Secret Meetings Level 9 Comments

Secret Meetings Level 9 Comments

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  1. Hi Mark. Can’t keep my hands off “The Prime Cure.” Every time I read just one page of it, I am simply blown away. I want integrated thinking to take hold of my mind, and “The Prime Cure,” is certainly dong that. I am in learning, absorbing and growing mode. For me, each step is critical. I want to learn all there is to learn about the TVP and the Association For Curing Aging and Death. My FNE is writing, and I wish to use my FNE to expand into many, many different areas. But I feel politics is where I can be of the most use RIGHT NOW. My strong writing skills combined with my history background can be an asset to the TVP candidates. I am concerned about bacteria and viruses running amuck. The market businessmen, unleashed, can start something the world has never seen…breakthroughs in the medical industry at a rate so fast wecan get ahead of these killers in no time. Mark, I’m reading and absorbing. I don’t want to miss one gold nugget of information. At the same time, I wish to start my journey to wealth, health and peace as soon as possible. 2014 is full of possibilities. As a Self-Leader, I want to get my FNE, writing, set for a huge run. Thank you, Mark. You have awakened something in me that I can’t describe. All I know is it feels great! Looking forward to Level 10!

  2. Hi Mark. I have been absorbing and meditating on the Level Nine Meeting. As you know, two of my interests are the TVP and the Association for Curing Aging and Death. Integrated thinking has taken hold of me, and I do not want to let go. I am more enthusiastic, optimistic, and eager than I have been in years. The TVP, with its Prime Law and Protection Only Budget are just what the doctor ordered. I want to learn all there is to learn about the nuiances of it. I believe I have great teachers…the Neothink family, but more specifically, my sister and NT friend, Jill Reed. I have been reading “The 3000 Year Old Secret,” very slowly. I want to study the information that that book contains very, very carefully. Having finished it, I am now on my way to reading “The Prime Cure.” To see all of the energy, action, and excitement that the TVP will bring just sets me ablaze. I can’t wait to meet more NT members who want to be involved with it. We must get this all important party rolling! This is the key to getting the Great Technological Revolution moving. Every industry will be affected; every business can prosper. Thank you, Mark! Our society is everything you said it was and more. I am so grateful to be growing, learning, meeting so many like-minded people. I am still in learning mode, but I am expanding and growing rapidly.

  3. First off, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to these meetings. I have had some computer and modem problems due to electrical storms in my area.
    I really need to read and go through the meeting again before I can comment alot.
    All I can say is this, that I am so excited to be a part of this society. I can’t wait for more.

  4. It was very good to read up again concerning the story of value creators and how they have been suppressed throughout history. The example you used in this session was James Hill building his continental railroad and how Congress got involved when they didn’t need to. It will be a fascinating experience to witness the changes coming to America especially as the tipping point has been reached and all of the A teams will finally push for the TVP president into office. I am reminded here of a call I was on when it was brought up that the freer society is, the more prosperous it was as well. Just as the Greeks were one of the first democratic societies, they were able to add the most values toward society during their time. One of my concerns that I hope other people would be able to address is somebody in their early 20’s trying to explain the twelve visions party to older adults. It just has me a little concerned that they may not take me seriously or if I somehow don’t have enough credibility to tell them about the twelve visions party. Either way, it will be exciting to see things unfold in the coming months and years ahead.

  5. Hi, I just printed out my pamphlet. I must admit that I fell behind and I will do my best this month to catch up. I think I’m still listening to level five. I have just listened to the introduction and will return even though I am in five, I understand that I must catch up. I am excited to be in the meeting.

  6. Mr.Hamilton,this is Rodney Brown, I just want you to know that I have been flattered that you choose me to take this journey with you.I have enjoyed the level 01 – level 09 meetings,and again I thank you for selecting me,I will always have my five(5) multigeneration manuscipts that I purchase from you and I’m sure they will bring me some value sometime in my life,again thank you.Now, I’m ending my journey with you,because I’m been feeling different about other thing that are currently happening in my life right now as I’m typing this good-bye message to you.Again you are a wonderful and thoughtful person,I wish nothing but the best for you(Mark) and the Neothink family.I have to end my active Neothink monthly membership for both personal and finacial reasons,thanks again for being such an inspiration,but I have to end this journey.again thank you Mr.Mark Hamilton for what I have learned from you God Bless and again thank you.

