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  1. You awnsered a lot of my questions.BUT I LIVE ON A SMALL INCOME.How can i get money to start something with.Im not a lazy person i need tips to help me start a small business or way to get the boost I need to get going.To really put our concepts INTO MOTION. YOURS TRUELY STEVE

  2. Before I read your powerful books, my life was going nowhwere, but you struck a chord in my heart when you gave me hope with the integrated knowledge, philosophy and objectivist ideas, and yet so simplified in down to earth language that even a child can understand. I studied a degree as a Psychological Counsellor along with an advanced Major, and the Neo-tech Discovery along with every other wonderful books you have written (including Ms Annabelles Secrets) by far outweigh the studies I have done and are no comparison to what I have learnt and am learning now from you. I truly want to become an amazing but succesful person in this life with the knowledge that Neo-tech power can liberate a life into a life of happiness, luxury, success and intellectual advancement. Thank you, thank you.

  3. I like the meeting and I must say that some of the questions mentioned was in my head and its been answered, I’m not sure or the other books that everyone is speaking of I have the multigenerational book the others I don’t have yet am I moving or jumping a head of myself. I been waiting and only now I have a borrowed computer,Im not sure if I can join the neotechsociety for questions and answers to my thoughts and chat with others I don’t have a creadit card and on a very tight budget to keep the roof over my head or I will be homeless again. I want to continue my mentoring meetings with all of you and I do thank you Mark Hamilton for a chance to improve my life and become a better person, I have been searching all my life for the something better out there and I recieved your mail and took a chance that put me out of a house and Im back into a house and would like to have it till I can get better in this and become the person I was meant to be. I will be looking into the areas to better myself in the friday night essence. haha I must be a slow learner, But I’ve used my mind to be here today, Mahalo Nui Loa.

  4. I admit that for years I’ve attended workshops and been a self-help book buying junkie. Some of what I learned seemed to help but most of it never really had a lasting effect. It was’nt until I read the final heirloom package of Miss Annabelle’s Trilogy did I realize the potential of the person I was meant to and could be. I wound up throwing away almost all of those books because, the world I entered during the reading of your books is the world my son and I never want to leave. Thank you for accepting me into the Neo-Think Society Mr. Hamilton. Your insights are written in plain laymens terms for easy understanding and they’ve helped me on the road to taking my power back. I’m very happy and honored to join the Civilization of the Universe and look forward to my lessons with you.

  5. I am learning and training myself to think differently.
    I love to find my Friday Essence and become a member of value creator and integrated thinker.
    I am ready.

  6. I have almost read all three books and completed the first meeting. My attitude has changed and starting to see everything in a different way. What you are doing is great I can’t wait to get through all the meetings. Thank You.

  7. I completely enjoyed the Level 01 meeting and learned, via the presentation, to put together some of the ideas presented in Heirloom packages One and Two. I must admit that I had a very rough time finishing the entire book in Heirloom One, but Heirloom packages Two and Three seemed “easier” to digest? I’m sure a reason for that will come forth at a later time. I do have a question about Playing and Creating Values versus Value Production. I own my own company (a service oriented type of business); yet, I feel as if I work for others most of the time. The fun of working was gone, but it has started to return as I applied integrated thinking back to my business. Even so, I’m not sure this is where I am to really be for fun as it still doesn’t “feel” right. I can’t go back to childhood as that hold more unpleasant memories than good, so I go to my “college years” where I first experienced happiness in life. Am I starting on the right track, or have I missed something in my reading? Thank you.

  8. I like to say that this whole thinkg is very shocking but also is very very good I always felted that there was more in life, then a fantasy story I like to let all of you reading this comment that I’m a littler confuse ; I had a very negative part of my life ,I almos loseted my life in two ocations ;so I looked for GOD and I felted I founded him , bud I always new that something was not there , I felted guilt that I didn’t the same feelings that other people did. And to be real with you I’m not fully convience about all this . You have to understand that all my life there was a GOD and there are a lots of question to be answer so all I want is help, I want to know the true about why I’m here and how is this goig to change my life for good . I know this is real because I always new this deep inside of me ; ALL I WANT IS FOR YOU TO HELP ME UNDERSTANT and make it work .I don’t dare to talk to the one’s around me about this I’m comfuse bud I feel good about the whole thing.I hope I’m not the only one .

