many times as possible.I personally enjoy each level because,to describe it,its like a build up of energy each time.i want to encourage every one to continue on the journey and lets be the ones to stand on the front lines and change the world to the c of the u.we have the tools,lets do it!!! again much appreaciation to Mr. Hamiltion.

  4. Dear Mark,

    For me the biggest, and hardest challenge to overcome, is my own personal mysticism. The fears (i.e. failure, ridicule, etc.), lack of self confidence, procrastination, laziness, presentation inadequacies, and so on. So many thoughts go through my head at once I sometimes have difficulty putting those thoughts (and feelings) into words. I know I need to do the hard thinking and integrating into logical thought processing then verbal communication that’s concise, natural, and easily understandable, from the heart. Am working on these things. I will never stop working on these things. Another mysticism is me making things harder than they really are. I am now aware of these things which will help me overcome them. And I WILL overcome them or die trying.

    I’m just so glad (and relieved) that someone – YOU – spearheaded this movement for mankind, along with Dr. Wallace and the others. Without NeoThink there would be no hope for the future for anyone. Thank you.

  5. My integration for this meeting explains my understanding in the lecture and the importance of clarifying certain concepts I had struggled in understanding. In this meeting you explain the state of psychology and physiology. The two illnesses embedded in us since children causing us to loose happiness, joy, and curiosity. Going back to the psychological state of a child as an adult to feel young physically; thank you Mr. Hamilton. I could not find the words to explain what had happened or how I felt inside and out but today I understand to overcome physical and psychological problems like false beliefs. I also understand the importance of the development of the TVP. It all sums up to biological immortality.

  6. Thanks Mark for the 12 months since dedicated beam. Special thanks to Steve, Ryan and the whole team of NTS, the Master and Creator Frank Wallace.
    We do given extremely important tools and techniques that help them to be independent, honest, upright. Helping aggrandizement in search of genuine happiness and wellbeing.
    Thanks for taking us on this “School of Geniuses” for prosecuting our journey on the path of truth and enlightenment: the search for the perfect. That’s Love of Life and their like, This is called Power. Let’s go ahead …

  7. Hi Mr Hamilton !

    I often think that i never thanks you Enough, all the mentors and all the dearly people I don’t know yet whom had always bring the best to this world, to mankind. Thank you all for what I’ve had, what I’m having now, and what I will have 🙂 _(!)_ . I had went over again the materials I’d received now and then. I love them more and more.
    Sometime, I have a Kidding thought that if someone put Airbag to those Vessel carry Goods around the world. So they won’t be sank in a tidal waves or what ever accident which they run in to 🙂 Or when will someone put Wing on America like they put Wheel on before 🙂 Moreover, I’m again thank you so so much for chosen me to be part of the Society . I’m so Grateful to be a member, and I will focus more on my consciousness to help to build this beautiful world be a better one, and help bring more n more people to reach their consciousness So everybody will be rich and live in a harmony life . >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> _()_

    Thank you thank you Dear Mr Hamilton !!!

  8. Dear Mark,

    I am happy to have been able to finish all 12 levels,but at the same time I am unhappy that they are over. looking forward to learning as much as I can about neo think and the society. My computer has been giving me fits as of late and I am having trouble getting to a computer that I can use.
    Please forgive the length of time that it takes me to get back into the loop.

  9. You guys screwed up big time when you went with GIN. You could have helped your members and the world if you would have issued an individual id number to all members that would give them a commission for any purchases made using the id number. All members would have to do is have business cards made with some interesting, catchy phrases and a website where recruits could learn more. Members would make some money and new people would be introduced. You people, in a selfish manner, let the world down and retarded the advancement of civilization. You had it right in your grasp and you messed it up. And you would have made a lot of money (a lot more than with Kevin Trudeau and GIN) and improved the world. I am so disappointed with your selfish actions, but I have learned personally from the extraordinary work Frank R. Wallace. You, however, should be ashamed.