  7. Dear Mark,your taught on level 09 meeting brought the vision and enlightment to the mankind.The political pamphlets protected the people from authocratic government and brutality of power.This level opened more way to see ahead and understand what future has for induvidual.Thanks.Micheal.

  8. I love this stuff, I can’t wait to help others to become aware of and understand these concepts, so they can become as impatient as I am for the changes the world so desperately needs.

  9. as i listen to the explanations of the tvp i’m reminded of the miss annabelle story. can you imagine the integrations coming from the 3rd graders in the new miss annabelle schools.imagine the enthusiasm as they grow into adulthood being excited as they create over and over. new creations especially in medicine, reversing can anyone not be excited about the twelve visions party. i get tears in my eyes just thinking about the TVP.

  10. wow!!!
    The puzzle is almost complete.
    Where doubts has crepted in…..Level 9 takes us all the way.
    Now we know that its possible, with the “Prime Law”. The geniuses
    can live their dreams of becoming rich, including the poor.
    Here’s to the new life of prosperity, love, wealth, health and longevity.
    I know that the next 3 level meetings are going to bring it home. I can’t wait. Everything will be clear.


  11. To. Mark Hamilton.A 3000 year old secret to protect the people.To make all the people rich even the free the geniuses so they can build technology,so we can live the life we where meant to live with health,wealth,and happiness.The twelve vision party will succeed with the prime law.I think it will be amazing if the prime law becomes part of the constitution.We could have a better world for everyone.Erica R.

  12. Dear Mark I am looking for the love of my life. Iknow that he lives in Switzerland. I know that he is a widower. I know he has seven children, but they are grown and moved to their own homes. His age is between forty nine and fifty six. he has salt and pepper hair & long hair. is thier any way you Can halp me fined him my 262-388-6989 to call me

  13. Hello Mark!

    All I can say is ” Thank you”. Thank you for what you are doing and the material that you are making available to us as chosen people because so many people need to be helped. I am so thankful to be chosen.

  14. Dear Mr. Hamilton,
    I post more on the active website, however I’m posting here to express my admiration of you, and since our last chat..I’ve decided to not do a lot of
    talking because the time has come and passed on that note.I’m upping my activities within my clubhouse locale. I will eventually open and run my own, however, now is the time for me to learn the nitty gritty details and have a hands on experience with”clubhousing”. I look forward to being an integral part of ACTIVELY bringing about the C of U right here,right now.
    Thank you again and again, Mr. Hamilton.Here’s an FYI..ALL of my desires are coming to fruition..ALL OF THEM!! See you on the active site, and as always Mr. Hamilton, I bid you peace,love and prosperity

  15. Hi Mark- thank you for another informative & inspiring session. I apologize that I am somewhat behind on my lessons but have been dealing with some very serious family problems. Your comments @ the end there about kids feeling powerless to rise above the suppressed state of things & above the burdens of life that their parents are living is bang on. I am living it first hand. I try & talk to them about the TVP & the way the world is going to evolve but they think I am nuts. Cheers to all of us crazy people that refuse to settle for the status Quo! I also would like to say that all of us Canadian TVP members do not share the same views re: the use of the Hamilton brand. I fear that a few of our numbers still have some pockets of mysticism to work out & that a true 12 visions world will be a truly global world where we all work together to achieve that which is best for all.

  16. I have just completed level 9 meeting . What a way to go we are on the right track and when we fully comprehend the level 9 meeting <I am sure we will fully comprehend where we are heading in a new civilization of which the TVP is a basic foundation ,, We appreciate all the work you have put into what we are aiming for

  17. Hi Nellie and Mark,
    Though it took this long for me to get through the level nine meeting it was worth it. I try to read a bit each night out of the heirloom books and I was reading parts of vision nine just before I got to it in this meeting. I still haven’t been able to spark my FNE. There once was a time that I had interests in many things but its been difficult to break free from this rut I’ve got myself into. I’m really not a very social person and I’m not into politics so it’s hard for me to see where I can be of much help. However I completely see the need for the C of U. Though I’m not highly educated I see so many ways that this anti-civilation does so many things to stifle ones independence and sense of individuality. In the meantime I’m doing the best I can to keep afloat and learn as much as I can about creating value for the C of U.

  18. Level 9 was a great estimulate long meeting. I was read well Forbidden Manuscdipts (Political Pamphlet), protect the people from initiatory force. Removing all decision man.
    Now I am looking forward to the Level 10 meeting.
    Thank you Great Mentor Mark Hamilton.
    Apprentice Daniel González.