  9. Hi Mark,

    After computer problems interrupted my attending Level 01 meeting last week finally today Iattended the Level 01 meeting fully and I got clarer understanding of value creation to build wealth and happiness. Next I look forward to you and other senior members of Socety clear me to attend the next level meeting

  10. I have “read” every page of the books sent.
    There is more reading in one book than I have done for some time.
    It was stated that this material would be absorbed by one eventually.
    I appreciate the references and keywords to go back to and read with more conscious and deliberate process these and other key areas as time goes on.
    I am sure that I do not yet “get” playing as a whole, but I do understand some concepts about it though.
    Do you really type that fast with that much accuracy, or is that a machine?
    I have imagined typing fast before. I have imagined that it could help me to converse and or process ideas faster and in a more meaningful way than without such a skill.
    I have long had a desire for a woman with whom we share a desire for each other’s company, the best for each other, etc. You know fun in and out of bed, through whom to have a family to try to raise rational, responsible people from children (and granchildren etc). Is this a form of value creation?
    It occurs to me that while all the donations of housing for the homeless and poor are helpful and something that I would not want to hinder in the least, the issue (homelessness) can only be addressed by free market enterprise. Once money can be made by building houses that the homeless can afford to buy, with the min.wage jobs they could acquire, then homelessness would become endangered.
    Afterall people knocked out the immense buffalo herds (with old-style tech) in very few short years, though I realize they aren’t exactly the same, profit is a real motivator. Is the idea about homeless relief an example of value creation?

  11. I do not know why I wos picked but I know my life will change forever think you so so much sincerely Roger B

  12. Very interesting from this new point o view i’ll keep moving forward to accomplish all levels,thanks the society,jesus

  13. When I received my first package from you, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical and actually afraid. After reading through the literature, low and behold, a fabulous opportunity literally fell into my lap. I can not help but think it is a result of your teachings. Now, I wonder if I am to keep it to my self or share it with the other members of the Society and you! This busiiness opportunity will enrich all of our lives by allowing us time with our families while earning an awesome income and devoting ourselves to the Society. I am not trying to plug a business, but feel I must share this. Please let me know your thoughts…….sincerely, Roger D. Baker

  14. Steven Needham As aman of the road Ican tell you Mr.hamilton this world needs Neo-tech in every way your teachings discibe, A lot of questions have been answered ,As a quest in life I feel even I stand a little taller in my way of the neocheater CAUSE THEY ARE Real……… DONT get me started. MY question is how do you know the trillions of humans beings wont turn on us like a Frankenstein monster somewhere in the future? My interest is in the safety of neo-tech Thank You.

  15. Where do i begin? While I didn’t know the name and or title of this orginization, I have known for many years that it existed, and that you would eventually be in contact with me. Does this seem wierd to any one else? I feel like I have been living out a self fulfilling proficy for damn neer the last decade. While im still not cirten of my roll in all this you have my attention.

  16. There is so much that I could begin to state. Simply put, when I was younger(not that 32 is too old as of yet; nor will ever be again), I was already conceiving super-puzzles that had pre-determined a manifest destiny of sorts. After going through, and needing to relate to, what the typical man has to experience; I know now all along that it is very easy to be lulled into such an automaton lifestyle. Living paycheck to paycheck, and for the weekends of backyard barbecues along the white picket fence.

    This insight and honor to become included unto the Neo-Tech Evolution of Man seems all too serendipitous. But, really, the greatest challenge IS to break free from the Seductive Illusions of the Anticivilization. Miss Anabelle would know the simplest way to break free, as to a young child,

    One MUST see through to ‘what is.’

    I have not even begun to breach the magnitude of the Heirloom Packages. But, I am now, only just, beginning to allow the great pieces of God-Man’s super-puzzle fall into the places among the core of my being.

  17. Hi,
    I’ve read all three books and just finished the level one meeting. I’m an artist so painting is my adult play. However I’ve never been good at marketing or business. I looking forward to the next meeting.


  18. I do not know how you hand picked me as you say you did but after reading the three Heirloom packages it seems like you knew me all my life. Many of the ideas and beliefs are how I felt all my life. Most people I know really don’t understand where I am coming from most of the time and maybe I did’nt know either, but now I know exactly where I’m going and would like to thank you for that. I am looking forward to my next year of meetings and beyond
    John Lambert

  19. wow i had no idea that i was already creating values….i think if you love what you are doing and do you job to the best of your ability you are creating values…what i have figured is that my friday nihgt essence would be doing my home work. i am working on my associates degree in psychology… that could also be creating values in my life, anything that will better you, to me, would be creating values…i hope that all of the meetings will help me grow in this life and make a difference in other peoples life..

