Secret Meetings Level 11 Comments

Secret Meetings Level 11 Comments

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  1. I am currently a bit overwhelmed with material to absorb. My situation has recently changed, via promotion, to a desk job which will not require me to be at sea literally 300 days a year without internet access nor time (or place) to read. I am still working on the third book but ought to be through it in three to five weeks; once I have the responsibilities of my new job nailed down there will be a great deal more available time for this.

    I provide training to the Navy to counter terrorist and pirate threats, as you can imagine my group has been in rather high demand for the past several years.

    After getting a handle on my new job I expect to be devoting rather much time and energy to pursuing Neothink and twelve visions.

  2. I Would Like To Thank You for Everything You Shown Me , Taught Me In All the Meetings , Look Forward For Level 12 And Meeting You …

  3. Hi Mark, I like to be on the
    school of Genusis. please senme mor information haw I can heave de course.tankyou . luis E.

  4. Hi Mark. Did just as you suggested and read Level 11 over and over again. I’m pumped about being a mentor, and being able to help others. The TVP is very important to us all, and I’ll be very much involved. The C of U is going to be a reality. The Association for Curing Aging and Death is also dear to my heart along with the Hamilton School of Geniuses. The Business Alliance is of great interest to me as well. I want to meet and talk to as many NT brothers and sisters as possible. It has been a fascinating journey for me, Mark. It is just as you said it would be. There is so much to absorb and learn, and I’m enjoying every bit of it. I’ve met wonderful people and look forward to meeting even more. In addition to reading the Level 11 material, I’m also concentrating heavily on “The Prime Cure.” And, I’m looking forward to Level 12 as well. Thank you so much, Mark, for everything!

  5. This level shows us techniques to use for our club houses. We need to use our own initiative to explain and develop all that is Neothink. Neothink has benefits that will affect out future and society. This level is for us to understand that first transition of the development of teachings. It also describes the inside feeling of happiness that will guide others to being superior and guide them to also be mentors.

  6. i m looking forward to any to assist me to pay my secret meteeting of 1100pages,,an want to be in to learn an be one of,,the cost of materials is too high,,an i m failing to get 500usd..mark pls help kelebogile oatweng..Thanks an i keep on learning ur teachings throug books i got..

  7. Thank You Mark, for helping us to be better people every day, for giving us the opportunity to become luminaries.
    See in 12 level,

  8. Thank You Mark, for helping us to be better people every day, for giving us the opportunity to become luminaries.

  9. Thanks Mark for every thing you do its powerfull and up lifting . Im still struggling with coming out to the public its just to hard for me. When I know the anticivilizations out their waiting on me to come and tell them what ive been doing. so they can try to destroy it. I just cant let them have this. Witch I do beleave their going to get in .If I want them to or not. But I also know its the only way to get out.Im struggling But Im also moving forward.its hard and I fill alone.And scared at times.

  10. I am like a circle of art twined in gold and the spirits of the past have whispered to me the power of knowledge and wisdom to justify this cause and no one else`s, I`ve been discovered by family and mark you are family to me!! we will succeed in our movement together we are the adepts and apostles of the truth and leaded by the almighty to bring the ruling class to their knees!!!!!

  11. There is a rare opportunity to bring to live
    all the marvels that we have dreamed, deviced,imagined
    are we clear mentally & emotionally?

    Are we clear the amount of integrity required?

    Honesty is not cheap and easy, it requires keen vigilance

    Can we do it? only reaching out we will find out.

  12. Hi Mark,your tought and teaching from level one up to these level was great.Your teaching exposed people to see more light into this anticivilazation world.With neothink exprienced,i have gained much for my life carrier.Thanks for your life reformers.Micheal Adenipekun.

  13. Mark,

    Your teachings talk about getting more value at a lower price, yet you want to dole out your information, in a not so straight forward way, at high prices. Get your information out there to as many people as possible at lower and lower prices.

    MLM and GIN are severly limiting as to getting your information to the masses and leading this world into a new realm.

    Here’s an idea. NEOTHINK COFFEE SHOPS

    1. Put pamphlets and literature at counter, tables, etc.
    2. Hold meetings one or two evenings a week.
    3. Charge a nominal fee $1-$5 to attend meetings.
    4. Sell books and merchandise to participants.
    5. Increase meetings as participation and enthusiasm grows.
    6. Open new coffee shops from profits of initial coffee shops.
    7. Encourage people to think and dream about what they want to do.
    8. Partner with people and help them achieve their dreams and goals.
    9. Teach, Teach, Teach. Grow, Grow, Grow.

