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  1. I just finished the Annabelle Secrets package. It was sheer creative genius! I have never felt such a broad spectrum of emotions reading a book. It was believable within its context. However, the concept of FNEs is simplistic.

    I have found that the FNE is a lot easier said than done. My FNEs died & I died along with them after hundreds of hours of time & thousands of dollars invested. I am nowhere except circling deeper into the drain of anti-

    I am retired & dealing with pressing health issues (along with my wife) & struggling to make ends meet. I understand that I was selected as a society member because my family & I are facing survival pressures (who isn’t these days). I feel a lot of anger, contempt, sadness & concern (not at Neothink).

    My main concern is for our children, in their mid-20s, already stagnated & giving up on life. As a parent, I am crushed by their despair. Our children are victims of the educational system/s. They are not able to get jobs due to the economy & language barrier (they speak English only) They are not able to get acceptance into a university. Their technical-school education has proven to be expensive & worthless. They feel like they are ostracized in a wasteland.

    Where are the animal-instinct accelerators discussed in the letters? (I suspected they were faction). My life-long impossible dream is to someday tap into the 95% of the brain that nobody uses. I hope that his can be accomplished with Neothink & that Neothink is a lot more than just an MLM.

    We could use a “controlled fusion” lift-off out of our dire misery. Can Neothink help us? Soon we’ll know.

    J. Rivas

  2. I am enthusiastic about the Neothink approach because I feel it has the potential to help arrest the decline of American and world economies. Since the safeguards put into the American economy during the previous (1930’s) depression have been removed (e.g., prohibition of inter-state banking and the Glass-Stegall Act), chances for recovery look slim without some intervention.

    This past year I have retired after an exciting, science-oriented career of nearly forty-one years that focused mostly on telecommunications and computers. The Neothink effort will hopefully be a way for me to contribute to a much-needed solution for our society’s current economic ills.

    Carl Anthony Cooper

  3. After reading the story of Ian Scott, downloading Christine brain’s electrical impulses into CheistineII. I am drawn more into that character as we move into the C of U.

  4. I have posted on so many different places am losing track which ones I have missed. I love the learning process and all levels 1 thru 3 so far just completed. I have had the secret website going now a few months and barely had time to get my nose out of the heirloom books to go online to do the websites and postings and testimonials but many changes in my life are now happening in every facet of my life its all opening up and am waking up. I am not full time working but hopefully soon fulltime working at home online and out of my home as my new 3-4 so far am developing to do are progressing very nicely so I can move away from my government position and on to independence and truely be able to celebrate independence day belonging to the C of U and intergrating all am learning such as my mini days my friday essence my 10 second miracles and now my marketing secret of finding my common denominators. Becoming more involved as a Warrior in the TVP party and spreading the word so others might benefit..Its so exciting to be busy at play again and enjoying life full of wonder and energy as I work fulltime and work to learn all I can of Neothink and Mr Hamiltons philosophy as it becomes intergrated into my own thinking and philosophy and as I learn more I will also progress in my French language interactive Rosetta stone level 1 program and I just started online in a Masters program as a MBA in Health and Wellness program…So am busy and still havent reached a meeting with anyone or gotten to the local clubhouse but as my car gets fixed up for the drive I will be attending those meetings as well as progress as a WArrior as I can take on and understand more of the program…TVP rocks! Welcome and Hello to each and all and I welcome any comments or suggustions in my own blogs please everyone feel free to write to me too..G Bruce in Baltimore Md.21221

  5. I am 77 years old and have been retired from the military for 33 years. I worked in the electronics field living and PLAYING at something I have always loved and and still do. I believe that the science field has always intrigued me.I believe I have found my friday night essence. Since I received my packages I have been re-invigorized and am looking forward to the future.

  6. What can compare to these Meetings? There is none like MH and these Meetings because they are the highest level in the world and what they do for our minds…there are none like us…

  7. Hello Mark!

    I am very interested in starting local Neothink Secret Society meetings in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am interested in holding those meetings locally and I am wondering if there is anyone else currently doing this in Toronto. Please contact me at to let me know how this can be accomplished or if there are local meetings for me to attend.