  10. I’ve attended several times the whole of Meetings, and I’m still learning.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  11. Hi Mark Hamilton,my sincere gratitude to you and my co-mentor[Ryan & Steve] for been spared time and go along the way up from level 1 to level 12 of these neo think apprenticeship program.You guyz are awesome and agreat mentor.With my completion of last level,i can bodly says am lifted above the worries and social injustice of this anticivilization.Your teaching removed some panication and frustration out my life.Along the way my life filled with boldness and neo think heirloom packages shed some light into what should have be a darkness into my life.Now, i believed that am graduated to the next level of the world.To cap it all,i enjoyed all your teaching and am waiting for next stuff you have for us as we are progressing.Once more,Thanks very much.Micheal.

  12. To Mark Hamilton: I’ve learned a lot about neothink the twelve vision party,the prime law.Creative thinking,playing as an adult.Friday night essence.The forces of nature the forces of neothink. Ten second miracles.Intergrated thinking. The superpuzzle.becoming a mentor,I’ve learned a lot more.I’m not going become an active member at this time.I’ve learned a lot it’s been an amazing journey.I think your an amazing mentor,thank you a lot. Erica R.

  13. Throughout my life I have experienced sensations that I did not understand. I never knew that these things were ok and, instead I ignored them like I was taught by family friends doctor’s etc. I never really knew that there were individuals out in the world to stop the progress that Mr. Hamilton and of Mr. Frank R. Wallace, all because they knew if the people really found out the truth that the power would would be shifted and it would not be in these peoples favor no longer. It really is sad that humanity would use and take advantage of people just to get what they want from them and in return give nothing back in return that would help them. I have dealt with some Neo-Cheaters in the past, and have tried to warn them of the their action and lack of actions. I have realized that I can’t change anyone, even if they know what they are doing is wrong. I am so grateful that this society has reached out to me at this crossroads of my life. I have experienced these feeling and thoughts that are in the Heirloom package material. I know I will have to work and improve everyday on my outlook on life, but I am willing to do whatever it takes. Thank You and God Bless You.

  14. Thank you for your insight,I have had these feeling for the better part of all my life and to know that someone else is out there,well that great so thank you.

  15. Dear Mr. Hamilton: The Level 12 meeting was great and very informative, I enjoyed every part of it. I want you to know I have gone thru many roadblocks to be able to continue with my meetings and before that. One thing I made sure I did was to write everything you thought me in case I was not able to come back to study the meetings again. In 2008 I lost my job with no chance to find another one. As you know when a person get old there is a very litle chance to get a job. But the only thing that help me some was that I had allready retired. Even my retired income was small I was able to survive with the job I lost. So I was hard to live only with my retirement income, but no matter I keept going trying to find a way. Then one day I got your letter about joining the Secret Society, you have no idea how happy you made me. I have been with Neothink for many years, but this was different, so I went thru the first Heirlom Package real fast, even I had allready learned must of it thu your literature, I read it again. After that it was dificult financially I continue until now when I finished my 12 meetings. I can not wait untill we start with the extra meetings to learn more and to tell you more about myself. Sincerelly Gilbert Oliver.

  16. Dear Mark and fellow members, thank you all for wisdom and love.The meetings transformed my mind in ways that are in harmony with the universal laws of mental alchemy.I have a new way of percieving, a new way of feeling, a deeper level of understanding the world now.With the info that i have absorbed in the 12 months i can be a valuable asset to Neothink. My ideas are new and fresh with the advancment of mind and body in mind .Neothink is the place to be for me.This is the time for the advancement of humans to reach levels of progress of mind blowing proportions and i for one ,want to be in forfront when the winds of change blow.Thanks for a new life Mark Hamilton, may peace be with you. love Brian A.K.A Tianyvu…The Bringer of Light.

  17. Wow! Another mental shift to come that hasn’t happened for three thousand years. Exciting stuff, Mark. I have totally enjoyed the knowledge I’ve gained from the literature, weekly meetings, and last, but certainly not least,these mentoring sessions. Because of these techniques, I have been able to find a way to do my F.N.E., which I allowed myself to be side tracked from ten years ago. Thank you, thank you, Mark, Steve, Ryan, and all the other mentors, who have gotten us to this point of our journey towards a more productive and creative life. Your mentoring is very much appreciated!

