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  1. I love making posters. I don’t know for sure if that would be my FNE, but every time I come up with a new idea or image that I just know I can create, I try to turn it into a poster. But there is a problem. I only feel happy with the posters I finish. A lot of times I will work on a poster and get bored with it. I didn’t understand this for the longest time. But I realized all my posters that I finish have something in common. Well, other than the posters I had to do for school. They all relate to a good, an evil and me. I actually made two posters that are almost 100% alike. But again, one good and one evil. I didn’t create one with me but then I realized the picture I used to create them was me. The normal me. There wasn’t any reason to create one. This can actually be seen in my gravatar. This poster I titled (unclear conscience) shows evil me arguing with good me as normal me walks away. It symbols the good and bad decisions one must make as they walk to the grave. The reason I have a backpack is to symbolize that one is learning along
    the way.

    The reason I bring this up is not just to find my FNE, but because i studied the Neo Tech manuscripts and read how some art can be harmful for the mind and be bad for others. Just like some music and poetry.

    My Qs: 1. Can you lose the ten-second miracle if you don’t use it?
    2. Is poster art my FNE?
    3. How will I know if my art is harmful to the mind?

  2. Hey Mark

    This second meeting was awesome! My next question is:

    I noticed in the very first book you sent us (THE GREATEST KEPT SECRETS OF ALL TIME)there is a part in one of the stories (The Ten-Second Miracle)where it says that if we don’t use it, we could lose it! Does that mean that we can be pulled out of creative thinking back into a rut thought mind?

  3. What a great new way of looking at things, through numbers. Plus, using the tool of ten second miracles. This is invaluable! Thanks, Tony

  4. this meeting was informative i didn’t realize that i’ve had 10 second miracles many times over the years i also like working with numbers i am into crafts enjoy doing them and sharing them with others i also like to decorate and help others with theirs i’m hoping to build my own business in this area but the more i learn, that may change i’m looking forward to the months ahead i too don’t know how i was pick but i’m glad i was i would eventually like to know why i was chosen thanks for choosing me i usually help other people solve problems they can’t find the answers to by helping them to see other ways to think about things audrey smith

  5. Thank you Mr. Hamilton for such a great session. One more time you impressed me with your easiness of explaining, what appears to be complicated and out of reach to regular person like myself, using the analogies and concrete examples to ilustrated the contents.

    I was very impressed with the revelation of Ten Second Miracles concepts and, to be honest with you, if the guidelines provided are followed, it is achievable by ALL. While listening to your lecture, I think I had my first Ten Second Miracle. Stay tuned and will share with you what it was and the outcome of it.

    Thank you so much for your mentorship. I am looking forward to the Level 3 meeting.


    Pedro Cardoso

  6. Wow! An excellent teacher. this topic was extremely interesting. I believe I have had these miracles, but had no idea what to do about it or how to use them to my advantage. I am certainly in a different place then I was an hour ago. Solving problems is something I do in my work. But this totally puts a new twist in it. Really looking forward to implementing these 10 second miracles and the numbers way of thinking.

  7. This is fantastic information. I am now so excited to look at life in a different perspective. Looking at the numbers and solving problems, voicing my ideas by using the numbers that pop into my head and all around me. I can hardly wait to see what I will discover in my work place. I must admit that my humdrum job has now got a shot of adrenaline and I can soon see my self being a more productive employee.
    My FNE is now building up and increasing momentum. It is exciting as each week passes. I can not wait to go to my special place and start working on my new projects. I used to look forward to the weekend, but now I look forward to my FNE. When I think back on my life I have has several, 10 second miracles and have helped several business become a better place to work. In some cases the owners felt threatened and did not like my suggestions or my actions as beneficial but as they where loosing control over their own business.

  8. Ever since this whole experience has started for me I have looked at life a whole lot different now ! My mind set to cross over to integrated thinking of course is gonna take some time and the fact dealing and looking at numbers to pave the way of what I really want out of life ! So looking forward to this journey this year and beyond ! I want to thank you Mark so very much for this blessed opportunity ! Such A Great Ride We Are On ! PS Mark I think I have found my FNE ! ITS Teaching ! How can I be sure ,And if so what kind of teaching methods are available for VALUE CREATION ! Get back to me Soon thank you ! Orlando Patterson

  9. I figured out the 10 second miracle without having to be told. At first it was jumbled puzzle pieces and then as I would sit down and do “Hard Thinking” the puzzle pieces actually began coming together. Then one day in a “Hard Thinking” mode it hit me like I was ran over by a bus. If I had access to the money to begin the first step to my puzzle I would be a millionaire in less than 3 years and teach the entrepreneurs under me to succeed also. Since this is not possible I have a smaller puzzle that I can start doing to make the money to then start the super puzzle. This is such an exciting journey. Thank You NEO TECH/NEO THINK.