  20. Hi Mark,
    It’s a pleasure to talk to you!
    I am always knew that something was missing in my life but never could put my finger on it! Now, I feel and in the midst of reading the 3rd. heirloom package first made me feel their is more to my stagnate life which I search for a very long time. Have made many mistake but all overcame them and moved throughout the world for the basics answers of feeling and creating value in my’n and my new family life. I finaly found Neo-Tech to help me and steer towards a significant change which is my oxygen to life and a new beginning of creation which is integral with essence of living.
    Thank you very much

  21. Hello Mr.Hamiliton

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be part of the secret society

    The level one teachings did Answer some of questions that was quite confusing when reading the Neo-tec books.I am looking forward to learning from other levels in the Neo-tec secret meetings.

    How can apply my friday night Essence?

    I am married and Mother of two young children
    I am full time employment and sometimes i have to worked
    I believe when i learn how to apply my fiday night essence with
    all the Neo-tec teachings. I will excel in every part of my life.

    I am looking forward to meet other members of the Secret Society

    Thank you Mr Hamiliton and God bless


  22. I too feel honored to be apart of this society! I have always been aware of my potential, but having others believe in my potential before meeting me excites me a lot. However, i still too have a little trouble pinpointing my Friday-night essence. U see i have a great business mind, and always have, but whats my passion?…..I have another question. What’s the easiest but most clever way i can obtain money in a weeks time starting out with no money?

  23. i feel very honored and exited to be acepted into this society.
    thank you for this incredable oppertunity.

  24. Im glad to be accepted in this society. I know im going to learn alot here for my family.

    Thank You Mr. Hamilton for seeing the potential in every body including me

  25. MH, thankyou for this opportunity. These books are well written and organized. Things are happening without me paying attention, it must be from the readinds and it’s all good.
    Thank you.

  26. I don’t know if my questions got through during the meeting 1,but I tried to comment. I just wanted too let you know that after doing my Friday Night Essence. I know my interest are for the arts and business. I am on the path of actively pursuing my goal of what I am meant to be in life. I want to perform on the stage using my vocal abilities. I want to know the performing side and the business side. My head is also swimming with a couple of business ideas that I want to try my hand at. I know that with the help of Neothink I will become wealthy, healthy and, happy in all areas of life!

  27. The introduction before and overview after each meeting is a true added value. Great job. Kudos….. Steve Fagan

  28. Hello Mr. Hamilton and other new members. I just finished the first meeting and am looking forward to the next. Mr. Hamilton, my deepest condolences go out to you regarding your father. I was shocked at this news. I am sure he is an integrated part of the C of U now in a big way. I’ll admit the timing of NeoTech being introduced to me has been very interesting as I was in the midst of doing some very serious soul searching about life since two very important events that took place earlier this year and at the end of last year: the birth of my first child (a boy) in February and a dream I had at the end of Dec 2008 that my client passed away of a heart attack, which turned out to be a simultaneous reality. I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to explain this dream in non-mystical terms as I had a vision of him being carried out on a stretcher with his mourning family standing there with paramedics in a home unfamiliar to me (it turns out this home was most likely the family’s new vacation home in New Hampshire which I had never seen in person, only in my dream of his passing; his wife is taking it very hard so I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the home yet to see if it’s the one I saw in my dream). Since being invited to join the Secret Society, I have studied the books in great detail and have spent countless hours trying to figure out my Friday Night Essence to no avail. I’ll admit I’m a bit frusturated since I was up many late nights after my wife and baby went to sleep reading the literature and having spent many more hours thinking about my still unknown Friday Night Essence during my rather lengthy commute (2 hours a day). I’ve always been a very hard, honest worker, and now at the age of 32 continue to work hard in my current career hoping I’m not wasting my efforts on something that’s not really my passion. I wouldn’t say I’m stuck in a dead-end rut like many people since in my current career I get to determine my own destiny financially as it is very entrepreneurial in nature. There are some aspects of what I do now that I enjoy very much and others not, so therin lies my confusion about whether my Friday Night Essence is some extension of what I currently do or something completely different. I do have several other passions in life. I am hoping things will finally be clarified for me over these next 12 months. I have many more questions so I’m going to join the Clubhouse now to see if I can gain some insights from Senior Members. Good luck to all. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

  29. Hi. I am a new person to the group I like what I have read and heard so far but what kind of business could I contrubte to the group at my age and being a woman want to hear more.