    PS On another note, technically, level 12 meetings went much smoother. I don’t know what changed in that department, but it made the viewing much more enjoyable. Thank you, again.

  18. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the reading and the internet sessions on Neothink. It has changed my way of thinking and how I feel about things. . I have so very much enjoyed my monthly Level meetings. I am very saddened to see it end, but I am 72 years old and on a very small monthy income which does not allow me to pay for monthly fees to be able to participate in the meetings by Internet. I have all the reading materials and have gone back and read it again. I realize that does not take the place of the meetings on internet, but after spending so much for the books I cannot afford to pay out monthly for anything that is not for my physical survival. I wish I could. It is bad that people like myself cannot be a part of something because of lack of money, but there are many more people out there like myself and for this I apologize.

  19. Dear Mark Hamilton, I made it! I finished my twelve meetings and I look forward to becoming a mentor. I am waiting for the next process! I plan to re-read all my Prime Literature again! Hope to hear from you soon! With much gratitude and respect. Bessie P.. If you ever want to talk to a common person, that is me! My number is [phone number removed by moderator]. My cell is [phone number removed by moderator].

  20. Thanks again Mark,
    After a year and a half I’m still excited and looking forward to continuing the journey. When I began this process it was,” how does this “whoever” know who I am, how do they know about my special abilities, how are they going to introduce me to celebrities, is there really a parallel society that knows how to use some of the same traits I have that has allowed them to create all their hearts could desire?” ….WOW
    As it turns out, all the questions (that I had then) have been answered. Your ability to find us is is gift. I appreciate you putting us together so we can build and create this puzzle the way it should be. Using what positive things I already knew coupled with this vast new knowledge, I’m forever changed.
    I’m almost not sure which is cooler, the fact that I now make much more money, am far more confident with my abilities, have now met and hung out with celebrities or that I AM a part of that parallel world where all of My hearts desires are manifesting at a steady rate,,Almost 😉
    Since you get/become what you think about with most of your time. The more of us thinking about the the sooner it will get here and I’m proud and honored to be a “piece” of it.
    Love for all,

  21. I finished all of my meetings and it seems that now I able to see more problems than solutions. Maybe because I am vibrating at an higher energy I am able to see the subtles that others don’t see. I hope to rejoin the active member web site next month.

  22. Finally here I am, Level 12 the inception to the new world (Twelve Vision World),the end of amazing journey to a mentor, and the start in our work what is desintegration of the unticivilization whith the mission to Reverse Psicological ungain and fisical ungain. We are the guide keepers of the society.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton, you are a man whom speak calm with wisdom and authority, a true leader, because you don’t create followers you create more leaders.Mark is a man to has the capacity to translate vision into realities.Thank you, one more time, and I hope can follow your trail and example the Great Mantor.
    I am looking forward for the next meeting with Eric Savage.
    I’ll see you soon.

  23. I have always been one to look at new ways of thinking and solving problems. I have added Marks’ self discipline and managerial teachings to my way of thinking and managing. This knowledge coupled with my experiences in the military hopefully will help me to become a better person and to move on to better days. As I’ve said in the past, I’m not business minded and never have been. This has been a self enrichment venture for me and I hope it will guide me to the next phase of my life.

  24. Dear Mark!
    We can do it!!! TVP will change hole world and I’m very happy about it.
    with love Zuzana. Thank you my dear Mentor!!!