  10. Wow! That is the first word to come in mind after watching this meeting. I was reminded of past experiences where I used integrated thinking, but not really understanding what it was. I now realize that I have used integrated thinking many times to develop solutions to problems that others could not. I also have realized my Friday Night Essence. I am a lyric-writer, and have been writing for about 10 years. Not regularly, but at certain points in my life I became more engaged that others. After learning how anyone in any particular field can apply integrated thinking to realize their Friday Night Essence, as well as realizing the power of the Ten Second Miracle, adrenaline began to flow through me. I now understand what my Friday Night Essence is, and I will give it a lot more time and effort than I have been. Thank you so much for helping me understand what I need to do and figure out who I was meant to be. I can only hope that my efforts and contributions will have an enormous impact on the ultimate goal.

  11. I loved the Level 2 insight into becoming the self-leader and the value creator as opposed to the value producer. This excites me more than anything else, because I began this approach months ago at my current job through Mark’s advice and … WOW! There is resistance, But I move forward, regardless. I have traveled, searching for something within me for years and I’ve finally found it. Thank you Mark.
    The comfort of thinking things through with a NeoThink approach exhilarates me more and more everyday. I feel as if I am afloat above the anti-civilization. I feel that I am becoming capable of making small shifts in the universe.

  12. As a young child my dad showed me how to whittle a whistle out of wood,build my own kite, make my own bow and arrows, and eventually build my own house; doing everything from mixing cement to the finished landscape. Ive been a councillor, carpenter, horticulturist, bee keeper, and farmer. I had a dairy operation, raised arabian horses, had organic gardens, did haying, etc. Ive also raised a wonderful family, now being a grandfather. I started with a Christian doctrine as a child, changing later to a Hindu-Budist vegetarian outlook. Although I’m hapily divorced, I still can reflect on values created during many great years. During a near death experience, I came to realize that I am the sum product of all my ancestors from the beginning of time. This was my initial wake up call. Still the quilt, blame, anger, and denile would linger. Poor health, lost marriage, and depleted funds! Then came Neo-Tech! Wow! It was like my inner self talking to me. My inner child, the person I was meant to be. Reading Dr.Wallace furthered my awakening; learning to exorcize all negativity, blame, etc., and taking full responsibility for what Ive created in myself. And now, with quantum physics. the concept of a unifying field of consciousness that defies the percept of time and space is fascinating stuff! So this has resulted in seeing the beatiful flowers in the garden and not dwelling on the weeds. Through D.T.C. I’ve regained my health, have great relationships, and almost endless energy. Honestly, I’ve never felt better in my life. As far as my Fiday night essence,I have so much to choose from. I still have many hang-ups to overcome, but with self responsibility, discipline, and effort everything will eventually be reaized. I’m still a strict vegetarian, who likes to play guitar and riding my Harley. Thanks again; Hans Hansen

  13. i love what i am learning from these meetings they are changing the way i look at life and the things around me, mostly my job…i alwayse enjoyed what i do but there seemed to be something missing..a feeling that i could do more..i never went to collage after high school because i had no idea what i wanted from life, and these meetings, and the books iv read have given me that idea…shortly after i became a member i decided i wanted to become a psychologist to help others and creat values i could be proud of and i am now goin to school to do just that…thank you so very much Mr. Hamilton..

  14. Mr. Hamilton Having read the 2nd lesson. I found ten second mircles devel oping into whole puzzle pictures. This is GREAT! I feel like I have seen around the corner into the future. Thank you.

  15. Since reviewing this lesson, I have been applying the use of numbers in my observations and daily activities at work. I’ve noticed a deeper sense into a bigger picture as to how and why things operate as they do, but just as important… I’m also noticing a deeper awareness of how I operate.

  16. I feel so Good,and Priviledge to learn from one of the the greatest minds on earth.You are most certaintly an amazing teacher and a great a MENTOR.
    I have listen to lesson 2,So many times, the words and esxamples used to explain,”The friday night essence”,the Power of the Mind and the 10 Second Miracle. This is the tool as human beings to Create values or that could lead to Value Creation. I know as I progressed in the Lessons ahead,My Life will never be the same again.

