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  1. Hi Mark, I guess things are working now and then and the internet can foul things up sometimes. I just wanted to say how much more happy and more quality is in my life now am reading and applying the level meetings and manuscripts in my life. I am full of ideas and anxious to apply my business ideas to a permanent few businesss homebased to be finally independent and to show to others how to be free to work from home online and on phones and directly out of my home. I have a long ways to go but with the books and prv mentoring and the clubhouses and teleseminars all will come in to place as well as my increased activitys in TVP and being becoming a experienced Warrior for Mark Hamiltons SOS/Neothink, Neo TEch, C of U new civilazation I love each and all of you finally it pays to be honest in a honest caring loving new society where we all have value as value creators to enjoy play as adults and to be wealthy healthy and happy and fulfilled in life…Thank you again M Hamilton.

  2. Mark great information on level four but I tried posting my intergrations and it froze up and I couldnt even print out what I had written to re try it later. I wonder if its the system or my government computer intranet system. I am learning alot on each level and this one was cram packed is there a place to go to review it or get the essential part to it other than re play it several times and look in the sos secret meetings website library? I want to get it all down correctly and be sure am working on the right goals up to the next level 5. Bruce in Baltimore. HOpe to hear from you soon ..

  3. Hey Mark,
    Meeting 4 was grate now I have some reading to do and go over from this meeting.
    Visions 10, 11, and the first portion of 12. A lot of fun to read and understand an putting the puzzle togeather. I am also looking forward to reading your book the A furture of wealth belongs to you along with the book you mention Entrepreneurs versus the state by Burton Folsome. Hope you have a grate day. Michelle

  4. Thank you so much Mark,
    I just want to say before even getting though the 4th meeting I have grasped it much deeper than normal in this meeting because of the PDF you had up in the neothech warriors site. Having read the PDF first and then listening to meeting # 4 I am grasping it much more for I have read what you are saying before listening to you. Do you understand what I am saying? I find it so much easier for me to understand and grasp with having the chance to read the PDF first WOW. I know that must have taking grate effort and a lot of time to have done that. I must search for another way of learning knowing the PDFs are not available. I havn’t looked hard enough so maybe I will find them hidden someplace on the neotech warriors site. I thank you and I thank you deeply for your writings and the education you provide to me though your Heirlooms and meetings and I thank you for being my mentor Mark. You are priceless and your love and dedication to your work and writings is wonderful and valuable to me. I thank you from the bottom of my Heart to have you in my life. LOVE ALWAYS ***Michelle*** Thanks again for your interest in me 🙂

  5. Great part 3, bringing about the TVP onto America is going to happen, its just how long it takes those neo-cheaters to give up haha. I can not wait until I am able to start spreading the truth I have been holding all this time. Currently I am financially frustrated, living in a tiny town with bickering anti-civilization thinking all around me everywhere I go, with no opportunity where I am, I am realizing how bad I need to get out.

    With neo-tech and Mark Hamiltion’s stimulating teachings being the only Real and Honest thing in my life, I am starting to see unless I win the lottery or get lucky somehow, I feel neothink is my only way out, the only challenge is every part of my being knows what to do to start spreading the neothink but with no financial help anywhere and let me tell you guys.

    The more I see how bad the government is holding everyone back anyway they can makes me sick to my stomach so I look forward to starting pure love and honesty to bring those neo-cheaters down.

    I am struggling with all the mail I receive and starting to see either its a test or the governments way of preying on our emotions to hold us back in fear. The truth is I need help or even advice on how just to get money. Not matter how strong I stay these days hoping a get a break, still everything tells me I still have to wait even though I would rather have all the money to even start a life currently I have no life. No friends, no one to trust, no money, no opportunity. Im remaining positive and sticking to the truth.
    Dont think I’m complaining, I just think this is the way things are and learning from all this has taught me more than I could ever imagine.

    The knowledge I have gathered and absorbed has made me see all of this is to make me unstoppable so someday soon when I’m out spreading love and truth through stimulation of that child of the past with Help from TVP and Neothink. Well you all know your journey has been quite memorable, I know mine has. Now its time to start really working with the only true real power on earth…

    Love infused Neo-tech stimulation and integration along with freedom. No one has a chance to stop us to bring about the Civilization Of The Universe.