  25. What can I say?
    A year ago I began this journey with you and I didn’t know what to expect. I had questions in my mind that needed answers ( I’m still looking for those answers )and I had a very fearful personality. Very shy fearful personality.
    Right now….at this moment if I look at the mirror I wont know who I used to be anymore. Who I was became a she… it is not me anymore. She vanished. She is not there anymore.
    Now I am a Neothinker or, at least, I am getting ready to fully become one someday… When I have all the knowledge I need to be a fully integrated Neothinker.
    There is one more thing, however, that I need to overcome. It is my inability to express my integrations to the public.
    All my life I just kept my integrations to myself for nobody really cared about what I did have to share. I always think that my thoughts aren’t good or important enough to be shared to others.
    Yesterday a friend of mine found a testimony written by me on December of 2010. “Why do I need to join Neothink” by Andrea Faby Anderson (me). He was just simply searching about Neothink and there it was….my testimony! He called me and read it to me. Somehow I felt naked. My whole name and personal experience is there at hands reach of, probably, billions of people to see. Including my ex-husband. I felt like if I was going to pass out. LOL. Literally! The funny thing is that I don’t even remember posting it. I remember I said that during a teleconference…but I don’t remember posting it! AT ALL! : )
    I am a person with a very low profile. Which, it does not make me less good than others that are more bold than me.
    I remember an anecdote at work. I always have been quite and only minding my own business. My boss was complaining that I was being very slow. (ok….I didn’t know English…I was in a learning process and I was putting my soul into it. I wasn’t even getting paid because I asked him to let me work for him for free for a period of time just to show him that I could do the job. I only wanted a chance and that was the only way to have it.)
    So…for a week he was just giving me a hard time. One day I had it and I looked into his eyes and with a very firm voice I said: “ I might be slow….but I do my job and I do it right….and I make sure I finish what I started ”. After that day he never messes with me anymore 🙂 He respects me a great deal. And he became my mentor.
    I may have to change more….it will be difficult though….I may need 12 months more of Mark Hamilton. lol I may not be the best mentor of the group. But all I can say is: I am here to give it a try. I guess what I am asking is…..Just give me a chance.
    I am not naive. I know what I am getting into. Clinton Iowa is a very religious freak town, and a nest full of Republicans. It could even get dangerous if I am not careful.
    It wont be easy….but….if I was looking for Neothink without knowing it I am sure there are many others looking for it but they don’t know what exactly they are looking for.
    I want to be there to share this with them until somebody better than me steps forward and open another clubhouse in the area.
    By the way! I am excited about my first meeting. It will be the 17th of September 😉
    I am not doing this for the money. I know NT can change peoples lives as it did with me. I already tried it teaching (no with NT books.. but the books I used come very close) to a gentleman who was a little lost in life. I began teaching him on May….I could not believe the transformation, In just few months! I shared that experience on one of the Sunday calls. I never felt so proud about something since my little girl walked for the first time. So… I know what you mean when you say I will feel amazing when I see peoples faces after the transformation.
    Thank you again for invited me to this Society. I still don’t know exactly how you found me. But whatever you did. THANK YOU!
    Love to you Sir,

    Andrea “FABY” Anderson
    from Clinton Iowa
    Clinton Integrated Thinkers. Clubhouse coordinator : )

  26. Dear MH,

    Thank you for one helluva ride, so far. I remember receiving that first letter over 2 1/2 years ago and I thought, “there’s no way someone out there could out-think me!” I was taught at a very early age to think for myself and to do my own research. I didn’t follow the politics of the day or the voice of the day without scrutinizing every word “they” said. I’ve always enjoyed shooting holes in other people’s theories and really did make up my own mind about the “way things are!” My Grandfather, my mentor, taught me to see what others cannot. One example is I always wear an iconic figure around my wrist to read the time; Mickey Mouse. Not because I’m a huge cartoon fan but I do love the fact that Mickey was the first one to make substantial money. How much has he made Disney? Would there even be Disney without Mickey? That is where I was coming from.

    I thought this would be another example of false hopes and promises that another slick huckster would use to seperate me from my money, but there was something intriguing about the actual letter and then the pamphlet that followed. My original mentor, who is no longer with us, always encouraged me to look everywhere I could for knowledge, even less than admireable sources because you never know when you may find a diamond in the rough. I could still hear his final words to me. “Grandson, don’t ever give up on mankind because we’re all just lost at this particular point in time. “Don’t ever give up hope in yourself because you can change the world. “But the most important thing is to never stop learning new things. “If a man ever gets to that point then he may as well be dead because if you’ve already learned everything there is to know then what’s the point of tomorrow?” I really miss him!

