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  1. Hello Mark Hamilton!Thank you so very much for your Neothink Literature and also for the valuable Seminars.Thank you.olga

  2. and that why i new i had to find my way to the TvP ITS TEACHING ME MORE AND MORE ABOUT ABOUT BEING A REAL PERSON

  3. i was introduce to the to the zon when i was a little girl and im now 38 years of age.but when i was about 9 years old some thing tramatic happen in my life i had hurt some one all most close to death and it was the cause of my own hands. and every one in my family wanted me to be a beleaver of god but for some strange reason that wasnt working for my soul.So i fell asleep praying and brain storming my brain on how i was going to save my siffnfiacent others life but i knew god couldnt save her because i tryed to use him to bring her back.But some thing was telling me to pray for zon and she will come back and i did it the next moring and today shes alive and prize zon shes here thank you mark hamiton for nowing whats real and whats fake.Thank you with love washika patton

  4. Dear Mark, In reference to your letter. You had me in tears. There is nothing more I would like than to join all of you at Neothink World Summit. You are right I need to meet face-to-face other like minded individuals. But that is a far off dream of mine. I am home bound, I am hooked up to my oxygen with a 50 foot line, 24/7. I have a power chair but have not traveled to far with it. So know my heart is with you each and every one. I would have liked to have meet Jill. But I am going to vote for her if I have to do a “write in”. I love all of you. Doris

  5. 148The value creators are aylwas sexy, they are happy, succesful in live, they are the geniouses of society, To create values for society and oneself brings succes and happiness. Through the twelve visions party and the prime literature we shall aylwas look yonger with integrated thinking.

  6. It makes sense that this evolutionary leap would bsayps competition eventually, since if you are thinking in an entirely new manner, there can be no competition! There is only you, thinking these new thoughts in a new way, and creating values that are singularly unique. This video is good! Makes ya think!

  7. This is an extremely mniovg video!!! Excellent creativity!!! Keep on creating!!!!! Reaching out to The People, Showing the masses that The Twelve Visions Party WILL MAKE THE CHANGES NECCESSARY IN LIFE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE TO PROSPER, LIVE A GOOD LIFE AND LOVE LIFE ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome Video!!!!!! Cheryl Northest Texas

  8. thank you mr.mark hamilton 4 all u have done 4 me as a member of tvp i know things will get greater later.

  9. I agree with you Jessika about Mark, I think the reason people think it is a scam is because in the first place most of them hasn’t got enough reading intelligence to know what he is saying, and probably most of them have never really read the books, and if they did, couldn’t understand what they read. I think that is a shame, in the first place if they don’t want the books they are not forced to buy them. I have never sent the payments on time, but still through my determination they would send me the books. Nick Cooper

  10. Hi I Brought in 2001 the Neothink Books by Mark and his Father Frank
    The Info in his Marks and his father books are true about the goverment yesterday and today about religon too about television the IRS CIA
    Russia middle east whats happening to the Immigrants and what Obama
    is doing to them and his lies. What we need is a new goverment a new party
    make all people rich around the world.

  11. Hi Michael ! (“The Federal death Administration”)That caught my attention ! Brutal but clearly put ,but there flaunting it,what can we say,it walks like a Duck quacks like a duck !But it’s the Leach’s that are controlling it and we are on them , like never befor ! Mark is on the front lines KT broke through for us mark led the charge through his smoke screen and where in, regrouping with are finest weapon,the truth ! Fifty year of reserch three thousend years of facts given to us by MARK !O YA WE GOT HIS BACK ! Bruce Hardin

  12. “Being tormented by those Ive helped” That my frend I can relate to! If they have not read Mark’s research and developments of Nouveau Tech there sleep walking ! Overwhelmed easily aren’t they?Well Bliss there precious soulless.We will be there when they awake!

  13. It’s been eight years are so ,since I read the third book my frend ,and it’s been phenomenal,knowing how to know! Fifty two years of sleep walking and eight years of knowing the allusions encircling me are gone and only irritate me when they attempt to spread them ! Enjoy my frend ,we just grow stronger with the truths we share. Your frend Bruce

  14. Thanks for sharing the pure truth ! Thar’s Novels to be written about Mark’s contribution to us ,isn’t there?

  15. Eight years getting accustomed to day to day miracles happening , and the awesome gathering with the same thank growing ,I so truly hear you!

  16. Fascinating ! Your words of praise and understanding , so clearly written ,my friend ! Friends of the same thank all coming together and sharing ,Wow what a awesome Awakening to reality ! It’s not lonely at the top of are game is it?

  17. The Neothink package did free me from the anticivilization!
    I love all the literature of the Neothink Society!
    I advise all those who didn’t get a chance to read the multi-generational books to go for it! I am a active member of the Neothink Society even though I can’t pay the dollar a day for to become a active member on this website. All I can write is all things come to those who wait!

  18. Great Video!
    Integrating the Prime Law, the Twelve Visions, and the Concept of the
    Social Contract, Creates a new level for the Twelve Visions Party, a
    Solid State in the Twelve Visions World.