    Your ideas can lead to a better world with a brighter future. Don’t hoard your valuable information for exessive charges. You will reach more with a simple, open approach that reaches more people at lower prices. You will make more money and this world will get to a new realization much quicker.

  14. TO: Mark Hamilton.Mark Hamilton and mentors are working on a supper puzzle with the prime law,with the prime literature.Being value creators,bringing value to others.Helping others become value creators,changing the world.Literally creating a new civilization here on earth.Erica R.

  15. Mark, (or anyone who can respond)

    I just finished Level 10 and feel you may consider me one of the 2-3 “lost apprentices.” I wrote and submitted a lengthy comment explaining recent events, but no matter how many times I tried to resubmit it was never accepted (June 16, 2012) Seems my name was not recognixed as a member. So, with that I updated my Profile this morning (June 17) with hopes of somehow getting through whatever barriers may exist. Will someone please get this message someone who can, or will, respond after reading my updated profile. I am an Active Member also.
    Thnx, Jerry Starnes

  16. I feel like I have failed folks, I hadn’t done so well keeping up on my reading! I liked what I was reading. Of course I still took everything with rocks of salt. As I have already explained, something big happened to me in a crowd full of my peers, at a concert in Broomfield. I broke into new (neo) space in my mind. My synapses were firing and mostly complete picture after picture formed in my mind. All I could think about was what you Mark have taught me and how I had failed you and the musicians I had grown up loving! Also the loss of my dad had crossed my mind, but I’m sure no one noticed.
    It’s in my blood to doubt and question anything new. However, when I compared the knowledge I previously had to what I read, I could not find any flaws. I had many curiosity’s, but I couldn’t point a finger. A person has to learn what they know from someone, at least until they learn how to learn for themselves. Even then It’s natural to question. I always NEEDED my dad’s opinion, for he was grounded in reality. Ive been so scared to look inward for my answers, when I had no one to look too for reassurance, that I knew I could trust. What I started trusting was the music I grew up with. The albums left behind for me by my dad. Well Mr. Hamilton the parables in those tunes took on whole new meaning’s for me. They seemed to scream about this anti-civilization in some songs and throw open the doors to the C of U in others. The music I hold dear correlates with your twelve visions. This may be all in my head, I’m fine with that. What’s not in my head is the attention I’m getting when I go out in public. I feel connected to folks I don’t know, especially when I’m in crowded rooms.
    I’m straying off point. At the time of the Feb. shows I was only half done with my reading. I know I missed out on what should have been one of the best experiences of my life, do too, not having completed those books. With that being said I wouldn’t change any of it.
    Since the show I haven’t stopped reading. I can’t progress fast enough. I watched meeting 4, two more times. I am currently working on the Bi-laws for a clubhouse, if I’m not to late. Also I’m saving up for Chicago! I want to be there, I want to meet folks, I need to help. Getting to Chicago is a bigger priority than the website only because I can’t afford both currently.
    So you know my thoughts… I am with you folks 100 percent. It’s a pleasure to read what Ive dreamed about for years but couldn’t even begin to format. I am so impressed with your life’s work I wonder how I ended up as one of the 300. Where as you’re mailing system may be brilliant, it didn’t feel very personal to me at first. However, my butt got kicked in level 10 and that did get personal. I’m here, I’m with you guys. If there was a clubhouse in Grand Junction I’d be there. I can’t afford the trip to Denver. At this point I hope I can get it together to be the first close clubhouse on this side of the mountains. Just be assured, my judgements aside, I trust you now! I have no choice, your knowledge base is well beyond mine. The science you provide is more than I know how to judge. But your conscious mind, your integrated philosophies, your love and compassion for everything around you, that SHOWS. I do know how to judge that… But I won’t! I’d rather water It!
    Your contract aside, you have my permission to use my name or tell the stories you may know of me. If my mistakes being highlighted may help others grasp the big picture, by all means use it.
    Your Student,
    Bryce Scriver

  17. It is all about the Friday Night Essence and I can certainly see that my personal development is going ahead in leaps and bounds.
    I wish I could say the same for the club-house. IT seems to be a little stagnant at the moment.
    A comment back would be appreciated

  18. Hello Mark: This meeting was outstanding. You covered many areas of critical knowledge covering our present and future positionyou have a way for getting into any point fast and clear, which make it easier for absorbing and remembering. Taking about faction is what our system is all about. Personally I can not find any fiction in it. Some people may not agree with me but that is what knowledge is all about. One can do as much as one knows.