  19. Hi Mark,
    I’m just letting you know that I recieved your reminder to leave an integration at the end of the meetings. I haven’t finished this meeting yet but I will leave my integration when I have completed it. However I do want to say that I am very appreciative to be a member of the scoiety. It takes me a long time to get comfortable with anything that I become involved with. Right now I’m still not ready and I still have a lot to learn before I would feel comfortable with talking to others about the scoiety. I freeze up easily. I would be OK with handing out pamphlets though. The only time that I can attend the meetings is when I can get to the library to use the the computer here. I can’t even leave integrations on my computer. when I access the site it freezes up. I usually try to get in on the conference calls on Sunday nights with Steve and Charlie though. I have been having some physical difficulties lately and they really drain my energy.I have been really trying to push myself to keep up.

  20. I made through meeting 9 and looked at 10 meeting first part. I am hungry for more and I am very excited. Plus I need to watch meeting three again. LOVE IT LOVE IT

    I watched the first part of meeting 10 as they would said in my former church GO ON PREACHER!!!

  21. `Dear Mark Hamilton, I have just finished the level 9 meeting and read the political pamphlet. Wow, how stimulating. I am also busy reading The 3000-Year-Old SECRET. It is hard to put down, once I start reading it. I am enjoying very much the clubhouse meetings with Mrs. Jaquelin Brown, and Mr kelvin. i hope soon to go to an actual clubhouse meeting in person, but for right now I am attending the virtual clubhouse. I enjoyed this level nine meeting and I am looking forward to the level 10 meeting. Sincerely Bessie Prickett.

  22. Hi Mark,I think the political pamphlet is great.I printed it and read the whole thing before I attended the level 9 meetting.I liked the part in the pamphlet were you said it is our civic duty to spread the news to others around us. I will do just that.I think anyone reading it will get it.Thank you Russell

  23. hello mark hamilton I been part of this secret society for some time already and still don’t know what is the benefit for me or the rest of the secret society members,because we all looking for better life for example my dream is to have my own house, family,a business,a better car,better education,for me and my daughter and you know that all that cost money a lot of money and if we don’t have education it’s hard to get that money. I was raise in a very poor family and we still living check to check that’s why when I read all this fantacies about having all you ever dream it sounds to good to be true this things only happen with hard work and dedications and education and that’s what I really need education,did you know that I live in a small room in a family house in a neighborhood there’s shootings all the time, very dangerous situation that’s why I dream with a better life thank you I hope you read my comments, and have some answers for my questions.. thanks jose salomon rivera

  24. Dear Mark Hamilton:


    Integration. . . Sorry, I had many interruptions during February & March

    and I’m now just getting back to the meetings; now I’m on my way to Level

    10. THANKS!


  25. A great meeting and it makes me even more proud to be apart of this creation of bringing the c of u to planet earth.

  26. I’ll return tomorrow to finish 7 through 9.

    It translates perfectly so far, to me it immediately sparks hope, something people need. I can say this accurately because I fall between the poor & modest living on your chart at this time. People are sick & tired of politicians, but no one seems to know what to do besides bitch & moan.

    I’m not a political person..I’ve always been a worker, sometimes a creative worker if I was allowed. But there is a level of people that I believe would listen up with this material presented to them. I do have some PR skills, I had to as a mechanic. When I went back to college while in my 40’s for I.T., I also received A’s in Speech & Psychology..that might have some use related to this cause. When I feel intimidated by something I think back to a book I read years ago, (A VERY GOOD book) it was called “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach. There was a passage that said, “Argue for your limitations! And they’re yours!” I now believe I have only those that I impose upon myself…

    After all this time when I had my doubts, Info that I received from GIN, and the message from another old book I dug out when we were moving into our new home has made all of this come together for me in an astounding way. I quote from “The Nature Of Personal Reality” By Jane Roberts: “You Create your own reality…it matters not what you think you believe, it doesn’t change the truth.” I now KNOW that I chose this path, with all of you, even though a part of me may have forgotten

    We all chose this path long ago..together. I eagerly await the future of our new world, the one WE CREATE together.

  27. 123,soon we shall all be free…(1)creation,(2)implementation,(3)productivity throughout all the nations (universally as one)..Mark,I see what you see, I do believe;universal harmony..






    JC DR.

