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  1. Your FNE, your passion(s), are the things you desire most out of life. Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Literatures, Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party are strong passions of mine. Each of us brings an important piece to the “C Of U” puzzle. This can only be accomplished through effortless teamwork, however great or small, which is the purpose of why we all are here. In each of us here, there’s an FNE, a passion, we are proud “Neothink Warriors!”

  2. I have been looking at the numbers in my own business and to increase the bottom line, by involving more subcontractors to accomplish task at hand. the numbers will start to rise. This will allow me to expand the business in other areas that i want to pursue.

  3. Friday Night Essence is many things to many people I’m 81 years old and I discovered my friday night essence is to expose the crooked Politicial system in our country
    Mark Hamilton has given me cause to live to be 100 and I will write and fight until my computer wears out, Thank you Mark
    Melvin G Cornwell

  4. you can use the Ten-Second miracle in your own business (value creator) or your job (value producer) by studing the numbers in all areas of life they tell a story of where you are at that moment in time and what need to be done to get you to where you want to go in life. studing the numbers help develope a plan for forward essence movement of any project that you are working on. you learn from the numbers of what need to be done.

  5. I have used the tools in Mark Hamilton writing the ” FRIDAY NIGHT ESSENCE ” to find in me what i wanted to do, that made me feel good about living. and WOW what a enjoyable accomplishment when you have created something that lift your consciousness to new levels and you start to have deeper integrations about life in general. thanks Mark

  6. to have a creation driven life give one such pride in knowing that you have added value to society. Mark Hamilton writings show you step by step how you can create . that ability is in each and every human being on planet earth.

  7. There is always cause and effect in all area ‘s of life and living, in politics the cause is apathy, indifference and guilibible voters and non voters. The effect is destruction of our way of life for future generations, It’s time for a change, the Twelve Visions Party can meet that change. Thank you Mark Hamilton.
    Melvin G Cornwell

  8. The value of the teaching in this vidio is not measureable, it is the only way to build a progressive life leading ro self sastifaction for ones efforts. To be of value to mankind one must produce more value than he recieves thus he becomes a value producer and the rewards are sustaining. Mark Hamilton is on the money for sure.
    Melvin G Cornwell

  9. When you see through the eyes of a child the world seems brighter. Adults can feel exhileration they once felt as a child by creating something brand new, never seen before. Your FNE and Ten Second Miracle are the extraordinary tools that leads to an exhilerating journey that never ends. A journey of no return!

  10. Your FNE is one of the most powerful tools that can transform any stagnant life into the life of eternal bliss. The only way to live the exhilerating and creative life that you were honestly meant to live is by applying these powerful tools. The purpose of life is for man to be happy,which is acheived through “Exhilerating Value Creation”(creating values for society). I absolutely love the Exhilerating Value Creation way! I absolutely need to apply it more to my life.

  11. This is one of so many efforts by Mark Hamilton to reach into the hearts of people and show them their value as individuals, and their purpose in life. As I watch this remembering when I first went through these mentoring videos I realize that it truly is an example of REAL value creation.

    Mark is exampling how REAL value creation adds value to the lives of all who come into contact with a person that is living their life through their value creations. This creates, in turn, the exhilarating movement into making their dreams their realities. Become who you were meant to be! Find the joy and happiness of your Inner Child. Thrive!

    If we inspire children not with faith to accomplish their dreams and desires in life, they will accomplish nothing; if we teach them they are dependent on others for all things, then we are teaching that no man can change his own destiny, that he is moved as a machine, a mindless mechanism that simply functions through life following the directions of others. In teaching children this, we will make nonentities of them because they will not show their selves as individuals through their individual creative talents.

    On the other hand, if we inspire them that they can accomplish all, it will grow upon them, and finally, they will believe that they do have within themselves the ability to become creators, value creators of their own destinies.

    Mark Hamilton must be a beautiful person to make as his value creation the sharing some very valuable and beautiful instructions to all through his books. Thank you!

  12. Extraordinary collaboration! This video is a powerful reflection of Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Literatures, Neothink Society and TVP. A wonderful piece to The C Of U puzzle. Love it!

  13. The Cause and Effects from the ruling classes can be easily amassed by regular people and can create an adverse force among neothinkers who may be trying to remove stagnation. That’s where repetition and integrations of Mark Hamilton’s literature can be valuable resources to help deter those forces, so that exhilaration can be anchored by many layers of momentum to produce unstoppable forces of energy. Then this repetition of energy forms the transformation that can catapult into the Twelve Visoons World of shielded dimensions totally secured from the suppression.

  14. Moving from the value producing, routine rut type existence into the value creating mode is the difference between a boring life and the exciting life every human is meant to live.
    Mark Hamilton has nailed down the key concept that truly frees the individual to achieve lasting success and happiness.

  15. “Never wants to end”. That is exactly correct. I do not want my excitement for life to ever end. I know I have many value creations in me to give to society. Mark Hamilton is reaching out to all with his montoring skills to show all of us the road to peace, wealth and happiness. The Twelve Visions Party will eliminate the ruling class and we will never stangnate again.


  16. Everyone come and join us in Neothink and leave your stagnate life and become a value creator. It will bring excitement into your life. The life you were meant to live. With Mark Hamilton’s mentoring, you will find the journey a joy.


  17. Living the creative life Mark Hamilton has shown us gives excitement and purpose to our lives. I look forward to getting up in the morning to express my purpose of bringing creative values to everyone I can.