    Once I get the money figured out, Watch out world. Only next time, ALL MY LOVE, John Michael McCarville 🙂

  6. The Anti-Civilization continues to beat me down, but not out…I’ve been deeply involved in a family crisis, which is currently devouring my time & energy. I’m hoping that this will soon be behind me, as I’m falling behind on so many things, including my studies with Neo-Think.

    My financial situation is worsening, but my resolve remains. I’ve experienced this situation before, but this time is different. My contact with others has been currently cut off, due to limited transportation. I have managed to at least put the spark of Neo-Think into a few peoples’ minds before this happened, and most immediately absorbed the common-sense, intuition guiding approach. I was able to speak the right words in the right way to convince them within a few meetings. People are ready for real change, they’re tired of being lied to…and especially tired of the Gov. just taking, taking, & taking away.

    We’ll see where this goes..I see a beautiful Neo-Think sunrise on approach, despite my darkest hour that I’m presently in……

  7. I wonder how many of you people out there have ever created anything? I am a creator .Even though he ideas of Neothink are great they SHOULD not be sold! They should be given to all human being to put us all ahead? i am thinking more & seeing the under line thinking going on here! Bring Neothink to the people but create things of value & sell those .

  8. I’ve been in the field for quite some time,per se -been going public with the views as have become commonly known as Neothink for a long time now thanks to technology and Mark Hamilton amongst others too ;who have the same vision(s);as the pieces come together,I do see the (picture) and have for some time;It’s about time,moving forward despite the mystical forces that be is the only way to exist …Some need to be led,12 visions Party,excellent;Glad to be part of it ,as a member.I will continue to spread the virus per se to the best of my ability;A virus must be killed by a virus afterall it is the only way to survival,the revival,as (One)…Speaking from a Business perspective anyways;per se until that day let us build,build,build,…Strength is in numbers.

  9. Awesome part 2, TVP will spread like wildfire once people start bringing their A-Teams to the masses. I plan to get a perfect team together. Still working towards financial freedom, no success yet. Once I get my license back I will be traveling all over learning to stimulate those child of the pasts and bring about freedom to my whole family.

    Thank you Mark and Neothink for everything, still waiting on miracle mail.

    Until next time, Love to ALL of you out there stimulating.

  10. You have it right about something wrong with the world today. Of course this has been happening for years, it’s just taken some time for all the lies of the Gov to catch up with them. For an example; Over 900 confirmed lies by the Bush administration concerning the events of 9-11.

    I feel very privileged to be a part of this movement at this time of my life, whereas my awareness has grown ten-fold since meeting people like me, I still remain in a position that I’m limited in full participation with this great movement…

    But I KNOW this will change soon!

    Best to all of you: David

  11. It keeps getting better and better the more i read and learn what he is teaching us .love that he is changing the world for the better.

  12. I AM ready, I have been dreaming about this for awhile.

    Before this meeting I always desired since my journey started to jump out and help as many people as possible to experience and feel what I grew deep in my heart and soul.

    I already knew I was going to “replicate” my views as Mark stated in his heirlooms. I just am so excited to start materializing the C of U onto the earth plane.

    I am dieing to know where to get these hand outs to start signing people up to begin becoming that person they always dreamed of.

    I will be back for part 2 and 3 as soon as I get more “time” to absorb these meetings. Hopefully within the next week.

    I am praying my angels are helping me to bring abundance to me as we speak. I LOVE WHO I AM! And I have barely started. Its truly amazing that ascension on earth will come sooner than people think. I can FEEL it more everyday.

    By the way thank you once again Mark and Neo-Tech for giving me this opportunity. Maria Duval is also helping me so much! I can not wait until I get enough money to live my dreams so I can start helping everyone else experience the life they always wanted but could never find. Well they are gonna find that life and they better be ready!

    Watch out world, Pure Honesty always prevails!

    All My Love, John Michael McCarville

  13. Wow! What an exciting way to spend a Friday evening. Looking forward to creating the first workshop. Thank-you again.

