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  1. Thank you for the Apprentic Meeting # 1. Since I have now experienced my own Friday Night Essence, my friends have noticed this as well. Some are supportive of this change; others are not. The friends who are not supportive do not have their own Friday Night Essence discovery. Any recommendations to support these friends and guide them to their own Friday Night Essence discovery? Or let them be?

  2. Correction “there” in my last post should be “their” I misspell when typing quickly. Sorry I will get better at this eventually.

  3. Hello Benjamin Scott. I have a message for you. Christ was crucififed, but not for the same reasons the mistic underlings believe he was. If they knew there scriptures they would have read the Apocrapha or lost books of the bible, which concequently prove Jesus was a highly intellegent integrated thinker, who like you and I, DID make mistakes(sin), but lived differently than those of the masses. He died trying to teach what he knew 2000 years ago (Fully Integrated Honesty). I do carry a cross with me, but it is not to remind me of my quote “sins”. I wear it as a reminder of what the world lost when mistics allowed their distructive diseased minds to murder someone who I feel was quite possibly one of the most brilliant integrated thinkers the world has ever known. Then mistics twisted the truth yet again at Constantenople, where Apocrapha was removed from scriptures(catholics excepted, but even they still refused to put all the books of Apocrapha into “the book of Apocrapha”) and Fully Integrated Honesty was lost. Until Mark, his father, and the society came foreward. Hang in there Benjamin, you have more power over their minds than they know. Read your first Heirloom package “Breakthrough to Enlightenment” pgs. 18-19 see chart keep to the HERO concepts 1-9. Stay Strong, “Mistics, neocheaters, and agents of force are losers. They are immature,” (as with the Cross under your bed) “unevolved people with self arrested character developement.”- Neo-tech Discovery Dr Frank R. Wallace pg.#145 Rejecting Losers

  4. Once again, I’m being forced to believe in something I don’t. Once again!!!! I found this same stupid cross under my bed!! I don’t tell anyone not to believe or change their ways. Why does everybody keep trying to change mine? I don’t know if you’ll really get a chance to read this Mark, but if you do, I just want to say thanks buddy. Not just for letting me be, but for helping me find the real power I need.

  5. I am 57 years old, having lived a life in service to others in healthcare, and at 57 years old realizing that I am not prepared to retire, nor do I want to. After delving into neo-tech, I realize there is a dream inside of me waiting to become a reality, that will bring great enjoyment to many people in various places. Is it pure folly to think that food and entertainment can create value?

  6. I am excited and a little overwhelmed by each new idea put in front of me. I am puzzled by how easliy I have accepted the beliefs I grew up with

  7. I am very impressed with the knowledge contained in the 3 manuscripts and look forward to meeting people on the path to excellence. The readings were very challenging and has forced me to examine beliefs that I’ve acquired from childhood. The explanations about the role of politics and religion in the history of the anticivilization confirmed many of my personal beliefs and has provided me with an abundance of information to use when dealing with neo-cheaters.

  8. I am a rancher witch is very hight investment low return am tired of just keeping a float. Do you have others in ag business? Ihave been taken many times and will probably move slow by some standarders but my mind is open as I try to aply what I have read. Also I am not to fast on the ol P C .

  9. I am reading my manuals and by the way I have not received my 3rd manual yet, I would greatly appreciate receiving it. Now to my question. I am not the brightest apple on the tree but I really am trying to understand what it is I need to do to become wealthy and happy. Unfortunately for me I am going to need more information as to what exactly I need to do.

    Can you please help me with this?

  10. Mark,
    I feel like I stand alone. In a house full of Christians,I’m almost forced to study Christianity. I woke up with a big silver cross under my bed the other morning. I feel so alone. I think it was my dad.

    I have two Qs. 1.)First one is a little bit about me and where I stand.

    Unlike most people I have A.D.D. It’s very hard for me to keep up with others. I treasure my Neo Tech books. I love reading them. Unfortunately I recieved them at my final term in college. The work is crushing! I never can find time to read them anymore. I’m right where I don’t want to be. I can’t slow things down enough to stay with my fellow memembers of the society. I hate living at my Dad’s house. When I was 19 I didn’t want to be the person that lived with his parents. I had to get started being me. But I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school. So I joined the navy. That was the first time I realized that life was up to me. I no longer had my parents there to help me. Everything changed! I was a little scared at first knowing I was in control with no experience. But from small mistakes to large success, I loved it! I was free! My family never really thought of me as the successful type. I can’t tell you how excited I was to own a car that cost more than both the cars my parents dive!
    After my four years in the military, I wanted to feel that excitement again. Being in control and being so successful. All my older cousins looked up to me. So I thought, why stop here. I wanted a real education. So I went back to school and started studying for an associates degree in graphic design. My dad somehow convinced me to move back home. Not only did I feel like I was in reverse, but everybody in the house is a Christian. I don’t mind a person believing what they believe, that’s their right, but why can’t the understand what I believe and let me be?
    I’m about to start two jobs now. One is my internship and the other is just to make some side cash to get back out on my own. Away from the support of my family. I use to make posters and read the books you sent, but now there’s just never any time. I’m back where I started. It seems everything is moving to fast! I’m 26 about to be 27 and stag again. How can I catch up?

