Secret Meetings Level 8 Comments

Secret Meetings Level 8 Comments

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  1. Mark,In finishing this level 8.Iam speechless of all you have accomplished and all you invision into the future.I honor you for all that you are and all that will continue as you lead us all into the life we are seeing through your heart and mind.I bow to you and your loved ones as they must allow you to do this work, by moving over,sharing you with all of us and the many millions to follow.Blessings to you and yours.Shirley S.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Level 8, was very good and moving. Mark 2011. has been a very bad year for me and my family. even though I have no regret to what I have done in helping a poor pensioner with the abuse of power from my Council. I lost my job due to abuse of power by my manager. Inthe end he got removed which was a shock to him as he believed he was safe. I am happy to what I did but sad to losemy job. Mark everything you did and do is the best for mankind a fair and honest system for all. God bless you Mark and your family.


    Ignatius A.

  3. Hi Mark. Just finished your level 8 secret meeting. I was very interested and inspired as you so wonderfully endeavoured to explain the big picture. You were sure correct in how The Miss Annabelle secrets affected the child of the past within me and both of our emotions at times. And i really didn’t want it to end as i felt i was there living in the C of U with all those wonderful people. I have never attended a clubhouse yet or talked to any other member apprentice’s or joined any A-teams. I guess i am sort of a private withdrawn man who just wants to attend the level meetings, read your father’s and your heirloom books and watch as history is made like you said near the end of part 3. Well i have to go to bed so i’ll say bye for now.

  4. To Mark Hamilton. Actualizing your greatest visions the twelve vision party with apprentices is amazing to me.Project life eternal life,its hard to believe their will be a cure for ageing and death in my life time.I think we also need a cure for all the world crisis problems,that would be more then amazing .Life,s greatest reward to me .Erica R.

  5. hello mr hamilton. i go to the santa monica library almost every day. the library bookstore puts out donated books for the public to take. i have been able to find unusual books. self inprovement. esoteric type, 100 yr old books, 70 yr old books, i have found out that only a couple people own the whole batch of publishing houses and they are changing history, rewriting books to fit the new agenda, to hide the truth. so,the only books i read are old,older the better. i have a better chance of knowing the real history before the liars have gotten ahold of them. recently, i stopped by this bookstore and while casually looking through the rows, my eyes came across “God-Man/Neothink decoded” and another of your books,(i dont have it handy to give the name) i lunged to grab it before anyone could get it. what a find. i am so grateful to find them. thank you. it was meant to be.sincerely joyce trogdon

  6. I would just like to thank Mr. Hamilton for allowing me to be part of this society. I am indeed a searcher, and a dreamer. My family and friends find it difficult to understand me at times. Some of them choose not to understand me, and it can be very frustating and lonely. I am very excited on becoming a member and to be associated with people that think like me and see the big picture. God Bless You and Thank You!

  7. Mark,
    You are simply incredible!…so much talent, so much honesty, so much integration. With all the people that manage to hang on and stick to this, the change will be inevitable. I am hoping to attend a club house meeting for the first time before the end of the year in order to start creating my clubhouse, hopefully this coming year. We’ll see how it goes…wish me luck!

    Love what you do. Thanks for making me part of this!


  8. Hi Mark,

    Thank you very, very much for this meeting.
    Miss Annabelle’s Secret SOoooo AWESOME.
    I was out under the stars after midnight reading about the children of this story camping out and learning with their teacher, peers and parents. When I realized I was working but, between assignments I was also learning. I looked up at the stars and said WOW. I read all but the last few chapters–months ago. I put the book on the shelf and would’nt finish it. After crying through most of it, I didn’t want an ending. When I got my copy of 3000- Year- Old Secret, I went ahead and read the last chapters. Miss Annabelle”s Secret truly is the best things I ever read.
    My life has been plagued with deaths from My Mom early on. All my life I have felt like this isn’t real, somethings not right and I suppose It’s where I have dwelth. I just seem to know that death can be cured. What a glorious day that will be.

    Love and peace,

  9. Thank you Mark Hamilton. Your dedication to produce the Miss Annabel trilogy is an example to all of us that passion and dreams can change the world. You wrote the book, now we have the somewhat daunting task of putting it into reality. But there are many of us.
    Many things in the book are already achieved except the political dream and many more wonderful things will come.
    We only need to awaken the broad masses to follow their essence and become powerful enlighted citizens too.

    Egon Uhl

  10. I am excited to ascend to Tier II. My essence is to reach out to members who are not yet a part of an A Team. I know there are many members who are not yet part of A Teams. My goal is to create a virtual A Team site for members in transition and in preparation to become members of local A Teams.

