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  1. I never read anything you say where I do not become amazed at what I read or how it changed me in a way I can be a better person.
    All men are created equal but not all men do equally great things can no longer be said amoung the people here.
    In Robert Kennedy’s last speech in Calf. he said one man can send a ripple effect across the … and change it .. you are such a man as the men before you.
    There has beed something constant and continuing that is the hope of this world and has been since time began, this; these constant truths.

    I did look for you I anguished, once you find what your looking for the return must be extrodinary.

  2. Dear Mark,
    Every day since my appenticeship began I grow more and more emotionally, and intelectually. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with new feelings. Feelings ranging from gratitude for what has come to my life, to sadness of what the world around me is experiencing. As I write this I am feeling a sense of warmth within. Words are not able to describe the gratidude for what you have enabled me to feel and the knowledge and honest power you have given me. I know it is just beginning. GEEZ Where will I be in just a year from now? I can only imagine and then smile with a little chuckle. Knowing that my future is going to be filled with Neo-tech, thus… filled with light.

  3. I realize now why I was always out of sync. I was so happy for all the information about the NMS. I believe with all the apprentices and secret society members working as a team using all your NMS ideas, we can move Neo Tech out into the world and be successful moving into helping eradicate diseases and aging (eventually immortality). It is just of matter of time and money. The future is open ended with anything possible. Thank you Mark for opening all our minds, hearts, and souls to the great possibilities in ourselves and the world. What a glorious future I envision as part of the Neo-Tech marketing team. I only need help in getting on the secret web site. I have tried but I am having trouble. Please help me find the name of the web site so i can join for Level 4. Thanks again.

  4. Mark, thank you for the good explanation of how we were selected. The Level 3 really got me thinking. I went home and thought about it through the evening. I came up with ideas, wrote them down and saw how your marketing and ads can bring all this to the public. Everyone needs to move forward into the C of U. As I sat there, I came up with some lyrics for a Neo-Tech song. As I wrote I hummed the melody. I do not have a piano or organ for many years now but it just seemed to flow in my head. Maybe I am finding my FNE. I look forward to Level 4 but will keep reviewing Level 3. The future looks bright with all these marvelous revelations. Thanks again.

  5. Mark thank you so much for what you are doing for all of us. for me this meeting was the most powerful meeting so far it was like you were talking directly to me. I am currently laid off but i had a job as laborer/truck driver. I was stuck in more than one way doing both jobs at one time. Also i love to paint so this meeting really helped me find that missing puzzel piece. I also have just had my first TSM I believe i have some up with one of the most intigrated business ideas for a restaurant and am currently working on a business plan and looking for investors if anyone is interested in hearing about my idea please contact me at or neo-space user name live4ever. and i am really looking forward to next weeks meetings so i may spread the word of neo tech. And soon i may be able to fill my FNE. I love to sing and am going to be auditioning for american idol soon wish me luck. Spreading the word of neo tech just might be my FNE. i am so excited and i cannot thank you enought for revealing to me the C of U. I am humbled by the power u have entrusted in me.

  6. i really enjoyed level 3 meeting on how u found us,i new there was some thing there i couldn’t put my finger on, and to learn about the force of nature, in the marketing. i kind of see it like reverse psycology, u see it and even though u some times dont understand it, ur sub-conchies dose….. i like the child in me, and want to let it on out…

  7. The More I contemplate on what I am in and even though I attend the clubhouse meetings the question still remain in my mind” do we really fully understand the power of Neo-tech”.

  8. Thanks once again Mark for your time and sacrifice. Yes, I see the reason why I was chosen and have to agree that my child of the past refuse to succum to the anticiv no matter what the conditions.There has always been a joy that sprang from the inside unsparked from external stimulus or athorities. I always searched all my life for the reason why that could be. Neo-tech has answered that lifelong question. With the realization that the child of the past is in us all and only need to be awaken and the three marketing secrets my calling is in view and it is the spreading of Neo-tech;bringing the COU to the world.