  19. Dear Mark, I just re-attended the Level four meeting, Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 all meetngs were beautiful and very clear. God bless you Mark, you are a beautiful person. You gave me direction in life and I will keep moving forward on my own. Thank you so much to all of you.

  20. Mark, it is interesting that you mentioned the forces of nature again in part 4 of meeting 11. I was reading the second heirloom and it mentioned the forces of the nature. Mankind’s need to controled/ruled over or be controled/rulled over and mankind’s desire for money. I am facing that right now. I runnning to people every where that have the desire to manipulate, control, and rule over me. I on numerous times had to stop myself from calling the Prime law, the primal law. Because I feel like I am around a bunch cave men that are under able to speak but only know how to grunt and use force regardless of how subtle the force is it is still force. The need to control, to hold back to object to another’s opinion is growing more intense from others as I become more conscious. I have no desire to control, force, to maniuplate, to rally a clan or a tribe of people for any purpose. I only want to became a value creator. Is this common? I did Anthony Robbins Mastery course and he spoke of the tribal thing and the warrior God being on a very low level of vibration. I see this EVERYWHERE in the clubhouse also

  21. Attend 11 Meeting is lake a “Hurricane”,more knowledge, more responsability, and huge work.
    It’s a realy emotional Valueble Meeting. Fanally, we fine the First tool becoming a mentors. I looking forward for Level 12, the end of beginning Meeting.
    Thank you great Mentor Mark Hamilton,and special thanks to:
    Ryan Williams, and Steve Fagan.
    Sincerely Daniel González

  22. I finished part 3 of meeting 11. It seems like the meeting have been updated for today. Also, I completed the First heirloom book. Wow it is like I am hitting a born again thing. I have more mental clairity and I noticed that I am less dependent on people. I point out mysticism in others with it affect my life. So Jill Reed and Tom Cary went through a speical sreening to make sure that they understand the forbidden system and they fully understand the prime law. I was hoping that You would run for office, Mark. But if that is not you passion I understand.

  23. Dear Mark Hamilton, I am ready to move forward, I know it is going to be a long journey, but I am ready to be a Mentor. I feel that this is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. Also I am honored to meet and work with other Neo-thinkers to get this done in our lifetimes! We must do it now! The world needs a change, for all of Humanity! The time of the people is here! Listen to the news, people are protesting everywhere! Young and Old alike, know that the government and the financial system of the world is messed up, and needs to change, the education system of America, needs to change, our young people are going into debt to go to school for jobs that are not there! It is time for The Twelve Visions Party!

  24. As I said before, I’m political minded. However the concepts are intriguing. Can’t wait to see this type of thinking become widespread. Maybe the country, if not the world will change for the better.

  25. Dear Mark, I just want to say thank you for your new book The 3000-year-old Seceret.I know it was a free gift from you but I like many others would have gladly paid for it.The book is pure geniuse you are no ordinary person you see things other people don’t see. This book belongs in every household in the country.I wish you would put it on the shelves in the book stores you already know it would it would sell millions and would change the way all people think and vote. We would automatically have a TVP president in 2012 and be on our way to the C of U. I am ready to become a mentor soon. The new website does have one problem I should mention it starts me all over at level one. But I know that I am really at level eleven. I hope you can get that bug worked out. Thank you for everything you have done.

  26. Hi Mark,
    I have enjoyed this meeting and it gives me so much new thought to think about. I always liked new thought. I have done this meeting two times now and i will probably do at least two more times. I really like the political concepts. I have been on the computer now most of the day. I am working for my producer in Nashville again. Trying to make a buck so I don’t have to go get a job. I retired last year and it has been really tough. I couldn’t even bring my little granddaughter out from New York City this summer and it makes me feel terrible. Very sad for her and me. Times are tough for all of us. at 65 with my health problems i dislike the thought of a job outside my apartment. I might have to though. I keep writing my heart out. Hoping one of my political like songs catches on. I think this Ordinary People Song might just do something. It is tough being an artist. My article on World Peace could do something nice for me if i get the courage to have the final edit done. I don;t know why i am feeling so shy abut it. I feel it is a good article-just a little different thinking for people to grasp. I read it to two ladies and they really liked it. Oh well I will mail it soon.

    More later!

  27. I want to thank you Mark Hamilton for the last 11 months of meetings/learning. Each time I completed a meeting, i could not wait for the next, but looked forward everyday for the next meeting. I am ready and willing to be a mentor and bring many good people into a great neotech, society of secrets & twelve visions party. Thank you again. Again I will be looking at the calendar as everyday passes. Tick Tick Tick. Bruce W. Lindsey.

