Secret Meetings Level 5 Comments

Secret Meetings Level 5 Comments

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  1. Mr. Hamiliton,
    I am still trying to gather the essences of all this information. Such a mind blowing adventure. Will continue with the reading and workshops. I am building some integration with my products that I already have in place. My mind keeps on thinking of more integrative ideas for success. I appreciate the leadership that you have brought to us.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I completed level 5 I look forword to level 6. I have a problem when I stand in front of a group of people I get really nervus and my hands start shaking but if you say we have an opportunity to make sume money I believe I can leap that hurdle. I look forword in working with you.

    Noe V.

  3. Hi Mark,

    I completed level 5 and I look forword to level 6. I have a little problem with being in front of a group of people

  4. Dear Sir,

    I do believe that everything is on the verge of moving forward. I’ll like you to look into my agency the Charity medical foundation & It inc. I have create an organization 7 years ago but despite the conspiracy of our own government not willing to let me proceed in my life, I’m still certain that there is a future for me in this world. I have found my TSM and FNE longtime ago before meeting the Neothink. I know who I’m even if I’m not consider in that level; I should be tenacious to prevail my obstacles. I need the funding to run my egalitarian mission on earth. I count on me through my inner ability, I believe in me through my self intellectual ability and endurance.I know my strength and my weakness. I’m better than that, very certain on my ability I always reflect practically my word. Despite the differences between some members, what I need is a simple trust from you to move on, and the funding to move the programs forward. Thank you for your time.


    Gabriel n D.

  5. Dear Mark,

    I’m very interested to increase my participation into this movement. We must remove envy from this progressive movement. Integrate the line of logic toward our work. I’m a new christian who combine the bible philosophy with the line of logic toward the neotech vision and the TVP mission. I have signed my TVP contract and I’m coming with the field of glometricology to work as your student. Mrs Mark I do believe that your desk have my address as this point to represent the TVP here, I’m waiting for the platform to know who’ll be part of the team. I know we have a bond and support each other. I’ll be ready to be part of the uplift of the vision. Thank you


    Gabriel n D.

  6. Hello everyone,

    I would like to first make a comment about the “negativity” that some users have witnessed online. It seems that for those who consistently gossip or focus on what’s wrong with the world, are not really following their Friday Night Essence. If a neothink member is following their FNE, then they should not have any reason to focus on the negative or spend any of their precious time bringing others down. That should still be true even if they are simply frustrated that things aren’t currently working out that well. A while back, a friend of mine made a good statement that is worth repeating here. He said, “every moment that you spend angry or depressed, is one more moment that you could have spent being happy”. The next thing I would like to comment on is the statement that you (Mark Hamilton) made in the meeting concerning integrations. You said something along the lines that it is impossible for the apprentices to see as much of the superpuzzle as you because we have not had as many integrations as you have had over the years. That seems pretty logical to me but I am curious as to what types of further integrations you have had that we are unaware of. Are you integrating common denominators for the TVP or are you simply trying to do your part in fulfilling the superpuzzle? I am aware that most apprentices are still struggling with the Anticivilization and may not be ready to pull in that many common denominators, but can you let us know what other types of integrations we should be looking for? That is all I wanted to know for now, but if I think of something else, I will post a separate comment on the website.



  7. Good Evening Mr. Mark Hamilton,

    I’m still working on fininshing some nice products. I understand that we are not to use the list to market any other product except for the heirloom packages. I have recently read some informative pages on the internet. I have now a question. After reading about the Atkins diet in the heirloom package, I ordered the first book Atins wrote. I asked my doctor about this dieting strategy and she said the Atkins diet would not be good to use. She said that some discoveries have been made about this dieting meal plan since the seventies. I now have a question. Do you know anyone currently using the diet successfully? This concept formally is new to me. I am not sure what to do. With a testimonial account in the back of the books, I guess you do already know some people using it successfully. I think writing this is still necessary. I will reread some of the testimonials. If someone is using it for a time with success, maybe I can go and use it as well, but right now my Doctor says it is now old as a study. I must admit, I am not really used to talking about weight as a concern. The doctor said my weight is appropriate. I have reached a point where I am not sure how to ask people if they have used the Atkins diet successfully in the calls. I’m not sure if I am ready to start up a clubhouse. My medication keeps me from operating large equipment like vehicles. I will try and start one up one day, but right now the doctors say I’m ill. According to the first book Dr. Wallace says to ignore these psychiatrists. I think I am concerned that I might mess up a clubhouse. CAn we start one up and leave it if we have issues?

  8. PHASE FIVE (5)

    A Step Beyond The “Natural” Forces of Nature (motivation – incentive – movement – stimulation – action) – I offer you This:

    It’s what you know, who you know, and knowledge IS Power. It’s the Fuel for the Mind that Paves the path – our way. It comes together in bits and pieces to formulate our concept. The Puzzle starts to come together like…, the punch line to a joke – the answer to a question – the solution to a problem – a magic wand of hope – a guess at destiny that works. Like a Warm body of someone you Love, Living and enduring/surviving with you, in our Journey.

    “Is this crazy or what,” I ask – It’s our reality now, with a evolving direction to fulfillment. Neo-Think! It has the Power to Enrich our life to the fullest – beyond our comprehension at any moment now! Don’t miss a second of the Exhilaration to this energy that Magnetizes one to all that one can be. We have the Freedom of Choice. Keep up, or step out on your own…. (What a thought…!)

    Just like we use all our senses to accomplish any physical task, we have the innate Mental Powers to Create our futures. Like exercise enhances our physical temple to Honor God’s Creation of Perfection – our Minds, with His Spark imbedded within us, in His Code, can free ones mind to Enlightenment to the Powers of God-Man.

    Having a pad of paper near by everywhere, for jotting down whatever may come ones way at any instant (and vanish, just as quickly…) – if not reached for and recorded for future evaluation of thought, that moment could slip away in the blink-of-an-eye. Recording one’s thoughts as they appear (in their magnificence, relative to the moment), is of great value towards one’s success in all things.

    It’s True…. Seeds are always planted way ahead of your plans – Voices echo our desires. Write them down in anticipation of your future. You’ll piece it all together (puzzles) as it all comes to play.

    Instinct is primal – Insight is carnal – a Child to inspiration. If one’s instincts are managed by our intuition and handled with control – if our control is strong, we can manage the insight of our destinies – our journey to maximizing our intuition, and directing our destinies.

    Our Destiny is not only written by us, yet dictated by our effort, our will, or desire, to determine our destination – a spark to help Flame our Destinies.

    One may have non-sense in our scribbles, but when one gathers our thoughts and puts the puzzle(s) together, we have our Future at our finger-tips.

    This is an example of a simple scribble to you, from me, that could have been lost forever. Inspired by Neo-Knowledge in that moment for this purpose.

    – Alexander (24/7)

  9. I am excited to see what happens next. The discussion of the TVP party in publicis likely to get lively

    Many posts are about problems with the societies concepts of God. Keep in mind that the SOS does not disagree with God.
    The disagreement is about mans concept of God.