    I have always thoughts of ways of Creating Values.Now I am going to use my friday night essence through Integration Thinking,to acquire Value creation

    I believe HEALTH is the most important values to Human to Life and then is Wealth.

    Thank you for this amazing Lessons I know where Iam going from here

    I am looking forward to Lesson 3

    Thank you so much Mark for Adding Great Value to My life and the life of so many others.
    Thank you for all to come, I am so pround I am Member of Great Thinkers



  17. I have had ten second miracles all my life and did not reconize it.I have had grate ideas for invention’s I wood say something to someone and the next thing I new I wood see it in A store.

  18. I have an idea of my FNE that I enjoy and hopefully something will be able to grow from it. I have worked and hopefully created value in some people’s life through my effort. I am now in a holding pattern and hopefully will be able to move forward with NeoThinking and trying to move forward with a FNE mind for the up-coming new year.

  19. I had Ten-Second Miracle today in numbers, I was trying to figure my retirement payout, we are pervented to use our retirement lump sum in a rollover, I was able to see very clearly how I could do a monthly payment to equal the lump sum amount times compouned over time.
    I now reconize this awareness many times before in my life. But put it off as an ablitiy of observe and come up with the obvious answer. My associates come to with their situations in life and bla- bla bla.
    That is what I like to do if I get all the pertain facts.

  20. I was feeling a sort of deja vue, remembering that I felt already that person who has always summerized and taken conversation into short steno and trying to automatically sum it up and bring it to simple and understandable wording vs and long dragging story. I like to analyze and what I heard tonight is just something I really can apply to myself as a person and sought out for the first time an platform of me intergrating with me and have a dialog going and thinking more in broader sense than the automated bicameral laisse-faire attitude I easily adopt and am so familiar with. Now I feel I can understand and change my internal essence and external fulfillments as an human being!
    last but not least,I do enjoy and can’t wait to hear more and always were eager to learn more, the thurst and desire of evolving into better and loving existence with powerfull tools and value creation.
    I hope I did make sense and it just feels right at this point. knowing that I am writing this in a foreign language and benifit all to become what I ought to be, which is myself and feeding more of the creative juices which I do crave like an animal has it’s instinct of their needs of water and food.
    love and thanks to Mark and were so many credits are due.

  21. By adding on to my baked goods and jewelry line; I saw a increase in sells. I am also networking with other female family members, female friends, and women in business. Just by utilizing my ten-second-miracle through networking and talking with other women. I have increased orders. I am going to create a basic web-page that will have graphics( pictures) of some of my hand-made jewelry, hand-made soaps, hand-made candles, and homemade baked goods. The ten-second-miracle has enabled me to see how my web-page will increase, my home business and profits. Thank you, Mr. Hamilton for your genius!!!

  22. We have a childcare business, here’s how we adevertised;
    I cut pieces of plywood and the wife spray paints our message then we nail them to trees all along the roadway and trees off the side of highway. Then we create computer print-out ads and post them on community announcement boards. Where ever people gather or hangout-our ad is there.

    Then we started thinking if all goes well we would expand to other needed communities. The puzzle is still not complete, but will be.
    Thank You.

  23. If I never have seen this meeting I would have never knowned that I’ve been doing the ten-second-miracles with out knowing I was doing it

    Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society

  24. I was wondering if anyone here supported or at least studied Ron Paul’s platform during the last presidential election? it seems to me that he could have been the first Neo-Tech president. this thought was validated when I read that the libertarian party evolved out of Dr. W’s work.

    Another interesting thing I have recently discovered is the number of american secured party creditors has grown to 22 million in the U.S. The INS even has a new designation: ‘American Secured Parties’. These are soveriegn americans (as opposed to US citizens) that have seperated themselves from their 14th amendment strawman vehicle-in-commerce and become the trustee of it. They have taken control of their account at the US treasury and can use it to extinguish debt in the public. These are folks that are seperated from the anticivilization and truly live the way our founding fathers intended, creating values.

    My dream and FNE is to revitalize America as a center of manufacturing and wealth creation and restoring the infrastructure, on all levels, to support it. It is possible and even necessary to do this without foriegn owned banks by establishing a personal relationship with the US treasury and becoming a lawful, credit-issueing secured party.