  28. Mark,
    Thanks to you and neo-think, I have on the drawing board a powerful project that will put thousands of people back to work and will utilize advanced technology to drastically lower the cost of living for the citizens of our great country. The best part of all will be developing and implementing without one penny of of governmental assistance ——- they will be shot down with neo-tech bullets! I am anxious to share this concept with my brothers and sisters of The Society of Secrets.
    I’m now 77 going on 10. It’s been the most rewarding experience in my whole life. Thank You, thank you,
    Jack R. Watson

  29. My life still remains in a constant state of flux…seemingly perfectly in control at times, other times total chaos from those around me that intermingle in my private world.

    I’m becoming alienated from my own family & friends as changes within me have started to outwardly manifest themselves…new hair growth…my mind expanding. Sometimes, life DOES seem like a dream. I’m truly becoming something (& someone) different. There IS/HAS been a downside to wife doesn’t believe in anything I’m doing, she doesn’t get it. I love my wife, I couldn’t leave anyway, I have no where to go..

    I’ve always believed that there are people we meet in life that are drawn in for a specific purpose. Sometimes WE are drawn in to others because they need us. Sometimes that purpose is short-lived, sometimes it lasts a lifetime.

    3 months ago, I chose to submerse myself in learning as much about the law of attraction & all the techniques that work along with it. SO MUCH information out there, so many people are shifting..expanding, just as the earth & universe are also expanding simultaneously. I absorbed so much in 3 weeks time, I stayed behind the computer, plus I watched “The Secret” 5 times, absorbing hidden levels of info I missed in each previous viewing. I also listened to ‘Your Wish Is Your Command’ twice more. I took in so much, I actually became physically ill, and my back was out for two weeks.

    It was worth it! During the time it took for my back to heal, I used it to meditate, manifest and really study my purpose here on earth. I still have no concrete answers because I’ve become totally aware of many things I could excel at. I simply cannot do just one thing, I must do many. My consciousness keeps shifting..I’m finally, deeply having a realization of my connection to everyone and everything…and it IS a freaky, yet comforting state of mind.

    I don’t know exactly at this time what my future will be in the next two months, but there is something I HAVE to do in that time frame until then. My old Van is down, but I’ve acquired another one, a smaller, newer one that will serve as a more efficient replacement. With some trading/bartering going on, I have another engine & transmission from a pick-up that I’ll be building for this mini-van. This IS something I’m very good at (MY FNE) so since I can’t BUY another vehicle, I’m building one…

    That aside, the only stagnation I’m experiencing is the lack of personal contact of like-minded people. There are only ONE Neo-Think member in Louisiana that I know, and I haven’t heard from him in months. The nearest Clubhouse is in Mississippi, over an 8 hr drive one way.

    Years ago, I purposely went into solitude for almost 5 years. I was a Nomad, traveling about the states on a motorcycle. To tell you the truth, I was simply tired of people and their bullshit. When I helped people, I was then used,(only because I ALLOWED them to use me)they took advantage of my good nature, the same as when I had my own business, even though I was struggling to make it, I sacrificed for those who had even less than I. I closed shop & have not done it since, I’ve realized my mistakes now in my business, but have too many other irons in the fire that must be took care of first before I attempt it again..IF I decide to.

    My trip to Houston to see Marshall Sylver on April 30th was AWESOME! I even met a few Neo-Think Brothers & Sisters there, but discussions were limited because of the Seminar schedule. It was a great day but at the end it just left me with more questions than answers. There was no time to talk to Marshall except to shake his hand & tell him how much I enjoyed meeting him in person. It took me 2 months to save up the money to go see him, so I was very disappointed when I couldn’t go to the Turning Point Seminar. It was $495. My credit card was already maxed. I could have attended free if I joined GIN, but I couldn’t do that either, let alone afford the hotel & travel to it. I absolutely despise my financial situation.

    I know we live in a monetary system & NOTHING is ever free. I always felt that if you could help someone that WANTED to help themselves but couldn’t, then you SHOULD help them. Even Marshall Sylver said that. Maybe I misunderstood him because that was the downfall of my business..I guess I gave too much help to the wrong people. How long do I wait for karma to bring it back around? Or will that just be a hard life lesson..