  9. This was a very enlightening Meeting!! The Map is all drawn out where we as THE GROUP ARE GOING!! The days we are in is amazing!! If you all are not part of the TVP then get on board!! This movement is the way to the C OF U!! I find myself very privileged as Mark’s Apprentice! This is a great Honor!! We are being taught to find the ESSENCE of things as the Group was!! The PIECES ARE ALL COMING TOGETHER!!

  10. WOW, this was the most exciting one yet. from the start of this 3rd meeting, I couldn’t help but to cry, Especially, how we were all found, and thinking back., how i as feeling., (that there had to be more than just this!!!,,in this world.) How i felt, i was different from people, and how I thought different from others. It still brings tears to my eyes. I’ve been searching for soooo’s almost overwhelming. I knew that I was going to be apart of something waaay bigger than me… I knew it!!!! I’m ready

  11. Thanks again Mark Hamilton!
    I have read in the second heirloom package chapters 3,4 and 9 and have just gone through the 3rd. level meeting for the second time. All of the marketing
    values are phenomial how amazing these three concepts ingenious to say the least. They all worked very well on myself and my wife.

    Thanks Again Rich Patrick

  12. Wow, what a lot of information and a lot to absorb and think about.I need to listen to level 3 again and then to back to level 2 to the 10 miniet mircal , and then renew level 3 again. I read at the rate that I speak and my computer skills are terrible. I do understand how I got invited into Neothink. I am a free thinking indivigal, deturmed not to be controled by any one,who is willing to fight to keep her county free. I am looking forward to some CDs I orderd, I fell that by leastening and being able to read the material I’ll be able to learn faster and connect better.

  13. I am truly thankful after understanding how I was contacted by you and the reasons surrounding why. I have grew so much while reading my hierlooms. I now understand that I am not alone in feeling the way that I do. I pray for someone to come along to show me the truth in this world and about life. I am truly tired of not getting a fair shake in life. I always knew that there was more to life than what I was told. We do really need a change, for we are truly being murdered by those on the hill. We are being stripped of our nature to create and be free. To never limit ourselves to mere substandard ways of living. So I truly agree with Mr. Hamilton that alot of the laws that are being broken and crimes being commited are largely in part of how people are not allowed to be free to grow and evolve to the next level of man. The politics and religions of this world are destroying the very fabric of mankind.And it truly must stop. Going into the next cycle of man will seem like a fairytale, like a nother life or a dream even. We are the greatest life form in the universe and our true potential is being sufficated by those that still maintain that slave master mentality of old. To get others to do the work for us while we reap the benifits syngrome. We as man are not meant to bow to each other, or control each other. We are meant to grow without limitation or stagnation. But man found a way to inslave and intrap mankind for all selfish gain. Now it is truly time to rise and take back the true essence of ourselves. Love is the greatest tool in the universe and we truly need to use more of that. Mr. Hamilton can you explain why every time you suggest something that it always cost, I saw on the web-site that to attend a members meeting it cost $10.00 and some may say that is nothing, but to some like myself it is alot. Due to my past as a younger mad at the world youth, I did alot of things that now is hindering me from being that hero that my children can be proud to call their insperation and love. Right now I can’t afford to breathe. I love security but because of my past I can not rise to the level I saw myself at in my dreams when I was a very young man. May-be just may-be that is where you come in. I don’t know i’m just brain surfing. I thank you Mr. Hamilton for the knowledge that you chose to share with us. I truly needed it.

  14. Two weeks ago I was thinking that for 20 years i did travel to find the Secret society .When I did receive the first letter from the Secret society I felt peace all over my body .It was at that time that I did understand that I was looking for the Secret society .At that time Idid not know that Secret Society egzist .Evry cell of my body was in peace .evry cell of my body was telling me ,this is what you been looking for, you are not looking for a job,you were looking for your Secret Sosiety ,you just did not know.ILOve You Secret society.ILove you brothers and sisters .Thankyou my Mentor Mark Hamilton. Thank you.