    Q 2.) Once again, someone at school today asked me why I don’t believe in a higher power. I told him to consider the possibilities of life without restriction to creation. It was awesome! I had a little group of people circled around me listening to logical possibilities for our future that would never end if everybody created value. A buddy of mine asked me if the theory of an atom being broken down into a stream of sound was true. I was wondering if you know anything about that?

  11. I feel myself beginning to create values and I push myself a lot but it seems like I’m still falling behind or there’s still another hurdle that I just can’t see, am I making to much of my minute progress?

  12. Thanks Mark for all the info. I have always known that I was somewhat different. I feel priviledged to be part of this innovative group. I still am not quite clear on how you decide who to invite to the society. I will really appreciate your shedding a light on that puzzle. Thanks.

  13. Thank you for the awesome information. I am excited to make this journey. I can already feel my mind starting to transition from the rigors of this anticivilization. My confidaence is starting to return and actually starting to look forward to the future, instead of total dread. Do thing I need to read the heirlooms again and closer. Think they will make a lot more sense, as I was skeptical when I read them the first time. Thanks for the mentorship.

  14. Being able to think for yourself and to be able to break away from relying on others in order to perform duties or tasks is a truly liberating and exciting self realization. To be able to obtain greater understanding and knowledge by doing things alone without external guidance is a great lesson to learn and apply in life’s everydays activities. I’m sitting here today wondering where I’ll be in 12 months. Undoubtably it’ll be far from where I sit today with the wealth of knowledge yet to be bestowed upon me. May the journey begin. I am ready to learn with an open mind from my mentor Mark Hamiliton and many others as well along the way.

  15. I would like to know why I can’t seem to get anything going so
    far in my Neo-Tech Society reading.
    Do you think it has to do with my health conditions?
    I am on disability, but I want and need to make a lot of money.
    I just cannot make all my payments on my diability pay.
    That is why I want to increase my knowledge to better myself
    and my family.
    Can you please answer these questions for me and give me some understanding
    of what is going on with my thinking?
    Thanks so much for this great opportunity,and I appreciate all I have heard so far tonight.
    I just quess with all my health problems and my lack of comprehension I am just having a hard time.
    I look forward to an answer from you as soon as possible.
    Thanks Again So Much.

  16. Testimony from Carl T Johnson:

    Thank you Mark for all your hard work and honesty. I was not surprised by your work, rather, I felt vindicated.

    For once in my life, I found others that think like I always have, although never so eloquently and completely integrated. Religion was never my problem, I could never rap my head around that stuff. I just wanted to be a good person, extracting the value in all things to make sense of it all. Thanks to your work I have discovered that the common denominator to my lack of ultimate success was fear. Every one around me just wanted to go with the flow and I wanted More, I want to live for ever and create. People think that’s scary. I know it’s not!

    Overcoming my fear of rejection, I recently approached a value creator with a business idea to take his work and product sales to the next level. He has exhibited classic neothink in his work. We now have the very basics, common denominators to the health and longevity for each of us as individuals in his personalized health care according to our blood type/ geno type.

    The eatright4your type people were very excited over my business plan and we will enter discussions soon.

    Thanks for the push in the Right direction.

    Carl T. Johnson

  17. I have completed my first meeting and all I can say is that it was awe-inspiring! The most surprising thing I learned, during this beginning process, is that my “Friday-Night Essence” was within me all along; i just needed someone to help me become open-minded. Mr. Hamilton, I would like to thank you for becoming my mentor. This is fantastic stuff and I’m ready for more.