    I am a self-leader, owner of my own business and very happy to be in charge of my own life and want to know if other self-leaders are joint venturing on projects within the Neothink Society?

    After reading the Heirloom Package and Miss Annabelle’s Secrets I felt like the Neothink Society Members truly understood how I have felt my whole life, however I have not met many other people who have the same vision or depth of understanding as I do. When is the next Neothink Society Social Gathering so I can attend. I feel that the Neothink Society is a family of like-minded people who feel and think the way I do and I look forward to meeting others from the Secret Society.

    Your insights have been very helpful for me in this first level meeting. Thank you Mark!

    Do you believe that our world will understand the love that we feel and the way we experience living? When I am so joyful and happy leaving my home the people that greet me in my day to day life sometimes make me wonder if the world in ready for what we understand. I would like to work with yourself and other higher level members to discuss this topic and come up with a way to help the rest of the world to become more conscious and aware of the life that awaits them. Have you considered providing information to the masses and finding those like-minded individuals in our society who are ready to make this shift in consciousness?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    Andrea Luxon

  8. Hi Mark,

    The difference from reading your orientation booklet, and the three heirloom
    books were totally unexpected. I almost didn’t order the second book. It took a world of patience just to reed that first book. It was so over my head that I had to keep repeating pages to get an understanding. I had two
    questions from what the orientation booklet said. 1] I thought I would obsorbe the information and understand it. I also thought these different things (like future thinking and reading peoples minds etc) would be absorbed automaticly. I also thought you would give me the 10 second miracle in the first book. 2] It stated in the orientation booklet that the $139.95 was the
    final payment. The first two books were very deep and hard to follow. The third book read like a dream. Can you tell me if that story has happened in real life, or if it was a story to explain easily what neothink and fne is about for our understanding? thank you frances

  9. Hey Mark… I have a question. I’ve read ( well not all but some chapters) of all 3 Heirlooms. I experienced somewhat of some changes in my life. things did get better for me.. thank you for that. you opened my eyes to a lot about religion. i now believe in myself..i personally like the pax nt. keep me updated with the knowledge. now let me get into my question.. every since i received my first invite in the mail I’ve been on finding out more about the secret society.. i came across this man by the name or Jordan Maxwell.. he says alot about secret society. i was wondering/ is that the secret society you talks about? between the both of you guys I’ve learned a lot, i c i was really blinded by the government.. not only that, me as a young black male that’s so powerful knowledge that no one can imagine how i feel knowing that knowledge. i really appreciate you or who ever contacted me. Thank You for everything. i’m proud to be part of something this real.. KEEP IN CONTACT MARK. send me letters and updates. I’m all in with you. Take Care Mark…

  10. Hi mark I have your three books, now am reading miss annabelle story. Am a little confused about this because I haven’t experienced any changes in my life. Am a very depressed person and I suffer from anxiety and I think alot about horrible situations that have had happened in my life. I just want to learn to take that out of my mind and live a happy life like you say that we are meat to be. I want to experience happiness something that I never had. Hoping that in my first meeting with you I can learn to get rid of those unpleasant feelings. Financially and in romantic love am a mess. Thank you and I just waiting to see a change in my life soon.

  11. Hello Mr. Hamilton,

    This is who I am –>
    In Neo-think the many are asking for what I am for you to use as your Secret Weapon of Mass Construction I am the Secret Agent 009 I know you have the answer too but two ways is completely OK for all of America for our principles are what will win! You know it’s not over until God says it’s over and that’s not until we win! Together we have the new beginnings it’s not the end! the answer for all American’s prosperity opulence , all that you say is true but I just want you to know I have your answer here today that will make all your thoughts your fathers and every ones words ring true. It makes sense more for you than I. I am your future partner who does the big things for you. The one who has the victorious mental attitude the consciousness of power to do anything , be anything, to have anything , is within myself , then and only then will I take my proper place in this life. The things that you do I don’t or won’t. Your the doer who makes things happen and I am the researcher the one who brought the perfect business to the many suffering people, abundance, opulence prosperity forevermore. A Business so easy to do that became the largest most profitable business in the history of the world! I guarantee it! Neo-think it’s chance to integrate it into U.S of America. ! Thank you for your time.