  10. mark/norm
    I guess most peoples don’t get it! you know the knowledge! most peoples are educated beyond their knowledge and don’t know that facts are conceited to be true and based on that thinking (out the box) becomes reality As far as god-
    man I have always knowed that! I have try to convert people to that way of thinking not for money but to make them feel better about themselfs NOT BY THEOCRACY but by thinking for man -god which is what the bible is all about.
    Iget it and that makes me feel good about me !
    I can’t believe everyone miss it !I have found by life as you said all HONESTY WILL COME TO REALITY .Money don’t interest me changing peoples lifes and mind does !( I am all in)

  11. I found the session very informative, though quite long and somewhat redundant. I also felt somewhat of a disconnect when he kept mentioning the MLM oppurtunity, when I had heard outside the session (and also in the wrapup) that this approach had sensibly been dropped. Keep it coming.

  12. I just finished Part 2B of Level Five. Thank you Mark for the excellent training. You are very clear as to the steps and ways we are to use in our approach to the workshops for the training of apprentices and mentoring them. You break it down into subject matter and lay it all out plainly so anyone can understand. You are a good example to all of us on how to get organized and how to have a motivating and palpable workshop. You are in essence training all of us to be an arm, an extension of yourself. You are duplicating your method, your training mentorship to make everyone apprentices as we have been taught. Actually the newcomers have it better than we did. The workshops will make all the Heirlooms come alive and give all attendees the opportunity to ask questions,live, in a live setting. This will add the personal touch that many of us did not receive. You are indeed progressing forward in the movement to take Neo-Think worldwide.

    I don’t claim to have all the puzzle pieces. I have some of the puzzle pieces. I am being open-minded and giving you the benefit of the doubt. We all carry certain pieces of the big super puzzle within us. We,as responsible adults, HAVE TO PROVE ALL THINGS!! As self-thinking adults I’m sure you would agree!! Get the facts and prove them true!! I hope you don’t mind if I cling to my bible and God roots. I have not at this time proven they are false and not applicable to my life and daily living. I, at this time, in my version of the big super puzzle event,see Jesus as being the shortcut to eternal life or immortal life. You could save billions if you use Him as the door. He said, “I’m The Way, The Truth, and the Life!! I am an independent person to a degree. I just don’t choose at this time to be independent of Jesus and God.

  13. The revamping of the Heirlooms for the sake of new readers and our workshop apprentices is a super idea. You are making them more palpable to the public. Breaking down the Heirlooms into twelve mini-sections is less over-whelming for new comers. Not using words like mysticism and Zon guarantees that you will not alienate anyone AT FIRST ONSET. My concern is that many will not like the deeper message of conversion and change that you offer. “The Way” , that you are offering, is completely opposite to the way most people have been taught and raised. The non-converts, outsiders, many spouses of current members, relatives of current members, may in time rebel. Those that don’t come into the fold. The Miss Annabelle story is a depiction of a new paradise where man is THE SELF RULER and GOD DOES NOT EXIST. You are offering a parallel “Kingdom of God” that does not include God. The bible, too, offers us a new paradise on earth after Jesus comes back. Where does Jesus and Zon fit in your version of the story?? You fit Jesus into many of your examples in the writings. Ian in Miss Annabelle Story had trouble seeing God in his overlay charts. He did believe and ponder on the thought of bringing all of our loved ones back. If you fast forward history, to a million years from now, it will indeed be hard to see God!! Man today will have so evolved in his character, nature, and powerful abilities, that he will appear to be very much like God. He will have merged in his growth and evolution “TO BE LIKE GOD”!!That is what Creator God wants!! He is grooming us to be like Him someday. We are to learn, to grow, to be like our Creator God someday. That is the human evolution that is going on today. Someday we will all be a part of the God family, and like with relatives, you will see so much similarities you will have trouble telling who the original God is and who the former humans/ students(disciples) were. The bible story is not so different from yours, except that God is very much in the picture and Jesus plays a key role in the leadership and top governorship of planet earth. Man, or man who becomes like God will rule under Jesus per the bible. We will still have very responsible roles and share in the rulership of earth.

    There is great vision and planning in all of the Heirlooms. Your training and workshop ideas are ingenious and superb. You lay it all out before us. You give us all the tools and guidance we would ever need. You give us all the motivation we would ever need. You are offering to lead this country, and this world into a new paradise, a new world. I just have trouble seeing a world without Jesus and our Creator God. I am futuristic myself and envision a better world than what we currently see now. I also see and understand from history how we came, as a country, as a and a world, to be the way we are today. I am also very good with puzzle pieces. You just give me a few and I can finish the picture. Still having a hard time with some of your concepts and why you see things and concepts the way you do. I look forward to the soon return of Jesus on the Mount of Olives in the very near future. I give you the right to your opinion and your belief as well. I am truly trying to understand your viewpoint and how you came to believe as you do. I hope you understand all those who will stand firm of their beliefs of their God and their bible.

  14. This civiliztion does need rescueing!! I agree with many of the ideas presented in the heirlooms. America is currently modern day Babylonia today. It needs a make-over. It needs help!! It needs restructuring. We do live in a civilization that is going in the wrong direction, in a downward spiral. America has the potential to be great again and to once again be a positive influence in the world. Corrupt leaders have gotten us this way. As long as man, any man, is at the helm you will have corruption and misrule. Jesus is the only perfect leader, the only true one that can lead this country or world back to paradise again. We can be paradise found!! We don’t have to be paradise lost!! Not man. Many look to His return as the only saviour for this country, this world. Project bring Jesus back should be on our agenda as well. We need “The Kingdom of God” established here on earth!!! Mark, I could be a good marketer/saleperson for the first six sections of your heirlooms. I have no issue with them. I am still wrestling with the idea of selling Frank W’s last six sections. I don’t agree with the anti-God and anti-bible sections of his works. Frank W was a genious in his own right,but, I can’t agree with all of his works. He had many good ideas, but some are just a little too athiest for me.

  15. Mark, I am working my way thru Level Five. I just finished the section where you talked about marketing and net-working and how you will break up the marketing product into min-sections. You said you will introduce your version of the heirlooms the first six months and Frank R. Wallace’s the last six months. That is a wise approach. Frank R. W’s approach is controversial and alienating to a God and bible believing public. You are in essence putting out your bait and hooking the general public in. What happens when you finally introduce Frank Wallace’s works and you then alienate your God believing and bible believing public?? Won’t they feel deceived and violated?? The core beliefs in Frank Wallace’s work are athiest in nature. That appears, because they are introduced, to be the society’s (SOS)core beliefs. Is your final goal to convert all people to the atheist way and to replace the bible with some other form of literature??