  30. Thank you for the preview of this site and my introduction to the Level 1 meeting. I was thoroughly amazed at the number of apprentices (especially their age ranges) that will be making this journey with me for the next 12 months. I’m still awed by the three heirloom volumes that I just completed reading. I’m not usually an avid reader and anything beyond 100 pages with hardly any pictures/graphics would really have to stimulate my mind for me to pursue this endeavor. I must have really wanted to find out where and why I have failed in my life. I have read a number of so call “motivational books”; however and have attended a number of motivational seminar. It was all great at the moment but after I left the seminar I was back to where I was before. Now I haven’t attended a live group gathering with NeoTech. After reading all three volumes (V1 -656 pgs w/126 graphics; V2 – 857 pgs w/72 graphics; V3 – 1,162 pgs w/only 8 graphics); I believe I found my answer. I need to discover my Friday Night Essence; Live the Life I was meant to Live; get the job of my dreams; get wealthy; stop aging and make sure that my 30 year old son inherits the NeoTech Discovery as I have. Before I close this comment I would like to thank one of your senior member Brother Daren Raskin for taking his most precious time to speak with me the past two weeks over the phone. I was awed by the short video above with Daren Raskin, Mike Ginther and Steve Rapella. And a special thank you to Brother Larry Palmer who called me on Sep 11, 2009 at 0930 hrs and referred my query to Daren Raskin. Thank you again to the both of you.

    Sincerely, LeRoy aka “Tigerli”

  31. Hello, how are you? Fine is my hope and prayer. I have read somewhat of all three (3) books and am confused sometimes by all the reading. But hopefully it will all come together huh? Thank you so much for allowing me to become a member. Thank you again, Mark Hamilton, for helping me find the life I am meant to live.

    Because of Jesus,
    Charlotte Hardaway

  32. After really starting at this level one meeting, I feel that my eyes have been open to a much broader understanding, that just from the reading I think that it is now sinking in. At the present time I have been fighting quite a few physical problem with my deteroiating back disorder. I have been trying to determine weather or not if I should have this third surgery for my degenerated disks disorder to my lower back. Now as I get more involved with the Neo Tech theory I feel that maybe surgery is not the solution, but to become more of a part of the Nouveau Tech society is to me now a far better answer. So I intend to focus more of my attention in the right direction. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to join and hopefully I can become a very vital part of all that is good for us.

    Lonnie S DeCount

  33. I am encouraged to begin connecting with those in the Nouveau Tech Society. I finished the 3rd volume this past week and began reading through the beginning of the 2nd volume last night. I have applied some of the techniques in 1st volume and it has helped make me more efficient at work. I feel a bit uncertain of my Friday Night Essence, but tomorrow am reaching into value creation as I have my second meeting with a director at work about new business possibilities. This meeting is to pull in the financial picture with the vision picture. I am both nervous and excited to see how this turns out. Thank you so much for all your efforts !!! My heart goes out to you Mr. Hamilton with the passing of your dad as this is a very hard and difficult thing to go through. May we continue to create the way to end disease, death and tragic death.

  34. Many thanks to Mark Hamilton for articulating what everyone here must’ve known on some level before starting this journey, into a language by which we can communicate outside of the anticivilization. Wow, what an accomplishment!

    I am a lifelong learner and have been on a quest my whole life. I am in search of and have sought answers, root cause, cause and effect….trying to understand the essence of the world around me. Now as we move forward together in the next twelve months, I know I can “break on through-to the other side”!

    I have much to share yet much more to learn. And I hope I can leave more that I take. So I’m looking forward to joining the website mentioned in meeting 1 and getting to know like-minded fellow travelers. ( I swear they did not pay me to say that, LOL!!)