    See you out there,

    Mark Edward Brown

  11. There is no other feeling like that of seeing your dreams come into being.

    The last piece of the puzzle being put in place.

  12. Am trying to find the two posts I recently did after I completed the level 8 mentoring from Mark Hamilton and cant seem to locate either of them. So am re posting briefly so everyone knows I completed my level 8 intergrations. I am amazed and excited for the development of c of u and Hamilitons visons for us all to live in a world of peace and happiness independence health and walth..Elimanting pain old age and death are supreme goals and visions to have for this planet at this time of the world conditions and the mess the people on planet earth are all facing,..,Things must and will change via Mark Hamiltons vision of TVP and clubhouses and church of god man coming to a city near you soon,. I am a Warrior fighting the good fight and glad am lined up and in touch with Hamiltons Neothink Neo pax world view for all who want to be in a honest value creating society…Much to change much to do and much to expereience as it all comes true and truely a blessing to be in the middle of the creation of a new society for all to improve their lives and become independent business people and value creators to share with others to truely be family to all on planet earth..Rev G Bruce Griffith D.D. /Essex , Maryland, USA.

  13. It is most stimulating to see a “bird’s eye view” of Mark Hamilton’s vision for Neo Think and its local SOS chapters. Passion and persistence were demonstrated by the authors of the Prime Literature. And these same qualities will be needed by the Apprentices working in the Society Of Secrets’ local chapters. This crisp Big Picture Vision provided by the Level 8 presentations provide motivation to stay the course, eventually actualizing Project Life with its cure for aging and death.

    C. A. Cooper

  14. It’s just fabulious the value and integration to create the amazing books for us. Thanks Mark Hamilton.
    Apprentice Daniel González.

  15. I can’t believe it,I am into the Neo Think Society in a journey of no return. Thanks Mark Hamilton.

  16. Every each Level astonish me, but the Level 8 Wow!. Ah-ha, honest power= Iluminati. The Neo-think hurricane means success throughout Prime literature, the format of busnesses structure marketing Neo-think (product marketing meeting).
    The most important part is we are into The Inner Circle (Club House Proyect life).
    Level 8 it is a realy emotional Valueble meeting to me.
    Our Great Mentor Mark Hamilton show us what important are: passion, perseverance and persistence, with our FNE.
    From the bottom of my heard,thank you Mark; and special gratitude to Ryan Williams and Steve Fagan.
    Apprentice Daniel González.

  17. Hello Mark Hamilton, I received my package, I could not wait to open and read the book,The 3000 year old secret, and it is very hard to put down, as I still have to function in the anti-civilization world, but when I get time to read the book, I am very excited with what I am reading and I do Get It! I am ready to be a part of the change to a real world, time for humanity to be free from the “Matrix”, that Humanity has been forced to endure for so long, I see the momentum that is coming with, each wave surpassing the next of new people awakening and realizing it is time for a change, that there is more to life than what they were living. I want to live long and live to see the change and maybe take a space ride out to the moon and back.! The world of the future, where no one is ever hungry again, everyone can have the best education known to man and excel and succeed in their endeavors! No matter who you are, or what demographic location you live, you will live a happy, healthy life. That to me is worth it getting involved in Neo-think website and meetings which I so enjoy! Looking forward to the next TVP meeting with my new friends! Sincerely, Bessie

  18. It seems the more I delve into what Neothink and Mark offers to society, the more the child of the past comes to be. This months meeting proves just to hold that big picture in sight and grow to believe then achieve it.

    It is when we forget the how that things really start to happen. People are so focused on how it will come to be when truth is no one can say as creation takes charge and works on believing power as the C of U will manifest on the vision of so many like minded beings focusing on creating a paradise of genius beings everywhere.

    As I prepare for level 9, discovering the meant to be, and absorb level 8, I believe it is with time as Mark said it is only a matter of time. I like to think of it as planet earth being the computer, the sun being the internet, and us human beings being the programs, constantly updating and integrating. It is a very beautiful vision when it does manifest, as for those not conscious enough to ride the wave of prosperity, We will see you next time.

    Could go on for days here, hehe. 😀

    Much Love, Light, and Peace In Mind. JMM LOVE.

  19. Thanks Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Vision Party is the best for us and the world,
    I have to learn everything about this new concept from our Society.