    I agree with eighty percent of what I have read in the heirlooms. I agree that it is man’s destiny to be like our creator God. To someday be a “God-Man”, but more like a God than a man. To be independent self-leaders is a “Godly” Biblical Theme. We are to learn to judge ourselves, to think for ourselves. God desires this. We are created in His image mentally and physically. We naturally gravitate to achieving and creating in some form or way. It’s in our DNA to want to create and live fulfilling lives. It’s in our DNA to want to live forever. Mark, you talk about Jesus’s message, and therefore appear to accept at least a part of the bible. The bible preaches Jesus’s message about being as little children in order to enter the “Kingdom of God”!! The bible just has a different way, and a different path to achieving Eternal Life. That is why Frank and others may want to throw out the bible. Immortality as spoken of in the bible is achieved thru Jesus and The Tree of Life with help by the Holy Spirit. Not thru physical means. Extending man’s life and helping him to live a longer, healthier, more productive life thru education and health products is a noble and acceptable goal. Tampering with genetics may yet still be offensive to some. Many who believe in the bible belive the creator God determines the day of our death and is the guardian of our souls.

    Just expressing my confusion on the atheist theme subject. The “Befaris” that I see as needing rescued at this point in man’s history is the atheist. This may be at variance to the core beliefs of SOS.

  16. It is good to hear you talk about those things I have read about. The mini-day, the ways to save on physical labor, the Friday night essences. I see God-man in many ways. Enthusiasm does wonders. I,m learning more about the 12 visions. I am looking forward to the next lesson.

  17. Mark level 5 Gives me a a beautiful vision into the future most of questions
    and answers I had in mind you gave me the answers at my level meeting even i
    after losing my hearing must listen very carefully to what you are saying I do wear hearing aids in witch i can hear you very well.Looking forward to my next level

  18. My suggestion is that all focus be on the TVP between now and November.Let this activity then generate the prospects for membership in and recruiting,training,and developing an enlightened membership.

  19. i have been trying to get the level 6 meeting and it doesn’t show up.
    i sent in my comments to level 5 late because i have severe back pain.
    had to have help getting up out of a chair.
    is level 6 available now? if not, when will i be able to get it?

    level 5 was a great meeting. everything is much clearer now. going public
    is definitely product driven.

    thanks for all you had done. james leslie.

  20. MLM is not the way to go. It is a perverted money grab which perverts some interesting information that you have provided. Let interested members become your sales people. Give them a ten digit number that they can put on a business card that leads people to a sales site. The number must be entered to make a purchase on the site. Member gets credit if product is purchased and a commission. Asking people to pay high, up-front initiation fee followed by high monthly dues is not right. Mark, your literature teaches us to recognize falsehoods and I can hear the uneasiness in your voice on level 4 meeting when you are quoting payouts. Sell the books, they are worth good money. Everybody can make an honest income with honest, ethical effort selling the books. You don’t need to rape people with this MLM crap. You could get the message out to a lot more people. Kevin Trudeau is trouble. I don’t think Frank Wallace would have went this route.

  21. To Mark Hamilton.Merry Christmas!Happy New Year!Thank you for the great meetings.I Think you are an amazing mentor.Erica Raschel

  22. To Mark Hamilton.Make all the people rich even the poor.The child of the past comes alive.I think I understand stimulate don’t educate.Erica Raschel

  23. To Mark Hamilton.
    Launching Neothink is not easy for you.If everyone believes in the twelve vision party I think it is very worth it.Erica Raschel

  24. thanks for your clarification on the intro and workshop meetings. are the clubhouses just the meeting place?

    question–will new members be able to open their own club houses after going through the the heirloom packages?

  25. I have a great aunt, my grandfather’s sister on my father’s side, who a very long time ago told me something about a society in which I would be part of one day and what it would accomplish. As a young teenager I was blown away from what she said. I will tell you one thing this thing is going to work I have a gut feeling. Persistance will pave the way for this society. I know it is hard sometimes for people to accept things they might not at first can comprehend but it will come true. I believe in Divine intervention! God Bless You Mark Hamilton!

  26. Mark,

    Very informative as always. In the question part you talked a little about the government leaving us alone and then being protected by the 1st Amendment but how will all of this tie in with what the President has done thus far and especially with trying to circumvent Congress. Why would the 1st Amendment mean anything to them. Also, how will all of this tie in with the way things are in the World Market. Countries are teetering on collapse and our dollar is very unstable. How will we all share in the wealth if there is none to be had? I hope I am not being “negative” but these questions are in my mind. Thanks again,

    Charles Brida

  27. I am ready to get started. Twelve Vision party I’m getting to know it better. Reading,and practicing the books. Thank you Mark.

  28. I am all for the Twelve Vision Party. As a matter of fact I have signed a membership contract! We are in dire need world-wide for something like this.

    I am wondering how you plan to get people interesed in it because the average human being doesn’t seem to be able to see further than the end of their nose.

  29. Hey Mark!!!!!! I have this Gut feeling i am meant 2 do something important,but My Interest’s lye in Science & Health. And I Love the Seminars-Artist’s call & Goldenseeker’s!!!! I understand how importent the Party Movement IS. I want to contribute, but not in Politics..I am a Builder & like to be BUSY CREATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have moments when my Health is Good that I see Little things that can be IMPROVED. This Spring i had full clarity for 2 weeks as my Health came Rushing in. I then struggled all Summer..I am going to try this New Probiotic. Always here For You, Sinc. ALLEN S. JUMP

  30. Hello Mark: I finally finished this level five meeting, one of the longest so far. You have covered a great deal here. Since I write every word you say it will take me longer to finish. I have learned a great deal on this meeting. The most exiting was your Network Marketing it really blew my mind. The next one was The Twelve Vissions Party,you are a genious. The Prime Law Ammended to the Constitution, that is fantastic. Also as impresive is the forming of Club Houses, Workshops, and A Teams, we have in our organization many places to meet and make friends. I am starting to make contact with new members thru the Secret Website and as soon as a Clubhouse open up in my area I will visiting them. Gilbert.

  31. Just reviewed the EM. This is an incredile opportunity. This sounds unbeleivably lucrative and real. Cant’t wait to get started……

  32. Level five was very informative and implemented in delivery. I learned much and know have a better understanding through the presentation you gave. Each of us that share this vision is a vital puzzle piece to the puzzle and getting the prime law ammended to the constitution. I for one am moving forward to stimulate the people. To plant those seeds of truth into their minds for a better future.