    There is a growing organization of county assemblies which gather to respond to and counteract the growing tyranical government of the anticivilization. County rangers and militia are being organized to stand against the anarchy of the courts which legislate from the bench. Secured party creditors are excersizing the power of the negative averment process to issue counter claims when their rights have been violated or fraudulant actions have been committed by the corrupt revenue-generating courts and public officials.

    Good things are beginning to happen and the american people are waking up to put a stop to the anticivilization. Timothy Guitner referred to this on a recent town hall meeting which was televised on MSNBC.

    The field is ripe and people are looking for answers. It is good to be involved in Neothink at this time. If we look at the numbers we can easily see what we need to do to bring back industry and value creation to our people. this is my vision. I hope you share it.
    in liberty, Dave

  25. I thank you for your fathers work as well as your own. I am hard of hearing so it is hard for me to understand the videos that are produced for our benifit. I would like to read what was said from the videos if that is possible. I have enjoyed the books and find them enlightening. I feel it opens a new door to seeing what we can do that will benifit us as we progress in the future. Keep up the good work. Robert Heasty

  26. I thank you and look forever to moving up to level 3. I am so excited . I am forever grateful to you, Mr. Hamilton, and Neothink Society of Secrets. You have taught me to never give up and never look back. Thank you for this opportunity. My mind is always looking for new knowledge and answers. I have a long way to go, but I am feeling good about the journey. Sarah Singleton

  27. I have been experiencing Ten-Second-Miracles without knowing what they were. After reading the Heirloom Packages I learnt to trust myself.
    This stuff is absolutely amazing.
    I need to find another FNE though.
    Thank you for all your help.

  28. Dear Mark,

    I would just like to say thanks for inviting your appentices to sup with you. I know from the posted messages that they are hungary just as I am. I don’t know if I have actually found my FNE, but I am just so excited about life, and I am getting more excited as the days go by. I do have a question, “What and where are the lectures Mrs. Annabelle thought to the students, group of 12, first immortals?

  29. I had been struggling with finding my FNE for awhile but finally realized that I am already doing it! The problem is that over the years I have hit many brick walls in my career due to my improper insights (which I am now obtaining the proper, integrated way of seeing things) and my lack of efficiency & productivity (which I am working on through mini-days & power thinking). I was sure that since my business (music) was floundering, I should look around for something else.
    However, in doing all of the power thinking, I kept coming back to music…it actually came to me in a 10 second miracle without knowing what it was!
    I am truly amazed with the many doors that I am able to start opening-
    this program is amazing!!
    Each new day I am now excited to learn more about how my career can skyrocket evern further- I feel that my journey is just beginning!
    I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds from here-
    Thank You for this porgram!!
    Todd Donnelly

  30. Even at level 2 I rember in high school in algerba I was totaly lost, I was a D student untill one day the teacher wrote a formula on the blackboard and all of a sudden a light came on and I ask myself why could I not see that before. From then on I became an A and B student and I started to enjoy math class. Thats a 10 second essence. I had forgot about that untill lesson 2. Thanks Mark

  31. If i haven’t gotten to my FNE I must be getting close. When i wake up now to attack the day, there’s no drag. I’m actually anticipating and looking forward to the day. Level 2 was good. I feel like I may have had 10 sec miracles in a few rare moments in my life but now it seems like Level 2 will show me how to have more of those moment more often. With some control to and more intensity. Lets roll!

  32. Mr. Hamilton, I am yet to find my FNE. I have discovered a new found peace and I am very open minded. I look forward to applying the Ten Second miracle to the task I have coming up at hand. Many Thanx Neo Tech

  33. I have always thought of humans evolving past needing money and material things, i mean we only use 10% of our brain imagine if we could use 20%, 30% some of the smartest people in the world were only clocked in at 12-13% just imagine what we could do if we could harness more of it. I believe Neo-Think is a way to do such a thing, it opens the mind up to the possibility of Creating your own world through your actions and i believe that this is a way for me to open my mind further. I know my FNE and have seen Miracles in everyday life it am really excited and can’t wait to learn more, thank you

  34. Dear Mark,

    The big question is what is the book found in the remote library you first talked about? Please let us know

    Again Thank You.


  35. Dear Mark,

    The reason I am here is that I am a seeker and instinctively know there is something really wonderful about this Universe. My mind is always looking for new answeres and new knowledge.

    Thank you.


  36. LEVEL 2 really blew my mind,I was so affraid I missed level 2,but thank god Idid’nt.The picture is becoming clear to me little by little,although I have a long way to go I feel good about the things I’ve learned.When can I go to level 3, how long must I wait? I’m really over joyed about this new life I have chosen.