  20. thank you mark for this meeting it has been awhile since i last wrote here in dec i started to fall off the only way i could bring this to light for myself was when i used to work in fitness centers most of the people i would sighn up with memeberships would drop off about 80% in the first two months 10% in the three month area another 5% in the forth and fifth month areas the remaining 5% although they may have not been so gun ho as they were in the begining they would keep up till they had a gradual full week schedual this group of people would hold true to their dreams and work through the hard times I did the same I just went in gun ho was trying to push push push and started to burn myself out I’m back on track now but just doing it at a slower pace I had spoken to one of my mentors about a month ago and when on the phone with him I let him know that even though the writing had said this would be a year long journey with out a doubt this will be a life long one for me so I want to thank all my mentors who have had the patience and understanding and thank you mark for the incredible oppertunity that you have given me and all of us!

  21. Dear Mark;

    Where do I begin:

    First, I’m profoundly moved that this great transition will be transpiring in my lifetime…

    While I still experience impatience, I continue to keep in mind that this IS space-time we exist in, and everything will fall into place as it should, and WHEN it should…

    While I’m presently still in survival mode, working around the weather to bring up 2 vehicles that are down, still broke, I keep in mind I AM mechanically gifted, and everything will be just fine…after all, it IS one of my FNE’s!

    I also remember something else that applies here that I recently had drilled in my head; “If you want things in your life to change, then you must change things in your life” I’m here, and it’s changing my life, by the way I think…

    This is a change that the world needs now, more than ever. I CAN see it coming, clearer than ever. I also remember something else in the mailings in the beginning of this journey. I’m paraphrasing but I remember: “You must be ready for the POWER”

    I AM.

  22. After all the Neo-Tech literature (and other) that I read, it soon became obvious to me that my thinking was far more integrated than those around me in the workplace. But something was wrong! People far less integrated than I were making much more money than I was.

    The thing is, if you are an integrated thinker amongst a lot of non-integrated (or disintegrated) people in the workplace, and you express your opinions, you are very quickly labeled a maverick or worse, which does not do you any good in the anti-civilisation.

    So once you have been exposed to Neo-Tech, you cannot keep on working in the corporation – you have got to get out into your own business and out-compete them.

  23. I enjoyed the meeting and look forward to the next. It’s always a pleasure listening to you speak on life changing events. Thank you for your knowledge and insight into the future.

  24. With the holiday I got ahead of myself and thought I was on level 9 – my apologies to MH.

    Firstly we need to salute Dr Wallace and Mark Hamilton for all that brain sweating work they put in to bring us the Prime Literature. Thank you.

    I got goose flesh thinking about the paradigm shifts that are finally going to take place. All the areas that Mark mentioned are in the grip of utterly dishonest leaders & politicians that are strangulating progress. The engineering profession (and all others) in SA is controlled by an utterly corrupt government that is encouraging theft and graft in every facit of society.

    I cannot wait for the shift to begin. And I am going to be part of it!

    I am going back to listen to the meeting a few more times.


  26. Thank you again for another meeting it’s great to hear how our world will change or has changed to a more fulfilling lifestyle through the paradigm shift. How soon we will stop death and live forever.

  27. It’s great to see how Mark wants to create a society that is advantageous to everyone…where everyone can partake of the freedoms that our forefathers have envisioned when they first came together for the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. This is what this nation and the rest of the world should be all about.

  28. The exhilarating aspects of the C of U is seeing it unfold before my eyes! As I integrate with other members and plug into the visions that Mark has unfolded my life is flabbergasting! Bringing this world to its full potential is simply life changing!

  29. Thank you Mark for a wonderful meeting. Your vision and explanation of the paradigm shifts in major areas of life was great. We are moving towards slowing aging and eradicating death. I am getting excited about about the future as you expect all of these things to happen in your life time. Science if moving in great strides forward so we, the apprentices,like in Miss Annabelle’s story should be able to this materialize in our life time. Thank you for all your hard work on the prime literature. You have worked long and hard to see your vision come to be. Keep up the great work Mark. Your perserverence, honesty and persistence will pay off big time.

  30. Dang Mark; your on a roll, just like butter lol, Mark you are teaching me so much i cant thank you enough for how much you have helped me change my life, being able to study all your literature for a solid year and studying your way of thinking and accomplishments, i.e innovated business sense, having 10 second miracles. in Jan 2011 im launching an invention that is going to help everyone on the planet, something so simple it blows my mind that i didnt think of it sooner, thanks to you and having a smart mentor who honestly does care, have taught me to think like you do. anyways money is soon not going to be an issue ever again. cant wait to be a active part of your vision and now mine. sincerely your apprentice Rick Crookshank

  31. I must be reading your mind as I’m already formulating workshop meetings to deliver the heretofore little known genius inspiring ‘intellectual structures'(one of which is my original and unique design)that have been purposely obfuscated by many of the’parasitical elite’ and distinctly anti-civilizational (although probably unconciously so) societies.It is becoming obvious that some rogue members of the elite societies can see past the shortsighted and selfish attitudes that would, sooner rather than later,bring civilization to the brink of destruction- the parasite being willing and able to kill the host. And so, with their help, a new everyman elite will (must) form from the ‘chosen ones’ who comprise the true and honest concious beings AKA We The People.

