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  1. I have read and understand the Neothink Heirloom Package. I am a woman and am honored to be invited to join your secret society. My husband however does not agree with the small portion he read nor does he support me in my membership.
    Any suggestions on how I am suppose to more forward with out the support needed to back me up without it turning into a fight everyday? Also you have talked about how important it is to join the website however because of the non support and he now controls the finances he will not let me join at any cost – any suggestions?


  3. Mark
    It is a great honor for me that I have given a place to enter a society under your mentorship.Though English is not my language but the books provided to me are under my study and are very helpful for me and I believe that are mind blowing.I am doing a temporary job and my family problems are also keeping me so busy that I could not be able to study the two worthy books.When ever I get some time I just study it but my speed is very slow.Today I just want to pay thanks to you and all the concerned members to provide me this opportunity.
    Best regards.
    Abdul R Khan

  4. Mark
    Sorry for leaving back to back comments. I hope you truley do read this. This also goes for my fellow level One family. I was just sent my request for the 15 hr of training on cd. I am assuming that this is your wish is my command. I have had this pack of cds for about a year. They are live changing if you do not have them get them the are key to all of this. I still listen to them at least 5 x a week. Every time you listen your learn something new. In fact I would also becoming at the verly least a GIN affilate. I am an affilate and have to close friends who are full member one is also a member of neo tec I have not been able to afford to become a full memeber but it is also important to success. So mark please read this and know That I am not rejecting the cd,s I just already have them
    Thanks again
    Anthony Mitchell

  5. Dear Mark
    I am getting a little confused with leaving comments. I have left comments on this board and your personal board but do not see my comments. I just want you to know I am working hard at moving to the next leval. I have joined the members website but can not find any active chat going on like your metting suggested. i would really like to have that kind of feed back. This letter is in no way negative I just feel like I am not getting all from this that is possible. If any one on this board knows how all this works it would help.
    Thank you
    Anthony Mitchell

  6. Mark,
    My inner child never died! I’ve found my Friday night essence and I’m ready to create real values. I feel the three heirloom books spoke to me, reinforced my natural beliefs and gave me new insights into who am and who I want to be. As I read your work of “faction” Miss Annabelle’s Secrets I strongly hoped that some of the organizations mentioned in the book were real, particularly the business alliance and the online school for my children. I look forward to learning how to breath life into my many creations, further the cause of ‘The Pact for Eternal Life’ and send those necheaters with their anti civilization to the ostracism wastelands.

    I am so grateful you found me. I only wish it had happened years earlier.

    May the Love of the C of U fill every individual with happiness.

  7. Hi to mark Hamilton and all Neothink persons,

    I am glad to finally be here. I just successfully logged into the signup site at: today! I was so excited thinking my first session would be later today that I didn’t notice if a unique user name and login password would be required. Hello Gary Williams… Me too.
    I arrived at this site after checking to find an e-mail without that information. Alas, all I found was that I would receive information,later, but no user name or password. I hope that I can go to that signin website again if I need to get this information. when I saw the login required here at this site I realised that have no clue what to do now. Help!

    I have received the three heirloom Packages and am reading them slowly.

  8. I did not see any hidden message in the Orientation Booklet. Reviewed the chapters BOLD print, don’t know how to apply the ten-second technique. I am retired and have no job. How do i get some of this money that many of you speak of. I am still reading Neothink Universal Secrets and have not had any evidence of any special powers, understanding, or anything according to the letters, and the orientation booklet. If iam absorbing while reading then iam a slow absorber. What is wrong with me? When will these wonderful things happen to me. Played lotto, got three numbers—won three dollars. I need financial increase now, have a wife with Multiple sclerosis, and she likes things like food, bills paid. The wealth and the discovery of the hidden powers within me was very attractive to me. I don’t have the success that the others have. All the letters i received made me feel very special. All my life i thought i was special. Not so sure anymore. Please advise–

  9. Hi Mrak,
    I am happy and grateful for having the opportunity to read and learn your Heirlooms. In the first Heirloom I found myslef in deep study reading and writting every foot note filling up notepads with paragraphs and footnots. I find myself with a Dictionsry at my side to look up words. It is Playing for me to read and write and put the puzzle pices togeather, I LOVE TO PLAY. Its like playing school and I am learning. To comment on the first meeting this is what you said again I found myslef with pen and papper with Q & A

    M H )Here is what I say to me level One Appentices: You do not need to worry if you connot put your finger on yout Friday-Night Essence rightnow. What is more important is to work toward crating values. When you rise past producing values as experience such an infusion of exhilaration that the step-by-step process called the Self- Leader System in the vision Climax inside your second Heirloom Package. It will help lift you from value production onto value creation. That’s when you will begin to play in life. When you begin to PLAY your creations will become your Friday-NIght Essence Moreover will you acquire the power and money to identify and pursue deeper dreams Friday-Night Essences. Playing as an aadult will bring you success, wealth and happiness… playing via creating vlaues.