  14. Roy O`Kane says Level is great as we learn how to take this to the public.I willbe trying my best to sellingit but willneed others help me to learn too.BecauseI know the anticivitzation need the neo-tech information so they can cope with the future and for everyone tolive better lives too. Thank You Mark

  15. Took it too the “Tenth Power” and Zoomed.
    Nice and Sweet!

    Well my Father or Mother probablly told yous, Six White Horses…and took IT too the ‘Tenth Zone’, and went way over their heads, oops my badder.

    Wish them’s good ruck w/ dat.

  16. Wow!!! Now here’s a mighty big bone to chew on!!!!

    Me? Start a Twelve Visions political party?? In Africa????


    I think my wife is likely to have me certified!!

    After all these years I have been unable to find a single Neo-Tech person in South Africa. The thought of taking on a task of this magnitude is making my head spin.

    I am going to have to spend time going over all this again.

    But the idea of Neo-Tech going public is very exciting

  17. It just reminds me of my reason for joining to find and discover that something more that I’m missing and can’t find a reason for knowing what it truly is. Of course after being a member I’ve reached down deep and have had a mind shift a mind course of what truly must be by discovering me and coming to terms with my negative side that I was totally rejecting as if it was’nt their but now I work on removing it and having more positive thoughts of myself. I have to say that I was lacking in this area but now I’m gaining the control that was missing.

  18. In Win/Wins’ we look for common ground, in the world there must be an endless amount of common denominators.
    The one I keep reading about that is begining to make no sense to me is romantic love, why do we have to have this in our lives to feel complete, I feel more complete on my own.

    I see it force fed us everyday of our lives, but is that a man’s idea, a woman’s idea, or was it both to begin with?
    I pefer not to have the complications of a consistant relationship like that with one person or body type.
    I think it’s a game I don’t even want to know the rules for, I’d rather not even play or be a spectator either.
    I never wanted a ball and chain, I never will ever marry one person and spend everyday, every morning, every night with this person sounds like a lose/lose to me or at best a lose/win.

  19. Level 4 is great as we learn how to take this to the public. I am not good at selling but I feel others can help me learn. I have gone through Level 4 several times and I know the anticivilization needs the Neo-Tech information so they can cope with the future and for everyone to live better lives. I am still reading, learning and looking forward to Level 5. Thanks Mark.

  20. Hello Mark,

    I can’t wait for the human race to face the truth about the anticivization that we live in, and to accept the fact that we can not continue to live the way we are presently living.

    My reading is ongoing. I have listened to the different conferences to learn all I can about the movement we are about to embark upon.

    Thank you,


  21. John B.Baptiste

    Level 4 meeting is very inspiring!
    I never sold anything in my life before but I am ready to spread
    Neothink all around me.I am going to need some help but I am sure
    help will come.I went through the level 4 meeting three times al-
    ready and I will most likely do that many more times.
    Thank you to all,especially Mr.Hamilton.
    John B.Baptiste.

  22. Hi Mark, Thank you for all the excellent information you have given us to date. I find my life is improving and becoming more harmonious. I am trying to pull my thoughts together on organizing the Introduction meetings, the clubhouses and the TVP but as yet I find it overwhelming without partners to work with. I am sure as I keep listening to the Level 4 and reread 10, 11 & 12 this will come together better. For now, I see the forces of nature playing out in the anticivilization each and every day. When I try to talk to people about my discovery, most think I am as different from them as I have always been. Oh well, my life is getting better, they are still in the rat race. Thanks again.

  23. Hi Mark and thanks for the inspiration, I have recently been doing studies on marketing approaches, It seems that when network marketing reaches a certain point that the profits are never generated for the people at the lower levels they may never be able to get people to join, or very few. If people are not educated in what is before them it is known as a hard sell. I have recently been invited to become a member of a network marketing plan that is 10 years old, the people on the top are on easy street were the people who are just staring have a very hard road ahead of them. Until you educate the people you invite to the plan it can be very difficult, no matter how wonderful the plan may be.