  32. I think all those thing. all ready done happen to me and i. fill good happy and sad. buy it”s alright. i fill like a little girl.o did tell you i went. back to school think you mark for seeing me though..

  33. Hello Mark,
    This is not the first time reviewing level 8. I just seem to get something new each time I see it. What a grand picture of our future. Just imagine honesty in the media in all aspects of life. What a wonderful time this will be. I believe the challenge is for all of us to participate. Thank you for your honesty and sharing this knowledge with us. It really is awesome.

    Kindest regards

    Allen Mazza

  34. Wow, the eradication of aging and death…something that must be done!! It is possible, and we will make it happen. And along the way we will unleash so many more values through creation in all other aspects of life. All we need to do is slow down aging so the geniuses of our society can continue integrating new information with the old and figure out the next pieces to complete the super puzzle. As you imagine the bigger picture, understand that it isn’t kept in an 8-by-11 frame. It is multi-dimensional, meaning not only will you be able to see it, you will also be able to feel it. We can look into the future and FEEL the difference. We can FEEL the emotions that will exist when the C of U has taken over. And that is how we need to make the world feel now…

  35. Thanks to the people of our world…THE MENTORS because they realised that true strength is in the numbers… Rick James.. Standing on the Top on the top getting down… I feel that is the world before us today.. Jesus himself said it best ,That the first will be last and the last will be first in the end…

  36. First of all i would to say thanks!To give credit to the creator of this vision. A true G-MAN….. Afer this meeting however i came with something,an idea.. here it goes.. I’m not a reader that’s what i thought but now that’s my fullfillment. I want to know how we come up with something like floresent ink or something of that nature,so readers can read even with no light…..
    let me know what you think…. Keep on pushing MARK i’m with you brother!!!

  37. Thanks for everything mark.The twelve visions world is going to manifest each more everyday until the whole world is enthrusted in it

  38. Thanks for the invite Mark. Wow -an outlet for the child within. Not only have we seen the dream come to life within the society but I have also seen Your dream, Mark, come to life outside the society as well. for instance: The development of the quntum computer is happening as we speak. Also Many scientific verifications in regards to imortality portraded in Miss annabells world, Your vision, Mark. I know its real, I know its not only possible but most probable. My child within Must write about these things and as I do I make new intergrations. My inner child has awoken and I will protect it with my life. Thankyou Mark Hamilton, for your work, for your life and for your vision. Love Carl



  40. Dear Mark:

    “Mark” Thank you so much for the many years of devotion and dedication in your writing this beautiful PRIME LITERATURE and all your wonderful INSIGHTS and VISIONS and in now moving forward with the BIG PICTURE and all those Insights and Visions becoming a reality. I am very proud and honored to be on your team for this history making C of U and to be part of the Twelve Visions World. To see It, feel it, be a part of it, I’m so thrilled you recruited me as one of the chosen ones. I will do everything in my power to make this all happen for I have always loved life and family but always felt that it could be so much better and now you have shown me the ways to make it all happen.

    Love You MARK and I’m so thankful for the opportunities to serve such a wonderful cause for man kind.

    Your Apprentice

    Myles Conefrey

  41. Dear Mark

    Thank you for given us insight into the Big Picture.
    It most certainly a great Big Picture, with amazing vision filled
    with incredible creative.
    This is out of ordinary. I am PROUND to be part of history in the making.
    Thank you for Mark for choosing me,I

  42. Dear Mark, Every time I listen to your lectures I get something new out of the Big Picture you are giving to us, and a clearer understanding of that Picture.

    What really excited me even more so toady, was listening to you talk about all the Paradigm Shifts that will take place in every major area of life and that it will all be honest. What a relief and comfort. What a wonderful new world it will be, when we become the “C of U”. It can not come soon enough.

    As always, we are so grateful to you and all the amazing, thought, time, and energy you have put into writing the Prime Literature from that very special space. Thank yousomuch.

  43. Dear Mark, sence the 3 air loom there have been so many break though one jsut on my self and at work and all the way around some of the stuff major break though at work my health , i want to tell you every thing but it would take up i dont know how many page of paper let jsut say am sitting inpoverty but with in a few month i willbe debit free i started a small part time cleaning a historal site /and helping them keep from loseing it / i now also am reapire antque jewelry which i design my own in the of all that i am doing i mange to keep a comuter up and running if it gose down i go to the library to keep up on the stuff from you dont want to miss a thing there has been alot of sturggle but iam making it

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