  29. Humungous meeting! How many geniuses has government smashed down? Just about all of them. But it is even worse when the damage is done by one’s colleagues as has happened in the medical field. The smashing of R. R. Rife who invented the incredibly powerful optical microscope that could observe bacteria, must rank as one of the most odious episodes of modern medicine.

    As far as our health goes, we are on our own. We have to find out for ourselves which foods are good and which are not. With all the additives, colourants, flavourants etc which are thrown into over-refined foods, it’s a minefield. We need to make sure that we consume clean water, clean air and nutrient dense food. As long as blood is kept alkaline it will go a long way to fending off illness, as bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment. But this of course means cutting all sodas out of one’s diet.

    There is no doubt about it. To get to the c of u, all those poncing politicians must first go. But they are not going to give up their false power easily. The fight is going to go down to the wire. But the Egyptian people have shown us how to get rid of despots.

  30. To learn too improve myself and thereby help others, our common thread is we strive for a better life and world to live in together and to live long and to prosper. We are on the same path and it gives me emence pleasure to be a part of this great movement to end the rule of man over man and to that common goal i strive daily; thank you for your mentorship, these lessons are very empowering thought provoking and inspirational, they give me fuel for my thought and inspire my lessons. Until that C of U comes to this time i will endeavour to bring this time to the C of U. Thank you Mark…

  31. HI Mark i don’t no what to thank about. the vote i don’t no how to go. about it and i don’t to. say the wrong thing.

  32. Yes this is the document that the masses will read, it will show them the power of what we are doing. Not trying to do but doing. Once the range of people have been reached the tipping point as you say we will be un-stoppable. yes once again they and everyone else will reap the rewards of the few people whom invissioned this society. I say bravo Mark this is truely a document for the ages. Once people open that door they will have the knowledge and they can never un learn it. As the saying goes once you see whats behind the door you can not unsee it. It will be a beautiful thing

  33. Awesome,awesome,awesome! I have read the three heirloom packages slowly and extensively,always trying to glean the most empowering ‘take-away’ from each chapter, and this pamphlet has really distilled the most valuable and understandable information possible in the most presentable way for the uninitiated.Bravo! Sadly though ,it seems that the human animal tends to need dire circumstances in order to ‘wake-up’ and see the writing on the wall(your writing).As you suggest, this may come sooner rather than later in one or more modes of our existence. My wish(and intuition) is that the scare will come without the massive loss of human life and potential,empowering the average citizen to realize that no one will protect their interests but themselves,until we can finally elevate this society to a true civilization for all. I have been inactive on the website as I have never owned a computer but that will change shortly.

  34. Truly inspiring as always! I feel so privileged being part of this movement to bring the C of U into existence!! I have been given the tools and inspiration to help bring the world we all deserve and will have materialize before our eyes!!

  35. Perfect ! I love the political pamphlet ! I think it is a good idea to sell the pamphlet because like you said if people pay money for something their more likely to read it. It might be a good idea to distribute for free also so more people can read it. Depending on where I’m at in the future mabey I can buy a bunch for distribution.
    I also love how the pamphlet starts off talking about mans flaws and introduced the prime law. You nailed exactly what people are thinking and feeling and planted a perfect seed. The introduction and the first chapter set the stages perfectly for the rest of the pamphlet. I also love how it explains the prime law being whats missing from the the constitution, how it will complete it and where we would be if the prime law was integrated with the constitution from the beginning. It did a perfect job of being stimulating and making a political movement exiting and real with real evidence that it will work and what it will do for humanity and our children. I also liked how it plants the seed of whats going to happen if we dont do this.
    The whole meeting and the pamphlet were stimulating, exciting, brilliant and enjoyable !