    I have to say reading this and the word PLAY is inspireing a feeling that I love to feel feeling good is grate. I have to reread and reread all my books its a grate big puzzle and fun to put togeather Mark and Socity Memebrs that is my observation and thoughts for starts.

  10. hi, i just got my meeting letter today haven’t got my P.S> yet got all three packages and started to read all three but haven’t finished any. come close on the first two but, miss annabelle’s still a mystery need to read hard to stay focused my attention span is still developing. to all the people not really seeing results. it’s like medicine results may vary. this system to me is more personally changing then immediate financial change unless you truly apply yourself. if i put all my time and energy into building creating and developing my essence and ideas i might actually get somewhere but by halfway applying myself i’ve dodged legal issues i didn’t think possible (didnt do anything wrong to begin with but doesnt always matter) found out im getting a second child didnt think that was possible, starting the best job i’ve ever had tomarrow at least thats what im told, to others its nothing but to me its the magical door to stability something im not that familar with. i got great creative ideas just lookn for time to work on them and personally im more hopeful and happier than ive ever been and its not my faith in a god i was raised to believe in that i feel is responsible for all that not to be rude but i like to take the majority credit through my new found triple apiphany aka the books and applying myself instead of praying god will fix it thats depressing in itself but those still struggling for the answers go get them dont expect them to find you apply yourself we need you after all your special don’t you know. get get get busy create and produce that’s your job.

  11. I have read most of the first two books and I have ordered Miss Annabelle’s Secrets, however, I have not received it yet, possibly because I have moved and have a new address. Hopefully, it will be forwarded to my new address. I just ordered the 4th volume, PAX N-T, and put my new address on the fax, so, hopefully, it will be delivered to my new address.

    I have enjoyed what I have read so far and look forward to reading more. I have not attended my first meeting yet, but will shortly. Thanks, Mark. Looking forward to learning more with you.

  12. Peter i feel you…I to get became a distributer which Herbalife too and im trying to value to the work i put forth. I find it hard to fine time to really get things going.But now thru neothink way of mind and hearing your thoughts i know we are on the right path..

  13. Hi Mark,
    I was firt very excited to join Neothink after reading the 1st Marketing lead-in letter and then ordering/reading the 1st Heirloom. After that I became very skeptical( between ordering the 2nd & 3rd Heirlooms) especially when the marketing strategy kept implying that your Mentor would contact you shortly. I asked WHY? my mentor had not contacted me on each order fax form for the 2nd & 3rd Heirlooms but did not receive any response. At that stage I was begining to think that this was another scam ( as I have been caught in one before by a very clever clairvoyant with good marketing letters)) but refused to believe this was the case with Neothink and decided to carry on ordering the literature- even though I was not any closer to finding out how to get any richer. The “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND” CD pack that I ordered is excellent and keeps me fired up but I am still not any closer to getting any richer. However I can see now, how it is begining to unfold ( after going through the Level 3 meeting) and I am begining to grasp the clever marketing concept used to get me to this stage. I have not had the time to really study in detail the three other Heirlooms as I work at a job as a hotel engineer, that is very demanding time wise- little time to myself & family ( but as you say – not value creation- only value production) However, with the little time that I have spare, I have just started a business as a distributor with Herbalife( Health & Nutrition Industry) and can see the value creation here with helping people get fit and lose weight and me making money in the process, through royalties- This has been my FNE and I am so excited now on using NMS ( which I am learning from the meetings) to accelerate my business. I am very keen and feel priveleged to spread the Neothink Society Movement and cannot wait to start on this journey- obviously with your coaching and guidance. I want my son and his family to also get involved in the society and will start with him as soon as soon as I am guided as to what to do and which step to take first. As Kevin advises in his Your Wish is your Command DVD, “You must be teachable” and I am teachable with the right mentorship.