    The point I’m leading to is, I’ve noticed that with GIN & Neo-Think, it just SEEMS to me that those of us on the bottom are just not acknowledged for our situations, we should just get out of it & figure out a way to join up. Every time I’ve bought something,then there’s always something ELSE I have to buy. For me, there’s not an Employer I’ve found that would touch me with a 10 foot pole with my “dis-ability” which is merely physical & has nothing to do with my mental abilities in other areas. They don’t frikkin care, I’m un-insurable. I’m not even sure I could work another conventional job again, knowing how they use and abuse people. Social Security is on the brink of destruction, so that doesn’t put me in a very hopeful situation either. So it APPEARS to me at this point I’m stuck and I need HELP fixing it. With all I’ve learned and all that’s changed positively in my life is negated by the fact I can’t seem to manifest but a few dollars here & there to just make ends meet & keep an internet connection. I must have a block toward money..

    So here I am again in solitude, forced by my financial situation, created by me..some days I feel change coming..the next day I encounter more negative BS. I’m tired of being tired, I long for contact with others, I long for abundance. I’m tired of cleaning, cooking, laundry & even thinking at times. The change I want eludes me, I feel as if I’m playing chess with myself, the outcome is always the same, I win but I lose. Sometimes I feel I don’t belong here..

    I will be here for the next meeting, but I don’t know what the future holds beyond that for now…

  30. there once was a time when beliefs were forced upon you;do or die;anyway what is crazy one who starts rumors or the one that follows blindly,per se;points of view should not be forced;one simply needs to look at all pieces of the puzzle in order to see the whole picture;everyone, forward TVP…guides of survival, in code for reason;its not treason;creative structure in form of business period;it is what it is ,not a mystical and miracles concoction which appeared;simply first business structure of the first free thinkers;GOD…

  31. I think I have not needed in my life any person as I needed you, because I was need some one who can change my life and change my thinking and give me values greater power, but you did Mark and now I am a new person.
    My Great mentor Mark Hamilton I am still enjoying attending these secrets meeting with you, you have gave a power to think and change my life, I can`t give any price or any evaluation for the information your giving us but it`s something will create a new civilization as your mentioned and remove all the stagnation from my mind to keep continue creating more and more values.
    Mark you are created a new family of the neothink, this family will change the all concepts in the world and put a new concepts and values to make every one happy and healthy.

    You are wonderful Mark Hamilton, I love you and keep doing the great job.
    Sincerely, Bilal.

  32. wonderful,acknowledgement of my actions of being a mentor;continuing to lead those value producing individuals towards their nature of self lead individualism,ultimately creating new waves of value creators…forward TVP…

  33. Hello Mark,
    I really enjoyed Level 11, I know I am slow staying current. Although, becoming a mentor is great! I constantly review my notes from previous Levels, although, I am pleased you gave details about things we should review before mentor others. Mythstism is going to be a difficult subject to talk about, especially with those that think it’s what made them geniuses. Mark, my concern is mentoring the children to have Value Creating lives, before they spend years not knowing how to intergrade, and build their puzzles. I constantly think about ways to save the children, expecially those that are smart but poor.

  34. The Hamilton School of Geniuses! I wish I had been able to attend one of those. I have become a genius through the integrations Neothink taught me, but it has taken an awful long time.

    The anticivilization is going to be real mad at loosing it’s control over the minds of defenseless young people who are taught to be good soldiers and taxpayers in the public schools.

    That was a great meeting, and I look forward to the final one of the apprentice training. Until then I am going to read through the visions again.

  35. Wow I have a great feeling inside me reffered as exhiliration. Exhiliration for the TVP and the beginning steps to achieve commercial biological immortality, although it will be a long journey. I feel we should stay focused on the big picture. Steve Fagan and Ryan Williams hit it on the head when they said, rid mythstism from your mind. It will eat you inside out. Also, the forbidden system. Stick with the prime law and the TVP. Its all about giving people the buying power to have or use others values or services. The past year has been amazing to say the least. I learned alot from you, Mark and the SOS. I feel ready for earth’s final war, proud to be a 300! A world full of self-leaders and vaule creators, would be a nice place.. Especially, if everybody were rich! Excited about level 12. Move on from today and look for tomorrow.

  36. I really enjoyed Level 11. I feel i have progressed in my integrations and have disposed of some of my baggage. I have built confidence and have come to some decisions on my FNE. I am really interested in the school for geniuses as I was excited and enjoyed reading about Miss Annabelle’s school and the superpuzzle. Thank you Mark for all your time and patience with us as you mentored us through this past year. It has been a wonderful experience.