  33. Hi Mark,
    Level 5 meeting is very invigorating and informative. I have learned a lot from it. Keep up the good work and full speed ahead to the level 6 meeting. Thanks

  34. Where I am at the moment going almost mad from the passion…..having finally allowed myself to watch “the Obama Deception”….most fully informing of who our enemy is….I am linked up with K.T. on radio….I am “aware” that there is so much going on in GIN right now, I should hardly expect to even begin to catch up when I finally have my own income at a good and high level….all the pieces are most fully coming together, all the ingredients also that will achieve and fulfill my own answer to my closest best friend’s, “R U Getting it?”, ….which really means, simply,” do you get it? Who our enemy is? What this is really all about at this point?, besides having wealth and maybe enjoying yourself, its really all about getting this DEED DONE…..My almost uncontrollable passion, is the Vision I have in mind….it is the very vision presentation Joseph Campbell left for us before he died….it is the very consciousness of the entire human race now formed into a powerful, avenging, roaring LION….Here, with not even “a little play” in words, the evil, demented 300 or so Bilderbergs can now begin to live in alarming terror… that a Most Alive Human Consciousness will now ARISE, AVENGE, SURROUND THEIR NOW FAILING SCHEMES WITH TERROR AND SURPRISE….refer maybe once to the best documentary I have ever seen about a pride of lions in the African bush/territory….living always in close proximity to its natural competitors, the hyenas, ….there is scene after seen, displaying the cunning and qualities of each…the lioness as both noble and ferocious immediately against enemies’ close in proximity to one of her cubs….the Matron Hyena is both greedy and cunning in managing and mastering of her own gathered members and territory….there is a little back and forth, about this and that, more about lions and hyenas….and then finally it happens….you do see, with most incredible footage, what has been waiting to happen all this time…the Male Lion Himself Appears, and you are now being led to see what a Lion really is as Male, Predator/defender, the Mammoth King of his own territory…he has been on patrol, he has not been mating and his appearing is now for only one purpose that is instinct in swift motion….”He has come ready to Kill”…to devour and destroy the intruder, as a hunter and now with perfect timing….the Lion’s body has memory, it is the sniff and scent of the hyena’s presence in this place of finality that now falls her prey to all of powerful male-animal instincts as hunter/defender of his is, by way of documentary, perfectly synchronized with the overwhelming, surrounding presence of the Lion that is MASSIVELY MAMMOTH as the HUNTER and KING dominant over all competing and invading species… as life, now larger in LIFE and is added, extra terror to the soon-to-be extinct enemy of his…How greatest is he beyond any other creature-capacity to assuredly and aggressively now kill the intruder that is a threat to his own Lion’s Pride….surly to be SEIZED UPON by a Lion this way, gives the realization into the creature encountered, about to be devoured, that it is really NOT a creature anymore….this is some of the added assurance Humanity is feeling right now, it is the surmise that our enemies wish to avoid and it is “terror” for them to realize, the Looming Large as LIFE Vision does NOT go away, nor will it ever in their minds…”the Terror” for them is this….the vision and also power of the Life Consciousness now imposing remains, growing larger and stronger, no longer based upon the opposing evil in its own success or failures to do what they think they are doing, to give decided control(their linking systems, political players—“what? the insanity of its own possibility in their own minds…it has no effect whatsoever on a powerful human consciousness now imposing…because LIFE as Greatest Power Source and greater Force cannot be governed or controlled or contained by any one or even a collected few, individuals….it furthermore cannot say as Death, “there really is no LIfe”… remembered or not, LIFE is the Predecessor to such “death” conspired intentions,…therefore Life is SUPERIOR, SUPERB AND MASSIVE,… it will summon itself into all of us whom are good, beloved and called by Life, as consciousness and it can do so, at any time, starting IMMEDIATELY…

    imagine for yourself the greatest worst case scenario that could ever possibly be in our situation…total and complete failure on our part that equals, the system “wins” and manages to gain full and complete control with free license to impose all of its insidious plans to enslave and gradually move mankind himself into extinction…it = immediate, total and complete decimation of evil itself as evil, an inhumane, subhuman mechanism that has no life to feed into it or sustain itself….one controller devours the other until there is not even one left, and collapses immediately into the real and greater natural collapse that is now going-on and Life Herself is demanding its own inevitible response….dark matter collapses upon itself, again and again, over and over, until it is fully relented of all control and must now again “Explode” into Brilliant and uncontrollable Life Matter…it is now
    “the stupidest” thing that could ever have happened to this world of life and humanity.

    There is already no need to go even close to that extreme scenario. Illustrating metaphor analogies by way of Q and A as foreplay. If they said to you ” there really is no Sun” let alone the moon and the stars on display every night….or send wind, clouds and weather, to make it only rain all the time…does it change the fact that the Sun really is or even(at least) was there, last time you saw it? Ask yourself in face of their imposing death activities, is it really possible for you or me ever to loose our memory? Fear will tell you “yes”, but life assuredness makes and help you realize “No” immmediately….no matter how far you have fallen, or where your life has gotten, even “lost” or “thrown away”. There are impressions already at work here that are Eternal, and they are fully designed that way….We ARE, in most capable and comprehending hands….LOVE through its own memory will always seek and surly find us….

    besides the uneeded Q and A analogy as a metaphor…look at this real evidence…LIFE is transforming and transforming also our very bodies…”look and see” people really are more appealing and more beautiful than they have ever been before…yes there is a lot of chaos that can happen, and each one of these beauties can give juvenile evidence of immaturity that their heart is not yet, most fully transformed…but compare that to the real image of “anti christ” that is or should be predominant and most evident, if evil really was winning or even succeeding…it is the unsettling and sickening picture of a human that is obviously “subhuman” already….he is grotesquely limited by “incompleteness” and he is not “whole” in any way, he is EXCLUDED as it were, by the God of the Bible just as he said he would do….there is a pinkish look upon him, and surrounding him,…it is the imbalance of color image that do now project him out into a subhuman reality, void of life or freedom…his very look cries, “flesh!” and as a subhuman beast that’s all he really is…there is even unnatural aroma coming from his own body and g “smell” that is only sulfur…..the kind of abominable presence that draws power and energy from the fire pits of hell…it is all too obvious….Humanity left here is fully doomed and now under control of the only consciousness governing presence left….he, anti christ, “just as the Bible predicted” ….look anywhere in the world right now, and you will not see such an image, besides the fact that “we’re all still here”, besides all the good mixed in with the unwelcome bad, there is also the presence of MH, the SOS, and K.T…to “get a look” of what I was talking about, watch the very unappealing movie “Total Recall” for as long as you can stand it…there are real places in the movie when this image really comes to fore, even through Arnold is that obscene, pinkish flesh tone color that project right into your mind, void of a real human context, consciously or subconsciously..and “freak” really is the only word to describe it….LIfe obvious is busily transforming and also preparing us for a real and better abundance.
    She is transforming young beauties into more beautiful than ever and even “the most beautiful of all” ….there is the “sweet smelling” aroma of good earthen qualities, not the grotesque qualities of some beast from hell…there is no “rapture” that has occurred…and there is not going to be one…what IS going to happen, is happening to all of us, most fully transformed, “sweet smelling” to the aroma that our mother earth loves, will “see” and walk right into a 4th dimension of better and greater, immortal life, which awaits us with greatest expectation, thrilled to have us finally, a humanity fully enabled by Love X 4000 in its capacity, and assuring us freest, uninhibited freedom forever. LIfe evidence is already telling you and me, just the opposite, that fear mongering theologians have been saying, and politicians have been most fully counting on to exploit with fear….this is the only “unnatural trend” that is occurring, …it is unnatural that “it ever could” to death-and-despair, misery-minded people, who would rather not realize what human-being-consciousness really believes, understands and also comprehends now with full apprehending….this is the evidence pouring in, life renewal and beautiful colors just waiting, wanting and needing appropriate response from the Creator now investing all of himself into we, his chosen ones, most decidedly. The BEAUTY invading, with life sustaining beckons forth into “obvious” display, the criminals who have been opposing, who are also ineptly human in every way…make them “obvious” and much sooner will show “how to” dismantle their system of control, probably also based upon “one stupid, small thing” in the end….a mechanism of totalitarian control