  14. Before i was contacted and given a chance at a new life the life me and my family was ment to live i was lost in stagnation after reading my first heirloom package i feel like my whole life was changing slowly i start thinking about things i never thought about before a new life my passion for life now is exciting my home buisness is now off the ground and my engine is started.

  15. I am wondering if I was even sent a password. There was a problem with the registration at The website kept giving me an ASPX error when I was trying to register. The only email I have is titled “Welcome to The Neothink® Society GARY. Your Account is Now Active.” That is how I got here.

    This was in April that I tried registering and the email stated that I would be sent a password within the next 24 hours (over 3 months ago). Is there anyone who may be able to help with this problem? Also, is there any way to make up the 3 lost months? I’ve tried the “forgot password” links using the email address I registered with, only to be told that I am not recognized 🙁

  16. Reading all of these comments here today has really helped me to better accept where I am at. I am 63 yrs old. The last 10 years of my life have been so difficult, it became almost impossible to maintain any positivity. I am so astonished, as well as grateful, to have been chosen. I feel that I am slow at this point–narrowing down Friday Night Essence, trying to remember the vast amount of knowledge presented to me and worrying that I am way behind everyone else. This awakening of sorts apparently progresses at whatever speed that is happening to an individual. I really want to learn this new dimension of thinking, and Ms Annabelle’s Secrets has proven invaluable in defining the process more. I’m still enjoying this book. Thank you Mark Hamilton for your clear precise thoughts. I’m delighted to get to know some of my fellow “students” on this intriguing journey to be a part of THE Super Puzzle. I am having a similar problem getting to the Secret Site that I joined, not the Level 1 meeting though. Belle Sherman.

  17. Thank you cassy for that great comment it has answered alot. i have got alot out of these books。I know it will take some time to get all out of this. I have seen the secret movie and try to use what thy have said and it does work and than i was choosen to join this Neothink Society ,the books that Mark wrote are very good and i have learned so much from them i know that I need to be A HAPPY PERSON and to keep all that bad thought,and vibes away because it will bring what i think to be true ,your thoughts and your feeling create your life .I know with help and more under standing this will be a better life than i have ever have thought up .I have went threw the first meeting seaverl times it gave me alot of insite about what this is all about .I want to chat with the the more exprenced members but it will not let me for some reason?I have joined the Secret web site too and i can not get in to the chat with the more exprenced members there it say that it is not working or thy change the site .I have toke alot of time to think out my comment hopefully this will help you to know what i am thinking a this point of level 1 。thank you Mark for you you great wisdom and insite .
    Steve Warden.

  18. For anyone who is uncertain about the concepts of Neothink please take solace, this isn’t a cult or some empty promise. It is a unique aproach at sharring the evolution of human consciousness. We are at a crossroads in our existence right now. We will either choose to make a positive evolution into what the Neothink group calls God-Man or we will destroy ourselves with tbe weapons of mass destruction, corporate greed, and politcal greed in society today. Only one of those two things can happen at this point. The good news is that we do have a choice.

    I have been thinking about these concepts since I was a very small child, I had questions as far back as I can remember to 3 or 4 years old from being raised in an instiutional Christian religion. Over the last 30 years of my life I have come to many of the same conclusions independantly that the Neothink society brings out. These ideas are the true essence of existence. Should you have questions about this and be suspiscious of the Neothink society just look around. There are many others who are coming to the same conclusions scientifically (proven science) and even in just theory. Read the now famouse book The Secret for starters. Or try this one, 5 Steps to a Quantum Life by Natalie Reid. I recently borrowed the last one from a friend. It’s an easy quick read and relates things from a proven scientific view making all of this clear quickly. While a short book like that one can’t pass on all the information it may help open you mind and get you on track if you are having doubts.

    This evolution is happening, it will continue with or without the Neothink society, and you can either get involved or stagnate. Simply the Neothink society is a forum where we can work together to grow instead of being alone. For many it will be hard to understand the concepts presented but do not blame the society if you don’t see results right away or have difficulty understanding. The key to making the quantum leap so to speak is within yourself. You have to believe in yourself and be open to receive positive change. Release negative conotations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Embrance only the positive.