  18. The rule of man must be replaced. And we will replace it under the mentoring of Mark Hamilton and the creation of the Twelve Visions Party. With the TVP we will depolitize America and then the world. I find this journey very exciting.


  19. Mark Hamilton has allowed me to understand through this discussion that I am a servant of God and I am one with God, as a Pastor, and this is the character that I was born to be, this is the character that I was meant to be.

  20. Living the creative life was very helpful to me. I was taught by Mark Hamilton to become innervative and to use integrative processes in order to do miraculous things in very short time spans.

  21. Thanks for the discussion on values Mark. I believe that you are addressing values that are eternally necessary. The people I work with every day address values that are focused on trust, family preservation, infrastructure building and unity for all.

  22. As members of the Neothink Society we will continue to prevent repression and stagnation and bring about rebirth, renewal and reincarnation of a God like people. I give thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve vision party. I will stay motivated and active in this process of revelation.


  24. This video shone as a power full effect because in my experience this FNE was alwys their
    side of us but because we were so closed shut down we could not understand, until MarkHamilton came in our life with his writing that this break through started to unfold
    then the love begin to open up even the job that you do on a daily base you are able to
    transform down to your Feriday Night Essence starting their makes a great deal of
    Creativity creating value.

  25. This Video by Mark-Hamilton has offer so much, beaus this brings out the value creator
    we were meant to be getting out of the following mode. by living our FNE being the person we were meant to be creating value loving what we do living in happiness
    makes the great deference free from the stagnation that hold us back.

  26. As one look down stream to fine there friday nite essence. You will fine great value there for the world and yourself. Mark Hamilton teach this in Neothink literature. Thank you , Mark

  27. The removal of the rule of man (Elitism) will bring real change to American.You and I will experience love,happiness and prosperity like none ever. Only the Twelve Visions Party can make that a reality.

  28. These Ten Seconds miracals are your answers. When a get these visions I also get a unique feeling at the same time. I know it will happen. And it does!

  29. A burdened life is not the life mankind was meant to live.
    Mankind deserves to live an “extraordinary” life.
    Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Movement and Neothink Literatures
    turns oridinary individuals into “extraordinary” individuals.
    His TVP Movement turns an ordinary world
    into an “extraordinary” world.
    Neothink makes that “extraordinary” difference!
    Many geniuses are born through Neothink!
    There’s no telling how far this “Civilization Of The Universe” will go
    once that “Neothink Mentality” in each of us grows!
    “Neothink”….”THOU ART WORTHY!!!! http://www.neothinksociety.com

  30. The Value Creator is what everyone should be.What a wonderful world it is when everyone is a creator!

  31. Life is meant for creation, and this is how i discovered this through Mark Hamilton’s lessons of Neothink, the best in the world today years ahead of our time, anybody can imagine how life perfect would be if one truly discovers their essence through their motivation to create and this can benefit them with great rewards such as earning millions of dollars, it can really be done, i do.

  32. Mr Mark, Iwant to really thank you personally for this Mat. Wow Where i have you and myself been? Thanks AGAIN, Look foward to meeting Youself.

  33. We’ve a choice in this country…either sit back participating in a world of steady loss – or step forward and be part of a world of steadily growing fulfillment, rich with our freedoms and value creations of, for, and by every individual for the peaceful benefit of every state in our land. Let’s ring in a Twelve Visions World. Mark Hamilton, I let no man do my judging for me – I’ve examined for myself; your Neothink Society members…future Twelve Visions Party government candidates…will have my vote. Liz Szarka, NY

  34. Increasingly in this country, law after law after law has been enacted by the ruling elite class under the influence of – and to the benefit of – powerful corporations and those who have connections to them. These laws are not for the protection of the people, but are for the enslavement of the people and for the pocket-stuffing and personal agendas of many of the officials currently in offices at all levels of government. Mark Hamilton, I salute you for ensuring that all candidates running under the Twelve Visions Party will be under contract to uphold the Prime Law – giving us back our inherent freedoms to grow, prosper, and live in happiness and harmony. Liz Szarka, NY

  35. Clearly our individual rights and freedoms in this country have been steadily eroding due to the greed and power-mongering of the ruling elite. No government should have the power of initiatory force over any of its people – such even more repugnant and deleterious when under the guise of promoting the “social good” (When in actuality, promoting the status quo ruling elites’ power).
    Mark Hamilton, because your visionary candidates of the Twelve Visions Party, for within all levels of government offices, will be contractually bound to uphold “The Prime Law” of “no initiatory force” – I will be voting for them…all around.
    If we as individuals want to be free, then we need to act free and oust those who continue to either blind us to our inherent freedoms or herd and wall us away from our freedoms and choices. – Liz Szarka, NY

  36. I agree with you Mark Hamilton…. We need the “Individual Rights Amendment” added to our Constitution as proposed by you, with the Prime Law’s “no initiatory force” put into place, so that the federal government can no longer continue to erode our rights and freedoms under the guise of “promoting the social good.” I will be voting for the “Twelve Visions Party” all-the-way. From all walks of life, we must now come together as one people again and end the rule of the powerful elite class that has been steadily growing and taking foothold in our country. – Liz Szarka, NY

  37. Mark Hamilton, you’re the best! I’ve taken an in depth look at what your Twelve Visions Party is all about and I agree that while our country’s Constitution was near flawless, a tiny omission allowed the oppressive rule of man creep in…the Prime Law that you speak of will serve to bolster our Constitution and give the power back to “We the People” as intended. – Liz Szarka, New York

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