  19. With the Twelve Visions Party, and the Prime Law in place,society
    therefore, may function as a Conscious Goal-Directed Entity, to pursue
    values in order to exist. We need not ever be the victims, anymore.
    The values of the Prime Law, may be determined for the individual,
    that and the individual’s rights. Society would prosper, and everyone
    in it would become wealthy.

  20. sounds nice but why is it everytime someone comes with an idea like that
    they seem so sure theyve got “it” the one true way that will work
    and they talk a lot, a lot of pre-talk, it takes too long to listen to…
    come on, expose, explain, let it out, simply ! come on, dont take so long…
    is it to convince that theres a lot of pre-talk and then a lot of repetitiveness ?

  21. It is time to allow the old boys network to collapse. It is time to create the world that we want, The Twelve Visions World!!

  22. Hi! I wish I could be help but behind the news for me because I am hearing impaired person, I am glad I can read, HA! So, I am reader and read all of your post and it help me to understand it better, Thank you and Thank you!

  23. Good Question Jeremiah!I am learning and like to know about this??? please let me know, soon as possible, because I am tired of people keep stealing our chicken ranch and the Police can do nothing, how do solves this problem? May be that anyone respond to Jeremiah’s question might helps, and give me an idea, what to do with those chicken heads, Thank you.

  24. My name is Ralph Menchaca.
    I am very proud and glad to be a member of the Twelve Visions Party,
    and participating in the Great Replacement Program,in any way I can,
    at this time. To replace the present institution/government, Lock,
    Stock, and Barrel, would be a great Justice, to every working American,
    and to our Country.

  25. Visualize, Fully Integrated Honesty, and Power. With the Twelve Visions
    World, and Party in place. No Fear, just a Great Country.

  26. I think this Law, Eminent Domain, needs re-writting, in accordance to
    the Prime Law. If there is an indication of Initiatory Force, this is
    what’s indicated. The Justice of this particular Law, is very Demeaning
    to Americans, and is a violation of Right of Ownership, in the USA.

  27. So, if I am understanding the Prime Law correctly iniatory force is forbidden in any circumstances except for the exchange/creation of values. Yet does this apply to all levels of society? Even down to siblings feuding over a toy physically, calling each other names? Or how about a teenager stealing his parents car to go out on a date? Both of these are forceful situations, and I don’t understand how the prime law can help in that situation.

    If it is implied that the Prime Law can only exist after the twelve visions have been recognized by the whole of society, then of course, that is different, because the way of human society will have greatly changed for the better. I mean no disrespect to the party in my statements, but I am just curious how even what may seem like ‘trivial matters’ in the whole of society, but could mean devastating consequences for a few people like that.

    I hope someone emails me back for a response. Thank you.

  28. Neo-Think is a new mentality,is by using the mind to add precepts(the five senses)to create a concept and built a piece of the puzzle called common denominators.What a blast,those heirloom package!
    The C of U is the best,since it will lead us all to a much better world.
    Consciousness at it’s purest is total pure LOVE.
    Very hard to remove a virus called mysticism inside our little brains,but with the Neo-Think Society and it’s literature we got it made!
    Freedom indeed.What a feeling!
    I am a change man and thanks to my hero Frank R Wallace and Mark Hamilton my HEROS!
    The child of the past in out and will bring us the GIFTS!
    Thank You ZON!
    Twelve Vision Party here in Canada is on the brink to be a follower,such as the GREATEST Contry on earth,which is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
    Party time!bring out the ballons!
    Breaking the chains of this anticivilization is awsome.
    Unconditional LOVE forever.
    Biological Immortality!
    A hand shake to men and a hug to all the women out there.
    Now this may sound a little strange,but I call most women BABY GIRLS!

  29. Contracts for the sale of government assets can be provisional and conditional and dictate proper use of the asset in order to preserve the natural heritage of the nations people. The nature of any contract requires an offer and an acceptance. If both parties agree to the contract then no initiatory force is used. As the owners of the property, the US government (run by TVP businessmen and women) would have the final decision as to accept or reject the sale contract. If the proposed land use of the buyer was not acceptable then no contract. This is one idea that might prevent unscrupulous businesses from decimating the land and its natural heritage.

  30. I cant wait for this to come to fruition, so we can get on with being human again. Now I can have the freedom to become what ever I want to be,and have the money to do it yeah ,Twelve Visions Party.

  31. Dear Mr Mark Hamilton,

    The Twelve Visions Party as I see it is to our country THE SAVIOR. People I know outside of NeoThink Society through their religious beliefs put their attention to GOD as their SAVIOR via JESUS.

    To even a greater degree than their beliefs of Jesus and God, the Twelve Visions Party is to all of us peoples of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It will forever be remembered and LIVED.

    Even though I am a retired Senior, I will put all of me that I can to be an aid for the GOING FORWARD of the TWELVE VISIONS PARTY. I also have a voice and I keep talking to whoever I can revealing what the NeoThink Society means to me–which is just everything that is important.