    I saw one woman on here talking about sending everything back and demanding her money. Go ahead, I’m certain you will get your money back. This group isn’t a scam or hoax. But if you do return everything please try some other avenues to educate yourself. The books from the Neo Think society do tend to be difficult to read (and I’m an avid reader). These newer versons are a lot better then the ones from 8-10 years ago (beleive me) Mark has done a fabulouse job with making the information easier to read. However, some of the books still seem hard to stay focused on. If you leave the group try some of the other things out there so you can try to understand from a different perspective. This is a complete change of thought too and it will be a challenge. Ms Annabelle’s story is probably one of the best books so far becuase it relates the “Essence” in a captivating story format, much of this information is very heady and I’m sure hard for many people to pay attention to long enough to grasp.

    Don’t give up. Thank you Mark and the society for what you do.

    Warmest Regards to all,


  19. Mark,

    I have read through the first heirloom book which was followed by the PAX NT book and then the second heirloom book. I’m currently starting the third heirloom book which I can’t wait to finish. Being an electrical engineering consultant and soon to be a single father (going through a divorce) with four teenagers and one grandson finding the time to read “has to be made” but I feel that it is all good. The books help me pick myself up from all the bumps in the road of life that I seem to tripping over and that I’m currently am going through. I’ve already have The Dr. F. R. W. Collection and plan to read that once I finish the third book and I have ordered your brother’s book and I’m looking forward to getting it.

    Like many of the other associates I too have come from a very strong religious background. Because of my teenage children I continue to go to church but I am able to see it in a “whole different light.” It is alot easier to see how mysticism and politics usurp values from us that work to make those values honestly.

    I also see many good people out there that need to understand what is happening to them. I plan to start and find a way to “plug gap” the difference I see between the good honest hard worker and the “Neothink enlightenment.” I’m looking forward to these meetings and can’t wait to get started. The future is changing and I’m glad that I can be part of that change.

    Thanks again,


  20. Hi Mr. Hamilton:

    Thank you – I have had a difficult time getting to this audio, but I am very glad to finally reach this point in starting level one… I’ve completed the Neothink Three Heirloom Manuscripts, plus Neo-Pax, received in February 2010; I’ve become an Affilliate Member of the Global Information Network and now working with the Fifteen Hour CD Package & Training Materials/Kevin Trudeau…signed-up with the secret/hidden website in March 2010 – but I didn’t know exactly what it was, at that time.

    After viewing Level One, some of my questions were answered while listening to the audio;but I have another question: What kind of association is the Neothink Society?… Is it what is called New Age or a
    Metaphysical Organization?

    Mr. Hamilton, I thought that I had pinned down my Friday Night Essence already with the professions and now I am not so sure even after working with both the Evening & Weekend Charts… I quess my question is: What would indicate that down stream focus has been already discovered or not?
    …because before my encounter with Neothink I had independently studied with The Western Mystery Tradition, mainly the Ancient Wisdom of the Tarot & Astrology and other similar psychological/spiritual tools in personal development and not fortune-telling.

    I appreciate this opportunity & your in-put and valuable information, it is so helpful to hear that someone — like you, Mr. Hamilton/The Neothink Society knows what’s goin on today!… It is a blessing to have you for a mentor, for sure…for this I am grateful!


  21. I’ve been Shocked and Awed. I’ve known I was different from mainstream society but never knew how or why until now. I’ve served for 22 years in the Army. I discovered on leaving that I had been Institutionalized I didn’t know how to deal with the civilian world, that I was unprepared for the real world. I’ve glimsed a small window into Neothink Mini-Days as an Army Recruiter but was Astounded by the actual mini-day schedule. Miss Annabelle’s secrets boggles the mind. I feel so comfortable with the Church of God-Man and the Civilization of the Universe I now Live for Living not for dying. Vielen Dank Herr Hamilton.

  22. Thank you Mark. the Miss Anabells story is so incredible. We read it in the car on our way to my job assignments. It is so great. As we read it we were realy involved and enjoyed it insmensily. This is a must read book. It should be on the BEST SELLERS list of books to read.

  23. Looks like I’m pretty new to all this Neothink stuff. I was very suspicious about paying for these heirloom packages. I have bought 3 books already. Got to admit, there is a LOT reading, which is something I have never been good at, I don’t like to read too much. I have been trying to read the books from time to time, but I can’t seem to grasp the concepts….. just yet. Hopefully, after a few meetings, I will start feeling a little different about this whole thing. Right now, since I cannot grasp this, I feel kind of lost. Please give me some words of wisdom.

  24. Thank you, a million times over. I am still absorbing and reviewing what I am learning and reading as far as the information and taking steps to implement in my everyday life to grow and develop using the techniques. Thank you again for the Blessing.