    He was teaching me Neothink without even knowing it. He would have loved Neothink. But here’s the exciting part. All of his teachings, all of my integrations, all of everything I prided myself on was incomplete. Now, I didn’t know that when I started my journey but after receiving my first heirloom package it became quite clear to me. The major component that I had been missing for all of those years was now in my hands. I shot holes in everyone’s theories but didn’t stand up to say my peace. I simply decided to not listen and go on searching for the next idiot to rip apart. The question I had to ask myself, after reading the first heirloom, was how much was I really learning? How much useless knowledge could I actually retain? I saw it all as useless. Then the light went on for me.

    Here in my hands could be the key! This is what Grandfather always talked about when he said there will be others to stand up with and take the world to a higher level. I thought, at the time that the old man was just talking because he set the standard in “thinking clearly” as we called it, so how could there be others? Turns out, he was right! He was right on a lot of things but he never let me take his word for it. I always had to do my own research and then we would discuss it. So, the credit should go to him. I just wanted another piece of the pie I was building, at the time, to show only a few family members why the world is so screwed up. Boy was I in for the biggest treat (pie) of my life.

    Turns out all of the “useless” knowledge I’ve gained really could mean something in the right context, as well. That was the greatest gift that my journey has given me. The proper applications of Neothink gave me a new lease on life. All of the knowledge in the universe does you no good if it remains locked away for nobody to see. That’s really what I’ve learned and using Neothink I’ve really learned how to express myself using the knowledge that I’ve always had along with the new knowledge that comes from Neothink. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of the C of U when the time comes because it does get lonely in the AC when I give a little honesty to friends and family. Not that I try to hurt anybody’s feelings but I think people, for the most part, just don’t want that kind of honesty in their lives. This is why I travel this road. To free people.

    I see a lot of good people and a lot of lost people on a daily basis and it really tears me apart to see these wandering souls. I just want to grab them and throw them down on the ground and yell at them until they can “see” what it is they do to themselves. I get so frustrated at times that I just want to fly away to an island that we, the SOS owns, just to get away. Then I have to remind myself that no such place exists because we haven’t created it yet. I have to remind myself that these people are trapped and it will be up to all of us to set them free. I have to remind myself that we will, one day, deliver the masses our freedom. I just wish it could be tomorrow!

    In closing I would just like to thank you again, MH for the wonderful gift of deliverance you gave to me. Now, we have work to do so let’s get to it!

  27. This message is for my dear Mark Hamilton.
    Hello there,
    I am living in ullision now.If I remember, I was told almost 2 years from now that I was a chosen one, like I am a super genius the world has never known; I like I could change the world.
    I got a brochure said that I can predict the future and live my life with no worries what so ever.
    I realize It’s all about selling books, but well written books nothing more.
    I Bet no one buying those books ever increase their income; by the way, because of those books I invest more money than my income, and guess what, I lose them all. I can’t even pay my rent.How sad is that. I wonder if this is a good idea to follow.
    Actually, I only believe in me. I do understand that the books make me realize who I am, and maybe push me a little and make me think that I can do whatever I want with no bounderries; but in money stand point zero. I lose more money because I read the books.
    All the stories about riches in the books in the brochure are made up they just make you wonder.
    I still believe there is something more inside of you, something that can grant you anything you want.

  28. Mark;

    I must say that you’ve chosen a difficult but righteous cause to pursue. God knows the path the world is on shouldn’t be happening right now. It’s past time for a change, Mother Earth herself is getting impatient with man-kind. I applaud all of you, for your tenacity in this quest for a Neo-Think world…a world that should have been instead of the world as it is today. I wish I could have joined up sooner.

    I’m glad we’ll be having more meetings, for know my situation is unchanged, but my mind HAS changed. I cannot unlearn what I have learned over the last year. I could never return to what I once was, so I look forward at least to learning more.

    Some things on my mind have been this:

    We teach best what we need to learn the most.

    It Does take money to make more money.

    I am presently monetarily very poor, but very rich in knowledge…therefore:

    I AM a millionaire, my money just hasn’t been deposited into my bank account yet.

    All That IS does not need me to teach others how it works, but I still feel compelled to teach it anyway.