    A one up plan may mean less money to the people at the top but would spread the wealth over a greater segment of the people involved

    Good luck with the marketing

  24. Thank you Mark Hamilton for everything you have given me which includes and is not limeted to: Wisdom, Guidance, Motivation, Direction, Confidence, Love. Also a new sight for life that I am not sure how to put into words. Perhaps it can be described as harmony.. Yes I am finally in harmonious living. I thank you over and over again for turning my life into what I could have never imagined but always was meant for. I love you. Sincerely,
    Your Soul Mate

  25. Great news. Now I must get going to communicate and find members in AB so we can organize a A-Team, talk about seeting up club houses here and seeing about getting TVP going as a Canadaian entity. I see Surrey BC is going but I haven’t seen that many more. Thanks Mark for all your faith and encouragement in our journey. It is an exciting time to be an apprentice and great potential for the future COU. Keep up the great work.

  26. thank you for the opportunity to spread the world of neo-tech, this has been a great journey for me, i have now found my FNE, and am beginning my own journey, i am currently devoting most of my time into one of my ten second miracles, and later hope to spread the word after i have established myself and my business, i feel i will be able to have a greater effect on people if i have someting under my belt.

  27. I see that it is important to not skip Mike Ginther,Daren,and Steve intro, so some things has changed well thats O.K.”its all Good”. That skip did put some fire under me though; at the time I am composing a proposal to our Chicago club house and others a part of my essence that I think that would create a consistency in members of old and bring in new. Thanks again Mark,Mike,Daren,Steve.

  28. Another meeting of forging ahead. The Neotech A-teams formations the Twelve Vision party, and its stimulating(appealing to the forces of nature) efforts to depoliticise america sets the grounds for greater integrations, greater personal development, and unity with the COU. Thanks again Mark and I hope your trip was an enjoyable one, I look forward to the Twelve Vision information and sign up forms. Meanwhile I will refer any big questions to the site given.

  29. Up until now Neo-Tech has been of immense value to all those who were receptive to what it offered the individual. But now via the TVP ultimately almost every citizen on Earth should reap its rewards.

  30. Very interesting topic. Going public is a very good idea. This is really making sense. This is what mankind has beens earching for, for centuries. We are at the begining. It is an exciting time to be alive.

  31. Very excited for this opportunity! I am especially interested in the political movement as a writer (my FNE). Please send me email alerts as soon as more information becomes available. I want a better world for my family and the people of the “new world”(C of U). Will listen to part II after I work my twelve hour shift in my labor job. Only have limited computer time each day, but I squeeze in time for this historical development for the world.

    Joseph Gorski

  32. Really good place to pick up. Really is a good follow up to Level 3 meeting. I definitely feel surge of purpose and hope, not just for me and our society ,but mankind. This society is really making sense, the heirloom are making sense, seems like the picture is coming much more clear. I do hav eto say Mark was right, this journey has become my FNE. Love reading the material and just reading on the site. The timing is good, seems people are tense governments are more corrupt people need hope. The Cof U brings exactly that.

  33. I’ve never been to much into politics.I’m not sure I even understand what’s all involved. I do know that if things don’t change we are done for. The way things are now in this anti-civilization world, we all will end up dead. I can’t wait till we have the c of u inplace. I’m not sure what I can contribute. But i tell people that if they want a better life they should vote fore the tvp and get them into the white house or things will never get better for them or anyone else. It may not very eliquent but then I’m not much of a talker. Thank you MH for all your insitefull teachings. I will do my best to spread the word on the TVP and what it will mean to the masses.

  34. Mark, these lessons are so valuable that I get excited and look forward to my tomorrows. Days are nearer when the anti-civilization will be replaced by a common sense C of U civilization – I can feel it. You are making it happen and I love you and all involved for it.
    Amazingly in this lesson, you reveal some of life’s most complicated secrets in their simplest terms. I laugh in appreciation of how easy you seem to deliver these concepts.
    I hope to meet you one day to personally express my gratitude for all that you do. If not, please know that these testimonials and responses are heartfelt and sincere.

    Love & Prosperity

    L. Snell



  36. I really enjoyed Lesson 4. I want to thank you for everything. Frank Wallace’s books “Pax Neo-Tech” and “SOS Secrets” are so very inspiring. I have read them a couple of times so far. Being a part of Neo-Think has given me confidence to achieve anything I set my mind to do. I no longer have a “no win” attitude. Look out world, here I come!!!!