    Value creation on my own behalf is the next step in my learning journey. You see, I am very good at value production. It is why I originally went into the machinist trade and stayed with it over 20 years, reaching the highest levels of competency. I love to create things. Take a block of raw material like steel, and transform it into a finished product. It takes alot of creativity to figure everything out and go from a paper drawing to real-life, in your hand. And sadly, it’s becoming a lost art in this nation (an art I would like to participate in restoring, but I understand the anticivilization has deconstructed our nation for a reason). Later on, it occurred to me that the orders to make machined parts come from the activities of business professionals. This is value creation!

    So I strove to become a business professional, obtaining a business degree from the University of Phoenix, online campus. (Owned by the “Apollo Group”, thought you might like that). But while I have transformed into a higher level income bracket earning twice what I did before, I still do not enjoy FREEDOM. My activities, now I understand, still consist of value production– not value creation. So, NOW I know.
    And I tell you what, we’re gonna rockem’-sockem’!!! We can resurrect the spirit of JJ Hill! With your help, it’s going to be a fantastic future.

    Dave, the aerospaceman 🙂

  35. I thought I,d share my Friday-Night-Essence. It may somehow help those who are having trouble finding their FNE.My Friday-Night-Essence is a Wonder and Curiosity and wanting to learn and understand things. A few examples are when I was age 5 and up: What makes the liquid in a sealed bottle of Blue Starch get as hard as rock over time,What makes the sky blue in the daytime,How are clouds made and looking in my telescope at night-How does the moon shine at night and what makes those craters. Although being a writer is not in my Friday-Night-Essence, it seems that I will be a writer….Greg

  36. My spirits are highly lifted and I look forward to future meetings.
    I hope to find that there is already an existing group of secret meetings (The Church of God-Man) in my area…Elaine G.

  37. I have completed the level 1 meeting and it was awsome…When I got the first 2 books I just skimmed through them and will say it was very mind boggling and very hard to grasp. After getting the 3rd book, (which I’m 2/3 way through), reading it has helped me put this into a better frame of mind. That book is awsome and I’ve been reading it with a fever! Haven’t gotten my Friday Night Essence figured out so far but continuing to work on it and very much looking forward to all the other meetings. Sorry about hearing of the passing of your father in that terrible jogging accident. Thanks for helping me find the life I’m meant to live…..I’m a very young 62 year old lady and plan to have many years of life, love and wealth…..I’ve always felt there is something else in my life that just hasn’t been there so far. AGAIN, MANY THANKS MARK FOR THIS NEW VENTURE IN MY LIFE!!!!!!

  38. I have just completed the level 1 meeting and find myself even more inspired. I look forward to the meetings still to come. I feel that I have waited all my life for this information and plan to soak it up like a sponge.. I’m still trying to narrow down my Friday Night Essence. So far I am leaning towards two specific areas. Thanks again, Mark Hamilton, for helping me find the life I am meant to live.

  39. Hello Mr. Hamilton, I hope you are well and in good spirits. I have just finished my level 01 meeting. I must say I am a little confused about some of the things I have been feeling since I have become a member of the Nouveau Tech Society, I have been experiencing some feelings I can not explain, well I can but I do not think you want to hear, this only happens when I am reading the books. The level 01 meeting was very interesting. I should have put this in first, but I followed my first thought. You did say speak my mind, so I am. I am fearful a little Because I do not understand a lot of what I am reading, I am hoping that all will change the more I get into my meetings. I am so glad I have been accepted maybe everything will become better for me and my thirteen year old daughter. She is all I have so want the best for her and yes myself to. Thank you Mr. Hamilton God Bless You.

  40. Nice, I really like it, great job too all who brought this new site on line. All of your hard work and dedication really shows.

    Congratulation on a job well done

    Martin F

  41. Thank you for letting me preview this site and my level 1 meeting. What a gift. I logged on yesterday and completed my review of the meeting with Mark Hamilton this morning. I can’t wait to find my notes from Jan. 08, to see how little I knew when I started this journey.

    Since reading the books and my first level meeting (all are important), I have formed an A-Team, created relationships with others locally, and willingly assist with the National forward movement of this wonderful (wonder full) Society.

    I am ready for my Level 2 meeting, as soon as I review and feel grateful for the growth that I have created in the past few years.

    Life is great. Hugs are great and full! This journey is incredible.

    Thank you again Mark Hamilton and those who helped create this site.

  42. Hey Mike,
    It sure does and i is a hugh improvement over the past. I just love moving into the future. The Society is really starting to evolve and all I can say is WoW! 😀

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