  37. Please put Level 02 into [email address] so I can view it later. Thanks very much–I really appreciate it and you guys… some people beat their breasts and curse but another time next year they’ll look a little worse–neothink is the best society on earth better than bipartisan and leaders who like to dictate policies for the underclass–moving up! Just broke up with a womanizer–mother has demetia really bad and cries and cannot get the proper words out–I hope therre is a cure before she dies.
    what is the best college to go to for doing studies of health to find cures?

  38. I started this wonderful journey as a housewife stuck in a boring routine rut. I was ready to give up on life. After reading the Hierloom Packages and attending the level 1 and 2 meetings, life has drastically changed for me. I am constantly trying to find better ways to improve the life of my family as well as mine. I am enjoying every moment with my children and trying to do so with my husband. I have not pinpointed my FNE but have started to look at the essence of things and through the eyes of the numbers. I am so excited and cannot wait to see what is in store for me.

  39. Mr Hamilton.

    Greetings, Now I know how and why my inventions failed! I managed to “see” them completed in my head.I did feel excited and very happy to see them finished after weeks of hard thinking. What I’ve learned today is awesome.
    After a life time searching for some thing better..This is it!!.
    I’ve such a strong interest in knowledge and learning that this is going to be an adventure!! Thanks for selecting me. Rob Smith. Peace Profound.

  40. Thank you for the opportunity to see life in a different way. I don’t know how or why I recieved an offer to become a member of the SOS, but I thank you very much.

  41. After I read the first heirloom book my mind really had trouble with one of the concepts, the no God part. To be honest, I still do.I truly believe I have found my FNE. I have accually been “playing” with this for some time. I just have some kinks to work through. Anyway-time will tell. I have watched the first video, however, I can’t seem to get the second one to play in full. I still don’t know what the ten second miracle is. From the post here I gather it has something to do with numbers? I will keep trying until I get this video thing worked out. I get really excited, almost like a kid with a new toy-wow!

  42. Part 2 blew us (my husband, Larry and me) away with the enthusiasm of Mark Hamilton, like a great big cheerleader, cheering us on and adding thought after thought so the brain feels like it is in overload. I will listen again so, hopefully, I won’t miss a thing. I am resolved to read more and more of the Heirloom books and see how it can apply to me. What is a gravatar?????

  43. I have just listened to the wonderful lesson 2, everything has a harmonic that is related to creation and that harmonic is numbers. and a Joseph Campbell states Follow your Bliss this to me is the Friday night essence, i feel very honoured to be part of this wonderful society of secrets. and i am going to look at my business in terms of numbers/and Friday night essence

    the Universe is conspiring to shower us with many many positive blessings

  44. I just listened to part 2, and I am very excited to try looking at things in terms of numbers. I have always been a numbers person and all while growing up I was always told by people, I think too much. I know there is a whole lot of reconditioning I have to do. Therefore, I know why I haven’t found my FNE. I will start looking at the business differently right now! I will keep you posted on my success, I trying to be patient, however I am so excited to have a direct tool.

  45. I have been doing some of these same principles all my life .It has given me great joy to use them. Ive never used them to create wealth but I have used them to help others who were stuck in their own ruts.I suppose one has to ask the question what is wealth? Is it money in the bank? Or is it the feeling you get from helping someone find the right path in life? Or maybe seeing your children grow into productive adults.I will have to say im a very wealthy person in knowelage and self worth even if I dont have a wealth of money.My FNE in any thing I have ever done has always been to plan your work and then work your plan. I do run my own business and have for 11 years now, that has given me great joy but i am to a point where I feel I need something more.I am hopeing to find that something else here with people who thing like me.

  46. I have been blown away by all the concepts coming out of Neothink. After reading the heirloom books and watching the level one video, my wife and I spent hours discussing the ideas. I found myself thinking deeply about my FNE and how to bring it to life. I believe I may have found my answers but I haven’t gotten far enough yet to be able to finance that big of a leap yet. As a sort of Jack-of-all-trades type, it has been difficult to pin down my actual FNE, but the number of ideas coming out of my self-search has been astounding. I can’t wait to seen the next meeting video and head down the path even further!

  47. I completely understand everything that you are explaining to me. I believe,that I also experienced entering a new level of happiness,but not financially,yet.
    I was never a quiter. Just this last week I made several major Break Throughs. And I put the past behind,and am making progress,even as we speak.
    Thank you. Ssigned Kimberly Cornea.

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