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Hi Mark,

Bravo to you and the core Neothink team for your courageous undertaking and epic movement. I always knew that there were others like me out there! I am all in with the plan to make this nation great again, set people free from the yoke of tyranny, and enter the new age of Grace and Prosperity. It is coming!

I am reaching out to you to see if we can cut to the chase a bit, if not, I am willing to take the slow year long methodical approach you have set up for the newbies. I am just hoping to save precious time (I know you can relate to this) as the teachings are already ingrained in me. You will understand as you read on. I do not intend to sound insensitive because I am truly not. I am pleased to know there is momentum building with the powerful twelve visions party and can’t wait to get a better understanding as to what chapter we are in in the actual evolution of this movement.

I am all about the vision to hit the reset button and return this powerful Nation to the original plan. By the people, for the people, to simply protect and empower. It is high time we expose and eliminate corporate manipulations, parasitic political pig farming, and supercharge the love, joy, and wealth magnet in everyone.

I am having a hard time jumping through all these tedious and redundant training hoops because my time is so valuable and I graduated a long time ago. I am already living the successful, integrated, purposeful, and fulfilling supernatural life that has me springing up every morning and excited about the adventures ahead.

I applaud you for the greatest undertaking any man could hope to embark upon. To change the world by setting the captives free. You have sparked a movement and I know you need generals. I am not volunteering for one of these positions (just yet) because I need to meet you and your core leaders in person to bear witness to your true character. What I have sensed from the writings (which I have gone through at length in their entirety) is sincerity and the awesome enticement for the adventure of life, love, and freedom that I feel and live every day. I also know the weight of the responsibility this brings. As a leader we are accountable for so much more. The quest for eternal Truth is my constant joyful journey.

My Bio in a nutshell:

I am a natural born, fiercely independent, integrated puzzle building, value creator. I have been a self employed, self Leader for over 35 yrs and happily living most of the key principles that are touched upon in the Neothink repertoire on my own since my early 20’s. Now I’m 51.

Frankly I am not in need of much mentoring of any kind but I do love connecting networking with other successful like minded value creators and mentoring others into their calling when I feel the peace upon it to do so.

I deeply love, and empowered by the the positive pole of the creative force that is the origin of the universe and all matter. This is what you refer to as universal consciousness. I am a living beacon of this and operate on a plane of contentedness and connectedness that defies scientific understanding or explanation. This is why I have been a party to literally dozens of healings, breakthroughs, and even a few resurrections.

I have run businesses as a Jeweler, Contractor, Master Craftsman, Prophetic Artist, Designer, and Mentor. Giving is a vital key principal in the universal law of success. These days I am immersed in family, love, digital marketing, cryptocurrency, angel startup research and a new essence adventure I will share about below.

A few years ago, I was involved in a life altering head on collision on the freeway with an intoxicated young US Marine who was coming the wrong way at 90 MPH on a dark foggy morning. He was caught up in a negative polarity that was not his fault. We came together with such an impact that we should have both been wiped from this physical plane. However, I was supernaturally protected and able to get out of my wreckage, go to his, and save his life. He underwent nearly $3 Million in reconstructive surgeries on limbs, head and brain. I very quickly and completely healed from a broken back as I confidently told my wife I would in the ER that morning. Later I was able to advocate for this young PTSD victim in court and save him from a lengthy prison sentence. We are friends and I am now mentoring him.

This experience created in me a whole new value driven awareness for the severity of needless suffering in our current society and has highlighted a new essence path that is all about restoring and setting humanity free. I have a new Friday Night Essense that involves a business gearing up to legally take back tax money and return it to the people. How cool is that!

Love to you my brother, you and my new Neothink family. There will be increased power, joy, strength, and success as we join forces. We have much to connect on and hopefully learn from one another. I look forward to it and am ready when you are.


Jonathan W N

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