  15. Lately I have been disconnected from the integrations because of some difficulties around me, so I reconnected myself to the taproot of the Neothink Socety.And I am amazed how quickly my integration switch turns back on.I want to use all my talents, creativity to get the messege out so that our worl can finaly become a new society of the C OF U and completly Neothink a better world.I also ask my new family to forgive me for my laziness these past months and Would like to say I love you all keep striving forth dont let know one stop you.And Mark Hamilton I truly thank you.Love you all.We are the Chosen one’s and we will take over.

  16. During this meeting I gained firstly a sense of reinvigoration with regard to the company’s drive toward their key objective and my own part within it. And secondly a deeper understanding and the importance of the forces of nature.

  17. This is become truly interesting. I have verifiable memories from when I was less than two years old – not many, but a few. They seem to confirm the child of the past. I wonder if there is any value in trying to figure out how and when the child of the past began to fade a bit.

  18. My father is a very intelligent man… I finally had to ask him if he was a member! He claims not to be but we discuss neo-tech. He says he’s jealous because he has read 50 books to learn what I have read in four. Basically what I am saying is that I have been raised on this perspective my whole life. My father has made me an integrated thinker, I can’t remember when I wasn’t. I was a roofer because I enjoy physical conditioning through manual labor and I loved the money, it funded my rock band, my hobby that makes me happy. Overall, though he has taught me most of the ways there are some things neo-tech has really opened my eyes to as well as extended my vocabulary, putting the actions of life into words better than either my father or I ever could have.

    Here’s what I want to know:
    A) How do I enter God-Man mode on command or fulltime?
    -I’ve entered God-Man in short 30 second blurts, I had one extended session that lasted about a half hour… I suddenly became completely aware of every last individual item in my surroundings and everything had this intimate glow. Neo-cheaters stood out like circus freaks and they moved like vampires in movies. Beautiful women started surrounding me from every angle and giving me the eye! I’m in love with my girlfriend so I didn’t make any passes but it’s still good to know I got it. I also ran into several old flames of mine that were overly interested in knowing what I have been up to. Either way, it was incredible, the sense of being I had endured. I would truly respect and appreciate a mental on/off switch of some sort to enter that state of mind…

    B) Can I see my records from my discovery? Such as the searches I made and thing’s I’ve posted that led me to this society?

    C) Is there any way I can communicate to other members without joining the neo think members board?
    -I am currently going to college online so I can stay at home to watch my daughter… I have no income. My girlfriend is also going to college and doesn’t have a job, we live with my parents. My parents would give me the dollar a day but I hate asking them for it. I do work around our 5 acre home with pleasure in return for the support they provide for me and the new members of our family. Making money really isn’t an option for me right now, between my 10 month old, online colleging, keeping our home comfortable, the rock band (my F.N.E), and the heirloom packages my time is limited. I’m afraid that by the time I do finally have a nice swing in life and kick-start my career that my membership is going to be expired… please let me know, I really want to become affiliated with the other members and apprentices.

  19. thank you for everything!!before now the first thing that came to common denominators was math/numbers. but never looked at my environment in such a manner. beginning to see things now… as far as the forces of nature goes i kind of understand what it means to be carnal(animal-like)-vs-spirital(full consciousness) much ablige… Timothy….

  20. God bless us all, I think this is a very prosperous way to change the world and to WAKE ALL PEOPLE up and show them all the BULL S… the government, hollywood and all those who believe in letting someone rule or dictate their lives, true freedom, and your way of thinking. To those who have their own businesses, it was you who put all the hard work and effort into what it is today. You knew what it took to get going, surely you know how to keep it and also make it more prosperous. I say this to remind all that it is our dream and not their’s. No one can tell you what it takes to make something grow that they didn’t put any sweat or labor into. It was us who started our very own and it’s gonna be us who decides on how to run that particular business or what ever creative values that might emerge from our GOD GIVEN TALENTS AND FREEDOM to THINK FOR OURSELVES!!! THANK YOU GOD BLESS!!!