  12. Dear Mark,

    I was able to go over the third level making it three times. Last time I wrote I had this gut feeling I needed to go see Dad. I’m so glad I did. I was gone from the 24th and suppose to be back on the 5th. On Saturday October 2nd we woke up my dad was very weak and starting to turn blue. We called 911 and they were able to stabilize him and then they took him to the nearest hospital in Henderson, Nevada. Well, I truly do not want to go into very many details, but he had pneumonia, or bronchitis. With the asbestos in his lungs and all he never left the hospital. I took all my vacation to stay and be with him. On the 16th of October he died, we buried My dad Marvin Robinson in Henderson, Nevada My emotions are not what I like them to be yet, I’m trying to stay as positive as I can. I even missed your important letter you sent me.

    Sorry, I didn’t get back to you with my comments on Level 3.

    I’m here at the Library sending my comments to you. Then I will get signed on the web site. With writing my comments in November instead of October, I hope that I can go to level 4. I would love to advance to Level 4 in a couple of days.

    I am ready to move on!

    I honestly do not know if I can look outside my job for more money.

    I believe I’m crasping the Neo-Think Marketing Secrets, but I realize I have a lot to learn.

    Thank you,

    Penny Libbee

    PS: I was looking were to sign in to get on the web-site. Would you give me directions. I have not been able to find it.

  13. I have 4 children, 3 boys & one girl. My eldest son is married & has financial & marital problems. My 3rd child-son has difficulties finishing college. My youngest-son who has just finished college, has difficulties getting a job. My only daughter, an Architect with a stable job and house, wants to settle down but can’t find the right man. Now my question is: As my descendants, can I pass along or let them read the 3 Heirloom Packages now or sooner and would you say it will help them solve their problems and difficulties? Also, how can I rise to the level of the rich member society without a job nor a business wherein to create values? What must I do to get rich & solve my life difficulties, be happy & become what I am meant to be?

  14. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to become a member. I have to say that just reading the first four volumes have already changed my life for the better. I have quit smoking after 45 years and have taken on a new attitude about life. I have always felt that things were not as they seemed in this world. You have taken me to a better existance. I have lived life as a stoic for self-preservation and my feelings of failure were mine alone. I feel young and free of societies expectations for me. I always thought I knew good and right, but society disagreed. You have unleashed emotions in me that disappeared decades ago. I am forever in the Neothink Society’s service. I never truly understood love until now.

  15. Mark,
    First I want to Thank You for allowing me to be a part of this up coming magnificent scheme. I so want this whole thing to work out not only for you, Mark, and all the magnificent members involved, but also for myself. I so need to grow and learn. I do want my deep desire’s keep me tuned in totally.
    hink web site: I browsed around your website, at that time I did not find it. According to the notes. I took in Lesson 2, I need to go into the web-site to sign in for this? I plan to do this in October.

    Leaving on September 24th, I plan to to be back at my work place October 5th. I will be visiting my Dad before the cold winter months set in. He is 87 years old and has worked in asbestos. I visited him the last two weeks in July at that time he had 20 to 22% air capacity in his lungs, and I was told he may have 6 to 12 months to live. I recently learned the steroids the doctor put him on has increased his air capacity to 60%. I’m assuming/or surely hope it will improve (I have been told its giving him more energy) an increase in his life. Believe me I am so thankful.

    I have read Level 2 three times, each time I get more and more information stored in my head. I would love to experience one of these 10 second miracles as well as many more.

    Since reading your books, I have tried to work the numbers into my work area.
    I’m not sure if it is all clicking together or not but I know I have been perfecting my work area tremendously and it has improved my out looks in many area’s. Just to let you know I am pretty much stationary at my desk. I have to write more later the library is closing. I will join you Level 3 hopefully
    very soon. Thanks again for everything Mark

  16. Actualy, directed to Mr. Hamilton, I am looking forward to the level #3 meeting.It appears very intresting. Levels 1-2 came so unwaitingly fast , if there was ever such a word, I hope level #2 intergration did go through as the monitor said tit did. I know it is an every 30 day advancement. As I wait inpaciently…. Thank You karl hawkins pcsevenzone80@att.net9-20-2010

