Lvl 10

All they do is fight for power in politics. People’s welfare dosen’t enter into it at all. They litterally don’t care how many people die to fulfil their agenda. This country is anything but free. ROM made sure of that.
My book is written. Now for the footwork. I delayed my intro mtg till it was done. Plus, no salons open! I need some touch ups, dental surgery and a face treatment. Not looking like I’ve been stuck in cave for awhile will be agood thing. I’ve been misdiagnosed for 30 years. Thankfully, now the metal blanket I’ve been carrying will go away. I solved my health issues, regulations were removed. GOS rose to give me this opportunity.My health is returning, better, since searching gave it an overhaul in a great way. Thank you, for without all the love from the NEOTHINK society, nothing was possible, I was rotting in stagnation.

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