    I don’t presently understand WHY I put myself where I’m at in life, but I know for every problem I’ve created, I’ve also created a solution…FINDING (remembering) it however, is the challenge.

    I’ve realized I’ve concentrated on trying to work on too many problems at once, so I’m returning to what I do best, mechanical engineering, to develop my hydrogen injection fuel system I started on months ago.. to accomplish what I can for a decaying world that needs change, to be weened off petroleum fuels for good.

    I can’t interact with others in the society as I want to, so for know I accept that and do what I can for the movement and for myself.

    I’ve resolved not to enforce any negative feelings on this post, for then I give them power over me.

    I remember an email sent to me long ago, it was meant as a joke but it holds a certain irony: “God put me here on Earth to accomplish a certain amount of things, right now, I’m so far behind I’ll never die!”

    Until the next time: David A. Biondahl

  29. liquor stores,smoke shops,despensories,catch the trend;actual cures not experimental meds to be tested on humans,honesty not illusion;forward TVP;free enterprise;for the people by the people….

  30. Hello Mark,
    The only reason I’ve never givin my opinion or my insight since the forth meeting is because I am unable to do whatever I want to do.It’s worst now in term of money, I can’t even put food on the table.
    I think I am on the verge as a tenant, to get kicked out; nothing seems to be in my favor; but in the other hand, I am still a believer knowing something goog out there going to happen sooner because I got that feeling hanting me along my way. I know I have power to do everything good for me, it’s a matter of time. I know now.

  31. That was quite some ride! An awful lot of ground has been covered, and all of us who have reached level 12 are no longer the the same people we were when we started. I am glad to hear that we will be continuing with mentor meetings and our personal growth.

    The groundswell is gathering momentum – I can’t wait for the day that the anti-civilization finally collapses.

  32. I will like to say. that Iam a menter and i’m happy. to be in the clubhosue.when I get their. I no it”s going. to be alright i”m a little fraid. so please make. me be at home and safe.

  33. I have enjoyed all the 12 levels very much. They have been life changing. Now it is time to reread my heirlooms, study them, integrate them and teach them to others. I want immortality as I have lost 2 of my loved ones to cancer and heart problems. I feel we can bring Biological Immortality to the world with you, Mark, leading the way. Thanks again for your wisdom, perservance, dedication and patience in writing the books and tutoring us. You are great!!!

  34. Hello Mark!
    It is an honor to be your apprentice!!! And now that I have finished all 12 level meetings, it is an honor to be a mentor!!!!! 🙂
    Each level meeting has left me happy and exhilerated!!! The SOS is my FNE. You are right I am a searcher and look what I found:
    I found our next stepping stone, go to: Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice – this stepping stone is the last stepping stone before we reach Biological Immortality!!! The FDA, Pharmaceutical companies and media are ignoring it, why? Because there is no money in the cure for them!
    So, it is time for The Society of Secrets to stand up and say “Enough is Enough”!

  35. Well…Mr Hamilton, when I first received your letters about the S O S I was told that I was selected by the members of a society which wanted to have me join, as I possessed a particular quality that was of value and would lead to wealth in my future. I was entirely satisfied with the heirloom packages, as I read them over the next year, but I was also pretty certain that I wouldn’t be meeting with anyone who would be concerned about my situation and spend their time explaining the secrets of wealth to me. Little did I suspect at the time that I would become just such a person, with the understanding of true wealth, the pathway to get there, and the willingness to take the time to ensure that others would reach the goal. This situation is now upon me and I am willing and able to complete the vision which you have suggested.
    I am a member of the S O S website and will submit my comments where helpful, and would be interested in further secret meetings… may all your important visions come true!

  36. Wow, how good it feels to be called a mentor by Mark Hamilton. I strongly agree with the new techniques he presents. Its about winning earths final war through The TVP and clubhouses. The sad thing is we seem to be losing. We gotta unite as a concience species and learn how to control the universe. Its appearent that its already happening throughout the universe. On a personal level, find your FNE. If you havnt already. Finding your FNE is the first step to your personal happiness and in my case, thats priceless. Let me mention, I just recently fully discovered mine. I’m an artist but I have yet to make music. I have a job. I got bills. I havnt been on any other websites for the SOS, besides GIN. Im not Involved with GIN yet. Finally, I’m a level 12 apprentice and Im proud.

    p.s. Be your own athority.