  17. Mark, how do I get to Level 2? My goal is to join as many organizations within the Neothink Society as I can, but, I also want to keepm moving up the levels one by one. You may post your response here. and I’ll read it and do what needs to be done. Thanks, Tom


  19. Mr Hamilton,
    I enjoyed both multigenerational books. I understand the reasoning behind the TVP and the God of man Church compliance with the TGIF business purpose. I have since applied for membership with this group also and enjoy Os Hillman’s lectures of saving the seven tribes. The book Miss Annabelle’s secrets is a well written code book from the very beginning. By planting the seed of positive thoughts into the kids she taught. The kids were able to determine things at a greater rate of speed than older adults that worked in stagnate lives.

    The friday night essence part of the TVP really got my juices flowing with ideas on how to better plan my home business and capitalize on the little secrets that lay therein. My money has doubled in the last month by integrating new concepts into my wider range of writing techniques.

    I have attended my first club house meeting here locally and feel right at home in the quest for American prosperity here and abroad. I have even thought about becoming a change agent so I can reach people at a spiritual level and explain to them that Jesus was the pure essence of what man is suppose to be. I have also considered the facts about Jesus’s miricales of healing the sick and raising the dead. His pure essence, aroura, power lives within us all. We just have to reach a different level in mind control of ourselves to obtain these powers in Jesus name.

    Still it is great to be a part of the super puzzle of life. I hope that all my new family here will be open minded about the course and adventure we are about to partake. LET’S DO THIS! I want to live forever too.

  20. Dear Mark,

    I am very new but somehow the universe has been preparing me for this for many years. I’ve had a dream of a creation on the internet that would teach children how to be entrepreneurs at an early age. The curriculum would range from K-12 grades, young adults, etc.

    It is my goal for all education to be replaced with Neothink. I have been doing integrated thinking and 10 second miracles before I became a Society Member.

    I am at the stage of implementing and growing as I take this wonderful journey. After I had the opportunity to talk to you at the “Celebration Meeting” and shared my Vision, I knew that our Visions coincided and “power thinking” brought us together.

    Let us get our freedom back!

    “Your Modern Day Miss Annabelle”
    Angel Lockhart

    P.S. Could you make an exception and allow me to move ahead to Level 3 for I do consider myself an “overachiever”?

  21. Mark, my name is Bernard McCulley and I am very greatful for this opportunity. I have set in on the first meeting and I am ready to move to the next level. I am 64 years old and not employed. I have read the two volumes and I have found myself stuck in neutal. I don’t know how to apply the seven stept approach to my situation. I have also requested volume three and am looking foward to reading it. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Bernard McCulley

  22. Hey Mark, I have a physically demanding job that I do not intend on keeping for the remainder of my life. This is the reason I attend college evenings, hoping for something better. Neothink may be the opportunity I’ve been searching for, so I plan on going to the meetings. Thanks for the chance to escape stagnancy and transcend towards my complete creative potential.

  23. how was i chosen or even known that i existed for or be interested in this society, yes i have a lot of reading and studying to get me to where i need to be , but yes i am doing what i was meant to be just maybe just not the level i want to be thank you , mark

  24. thank you for my invite into the society how was i chosen or even known that i existed for this or would have known i would be interested in i need to do a lot more reading in all aspect of the society and to further my education and grow thank you looking forward to next month, mark

  25. I have a 2 yr old son and watch many children’s movies with him. It’s amazing to see that movie producers like Walt Disney are trying to keep children’s minds open to all possibilities. Just the other day we were watching Treasure Planet, and I was thinking to myself, this movie is awesome because it shows children that this small planet we call earth is but one of billions in our galaxy. And to see other life forms that are not humanoid interacting with the characters and the characters not being threatened by their appearance is just awesome. Its like now that I know what I know from the Neothink Society I can see glimpses everywhere that people want this knowledge.