  21. i find it very interesting. Iknow what my FNE is .Ifound an agent and I am waiting to hear from her. I would like to know how you the numbers.If it does not work out maybe you can help. And I would like to find out how to go about open the rest of my brain up .Iknow there is a lot more in thier. I also have some ideas on space travel and aids and aging that might work. But I must know how it works.I need capital to do this. Please let my know as soon as you know. And as I said before I am noy from aoes. Iseroulsy think I am from aliens and I know that sounds you.If you want to call me on this please call.My answering mache is always on so stay on the line long enough for me to pick it up.

  22. wow, i could have never imagined myself being this far in my spiritual evolution. the blinders have been PULLED off through this much needed information. i can truly say that i have been shown the door of freedom & i am intending on walking through it without reservations. thank you many times Mr. Hamilton for your insights to reality.

  23. By the way Mark, Thank-You Your Heirloom Packages, combined with the lessons have enabled me to double my income at my current job of labor in the construction industry, I look foreward to studying level 3 closely and moving on to level 4.

  24. Hi there Brothers and sisters,
    Thank You, for sharing a big piece of the puzzel with us Mark. We have always felt like we did not fit into this Anticivilization, all our lives we have been told we were fools for wanting to be creators, even today we struggel. It’s good to know we have a home. Getting through the legal loop holes to patent my new ideas has been difficult and slow with all the regulation and attempted thiefts from paracidical elites. I really have been using Neo-Think all my life, I just needed the society to show me how to live to my full potential. I have been told by my patent attourney, some of my more recent integrations-simple ideas could be worth billions. I hope he’s right I would love to do more, but am stuck in my current job of labor. Using the NMS I am sure will definately chang this. Thank You Mark and Thank You Society members.

  25. Level three is loaded with so many answers to my questions on how you found me and how your marketing brought me in. My Zon will definitely grow from hear on out. Revealing the NMS was a huge eye opener to me, and how the understanding of the forces of nature works. By developing common denominators and automatically reacting I can see how the forces of Neothink will become great through out the entire world. I look forward to learning value creation and further developing my 10 second moments. Until next time,

  26. I love the new site, and I am able to review most the lower levels too, I am deeply enjoying this!

    Wade Casaldi level 11 Apprentice

  27. WOW, Level 3 is powerful stuff! I have to admit though, I nearly shed a tear when I realized the “Little Zon” inside me was being seduced so that I would stop and notice my own capabilities. Mark, I’m honored you went to such great lengths so that I could be brought into a world of truths. I am forever indebted to all involved.
    I have searched nearly my whole adulthood – heart, mind, body and soul for these NeoThink treasures, and by some great fortune they have been revealed to me.
    It makes me feel good that I will soon play at life with child-like fervor again. It tickles me to know that I am becoming more and more armed with the knowledge/tools to play my role in bringing about the C of U. I’m actually ecstatic!

    Love & Prosperity



  29. Hello Mark,

    I am speechless,this is so powerful,I have so much to say about lesson 3. lesson 3 is the most intresting exciting stimulating invogorating informative inteligent amazing incredible,I want go on and on, I have never felt this good for a long time,I feel I am on top of the world,I am so glad you found me Mark I feel 10ft tall.I cant stop thinking of all I am learnt so far. I am know begining to understand my Friday Night Essence. Most of Miss Anabella,s teachings in the Heirloom Package now makes alot of sense to me, although I still have alot of questions.I have also to come to realise, I am about to embark on the most exciting journey of my life. What a good way to start a New year.
    I would like to use this opportunity to thank you Mark for adding such great values to peoples lives. I need to go to lessons 3 again to finish my assignment.