    We are LOVE intended…..this means our victory is assured by greater than our own capacities….”Love awaits” the lover intended, not based upon his success or failure…it is his real guarantee that he will love, be loved, and yes, also by his lover intending….Love empowers and enables us, it also INTENDS something, most decidedly…we are her favored desire…She will, “by luck” seeming, work things all together into our favor…Watch Ocean’s Eleven again and you will see what I mean, the beloved are added with vantages immediately to “out do” in scope and imagination, right from the start, a singular dastardly opponent who really isn’t a casino manager at all, he really only is a manipulating-power-master mind. That becomes “too easy” to figure out, and even easier to undermine, despite how incredibly challenging –that you really have to be a “genius” to figure out how you are going to do this….the any real “genius” at work, is simple “walk” forward into doing, one phase after the next…with heavy doses of “realize” moving from level to the next level of the plan…the heated “thrill” is also a joyful, happy, “funny” play…the stakes are high, the risk is real, ..everyone is “all in” …”realize” fully sinks in, there is “the plan” that is already something that will outdo the opponent, drawing all his attention to “a charade” going on…while the fullest substance of it, decidedly out does and undermines his dastardly defense of singular, totalitarian control…there is the charade of the charade, that works as lesson to the real players, not yet able to fully comprehend what is best entrusted to the 2 deepest within….IRONY is at work all the time…romance is drawn back to its rightful place of ownership by a heart that proves with greater “nothing to loose” and “spends it all” most freely to regain the greatest living value of all….real mistakes are made, even by the 2 innermost key players….Greater and Greatest Luck now SUSTAINS….Love rushes in immediately to really LOVE the ones she recognizes as beloved…it looks a little like comedy sometimes…”oops, “what’s going on?” do you know what happened? I don’t know….oh, what the hell.. and then “what daya know?…relief….”there it is”…(again) what ever it is we needed and were looking for(can you now visual the greatest chasm of “world’s apart” already, between the relaxed love that is also camaraderie welcomed unto familiar, shared humor….and the obsessed, unforgiving most insidiously evil presence shared as “associates” of an exclusive, minority of the few administering totalitarian, life-excluding control?)

    If there really is any evidence of “all the things” that should not be here” in the SOS, it is always also a greater sign, that “all those things” are really filling in, all the time…real losses, real grief, even real offenses…besides “children learning how to get along” there is powerful understanding fed into us and Real Power of Life Consciousness being fed into us, most importantly of all. “I love you” means immediately, “not all the things that are here and should not be here”…therefore are “not really here” at work or on display…SHE WILL, assuredly RUSH in, to make this PLAIN. Suggestions are made to DEMONSTRATE with all feeling what you are doing and thinking….LOVE cannot all by itself, amend or put itself into something that is not even there(EVIDENCE)

    I cannot bear the grief that I do see already….real evidence that one of our most valuable members probably, is about to loose her home, her livelihood, her whole life as she knows it….”for what?” she is probably thinking…If I was JUSTICE all by himself as one Man, I would immediately grab hold of her, resurrect her life and just say, “Sister, I don’t want you to even go there”….this definition of “God” is forbidden….not one of us may assume such authority…and there is no looking “into the sky” anymore for “someone, a saviour” who will come to our rescue ….just look forward into right in front of you, besides realizing all the imposing destructive elements “we may feel” all the time and you will see already all that you need to know…she, one of us, listed by her own comments above, has now only “Word” that is also impression….LIFE greater must realize into her own memory a powerful dynamic that is greater than all against any death or destructiveness imposing…we brought her in, not to be more rejected by the very life and vision she was called to realize…there are and must now be greater than GREAT Life Force waiting to RUSH into her that will rebuild and feed and nourish and even re form her into being….(it is JING, the very life force that really is “the Star War’s” equivalent—read about in the book of tantric sex techniques and metaphysics)

    What is it about our juvenile, all too often present “value destroyers”?…they are merely the most retarded form of “enemy”, at the lowest possible IQ level, orchestrated into “managed chaos” by our real and greater enemy….”move yourself” immediately, to SOME place that will give you the sanity of assured, sustaining love, with a plan, a way and a means that you know can and will assure you to have your most basic needs, so that you don’t have to wake up with FEAR every morning…gain for yourself, if only by the narrowest of margins, substance by the wealth of your inner realization to be fed and sustained by reliable income that will give you controlling interest over your life…it doesn’t “break by heart” and no, its not “unthinkable” like the greatest failure scenario that could possibly (NOT) happen, it IS NOT CONCEIVABLE ALREADY that we really will loose any of our most valuable Neo think members….to any of there own dreams lost, or real advantages they already possess…a 2% margin is the “little small thing” that our most delicately engineered members need to assure and dispel all fear….it signifies immediately that the ball of positivity has grown larger and now outweighs any negativity we know or remember….and we, the most finely tuned of Neo’s now have the capacity to realize miracles and make use of all the real life dynamic that is and has been “uploading” into us all along…look at yourself sister, and see a pattern…aren’t you always realizing the “one thing” the “last thing” that can now ruin and spoil everything? ….Do you know how good you are at identifying that? Do you realize you have been “collecting” all along…a capacity that is actually working day and night also to dynamically dispel all the trouble that assails you? Do you know how close you really are to K.T’s own definition that is, MASTERING of the BASICS….when you lay down at night, you are invited to sleep and the only possible interruption is “One more thing” in your mind….you are actually having to work very hard to even “think” of something” here….that’s how good at all of this you really are …..All THIS= I get to have whatever I want, (starting) immediately….

    My own need, is just to keep this passion under is first, because, officially, hardly anyone knows me….not as even as a Neo, nor within the world of Neo…I am invited to associate with a highly successfully GIN member, immediately, dependent in part upon financially joining, paying and qualifying, and his own demand and need for greater realizations….I have to do myself immediately a favor and keep it all under control rationally…my business on line is now in place and can start making money for me…the only thing most vital about it immediately is to gain and sustain a relationship with Google and Microsoft Adcenter, the 2 major search engine networks I need immediately as a license for advertising and to do real and greater, creative productions later….I have Adcenter, I get to have review from Google, after making consecutive mistakes with it, prematurely and immaturely…the review I get to have is assured…is “Larry” the new, smiling face CEO at Google, who looks a lot like myself and Russel Crowe when he is happy, going to be my friend? I feel assured. There is here nothing to worry about and there is no “evil system” at work that is going to prevent me….relax, be rational and realize, “you doing fine” as MH says, and yes, you really are going to get to use all these advantages, as well as gain the greater unconscious to your “chi” subconscious that is continually forming….with power and substance ‘uploading” all of your most vitally needed ingredients that will bring you to to that most coveted place K.T describes in “your wish is your command”…

    give myself a little added spsce….time enough to be fully sure about what I am doing on line, then some added time to put a few, limited ad campaigns there and “wait and see” is if both Adcenter and also Google will keep them up there…I have to be assured about what may or may not be alarming to the system which is measured by the sheer massive amount of work I can accomplish in one day….I think at least 10 times more than the average affiliate, by technique, substance, imagination and desire…if they see too much and too many dollar bills going to my click bank and pay pal accounts they might shut me down, with nothing wrong, “just to investigate”….I feel assured with no worries there either, how to disperse their search for the conspicuous….and dispel the cause for it somehow altogether…