  18. I have completed my first meeting and it was very interesting. Alot to think about. As I read through my NeoTech books I realized my way of applying myself and work ethic was NeoTech, always has been. I love work! Friday Night Essense has filled me with so many options! I am reading Pax Neo-Tech now. I look forward to Second Meeting. Susan

  19. Mr. Hamilton,
    My ex-wife and son 29yrs old, both have schizphrenia. Using secrets from
    Neo-tech is there any way I can free them from their living hell they are going thru ? They hear voices 24 hrs a day even with medication. I was hoping I could learn a secret that I could mentally heal them. Will there ever be a cure ?
    Thank You,
    Brent Grubbs

  20. I am about halfway throught this meeting. I have a very physically demanding and time-consuming job that I am working hard to be able to leave behind. The Heirloom packages and the cd package that I bought seemed surreal to me because they introduce concepts that I already had in my mind, but they present them in a way that is so clear and illuminating to me, they flesh out gaps in my thinking and introduce entirely new concepts.
    My wife was a bit apprehensive about paying money for the books, and I was too, but its something that I had to do, I had to see what it had to offer. All my life I’ve been searching for something more, this anti-civilization has never seemed “real” to me, its difficult for me to find the words to express my thoughts but something about life and about people always seemed a bit off, but fascinating in its own way, I think my mind has been integrating my world since I was little, though I feel it is growing exponentially now with the help from this society. I’ve always been fascinated with learning, I love to read and observe anything that has a story to tell or a lesson to teach, right or wrong I’ve just always wanted to see and experience everything…
    Anyway, I am currently using the concepts and tools in the heirloom packages and the techniques in my cd package to try to generate a monthly income that will allow me to quit my job and be free. I am working on a few different projects at the same time but I am drawn to them like a magnet, they are reawakening my artistic abilities in more ways than one, I am drawing and writing again, and I am having these exhilirating thoughts about creating music. I am cooking again, exercising, and just feel better. I feel young again. Haha I only just turned twenty-two but I have not felt young since I was sixteen, really, for so long I allowed the world to drain everything that is me. I expect great things.

  21. Dear Mark,
    I have been reading all the books for several months now and have been working on getting to the 12 levels that you have talked about. I am having a hard time getting down the daily organization of tasks. I do not have a day that is organized and the same every day like in the book. My current Job I can not group the tasks like you have
    My Friday goals require me to get a loan and I can not do that at this time so I am presently taking small steps in order to get to my new Friday goal. I find my self more energized about life and excited about the future.

  22. Mark,
    Thanks and I’m looking forward to learning more. My head’s spinning! My head is spinning because I’m learning the material at three different paces and I love it! 1) I’m still reading and re-reading the hierloom books, 2) I’ve finished this first meeting and, 3) I’ve joined the Global Information Network. GIN’s ‘Your Wish is Your Command’ DVDs seems to be jump-starting a lot of what I think the future Neo-Tech meetings will cover. But, I will wait and see, of course. I can FEEL the energy and joy of the ‘Ten Second Miracle’ and I know that everything is going to be alright! And, as others have said here, I’m very please to have Mark Hamilton as my mentor. Thank You.

  23. I would like to say that I have just completed my Level One meeting and found it to be very interesting and extremely exciting. I can’t wait to move to Level Two. I am highly pleased to have Mark Hamilton as my Mentor. Thank you.

  24. Hi Everyone,
    I was so pleased to realize that I am currently employeed in the same field as my Friday night essence. I have always wanted to be a nurse and am working in the field however what I discovered is that I need to be working with trauma patients and chemical rehab patients instead of in the ICU where I currently am. Therefore I have decided to open a health and healing ranch where I will do physical, chemical and emotional rehabilitation. The name of the ranch is Spirit Pathways and I am sending out a monthly new letter informing everyone of my progress. If you would like to receive a copy of the news letter please send a request to I will happily add you to my list. Thanks to Mark Hamilton and all those involved with Neo Tech for helping me realize how I can be a value creator.

  25. Mark,

    First of all I am extremely greatful to finally be a put a face with your name.

    I am experiencing an amazing transformation in my mind and body. I have found that I have been virtually polluted with religious dogma. I have labored to reject most mysticism from mind. I have a ways to go I’m sure but I have noticed great improvements in myself. My self esteem has skyrocketed. Funny I didn’t even know it was at such a low level until reading my heirloom packages.
    I have been laid off since January and I have since started an internet business. I use mini day teams all the time and am beginning to feel momentum. I am a mechanical design engineer by trade. Although I don’t hate engineering I feel that I was stuck in the trade to raise children that I have raised since the age of 18. After going through books one and two I discovered that my friday night essence is actually that of a writer. With my internet business I actually write scripts that I have evolved for months; even using some techniques I’ve learned from you. I have only been using them for few days now and am trying to earn the money to join the activity you presented to me previously (GIN). I truly feel that the financial floodgates are beginning to open. I am noticing my network is growing and I feel directly responsible. I haven’t earned a penny yet but that can change today.