    Thank you and God bless,

    Wishing you and your family and everybody in Neo-Tec world the very BEST IN 2010.HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Love from Julie

  30. Thank you for the information you have shared with us at this third level. I will not sit here and say that I understand the information, however, I now have a gleemer of how vast the study, effort, depth and diligenece of your purpose. I am drawn to the remaining levels. I still do not understand what my FNE is but I am not in a panic or anything. I know I will find it, although, I beleave I have an idea. I see there are some big plans coming forth. There is still a battle with-in me in regards to the C of U and the Anti-Civilization. But it is becoming clear to me, I appreciate the analogy of the timeless music being an example of the C of U. I can relate to that. Thank you for the information tonight. I will take these thoughts to bed with me and wake up a new man, most deffinently. As you have said, this is a journey, not a sprint, I am traveling. Now, last month, I did ask about Mrs. Anabeles’s teachings, where are they located, and could they be purchased?

  31. Thankyou so much Mark for sharing your secrets! In this last lesson, the Forces of Nature concept has made my son and daughter and I excited about rewriting the advertising for our new product!

  32. You have offered me a wonderful opportunity. I still need a lot of work and a lot reading. Neothink help me to for get the past and think about what I need to do in the coming year. Thank Sarah Singleton

  33. My retirement plans are coming together. And I seem to be getting a clearer picture of a value creation in providing a mobile Health service to businesses. There is more preparation and building before it can be implemented. 6-12 months. I’ve had this value-creation for some time now, it seems neothink has some value of nature properties in a marketing plan. Will have to review, do some home work.

  34. This is an amazing journery i feel most honoured and humbled to be a part of its just a shame that i am in New Zealand as i would like to connect with other members of the neo tech society. does anyone know of any other members in New Zealand in Christch, Dunedin, Invercargill, i could connect with. i would also like to start neo tech meetings in these areas.

    with much love and Gratitude L Martin

  35. Oct.31/09;I am ovewhelmed how you found me and how you care about my well being,and explaining to me “I Now Have A New Family”.
    To change the subject; I do own a unique embroidery business for many years,but need to start to advertise,this meeting gave me some good ideas to go by and to follow.
    Thank you once again for the Neo-Tech Marketing Secrets and the Third Secret Meeting.

    Sincerely Yours Kimberly A. Cornea.

  36. Thank you Mr Hamilton
    We are here to discover our self, we must know what is truth a purpose our life is,LORD said evey soul if you are my sheep you can here my voice.
    Same thing if your choosen one , you know what is Mr Hamilton is teach us ,power is here in you ,inside of you!
    I understand totaly…we can,t see total picture ,only the universe can, but key is here on the earth, in us!
    We must look into our self deeply, than you will find your treasure,you are a JEWEL, YOU WILL SHINE WHEN YOU CAN FIND YOUR SELF…right ? MR HAMILTON !?
    Thank you for your LOVE and time.
    chieko lyman

  37. Being selected to join the Neothink Secret Society is the most stimulating event that has ever happened to me.I look forward to the monthly meetings with great anticipation. Each lesson opens a new and enlightening way of thinking. I want to thank you Mark Hamilton and the members of your staff for allowing me to be a part of your organization.

  38. All I can say at this moment is that I am speechless and amazed. It is so exciting, I must become silent and reflect to absorb all that I have learned today and I defininetely will be coming back again and again to truly be able to take it all in and to understand the total depth and dimension of the Message and Knowledge. Some where deep inside this information is recognized and eagerly awaited. Thank you Mark Hamilton!

  39. I like to read Neotech , I have my eyes open my heart and my mind , I do not like the government or their form to rule the world. I wish to know everything about this life, I wish to find the happiness, the truth ,the love , the wealt and I want to live forever. of curse throungh the immortality.

  40. Myrtle,
    30 days from your specific subscription date to this site, Level 4 will appear.
    We will send out a reminder in October.
    Just check back to this site every 30 days and you will have automatically advanced to your next Level.

  41. THIS was one of the most exiting levels so far for me.I think I know now why I’m drawn to this movement IT’S part of my F N E

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