Level 12

Lvl 12 x 4

This lvl is so comforting to me-4×. My puzzle picture is blank for 2 wks while my daughter and granddaughter are gone. It’s awesomely fantastic! I’ve driven 3x’s with no problem, after not being physically capable for 12yrs!! Now I can pass the eye test! Groomed my dogs for the first time ever. My future is yet to be written! Hopfully, my dissertation will be done next week. I got a letter from NT Society, but after the task requested was accomplished, I got no email in return with information to a site. Not sure if customer service handles all levels of NEOTHINK, all the way to Mark. Talking cryptically is GREAT fun! I luv it here! If you ever meet my daughter, she’ll tell you I should be President, no other endorsement necessary at this time. The essence mtgs, can’t wait. Getting new email, NEOTHINK emails aren’t getting to my inbox, including reach out. Email Alicia tomorrow. Calls are off the charts! Lately I’ve been noticing my reactions to the different teaching styles of the mentors. It’s educational. It’s time to say goodnihght b4 I fall asleep typing. Seriously, MELINDA