    With Love waiting and wanting to rush in, it imposes me not to RUSH IN myself, anymore….there are books I would and will write, if need be…the most controversial I can think of immediately…”Christians Today, will give you anything but Christianity”…the title immediately is very, most controversial and if it managed to publish and stay on the market, and even achieve real success it would create “a world of controversy” I might be stuck in a situation that is now in need of giving answer to every word assailed against me…such a book would testify against the bogus substance “alive” in churches today, “make obvious” the most ridiculous versions of “church leaders”…having to display and demonstrate even into dissection each theological credit they would use to discredit my whole writing …it could be an unending work of counter prose to my opponents objections and there is nothing about Christianity anymore that is the real life issue at work in our world today…another book…” The Law’s Mandate of Lawlessness” is already outdated…with “tell me something we don’t already know” where CONTEXT is being irradicated by judges to every situation where Law has been relied upon or intended to advocate Justice fully needed…STOP immediately. Say no more, and forge ahead, “asap” is in the back of your mind, but do it rationally….draw from all of life’s real context, the past, present, and opportunities right in front of you…back fill any added income you need right away with what is available immediately…realize your real and greater process is always at work for you now already….practice, “making souffle’s”….my own souffle requirements have all been inner realization needs,…for example, “they don’t immediately realize” that the life present within me, enabled by love and love karma within, is immeasurably greater than there very temporary, opportunistic “one timer” malicious attacks or even just discriminating attitudes deliberately inserted and put into place, it is “subconscious, reverse-engineered-negativity” …it seeks every opportunity to both greet and meet with us when ever it can, ….it is the power of attraction that we all live with that covets to destroy with its envy as much as real goodness looks to find and bless us….the whole idea is get control over this phenomenon…(why do you even have to mention it?) …with any “why?” now forgone, “I merely at least acknowledged it”…satisfies K.T.’s own requirement in “Your Wish”….it doesn’t really cost you or anybody anything to be honest this way…the souffle’ at work is you, in a more stable environment, coming across that same individual a day or two later to see him less able to say anything at all, and the day after, you see him or her, fully stumbling at the greater evidence of life and love and work in you, now fallen at his own feet,…. he is looking now, smiling, even searching for “apology”….the small little ball of positivity can become big and then huge with confidence very quickly…is your rational plan for life able to keep up with you here?…are you able to stay on the current display page of your life, long enough to let everything sink in, before taking, and now having. extraordinary success?

    K.T. is in a position where he is subject to words immediately. “All they can throw at him” into political action, even though it is obviously and obscenely lawless in every way. Watch the video “Obama Deception” …it doesn’t matter to me if Obama himself is or ever was “an angel in disguise” working to abate the evil lawless X at work within government…my own source on that is now fully suspect in my mind…who he really is, what he is doing and why…or not, suspect, it doesn’t matter to me immediately, based on the evidence I now see….the government is corrupt and “they’re all in on the take”…wager any confidence you have anymore in government based upon the real flack and trouble K.T. is getting and will continue to have until it is all over …

    “WORD” it does not immediately demand of me…I am not going to give it its own vain pleasure for no reason and I am not going to start writing “books” when I know I can’t trust my own writing…start with paragraphs, pages on a is my first immediate need to build and create my own income, and make sure I really can walk, before I start running.

    that is totally LESS important to a greater dynamic at work. I have come to realize my own GRAND mother, to whom I owe greatest my human identity, was fully “reversed-engineered-life-hypnosis” against life opposing threats to her already as a girl and young woman before I was conceived. A most unlikely bolt of lightning sought her out in Dutch Holland where she was born, it did not and could not find to take her life…She is the something about any of us, her children or grandchildren that was truly incredible or outstanding….Life-Focused, entirely, despite any fully accepted, confining theology…this made her better with a sound mind into definition and added real focus to her life as joy and enthusiasm that could not be dispelled, and she had incredible discernment about people….whether as good or bad,” immediately…and the “you know why? “is, “to safe guard her own children,” primarily. There is not one of us from within my own family who does not have this capacity…I am the only who paid the heaviest and greatest price to “get away” from Christianity…to realize myself, as the better version of “Jesus Christ”as simply ME and not anybody else…and this is implied by his own teaching, in any real book of theology…

    DYNAMIC now as “word” They have decided plans already to oppose Kevin Trudeau at every turn….they are prepared to break and dispel every law designed by the constitution, especially the first amendment, even when it gets incredibly obvious to everyone that that is exactly what they are doing. it is all based upon words they are able to use and also move into decided, opposing political action..

    the “Bilderbergs” I was fully shocked at all them on display in “the Obama Deception” produced by Alec Jones. There they all are, the poetic irony of life leading that has led me into epiphanies naturally, over and over again are all besides the point already, even though my own natural conclusions have been “right on the money”…how honestly I have now come to possess this information, works in my favor, and am also able to use it with maturity…”Hillary Clinton, the most evil, despicable character that ever could be…”what is it about these people?” She is the very wost sort of the bunch, and takes womanhood as evil to the height of its own, capacity….willing to adopt evil and do evil at any moment, “depending on the weather” or live as a genuinely good person on display…do any of these people really think they won’t be most fully accounted for, based upon of the treacherous things they’ve done already?…when Good finally does overcome evil and we out do all of their own devices.

    “Word” as dynamic….not one of these Bilderbergs has ANY thing to say to me, immediately….they can only, stop to hear and listen…the sound of their silence is DEAFENING to my ears….This is really ME and this is the situation I’m in….this is really how great and powerful is the Life as LIfe dynamic that is continually feeding into me, “and it never goes away”
    so, “What are you going to do?” BE DYNAMIC, starting with DO, ….Do get your life moving along….DO, get your income up to its needed level, DO join GIN and your associate….DO join with all of your new friends… …DO get to the place you really want to be for DOING most especially….it is ROCK AND ROLL and to even terrorize with music our own joyful noise that will put all the fear back to where it belongs,….don’t focus on the evil, absorb and take in the engineered-in-continually- powerful and more powerful life dynamic that is preparedness for dispelling and irradicating evil when it comes into display “right in front of you now” and you are prepared with heated passion, not just to dispel it, but “destroy” it …these are the abominable words we don’t want to use even with our “think” of doing….but we are not pansies sitting around to, waiting to “forgive” and merely let evil have its time to “pan out” of existence ….we are here “to get rid of the thing” called evil…The LION is ready to seize and pounce upon the unwelcome intruder who has been living among us far too long….like king David from the Bible” How I hate them that hate thee”…HOW I HATE THOSE WHO ARE LIFE OPPOSED AND WILLING TO TRADE LIFE FOR MONEY, SECURITY OR ANYTHING….at the drop of a hat, let alone those, so long decided.