  37. hi Mark i don’t know what think. i don’t where to begain but i hope that i have. a nice time learning. all these wonderful thngs. and hope to be smarter. then I am think you for geing. my monter.

  38. Dear Mark,

    I love these meetings so much! I am very excited to become a mentor! I had to deal with some issues that were caused by the anticivilization but I’m on point now. I have cleaned up my mind and body and am becoming a new person. The past and the anticivilization are now behind me and I am ready to move forward. I’m glad you decided to give us a couple of months before the level twelve meeting. That’s going to work out perfect. I have identified with two major issues that I had to deal with before I could grow and move forward on my FNE’s. These two issues are the emotional and mental trauma and the financial stress that was caused by the anticivilization. I have discovered some very helpful techniques that have helped me clear out a lot of the baggage and mental issues that were slowing me down. If I had applied these techniques from the beginning of my journey I would have made a lot more progress. I’m sure you know of several if not all of the techniques, I just feel that we need to be pushing them more so we can speed up our progress and remove limitations. The anticivilization has done a lot of damage that were going to have to help our apprentices deal with so they can move forward on their FNE’s. Some of these techniques include EFT and the Callahan technique, the healing codes, bineriall beats, and the Sedona method to mention a few. I have found these methods to be very effective in dealing with guilt, fear, emotional trauma, depression, limiting beliefs, low energy, etc. I will post these techniques on the discussion board so that apprentices and members have access to this knowledge. It might be a good idea to put these techniques somewhere permanent on the site like the library or something so members and apprentices can reference them. I feel that if we are applying these techniques then it will increase our progress dramatically.
    The second issue that I am working on is the financial stress that has caused so many problems. This has caused problems from within the society as well as a great deal of stress, worry, etc. The people coming in are going to be looking for financial relief and we need to be ready to handle it. I am currently working on a system that will help eliminate this issue. I went in to more detail about my plan in last month’s integration but I will give an overview in this one. My plan is to create a system that will help apprentices find their FNE’s while creating wealth at the same time. If we utilize the internet then we can build contact lists to market the twelve visions party, bring people in, teach apprentices how to utilize their FNE’s by blogging, building websites, etc. I am currently working on a step by step process that will show people how to start an online business and build a contact list. I don’t know how long this will take because I am not experienced but I feel that this is important so I will find a way. Financial independents is a major key to bringing down the anticivilization.
    I will update my Neospace and post on the discussion board so you can monitor my progress. I love you and thank you for the meeting.


    Brian Whitney

  39. Each level takes me further, exponentialy! People that have known me a long time comment on how much I’ve changed for the better. They say, “Wow, I want some of that!” The biggest breakthrough was taking full responsibility for myself. I now have enough to share with others. I am proud of my advancement, yet humbled for what I don’t know. A quantum leap of knowledge greater than the sum of all the parts! Thanks for the love connectionand and thanks Mark for the enabling tool. Love: Hans

  40. Awsome meeting, the very best news, we are mentors!!! I am so very excited about the school for geniuses, i believe that could be my FNE. Thank you and i am looking forward to the journey.

  41. Another wonderful meeting, which has real depth and feeling, as we go forward on this journey. It made me realise how far we have come already, and how much we have learnt so far.
    Many thanks for this opportunity to be a part of such a major change which is now starting to occur.
    I am excited about the next phase of this magnificent organisation.
    I feel privileged to be a part of it.

  42. Hello Mark

    I am looking forward to be part of changing somebody,s life as you have changed mine.
    I have learnt so much from these Lessons with you, and I still have so much to learn.
    I consider myself to be one of the fortunate person in the world.
    You have change my life.

    Now I have the opportunity to change some else through mentoring them, therby adding values to their lives and they can move on and do the same for others.

    Thank you Mr Mark Hamilton for everything.

    With Love

    Julie Cheke

  43. Hi mark

    I am looking to the time when we are all free to enjoy and live the life we were ment to live I am in Canada righ now working i will be back home in about 2 mouths and would to git in to a clubhouse.

    Thank You so must for everything

  44. I have enjoyed the LONG-TERM relationship with MARK HAMILTON,he tought me a lot.

    Thank you MARK for being there for ME…


  45. The TVP will lift the world like the Neothink literature lifted my life.
    I learned to love and respect myself and other people.I see this world I live in now is unnatural and that so many people are blinded and hide from any new ideas and new possibilities.They are too quick to judge without thinking and just accept the lies and illusions around them. I’m happy to be part of this society.Thank you Mr.Hamilton Zuzana

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