  26. Mr. Hamilton your teachings fit right in to what I have felt my whole life. I have been involved with many neo-cheating religions, and am very familiar with their technniques. I was once a master of their teachings. Your best student once said (paraphrased), “When the student is ready he will meet the teacher/master.” Well before I even recieved your first letter I had already broken through as your mother had said in heirloom package one, Book #2, The Neo-Tech Epiphany. Mark I have always from the time I was about 5 years of age on, felt deep in my soul that I had something great to give the world. I just have have never known what it is. Today I struggle with my essence and letting go of 25 years of indoctrination, I am so thankful that your teachings came to me when they did. By the way, I get a great sense of euphoria when I look down at my $2500.00 Breitling watch that the 10 second miracle brought to me. I can not wait to try the miracle when I figure out what my essence-essences is or are. The words Thank-You do not seem like enough. I look foreward to learning more and changing my old bad habbits into new good ones. As I progress within the Society, I hope that eventually I can teach others the same way you and Kevin are.

  27. Dear Mr. Hamilton, I would first like to thank you! The Principles, insights, and vision discovered in my heirlooms packages have had a tremendous impact. I have been creating values for quite sometime now, as I am now only 26, starting as a youth developing businesses and the solutions they offer. Although I am just now realizing that what I was doing was creating value. I could design, structure and build business after business with very lucrative money making systems of essence and policies – without eating of sleeping for days at a time and be filled with the euphoria you have mentioned in Meeting 1 – Apprenticship. Reading what I have just wrote It sounds like I have been succesfull. However, the problem is that I have not yet made a monetary capitalization on my business and their solutions.

    It seems I have been having trouble organizing the businesses to the point where my mind feels, “this is suffecient for a launce”. I always come up with new developments whcih will greatly improve the business but have yet to capitalize on them and enjoy the power, wealth, and happiness, of the values I create. Can you help Me?

    Thank You,
    Deitrich McClain
    May Jehovah be with Us! as God – Men->

    P.S. I can’t wait to start the Local Network of Neo-Tech Congregations of God-Man.

    P.S.S I can’t wait to meet the other Neo Tech Members in person at the get togethers, especially you Mark. I am very proud to be your apprentice and am very greatfull that you are my mentor.

  28. I want to continue with the mentoring meetings but at this time I cannot join the neotechsociety web page I am on a very tight budget. Your books have clarified so much for me especially in regards to the neocheaters I have been open and honest with. Since I do not have a personal computer I use the local librarys’ to get on this sight. I want to thank you again I no longer feel like a loser just taken for a ride by neocheater.

  29. I have learned alot since i started allthough the concept is different i have applied alot of these secrets years before u contacted me.however i still have much to learn and hope and deep down know i will go to the top,in time.however i would like to know about that ten second maricle is exactly and how to apply it,so far i know my friday night essence is in the arts but not sure how to go about getting started.I have to be at work here shortly but will let u know more as i progress.I look forword to the next meeting mark,intil then i bid u adue.

  30. Dennis Hochstetler

    Hi, Mark Hamilton.
    I just wanted to let you that I now know at least one of my Friday-nite Essence. Is okay to have more then one? This is my third time waching and listening to this Level One Meeting. And I have to say that each time I learn so much more. I have read and reraead vision one, vision two and the Climax vision. Now that I understand my Friday – Nite Esssence I can’t hardly wait to go on to Level Two. I know it will be really good.
    Thanks for allowing me to participate in this Great Adventure.

    Dennis Hochstetler

  31. hi mark hamilton. first let me say its very nice to meet you and thank you for hand picking me. i like how you intergrated the last two questions to make a good answer for both of them and to kinda show what this secret society is trying to achieve plus how they’re trying to achieve it to all of the first level members who are reading your questions and answers. i found my friday night essence which is playing the piano (kinda reminds me of value creating) but i dont know how to intergrate that with making money. im very curious to find out how you found me and why you picked me out of the millions of people in the world. i look foward to learning more from you, meeting you in person, and achieving imortallity.

  32. Hello Mark,

    I find reading the information in your books is very beneficial in the growth of my mind.I have had the neothink mind several times in my life but i lost my way and lost the power i had.Working on getting it back now and looking forward to having this power forever this time.I also find subliminal videos help me alot to to turn me back to a happy person.I am unemployed at the moment but about to start a home business.I can see light at the end of the tunnel because i have seen it before and i know for fact i will pull though.I also know that the foods that you eat and how much you eat play a major role in finding neothink and i think a book should be written about it.Thankyou for all the great illusion breaking information that a lot of people out there dont know about.