    calm down to the most rational before any such real occurrences in your mind…take time as your own freedom, make it work for you, not against you…use all those advantages….reverse engineer better and more with every gaining opportunity…realize all the wealth in the world doesn’t matter, even as your most pleasurable experience,…they already have all the money, don’t they?…if they don’t already, they could and should have already years ago and also already gained totalitarian control…if they were really that good at what they are doing….and I’ll tell you a secret immediately, by my own poetic and natural life instincts, NO ONE, is that good at trying to do something as outrageous as to gain total control of humanity, to also enslave it and also force into extinction…Not even ONE of them can do this or ever will succeed….it is already 10 to 1 against them in our favor…..Here IMPOSSIBLE is now working “for” them in every way….”yes, move your ass Hillary, worry more and work even harder, betray another one of your loyal, best friends to death, and the all of you BG’s, gathered together, obsess more and more, “don’t forgive” any one of yourselves for the slightest failure….ruin yourselves on your own “midnight run” to insanity…we all of us, the whole Human Race will already be LAUGHING AT YOU. you WILL land with contempt in your abominable resting place, and when you contemplate suicide, we will all be thinking and even praying, “Please do, DO IT IMMEDIATELY”

    What is the better and most about everything written here? FEELING, and no, I’m not even talking about the good things I said…there is an OCEAN of good feeling waiting to swallow me whole…too long it has beckoning me and too long I have been denying it over misguided conscious notions of choice and self control….I’ve had to delete a full paragraph to prevent myself from saying too much, even here, it is inappropriate and also unneeded…I am subject to illumination 24 hours a day, and subject to “being illumined” unto others as well..this is the whole idea here, besides I don’t really even have to say anything that Mark isn’t already aware of…the “words” by comparison left here, don’t matter…only feelings do, really do immediately…vital info is always good…all by itself it does not lead you to the intended goal…
    FEELING that tells you with “know” immediately, how things are going, and “what it is” becomes most clear also in your mind. “I need to” say and relate to Mr. Hamilton himself what he really needs to know, not just hear, and not just what he can sense, emotionally. “Please” you may know. the developments in my real life. FOCUS, summoned and generated subconsciously on “one thing” brings it all together and continues everything into motion…there are a few basic real goals I have immediately to move my life along….one can be, “is my website, Google Review-Ready?” Focus on one thing, and all of your concerns and its added improving developments begin feeding into it, in a responsible, self-controlled way. Don’t talk “about” anymore in places you don’t want or need to…realize only to DO them and demonstrate them…write letters to yourself if you must, especially concerning relationships and DO all of your “about” realizations as they are really telling you to do them. Don’t immediately show all of your new ingredients to everyone or anyone , not even to your lover or your best friend…just as you don’t show your cards while sitting round the poker table, even if “its just for fun”..practice “cool” in your movements and especially with what you are saying. Don’t get known as the guy or girl who immediately “spills the beans” with all she is feeling or thinking.
    “You are a joyful delight”… you are also, immediately, untrustworthy to keep any kind of secret…My greatest, most vital concern follows with this question “is Body, Soul and Mind within me…are they all together and also on the same page? Simple realizations tell and say, manage real and identifiable concerns that resolve into peace of mind…IMPRESSIONS are what I have to manage, that immediately speak to CHOICE in my mind…JUDGEMENT must draw from a full, real context and “wait” must be employed to allow for all of the facts to come in….”yes” they can and are able to…”SETTLE” in my mind….like with any other human being, the mind, like the body, is able to “feel better” this way, all the way to what it fully needs…respect the need of my own conscious mind like I would my knee or elbow that just bumped or slammed into a tree or car door unexpectedly…it only needs time to adjust, and it will feel better again, like any other part of you.

    There is decidedly One thing I have to learn to adjust to is when my better half is calling me to sleep and rest…”She knows” already with better 4X comprehension all the things I need.

    Well honey, you are disappointed, but here is “one for the money” another integration that I can be happy and satisfied with….it is already 4 time less in worth and effectiveness that you better know and understand.

    it gets the job done

    Beside any and all of my immediate goals I have, it is also “pay the small subscription amount to Neo as a website, start meeting and seeing others here on line….start giving immediately with $$ donations asap to Kevin Trudeau with all he really greater needs that will no doubt leap upon him also with surprise.

    Surpise! there’s at least 2 or 3 things here that indicate a less than mature realization. Maybe there is already one greatest that I always have until now failed to fully grasp and understand. “all the substance in play here” ….there is always “more, more, more” substance and also ingredients both from within and without, playing into me that I have to come to terms with beginning with “how much you are really loved” isn’t waiting to deny me anything, let alone to harshly condemn or criticize…”au contraire” every and any/all evidence here works in favor of me and everybody….it is “something to work with’ besides how informative as pros or cons in its own favor….I can trust both MH and K.T to take it and use for there own future considerations appropriately….how dastardly arrogant and confident is that? “as much as I am allowed, encouraged and need to be”…..TRUST and greatest assurance really does rest with me…I am not just one of their students or apprentices…I am also a “classmate” of theirs from a greater life point of view…”who, what YOU? really? ….yeas or nays as confirmation here is not something I need or depend on….I only care to realize my own qualities and capacity…unlike the newest students depicted right on the “your wish” CD’s, I am not someone coming into class with Zero Comprehension….it has been a challenge for me just to relate and bring my own into this better, recognizable form, that would otherwise be performing miracles on his own, not knowing there are also a world of others who are also our real and closest family…make any sense? to MH and K.T. I trust it does, though I don’t need to know how and what it does…I still am a student and also “the” student and apprentice they know me to be….I LOVE, and based upon “compellingly”…it = “I care” …don’t you? and why wouldn’t he?…and also You, I, or anyone of us, immediately…about what this all is according to what it really all is about.(CARE, and CARE with COMPELLING PASSION)

    Disney’s simple summation from one of his toons says it best..”Let Evil Die and Good Endure”…isn’t that what we all want? “Of course” that sums it all up, perfectly… “Disney”….Disney land is the goal for each and every one of us…if not also some good Las Vegas now and then….

    “With all my heart” I am compelled by over ruling passion…I weep for any small moment I feel gap between me and ME…I take fullest pleasure in the newest freedom now afforded to me.

    “DEMAND of me,” is the more literal translation from the Bible, by the God OF the Bible,….with “all your heart” and I WILL GIVE TO YOU IMMEDIATELY…how long has “he” been waiting for humanity to heed its own call and take what it rightfully deserves…ACCESS to free flowing information, that feeds body, soul and mind…FREEDOM that is uninhibited and governed by deepest respect for the individual in all of his own doings…ASSURANCE of SAFETY in a free world and society. These are not, any one of them, dreamy, fantasies….they are realizations already at work in you and me and they are “less fictional” than any other reality.

