level 6 thoughts and proposal

Thoughts on level 6.
Mr. Hamilton,
As you probably have figured out by now I am not involved in the clubhouse launch. I’ve chosen this route for a couple reasons… Let me expound on both.
First… I I’m not a Salesman. In fact my intensity is so heavy I scare people away. Not intending to mind you. I am just a very intense person. Always have been.
Second…I have clear Visions about neo-tech and myself and how I can contribute… None of which line up with the clubhouse agenda. My background is in audio-visual theatrical techniques lighting, sound, directing and acting… None of which apply so far.
Over the years I have used a considerable percentage of what you are teaching in the heirloom package. As such I have been able to create a number of different techniques… One of which is the wealth magnet. I started this project a year ago and the fruits of my Endeavors are beginning to appear. Within a month I will have millions. Therefore the self-sufficient monetary aspects you are offering I do appreciate and I have absorbed and integrated as much as I can so you’re gift is very much appreciated. But we share common philosophies and that’s what I want to talk about. The first six levels that I have been a part of because you specifically wanted to fast-track me were focused on money. And while that is and honorable endeavor in our cause it is not my priority at this time. I will contribute monetarily when I can, obviously, but there are discoveries that are teetering on the edge of discovery. Being held back by the anti-civilization elements that continue to hinder our Daily Progress as humans. But we are not human are we? I would put it to you that we are ‘other than’ human. The evolved version of homo sapien. The one that is the Eternal sponge soaking up every bit of knowledge everyday and integrating it into our everyday lives to benefit mankind. So this is my plan and let’s see if you are in agreement or can tweak it or we can work together…
Power thinking project 1…. I plan on purchasing a facility or property in the Monterey County area as this is my home and always will be. Once property or facility is purchase I will begin to assemble a research and development team. As the main focus being extended life Etc, the main goal of neothink, there are many splinter ideas that come from it. Telepathy. The Voice. Manifestation. Thoughts to reality without the BS in between. We are God man and we have the ability to think something and it can become reality almost instantaneously. With the onset of the new physics we are encountering around the world at present has presented to me a lot of missing elements to that manifestation process. And with thoughts we can think our existence into reality as the gods did in stories of old
Those are just the highlights of my power thinking list…It is quite long and it is grounded in reality and fact as I intend to bring the scientific method into this society that I have been blessed to be invited into. I don’t know if it helps you… You’re going to have to let me know.
I am going to proceed whether Neo think is attached or not. These are things that I am destined to follow to their logical conclusion. I thank you for your effort and your time and your belief in me and my talents. Personally I do not know how you found out about me or how you got the extent of information about me but it seems to me you have a clear picture of me and who I am and what I am capable of. I come from a very long proud lineage of Warriors and kings and great men all … including the founders of our country.
Let me know what you think and I hope this is a sufficient progress report many blessings be upon you and I are great neotech Society…

RB Yeats..’Blaine’

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