  37. Thankyou Mark Hamilton for these amazing life lifting and life changing meetings also thankyou Steve and Ryan for these intergrating follow ups I have been with you two from the very beginning and its so exciting to see you two grow WOW I can’t wait to personally meet you both .

  38. Thankyou! I’ll send a couple of notes as well. One being, please, enjoy reading the liberty bell. Turn the key slowly.

  39. What an amazing journey this has been so far.I feel that I have learnt such a great deal over the twelve Essence Meetings, and from all of the Neothink Material.
    My life is beginning to change for the better now, and I am actually looking forward to the journey ahead.
    Great changes are coming to the world, and I feel privileged to be part of it.
    Thankyou so much to Mark and the Team.

  40. Dear Mark.
    I bought CDs Your Wish is your command.I’m listening it over and over again.I learning every day more and more.As you said I’m a different person than before I start to read your books.Also I’m learning English every day because I want to know more from you my dear mentor.When I received you first letter and I read it,I started to cry because of happiness.I believed you without any doubt.
    Because of my poor English I had to read very slowly and it was very useful for my brain.Letters suddenly started to shine and I feel lot of energy flow through my body. I’m leaving now in Australia but going back to my own country Slovakia in June.I think there is not any other people fro TWP.My big wish is to start clubhouse over there and help people to get free of this political disaster. My biggest wish is to have TWP around hole world and work on immortal idea.Since I lost my both parents because of cancer I know that it should be different. I could feel it.Mark Thank you again. Love Zuzana

  41. Dear Mark,
    I want to send as many vibrations of love your way that I possibly can. No one has ever done something like this. You are teaching us all how to live correctly and happily in our future. Your teaching us how to change the world by using our minds to Create Values. Thank you so much for showing me the path to take in life. There is much to do. Study, Integrate, Teach, Study Integrate, Teach again and again to achieve maximum happiness and well being. This is the correct path.
    I love you Mark Hamilton. THANKYOU

  42. Mr Mark Hamilton.
    Thank you for teaching me.I have enjoyed all your literature and videos.I’m going to read it again because I want to be a good mentor.You changed my life to better way and I want to help people as you helped to me.Thanks with all my heart Zuzana

  43. I have enjoyed Mark Hamilton’s Mentorship on all the levels and i feel like a Proponent Leader Already.

    Thanks Again Mark for believing in Me.

  44. Going through my level 12 meeting it hit me, I was in the C of U. I know that I must help the poor to get out of the life they are living in, not by giving money but by introducing them to NeoThink; helping them find their Friday Night Essent, and the child of the past. But to do so, I must help the TVP. That way I can be a mentor in the C of U when I am 250 years old. When I said this, I am smiling. I am looking forward to that. I can see myself with the help of the TVP and science. I am looking forward to the road ahead; finally something to wake up the poor. Thank you.

  45. Hi! This was moving, exciting, intriguing, adventurous, eliciting strong emotions and motivational thoughts…love it! Powerful stuff, like being swept into white water rapids and moving downstream with the current, but simultaneously buoyed up and protected. Much to look forward to here!

  46. Dear Mark

    I am blow away as usual,after going through all the lessons with you.
    Lesson 12 confirm wheres were we are all ging with all we have learnt with with you on this AMAZING JOURNEY. I have lernt so much and I still have alot to learn,

    Thank you

    Mr Mark Hamilton

    I still have alot to say

  47. Congratulations…… Mentors……

    Don’t forget there is always help available for you and your fellow Neothink Members.

    If you are having questions regarding accessing the Secret Meetings, accessing the Neothink Website, connecting to a Neothink Clubhouse, questions about the Neothink Prime Literature etc.

    Please contact Member Services Call 1-800-480-2336.

    Please leave a message and you will receive a call back.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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