  33. I had lot of questions answered in this first meeting. I can’t wait for the second meeting. I know it will be mind blowing. This is definitely a great program and a new way of thinking. And it will change my life. Thank you Neothink.

  34. I have always retained my child like personality and have taught kids dance for years. In fact all the kids that I have taught respond to me more than their teachers or parents, and the teachers and parents always ask me why their kids are always talking about me and always look forward to being with me than them. So I completely understand Neothink thinking. The problem I have is I started my own business which is my Friday Night essence which I never gave up. But the job that I had was full of neo-cheaters and when the economy turned for the worst I was down sized out of work, which left me with my company to survive. But I have lost clients due to economy and in the process of bankruptcy and barely able to stay afloat.
    People have told me they don’t like me because I’m to happy and very positive. My so-called close’s friends have turned against me and love seeing me start to crumble. Your Neo tech has been like a life saver for me. But how do I remain happy and positive now that my whole world is starting to crumble. I can barely pay my expense’s and I don’t even know how I can pay the maintenance expenses for Neothink. I can see through all the BS that the world tries to condition us with even as a child but, when I talk to people about it they just think I’m weird and paranoid about our government, even my family member. I hate to even think negative but I feel like I’m starting to sink. I’ve read the heirloom package it’s the only thing that keeps hope alive in me. I feel all alone in the world with no help around me. Sorry to depress you but Neo Tech is all I look forward to and sometimes I don’t even think that is enough.

  35. My joining of Global Information Network reenergized my curiosity abot Neo Tech. I would like to know why Mark Hamilton picked me as an apprentice, Was I drwn to this through law of attraction. I would also love to see a president run this country like Daniel in the third package. That would be tremendous. Mark are you a founding person of GIN and if so will your members ever get to meet and talk to you through GIN?

  36. thank you for the invite. ive learned a lot so far. my job keeps me from doing a lot of things, for i am a over the road truck driver. i look forword to the next 12 lessions.

  37. Thank you for inviting me into your society. I am learning each day and am excited about life. I already was able to “play” while working but it was working and making money for someone else, now I am ready to do the same playing but for my own company …..a NEO-THink company. I am working on ideas to get the start up cash. So Thank you again. My question is after reading about Miss Annabelle and her 12 students is where are these people now???……how awesome that would be to go to church of god-man and have no more Politicians ruining our country. We need to get this movement going. I also have a question, how did you find me? I too, can not join the online chat room as of yet as I am on a very tight budget, but once that changes I will be jumping in with both feet!!!!!

  38. Looking forward to learning more soon. I like the meeting format. I am hoping to gain deeper understanding to all of this information with each meeting. Thank you for this opportunity.

  39. Mr Mark,I want to thank you for teaching me.Im so happy to be part of Neothink society.Im learning very hard and looking forward for more literature and good future.My English is not very good,much easier I can read than write.I have been looking all my life for something better and finally I have got it.I believe everything you write about.Thank you Zuzana


  41. Very interesting and motvational. Looking forward to putting it all together. Just getting organize is my bigest challenge. Because there is so much I want to do and accomplish. I’m retiring, end of this year. more time then to get into neo-think more fully.

  42. In the first advertisement for your system which I received one person described a ten-second activity which s/he attributed to getting out of jail followed by great fortune. I have all three manuals, but I can not find anything telling me how I can use this ten-second procedure.

    Could you please tell me exactly which page it is on, or more about it if it is not in the manuals?

  43. I’m sorry that the above message ran together but when I would tap the space bar, it would not work and the program ran all my letters together. So, I will try to rewrite it here:
    I have found my Friday Night Essence which is writing. At this time Ia mn not interested in having my own company as all I want to do is write. I feel that I am creating values when I write. However, it feels like I am suppose to have my own company from what I have absorbed so far. Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks.

    I also want you to know that while reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets ,I was flooded with deepset emotions from my past and tears were flowing down my cheeks many, many times. I feel like your writing is so wonderful that it is helping evoke hidden emotions within me that need to be recognized and released. Thank you for that.

    Jerry Burks

  44. I really enjoyed the early parts of your books debunking government, religion and other authorities, This was original, true , and and even dangerous to consider.

    I am not so sure I wish to believe in Zons and immortality through alien intervention

    Is it ok to proceed?

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