    Thank you for inviting me into this group. I know my life path now. – Alex

  26. The concept of moving out of the anti civilization (it is about time) into the “C” of U, is thrilling and so encouraging. It can not get here to soon. Your ideas are revolutionary and they truly expand everyones awareness. I have always known it was possible, even as a small child. At that time I thought the “C” of U, as I felt it most certainly should be, was already true, but was in for a rude awakening, once I went to school. Long ago I esentially believed in the same idea of your FNE, and found it early on, (with protests from every direction), before I learned about it from you now. It will be a lot easier for everyone else. Thank you so much Elena

  27. Great stuff,looking foward to the next meeting,hope you dont mind
    a Arkansas FARM HAND takeing this walk with ya!!!

  28. hi mark I dont know what to say at the moment but im thinking. Yey; Ive, made some major life changes recently and im a little skeptical but i have an open mind. I am looking foreward to my next meeting kenlarsen

  29. Hello Mark: I have completed my level one intergreation and I am looking forward to learning how to work and play as an adult. I am looking forward to my next month class. I am very glad the society has choosen me to be a member. I am very sorry to hear about your father, I know he was a good man. I am looking forward to being the best value producer I can be for the society and the new world. I am very sorry I could not order your father last secret edition. As soon as I can, I will order his last secrect edition with a dout no matter the cost.

    Thankyou: Jesse Ellis

  30. Hi Mark; I’ll first say that I’m ecstatic to be here, and look forward to meeting people of like minds. I’ve always been different, even as a child I always thought outside the box, sometimes out of this world. I’ve always been a loner, very independent, and have had few true friends. Most people I’ve ever known were stuck in a cave-man mindset, never being able to hold an intelligent conversation beyond worldly things, if that. I have met a few though, that actually lit up my life over the years, but our paths had parted, perhaps never to meet again…

    I’ve not worked a regular job since 1997, when I suffered a neck injury working as an electrician. Aside from nearly constant pain, I do OK most of the time. Over the last few years my financial situation has gone to the crapper. I have a wife & 3 boys living with me. The youngest is still in school because of a learning disability has him behind 2 years, we’re hoping he graduates this next year.

    I think it’s human nature to be skeptical, and I’m very cautious with money because I’m on fixed income. I’m unable to join the Neo-Think site at this time because I just can’t. I’ve nearly maxed out the one credit card I do have to order the 3 books, (I just ordered the last one)but somehow figured out a way to pay it down to order the next.

    The oil spill has affected the whole state of Louisiana, making it harder for me to make any extra money because no one seems to have any.

    No financial miracles have happened for me yet, but despite my conscience skepticism, my intuition tells me something BIG is coming…I can explain it no other way. A pure, gut feeling..a KNOWING of something good to come…

    So here I am, going by my gut, day by day…KNOWING that NEO-THINK is what I’ve been seeking since I was old enough to know what seeking was.

    I’m 53 years old, I held more jobs than I could count. I’ve been a mechanic, electrician, computer tech, plumber, carpenter, & a lot more…and I know if I learned all that & got good at it, I can learn this & put it all together to become the person I was supposed to be.

    Thank you Mark David A. Biondahl

  31. Hello Mark,I joined this Nethink Society to better myself,I will have to ponder on the first meeting,so far it is OK,I want to learn what the true meaning of life is about and gain wealth on the way.I look foward to the next meeting. Thanks. David Hill

  32. Hello Mark I’m doing fine. I’m really excited about this opportunity to finally be able to speak with others.I’m also ready to take my next step into the Neothink society. Thanks for having me.Walter

  33. I Larry D Williams Sr. will like to thank you for accepting me into your society. It is a great pleasure and I am learning so much from reading the society literature. I thank Mark Hamilton for this opportunity and being able to walk among the winners in life. I did not know what to expect in the first meeting, for I wasn’t sure if I were ready. But, I am ready to continue to walk with the winners.
    My love is music for I am a bass player in the country music. I perform with “JESSE BRYANT AND THE COUNTRY OUTLAWS”, for we trying to get an record deal with 17 of our orginals songs. Please review “” for I know you will love what you hear. We are love by everyone that hear us and looking for the right record deals to take us worldwide. I want to get involve in everything that the society have to offer, so please keep me inform.