    Heres where I’m at. I have been having a great deal of anxiety and a lot of other negative emotions as well (guilt, fear, worry, etc.) I have been struggling a lot but I am still pushing forward and feeling the love as well. I am in a perfect position to do what I need to wich makes me very excited.
    So heres my plan. I just purschased everything I need to detox my body, increase my focus and energy levels as well as elevate my mood.
    I bought a wheatgrass kit so I can start juicing. I spent $400.00 on body cleansing and nutritonal supplements. An ependant (electromagnetic chaos eliminator) and plan on doing bioelectric treatments. I believe that this will raise my vibration and elevate my mood and energy levels so much that I should be able to break through to God Man and the CofU or at least get me close. I have had several God man experiences so I believe it should get me there.
    I have also joined the Global Information Network (KT offered to pay the $1000.00 initiation fee so I was able to join). The timing was perfect. As soon as I can make some money through the internet I’m going to move to Salt Lake so I can communicate with other members and will be able to dedicate most of my time and energy to our family and the movement. It shouldnt be a problem to make some money via the internet considering I’m about to be a member of GIN. I have also been looking in to many affiliate programs and have found some good ways to market without having to invest money so this should happen fairly soon. Hopefully within the next couple months.
    I’m sorry I haven’t been living up to my potential. I know you have been watching me pretty close and feel a little embaresses about where I’m at. I’ve been struggling with many things and I feel like I havent been a very good apprentice. I promise to try harder and do what I need to do. I guess sometimes you have to go to one place to get to another.
    Thank you again for the meeting. They always help to push me forward.

    Much Love, Brian Whitney

  36. Dear Mark ; Twenty years ago i had a dream so vivid that i can remember every detail to this day,it was a dream of everyone living free, happy, and rich, at the time i didnt know what it ment, and today thanks to your efforts and love for all people, there is no doubt in my mind as in yours, of the CofU on earth in our liftime, no doubt whatsoever,The chance to create values for everyone on earth is so beyond excitement! it is my life long mission in life ,My definite purpose is to bring your vision to life, and i pledge myself persistend, aggressive and continuos action toward its attainment, and continue to learn all i can, to be the best i can be, to help change this world one person at a time, thanks again Mark my ceo in knowledge and love. sincerely Rick Crookshank.

  37. As expected, this meeting has exceeded my expectations. With each meeting, it feels like the Twelve Visions world is getting closer and closer to replacing our current anti-civilization run by the suppressive elite. Teaching young children the Neothink mentality will be crucial in maintaining the Twelve Visions world of tomorrow, especially with the first generation of Neothinkers. The question is this: Once in the Twelve Visions World, do we teach history the way it was before the Twelve Visions World to newer generations that were not alive during the Great Transition?? B Awesome

  38. Thanks mark for the meeting.I will read and reread again and again! I am blessed to be with my family on this amazing journey.God Bless

  39. This was a fantastic meeting. It was like the penny dropped. It seems like “The Matrix” ideology is real and through applying the principles of Neothink; this will allow individuals to get unplugged if you like and be free from society’s so called invisible chains of suppression.

    Thank you Mark, this by far was one of the best meetings yet.

    God bless.

    (Things are starting to come together and I owe part of that to you Mark. Thanks again.)

  40. I truly enjoyed the level nine meeting with Mark Hamilton and the literature.

    Mark Hamilton has taught me life in general and he is like a FATHER to ME,I feel very Blessed to have been discovered by the NEOTHINK society.


  41. Dear Mark

    Level 9 is mind Blowing,Mark you have a great vision that will bring greatness to the world and mankind.

    I can relate to the literature and the forbidden knowledge,the puzzles and now coming together.

    Our goal in Neo think Society is wealth health and peace, I am so pround to be part of this great Mission.

    Stimulating the world with this great information,will bring hope to many,I can wait for it to become a reality in everyone lives.

    The story of James Hill is very toching,The world needs lots of James Hill,
    Mark you are GREAT MAN with a great Visions to bring Love wealth and health to MANKIND.

    I pray God should be with at all times,Thank you Mark,
    I love my lessons with you,It gives me a great feeling,I feel Good all the time.

    Thank you Mark for the love you have for Mankind.

    God richly bless you and your family.
    God bless all members of this great society and this is just the begining of great things to come.


  42. Dear Mark
    your teaching is absolutely fantastic,everything seems to be truth and I believe
    that all changes very soon.I come from Slovakia and unfortunately there are not many people whom understand English.I want to start Twelve-Vision party there.
    I’m living now in Australia but I really want to help people in my original country.Every body want to be happy,reach and healthy. Zu

  43. I was rereading the level-9 forbidden manuscript and upon taking a break,I was thinking of the prices dropping down in the Twelve-Visions World and how great that would be. Along the way,I started to recall a time that was about 42 years ago,when I was a kid, My father was paying only 20 cents a gallon for gas. He filled up his pickup with less than $10. And the price of a bottle of Coke was only 5 cents. (smile)I’m sure we would all enjoy paying 20 cents a gallon on gas in the future Twelve-Visions World. Well,back to my reading. Greg K.

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