  37. Julie continues

    Going Public Needs a special approach.

    Thank you for constantly adding special values to our lives,
    the love and zeal you have for us as a Mentor for us to succeed,
    will certainly make me to archeive my dreams and my goals,

    I will now go and post my questions to you.

    Thank you

  38. Thank you Mr.M. Hamilton,

    Lesson 4 is a Powerful Message with a very inteligent approach about going Public,with Neo-tec
    that will create amazing opportunites,therby we can learn to archeive our goals.
    Thank you for offering a business opportunities for us,with you as my
    mentor i know it will be an intresting journey.

    I am so excited and I have so many questions i would like to ask.
    I have gone through Lesson4 so many times. Neo-tec is very speacial, going needs
    n speacial and clever approach,

  39. The C of U has been my search for a life time. I know i am home; here in the society of secrets with my brothers and sisters we Neo-Think together forming ever more powerful integrated thoughts and creations making the C of U become reality. I know; we will together… Mark Hamilton. Level 4 is awsome and i eagerly await all of the levels that are coming. My search for the society has been long and tears of joy fill my eyes as i give thanks for this creative opportunity. We will bring the C of U through the TVP, I will do all in my power to create the C of U. Your Advantage…

  40. I love the idea to going public.Neothink literature help me to see the truth and I wish that everybody has this opportunity.

  41. I feel truly fortunate to attend these meetings. I am understanding the concepts of TSM and FNE; when they become real in our lives they help us to become creative and be stimulated so we can be the people we where meant to be. It is a journey like MH says but I know i will get there soon.

  42. The more I integrate deeper into NEOTHINK by listening to each levels meeting, the more I am awed of how the puzzle is slowly coming together. My 10 second moments have been quite frequent in areas I had overlooked that stared me in the face all these years, but that I never saw nor even considered.

    I had discovered and unraveled my FNE and it’s demand from me is really exciting and overwhelmingly marvelous. I feel like a child who just discovered the keys to a real fantasy island with a whole lot of treasure chest lined up to be opened.

    I know I have arrived at the place I was created to be at and, the essence of my being has been finally revealed along with the innocent, yet very powerful force that I was endowed with, screaming to be used and to be of eternal service to humankind.

  43. Dec.1/09;
    The Neothink society is AWSOME! I am learning a lot from reading PAX NEO TECH and the Prime Law encluding many other new things too.
    I can heardly wait for the next step in the neo-tech society. Thank so so very much for everything and am greatful to be in the society and to be a member.

  44. As if the heirlooms weren’t enough. The people I’m meeting are great, the online meetings insightful and the ongoing education ties it all together with great perspective. I can actually see things coming together. The MLM opportunity will give others a chance to share in the vision and supercharge the movement. My family thinks I’m nuts but nobody’s complaining about the lifestyle!

  45. I am learnng alot from these meeting. I am looking forward for the next meeting.My famly and I have been talking about the meeting and the nformation are truly valuable to my family and myself. I thank you and my family thanks you and we are lookng forward to the next meeting.

  46. Thank you Mark Hamilton for so much valuable information and the chance to grow into a better self! For those folks interested in MLM, politics or being a sales person (areas in which I have never been interested), Level 4 is a perfect place to start; this is a fantastic entrance to grow towards a huge successful arena. Although my FNE is not quite clear as yet, I am thinking more along the creative and design areas, such as instructional design (online teaching). I appreciate the valuable insight in each and every meeting. As I study my neo-tech heirloom packages, I continue to progress into a more positive-thinking person. I thank you for the meetings and opportunity to become a better person.

  47. I absolutely love the fact that we are going public! I have gained so much personal power from The Society of Secrets. I can see with the honest eyes of a C of U citizen in the AC now. I have turned my personal insights into a profitable way for me to make money in my income job. That is not enough for me as I can feel myself growing towards something bigger. As I continue to progress through the meetings and study all of my Neo-tech literature and by discovering my FNE I am ready for this historical oppurtunity. Thank you Mr. Hamilton for this great chance for all of us to grow!

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