  25. Hello Matthew Carroll, Thank you for answering my first question. I’ll probably have many more to come. I have not discovered my friday night essence as of yet. But I have discovered a ten second miracle. I’ve gone over it in mind. Waat do I next. Contact Mark Hamilton, or you see a lawyer about a patton, contact the owner of the company who makes the machine. tell my daughter. Or should I wait for the Neo Pax book coming soon. The 10 second miracle is so simple I’m afraid everyone will think of it soon. THANKS, RUTH FIKE

  26. Thank you for this opportunity,to find my real myself. I would like to know if there is a congregation, or clubhouse here in Toronto.I could use some help, becouse I don’t understand everything.Is there a possibility to find the Herliom pakages in Hungarian language? Thank you.

  27. I tried yesterday with submitting some comment but I can’t find it today.
    Anyway, I am not sure we have clubhouses here in Norway, if so I would like
    to attend asp. Tank You Mark Hamilton for all the exitement I have had
    during reading 6 of Your books.
    Yours sincerely

  28. nothing has come of your meetings. If you do not help I will give all books and material to the postal authority and I want all my money back imediatly.Do you understand me?I am feed up with this scam.sandra huntsinger

  29. Hello Mark,
    I finished all the books and I am rereading the visions 1, 2 & 5 and will review the other visions. I read Annabelle’s Secrets and could not put it down. It makes me hopeful that each of us can some day become like these students as we progress into God Man, Zon. What a beautiful expectation and I truly thank you Mark for all you, your brother and your Dad have worked so hard on so mankind can discover true honesty, happiness, romantic love and wealth. Congratulations on a job well done. I am happy to be your student and hope I can live up to your expectations as we progress through the 12 months. Thank you again.

  30. Hello Mark and the rest of the Neothink group!@
    I wanted to ask that if you are a divorced or single woman, do you find your Friday Night Essence and get going on your value creation just like a man does ? So far, all I have really heard about women’s part is they support their man’s value creation and enjoy their children. There must be women out there who are career minded or just haven’t found the right man. Where do they fit in this scheme of things?

  31. Mr. Mark,

    I am only on the second book. So far I bought 4 books, but I don’t have much reading time now. When I got the letter I didn’t hesitate at all. Right know my store is on the brink of failing. And my parents have fell on finical hardship. This is one of the reasons why I am doing this.

  32. Hello Mark and all of the Neothink group!
    Wanted to let you know that I finished reading Pax NT on Friday May 7th 2010. What a masterpiece, these are a lot of the issues I’ve struggled with most of my adult life. I can clearly see where this country is headed if
    we don`t turn it around, a person can`t do it by oneself. It will take some serious effort on all of our behalf. It would have been a great pleasure to meet Dr. F.W. in person sorry I missed that. My wife and I are really exited to be a part of something so positive for man kind. Thanks again everybody that puts in there time to make this so great.

  33. i am reading the third book,miss annabelle’s secrets and it is very good i am a little past half way through, and im trying franticley to finesh reading the book, even though i had to stop for a few days and put it down,i didnt want to, it really dose get your emotions going, and i am very excited,learning about the c of u on the earth,and the twelve-vision world,that is very exciting.

  34. Recently my life was in a state of self induced confusion. I was being sued for more than I could possibly comprehend paying off. My relationship with my wife of 16 years was evaporating rapidly.
    Contemplating bankruptsy and/or suicide my choices seemed few and desperate. Then it happened, I recieved an invitation in the mail, my opportunity to join a secret society. Honestly sceptical, yet desperatley intriuged I ordered volume one. Allmost magicly, as I read at night, my days consisted of changing my thought patterns and phisical movments. Within 30 days of recieving volume one, I generated nearly $ 20,000. cash, and began taking control of my life again. I setteled the lawsuit. I now have the first three books and lots of studing to do. My wife and I are acting like teenagers, playing, kissing, holding hands. I reviewed My first meeting today. Again as if magical, the message of PLAYING AND CREATING VALUES, sparked a desire in me. A desire to achieve the realities, I had only dreamed of.