    Mark, I am JoAnn, your ALASKAN POINT OF LIGHT just beaming for the TWELVE VISIONS PARTY.

  32. You have captured my heart with your wonderful video.
    The Twelve Visions Party is exactly what America needs right now.
    It can and will bring about the Wealth, Health and Peace our Country is ready for. I’m IN! Grow TVP and heal the heart of America.

  33. Since about age 5, I have been reaching for something that had not had a name until I found the Twelve Visions Party after being found by the NeoThink Society through Mr Mark Hamilton.

    I agree with all of what is written above by my newly found family, my NeoThink brothers and sisters. My words are not needed–for there is JUST LOVE and now that love can travel throughout everyone via WHAT THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY CAN BRING TO ALL.

  34. What would prevent a business from aquiring a monopoly and control of our natural resources or business’? Although I do see as we all move toward a Civilization of the Universe that thoughts and actions of greed and monopoly over such things will seem silly and left behind us as we move away from the primitive mind conditioning of the anti-civilization of the past but, as we make the transition, would the PRIME LAW in some way prevent huge monopolies from happening?

  35. TVP – Make All The People Rich Including the Poor! We can do it by following the example of the high-tech computer revolution as applied to all areas of our lives. TVP aims to replace career politicians with market business men and women who understand the real meaning of freedom and free enterprise. TVP will introduce a moral and just government of protection only. TVP will replace the rule of flaw filled man with the rule of flawless law – The Prime Law.

  36. I would like to make you aware that there are several large politcal movements at this time trying desparately to save National Parks, we have one Senator actually trying to pass legislation to prohibit development from harming the natural ecosystems and endangering the wildlife of the National Parks.

    Due to the attention given to the National Parks by PBS, along with several foundations and politically active groups at this time, the Twelve Visions Party Committee may wish to reconsider beginnig the TVP positions with a statement saying the parks will be sold to private buyers; who at that time could very well close them to public access, kill off the wildlife (some with endangered species protection) and develop the area for unenvironmentally friendly industrial purposes.

    People see our National Parks as national treasurers belonging to all Americans and our birthright to enjoy without exclusions. California is now catching hell over their idea to close some of their parks. Petitions, PBS specials, legislation, etc are being broadcast to all political activist and donations are being collected to pay attorneys, etc to fight this occurance.

    Perhaps you should start out with an idea such as, auctioning off the gorgeous marble building that houses the Federal Reserve, or some other government institution ordinary people could relate the dismantling of the bureaucracy in a positive way, no?

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Clara Thomas

  37. Fully integrated honestly agree with everything said so far—
    This is the “political” party all of us who HATE politics, politicians, and most of the current governing bodies and their fellow authorities (and their constant lies, broken promises, and complete disregard for the honest value producers of our world —who merely want to earn a living and provide a comfortable existence for their loved ones by trading values (of their own free will) that they produce and/or create for other values produced/created by others at an agreed upon price— will EMBRACE, PRAISE, and EXALT and will even feel honored as I do to be even helping out in any small capacity this movement that will fix so much of what is wrong in this world and will catapult mankind to unfathomable prosperity! I have never voted in an election and people always tell me that means I have accepted or am forced to accept whatever/whomever the majority chooses (and all of their later decisions). These same people tell me I should vote because of this and that, mainly empty campaign promises by one candidate or another. They go on to say that if I really don’t like the way things are, I should do something about it, i.e. vote for someone or some party that I may agree with a couple of their promises or just pick the best of the worst. Well, my view is that a vote to any of the parties/candidates means I give my sanction to the system as it currently sits. Well, I’m not prepared to do that because any system that allows non-elected officials to pass law infringing on the freedoms of individuals who have not initiated force, threats, fraud, or coercion on individuals or their property or their contracts, not to mention the elected officials playing god with our lives, is not acceptable in my book. Until now, there hasn’t been anyone or any party I’d give my sanction and/or support to (and my main involvement with politics has been finding how best to keep it out of mine and my loved ones’ lives). Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party have changed all that because they are the anti-thesis of a political party, as the term is currently used…in fact The Twelve Visions Party is more of an Anti-Political Party with absolutely no desire to rule over peoples’ lives and a single-minded determination and focus to completely eradicate the non-protection elements of government power and bring government back to its only moral purpose—to provide and protect the conditions that best allow all individuals to fulfill the purpose of their existence: “To achieve long lasting happiness, prosperity, and romantic love”.

  38. COMMENT:
    The Concept that Justice is blind, will lead to the blind leading
    the blind. To be misled by Justice cannot be easily forgotten
    by mere compensation. Something more would be due.

  39. The way this video shows the Twelve Visions Party, persons can see the new look and the new Direction,
    that Twelve Visions Party has to offer for anyone that wants ‘Change Now’.
    I like this video. Dreams can come true, Also visions can too, Tweve Visions Party.

  40. This video is from the heart and describes what is happening in today’s government and how the Twelve Visions Party® can and will take us to a better America in just 12 steps. Your integrated talent is most appreciated. Thank You Kerry.

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