Level 9 Integrations

Mr. Mark Hamilton, thank you for a journey through the Prime Literature as viewed by our Child of the Past which focused, like “The Miss Annabelle Story” , the right-brain stimulation which provided a different perspective then our first reading of “The Prime Literature”! Here are some of the places we revisited in “The Prime Literature:”

– Meeting Level Three- We read about the Forces of Nature, the Forces of Neothink, and common denominators that culminate into huge Neothink puzzles,The Neothink Marketing Secret, your political pamphlet that took nine years to produce. Thanks Mark Hamilton, what a masterpiece.

– The Orientation for the political pamphlet on Page 397. Stimulation is a major part of our formula for success. People hold a lot of apathy for political ideas! Calling on our largest common denominator, the Child of the Past, and understanding The Forces of Nature and the Forces of Neothink was ingenious to incorporate into the political pamphlet, focusing on stimulation rather than education.

– Meeting Level 8 focuses on “The Prime Literature” and “make the people rich including the poor.” By touching the child of the past, we leave a remnant in that person and somewhere down the road, they will return to Twelve Visions Party (TVP)!

– Meeting Three Essence Meeting – reread this in concert, with the political pamphlet found in it’s entirety beginning on page 395 reveals every Twelve Visions World principle in the pamphlet so they perceive not just the idea but the result of that idea, the consequence, as well. This is actually our National Platform.

– Read the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 f the political pamphlet which offer an intriguing point of view and the Twelve Visions Party State Constitution, including the Bylaws. You can now philosophically integrate all 50 State Constitutions. Huzzah!

– Chapter 5 discusses the Prime Law Amendment. This is one way to achieving the Twelve Visions World. The Great Replacement Program must occur before the Prime Law would be proposed as an amendment to the U. S. Constitution. The second way to achieve a Twelve Visions World is through the executive branch and the Protection-Only Budget mandates funds and spending for protection only: protection from force and the threat of force or fraud. A two-year process would provoke the Great Replacement Program.

– Chapter 4, of the political pamphlet is the Twelve Vision Contract that every candidate, every member, and every appointed Twelve Visions Party member must sign.

– Chapter 3, of the political pamphlet is the State Platform and philosophical National Platform.

– Chapter 4, of the political pamphlet is the movement and Twelve Visions Party Contract. If a Twelve Visions Party intentionally votes or makes a decision that is obviously against the Prime Law or has a trend of unknowingly doing so, they will be publicly disowned from the Twelve Visions Party.

– Chapter 5, of the political pamphlet is read as if you were a layman being handed the political pamphlet paying perhaps $10 for it. It leaves you feeling different than you’ve ever felt towards politics and government. It generates an excitement, an enthusiasm inside for something different, for something to sink your teeth into. Things really can be different.

– Chapters 6 – 9 opens you to a Twelve Vision World that will stimulate your child of the past into wealth, health, and freeing the geniuses of society whom will unlock and bring you everything you ever wanted, and allow us to educate our children as the geniuses they were meant to be.

Thank you, Mr. Mark Hamilton for stimulating our Child of the past into having us play today as our child of the past. What an awesome world awaits us!

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