  35. hi some support is apreciated.i have not had any life changes since i recieved my heirloom packages.i am losing hope in neothink.can someone help me to see how neothink can help me!!! i apreciate any help given for me to see how neothink can help me.
    thanks for me in advance
    lewis king

  36. it would be nice if i could get into the site now but i guess that will happen in time right

  37. I am thrilled, at last, to communicate directly with other members of the Neothink Society…I am through books one and two, am yet waiting upon delivery of Miss Anabelle’s secrets…here will be my home, where I can be assured of others whom I know will fully understand me(such a perilous journey it has been to finally get here)…I am most pleased to realize the best way to use my own powerful substance and influence appropriately which has been a cumbersome worry for me at least 17 months, even before discovering Neothink and the Society…for all ethical and moral concerns that go along, both with my own substance, and now, as a responsible member of the Association. To fully tame this huge beast has been an enormous, immense challenge…a powerfully incriminating experience, as well as personally, stigmatizing to be felt/thought of/known to others as “anti-Christ”…subjected also to the more rare experience of being designated as bi-polar, having “paranoid/schizophrenia”…where I had to create(secretly) mind space in order just to survive, according to a special language, through codes, words and numbers which I developed on my own(way back in the 1980’s)..of course, now it has evolved to the place where I am able to fully visualize according to good alignment, “in the moments” of my day which are temporal encounters with eternity…according to what I understand to be “the power of attraction”—a whole other experience I had to manage and bring under control…I have been subjected to a prophet’s experience, unfortunately, where, in my best description, one is subjected to all that isn’t real or true by all others…that, along with all of the mental torment and even physical anguish that accompanies…I care nothing for the notion of being designated as a “prophet”, especially to be rid of all altruistic influences that would lure me into serving, and that, inappropriately, other religions…as I spoke to my own father, years ago..”..I just want to be Happy”..I have come to realize, honestly and now with contempt, most all religious figures in our world today to be misguided, manipulative(politically), and substantively unqualified to even portray/represent whom they are speaking of, or what they are talking about…this is now perfectly clarified for me through the writing of Dr. W. himself…for having been fully stigmatized by the whole experience already some 17 months ago, there is no option for me, but to fully accept who and what I am—therefore, the best/only option for me is to join with the Society…thank Goodness they found me, faced with the prospect of having to finish this on my own…I wish to move, more immediately, out of the narrow experience of stigmatization, along with its deprivation and extreme vulnerability to a better place, access to a wider range, where to finally experience, honestly, the goodness of valuable others, along with the even more powerful Blessings of Life…where I can fully disregard the misery of that experience…I am interested in learning music(with guitar) and the possibility of becoming a screen actor, depending on how much freedom my new, realized responsibilities will allow…having been subjected to years of study in theology, philosophy, mythology, and, peculiarly with psychology I will also contemplate writing, speaking to the suffrage of individuals subjected to a similar experience that I had, as well as to the community of psychiatrists and psychologists who(unfortunately) tend to them, at the very least…more fully adjusted to this new, transformational experience..I have mental stability/clarity/focus, thanks especially to a vision of someone I recognize, though have not yet met personally…appeared despite the fact that I was dreaming, which Dr. W, clearly identifies as “thinking in reverse”, the mind’s method of dispensing refuse..have yet to gain all of my emotional surety, but that will come, I know, when I finally, fully rest in the fullness of peace, physically and mentally…(have been waiting for 17 months–more acutely since August of 1993, and more generally since about 1984)…it has been a powerful struggle not to be allured into relationships with beautiful, qualified women..howbeit as messages unto me from friends in greater consciousness tell me to wait, at least a little longer, till I more fully understand my own identity and what freedom I really have according to the responsibilities that go with…I refer to as “Greater C” the greater consciousness which speaks to me at regular intervals..even more specifically do I receive word that I regard, most assuredly as a message from Zon Himself..(I refer to as “Z”)…without their help I would not have properly realized the help I need to overcome the natural forces at work to start making my transition, more fully into the world of Neothink…naturally, according to Grace, Love is the only power that can bring us there, despite all that is really at stake…thanks especially to the work and writings of Mark Hamilton for that…I am happy to realize that I am, naturally, neither vindictive nor judgmental…it gave me a fright to realize what happened to Ann Rand,(her writings I have not yet read), having learned for some time, there is not one great/good philosopher who did not suffer tragedy, it seems, near to the end of their life and the goal of their life’s work…my own fear of falling into mysticism before getting here…It is a great comfort to me that for all of us associated with the Society, there is always “more than meets the eye”..both concerning we as individuals, and more so in our relationship with the association itself…governed by the power of omniscience always at work…I feel sure of that. With that assurance we may all move confidently out of the former world, now experiencing a crisis of self-imposed misunderstanding, to the other worlds of Neothink and the Neothink mind…we are not about the fear or monstrous stigma they would dishonestly impose on us…miraculously, it would seem, we are all about Goodness, Love, Life, Beauty…contrary to all their reasoning…Erotically, Ironically…as Joseph Campbell said:”..Nature intends the grail..” Of which we do not have to be afraid of nor ashamed, once fully vested into us…we may also move with confidence beyond the issues of faith, to realize this world now…as a quote, reiterated from a good, Christian, life concept……” The Best is Yet to Come!!”…. For all of us who move into Neothink, that day is already here. Glorious praise and thanks(I have to say) unto Dr. W., and his son, Mark Hamiliton for putting this all together…and to all of you, for being here.