    Larry D. Williams Sr
    336 462 7842
    1725 Queen Street
    Winston Salem, NC 27103

  34. Hi I am so happy to talk and not fill left out. I am eagarded to be a part of Secret Society, I was trying to keep this secret but my husband found out. I am still being priovot about everything, because I am proud to learn more about my life, and share with people I can relate to. I really want to get on the bal but I need new books, and free time.

    well think you all so much. I have to go to work now but I will be back soon.
    Sincerly Sophia St’amand

  35. Ive read the the 2nd book and i am trying to find my Friday Night Essence but i don’t seem to know how?? I think its overwhelming fear. fear of not succeeding. fear of embarassment fear of failure fear of fear.. how can i rid myself of the fear?

  36. First I want to thank you for choosing me for this great journey, I am in the middle of my third book, I have gain more knowledge than I gained in my nine years in school,people really live to die my grandmother told me the last time I visited her that I should give her hug because this might be the last time I see her alive,couple weeks later she passed away my father now uses the same line every time I visit him, I have never read anything that send shivers over my whole body and have to try hard to hold back the tears,my hold way of thinking is so different now I find myself building puzzles in my head and seeing what they looks like when they are finished I just have to snap all the pieces together now I am working on starting a home base business I feel like I am moving towards the person I was meant to be and live the life I was meant to live, THANK YOU.

  37. Hi Mark;
    I would like to let you know that to my surprise, I had a lot in agreement with Neothink analysis of mankind development from bicameral “animal” mentality to “conscious” mentality and finally to “god-man” mentallity. The results so far are not serving the life that humen are suppose to live. I am looking forward to learn the secrets of curing the menace facing aging and death. I am now retired and disable. During my working career I have had some experience with “Friday night essence”, “value production” and “value creation”, using different names of course, but none of that made me rich in monetary term. Thank you for having me as your appentice. As you said, I am a persistant traveller in this long journey, I promiss to make a small step forwards every day, a measurable distance every month, and with your help, I will arrive where you plan for me.

  38. I was born Christian, I mean I grew up in church. I was told there is a God and Jesus Christ is the son of the God .HE came down to earth to save us from sin we make and one day we will elevate to go to his kingdom in the heaven for eternity. I found this is a great promise and I found myself very proud to have a God father which mean I am a God son too.I was told He is my creator or every beings creator.
    I very often question myself about God as a creator and often question myself regarding the protection He is supposed to provide us against everything disastrous from the Nature(by the way who creates that nature)and then here we go with that phenomenon: rich people poor people and so on… I am really confused; how come we have so many contradiction, how come things are so paradox on earth, how come things are not like paradise so people don’t have to worry about anything at all.

  39. I was very excited to attend to the first level meeting, to learn about something new, I wasn’t completly impress about the first meeting, because to that meeting was pre-recorded and used over and over again, I would suggest you Mr. Hamilton If you would at least mention my name and who ever is first level meeting for the first time , It would be more appropriate. And you repeat the same thing in the all three hailoom packege, briefly but I was listening to you one hour or more I expected more than what you spoke. But any way my quesstion to you and your advance menbers.
    I am doing a job plus going to school to change my life long caeer as of now the job that I am doing now I am not satisfy and the company is not satisfy with my performance, I do this job from my heart and very hornestly, but realy frstrated about stagnation, what shell I do?
    almost every day I read the hairloom packege to gather more knowledge to how to do the job more effective and efficiant but what ever I do not enough of them.

  40. I am so excited and looking forward to each new step in this venture. I enjoyed the third book immensely, and foresee wonderful new things in coming.
    Thank you for selecting me to be a part of your program.


  41. hello mark there has been some very positive events in my life it has to do with elements and your right of-course there is a lot of childhood memories surfacing that have been trying to shape me into who and what i am. I have noticed some of them in every where i go. If this is just the beginning of whats to come the world and the people will see the difference you will make in all of us. My puzzle is pieceing together just like you said. It is very moving indeed you have planted seeds and they are growing and i believe i know why! I am exited but patiently waiting for the next lesson. Be wll my friend.

  42. The thing I love about this journey is how the puzzle pieces snap into puzzle pictures that are fully integrated, powerful and compelling. I feel privileged to be a part of this.

  43. I am excited to learn more and to go through all the steps to get to level 12.
    i am hoping that it gets here fast so i can experiance it all.
    Thank you Mr Hamilton

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