    Anyone, please, rebuff me for saying anything inappropriately, either for what I said or how I said it…I am trusting the sharpest, clearest minds in the world to always keep me in line.

    Thanks again to all, and I hope I may come to know, at least some of you, personally.

  38. Mr. Hamilton,
    I have not finished reading all the heirloom packages yet but I can’t wait to see how I evolve with these meetings. Thank you.

  39. It was a delight to read some of the thoughts of others on here.. I my self was a little sceptical about this letter I received, but there was some think that cought my attention ,and it made me feel good..
    So I decited to go through wth it and send it off,and I’m so glad I did.
    I was raised baptist and my grand father was a nazerin preacher,and I always had questions
    About religions that I couldn’t get answers to, till I started reading these books.
    I am halfway through wth miss annabella’s secrets and I can’t put it down…
    Thank you mr. Mark hamilton, it has been very breath taking and I can wait to see what is next to come..

  40. I searched for many years trying to find a religious doctrine or dogma that i
    could feel inside of me, finally I found Science of Mind which opened my
    thinking and allowed me to embrace a new way of thinking.
    Neothink has enhanced my thinking and finally made me realize I am on the
    right track.

  41. I having a problem with the religious thing to,when i am watching TV i always here someone say i would like to thank god,plus i was kinda brought up on it in I feel if I turn away I am wrong.IN the left in right brain breakdown was kinda crazy for me but now as i sit back I think things are starting to smooth it self out!

  42. I just started my dream business with a good friend of mine last year but it’s a little slow going because our finances are low. I never was religous to begin with because I don’t like being told how to live my life. I love reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets but it’s a little slow because I’m the mother of two little boys. In fact I’ve stopped reading the others so I can concentrate on it. I’m very excited about my first meeting. These books are great!

  43. When I was first contacted, I too was a little leary about what this could be about. But, I thought, I’ll stick around and see where this takes me. I had a funny feeling deep inside that this possibly could be what I have been looking for, for so long, to fill up that empty space inside. Guess what? I was right. This is it! This is where I want to be. This is where the happiness is found. I am almost finished reading Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. I am an avid reader and I must say, I LOVE this book. I can’t read it fast enough, yet I don’t want it to be over. This is the most unique book I have ever read! Wonderful, wonderful book!

  44. Ruth,
    I have also had a very religious up bringing. What helped me was an open mind and questioning everything that did not fit logically! Once you start with a logic foundation it is easier to see. That is what is helping me!I hope this helps you some.

  45. P.S. Joanna,
    Most important DON’T WORRY I AM SURE WE HAVE ALL DONE THAT AT-LEAST ONCE!! LOL!! I KNOW I HAVE!!Soon you will be smarter than most College Graduates!!

  46. Joanna, All you have to do is go in your meeting and let it load then click on the line about where u were. Then u can watch from where u left off!! Hope it helps!!

  47. I must admit I am so ashamed of myself. I watched the first part of the meeting and when it said to click on the X Etc. I did that and took a break getting some dinner and a cold drink. When I came back the meeting was gone! I feel so lost for missing the rest of the meeting. Is there any way to go back and view the second half of the meeting? Also, I have searched all over and can’t find the “source code” needed to get into chat with other members. It’s where you type in your email name address,etc. then your source code. What is that? Where is that? Can someone help? Thank you Mark for what I did hear and see. I feel very priviliged to have you for my mentor. JoAnna

  48. I find it hard to give up my religous beliefs as I was taught since I was a child.
    I wasnt the most avid believer because I never really understood. But when you’er raised to call on GOD, read your bible, pray at every thought, sooner or later you begin to believe in it. How will I deprogram myself. It doesnt seem so easy.

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