    That is really you and me….Mankind as woman, brother, sister, man and child…Conscious Human Beings who get to decide and claim their own was first introduced to us as ” a possibility.” “REAL” is the root to the word “Realize” isn’t it? “Really” we all may, take and have fullest confidence….nothing we do and endure to make our own future’s happen is in vain or ever really “a loss” to even one of us….shift to realize there never really is any “God Bless” let alone, most of the time, any “God Bless YOU” at work either….the word is FEEL BETTER, and do it now, right away.

  35. Mark,

    The 3000-year-old Secret is genius.The split run comparison is very powerful. Anyone who reads it can see whats happening in America today and how things could be if electing TVP canidates. Combined with the facts of James J Hills life works, one can see how big goverment and its control entities have changed history.

  36. The element of surprise is crucial to the success of any military campaign. It is also the key to sos and tvp launch. I like the idea of bringing new apprentices in slowley. By keeping the marketing and tvp separate from the start. This will enable them to learn who they are and who they are meant to be, before getting involved in other areas before they are ready.I am now reading The 3000-Year-Old SECRET. Mark, you are a genious.Part one-Split Run is very powerful.

  37. Mark,
    You briefly mentioned in either part 1 or part 2 of this level 5 meeting that you would step up and run for the office of President for the TVP if you were needed to do so. Currently you are very, very busy with the putting together of all of the logistics for creating the new TVP party platform and everything else that goes with it. I personally believe that you should remain in the background doing this for the platform’s needs. I believe that you serve the party’s needs the best by concentrating on the logistics above all else since this is all very new. I look forward to the day when everything that is in process at the moment becomes a better, stronger reality for society and everybody lives a richer, fuller life like you envision.

  38. Hi Mr. Hamilton-I have just finished the Level 5 meeting. I know that neo-tech has decided not to go the MLM route & ,if my understanding is correct, that this piece of the puzzle has been replaced with GIN. I can see from the structure of our clubhouse meetings that Gin is the face to the public & that as the integrations with GIN grow they are gradually introduced to neo-tech concepts & the political aspects of the TVP. I know that our clubhouse plan is to go to 2 clubhouse formats soon- 1 for neo-thinkers & Gin members that are ready for this level of integration & another for “newer”GIN members that are not quite “there”yet. Is my understanding correct? I am looking forward to next months meeting re: relationships as this has become a challenge for me as well. I can fully appreciate Letha’s comment above. It can be challenging for the seekers of this world to share our insights with others. I am so grateful to Avery & the clubhouse members for a place where I can talk freely & not be regarded as “crazy” or just a “dreamer.” I have been reading the David Icke books-per K.T.’s book club- & it really is an eye opener. I am so grateful that the world has visionaries like you, & K.T. that saw the problem & had the integrity & courage to, not only, speak out but come up with solutions. I am well & truly “getting off my knees”& looking forward to each new step on this incredible journey. Keep up the great work.

  39. i am now a victim of cyber crime and will no longer be able to pay for the course
    after the dust settals who knows since joining things did not get better only worse i am now losing my job and it doesnt look good on keeping my house or anything i have worked a lifetime to have
    thanks and good bye

    michael kelly

  40. Hello mr. Hamilton I am Joseph Lashley today is 5-18-2011 I have just finshed with level 5 I received a letter from your desk yesterday asking me to send in my member registration to get your latest book but payment on the monthly pay plain on member ship is a problem I haven`t been able to work in about 2 years I am disable got to have more surgerys to try and get my body working some what better sence the truck crash I was in 2 1/2 years ago I don`t have credit cards any more because they still your money with their high interest rates a few years ago I got rid ove my cards I only pay with cash or check thats how I got my three heirloom packages plus PAX so now you are restricting people like me or us am shur there are others in this positon that can only pay this way I called Dallas today and tried to talk to the superviser about it I didn`t get any results from the call so I guess thats the end ove my journey with your astabisement and I reaily don`t think it`s fair to me or the others like me to be put in this positon turning down money for plastic so I have come to the conclusion I ask you Mark Hamilton to help me and others with this or leave us with no choice but to be left out and close our books put them in boxes and store them away in storeage and forget it and pull the plug on our computers and get on with life with what there is out there to offer that we can pay for with money MR.Hamilton I hope that you really do read this your self and that you will give this some thought I am not asking for any thing I just ask you to be fair with this payment arrangement so we all have a fair chance at this. Joseph P.Lashley

  41. Hi Mark iam on level 12 and i’m glade to be a part. of the 12 vision. party i injoyed the meeting. I could not do my meeting because. my computer was mass up now i can do. all my meeting and see your face.

  42. Level 5,very valuable meeting, is amazing thinking the puzzles come together to make reality the President of C. of U. and put in action
    The Prime Law (The Fundamental of Protection-without initiatory force).
    And finaly,the prediction of visonareis come through (all the people welthy including the poor).
    Thank you Mark Hamilton, and special gratitude to Steve Fagan and Ryan Williams.
    Apprentice Daniel González

  43. Dear Mark Hamilton, I am so excited about the twelve visions party. I have yet had time though to access a club house in my area, the closest to me is Atlanta, that is the only one so far that I have come across! I have had a chance to access the Library and I read parts A,B,C and D of the Cosmic Mind and I cant wait to get back to reading some more! Right now the Neo-tech is my Friday Night Essence, I will do my integrations and ideas when I get home from my job of Labor! The ideas and visions of what the future can be for all of mankind is exciting, before, I felt like there was no hope for the future, well there is! And it is up to us! Only the people can make it happen, it is our responsibility to make a change, the time is now. For our children and their children.

  44. I am on Book 2 of Annabelle story. I watched the ring of Power and the Antichrist, The Reptilians, and the New world order on You Tube. It looks like this is coming very soon. Which makes TVP very important if not critical.

  45. I finished meeting 5. I just read Appendix D in The Nouveau Tech package of Inside Secrets page 269. The section about Why Neo-Tech Succeeds, with my life and my issues right now. I was fired from my job for trying to live my life with honesty and trying to create value around a bunch of value destoryers. I live with my mother and even when I am around her and other value destoryers. I look like the crazy person that needs help. Althought, when you sort out their actions they look like a bunch of people that escape from the crazy house. But if your the only sane person in the room, hell your the odd person out.

  46. I just watched 3A of meeting 5. I will be volunteering for the TVP. How can we be sure that we are on the right path and have not let some of our bicameral thinking take us off track? Will this be difficult thing for each state to accomplish to let the primal law guide us and not our egos?

  47. I just read up to page 484 of The Nouveau Tech package of Inner-Circle Secrets. In this section it speaks of YHWH, Abraham and Abraham’s leap of individuality, Moses and the major shift in man’s mental structure. Also going from bicameral man’s polytheism societal structure to monotheism. Plus King David inner self and him being a political Leader also Jesus. These people made major leaps in raising human consciousness plus they were great leaders and prepared modern man for Neo-Think or a God-man world. Are any of these people documneted in ancient writings other than the Western world, or the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Bible? Could one find ancient historical documents from forgein countries that document GREAT LEADERS of the world and those documents spoke of the life and the accomplishments of Abraham, Moses, King David and Jesus?

  48. Marks vision is genius. Using marketing strategies to combat the anticivilization. Brilliant. I am not however a marketing expert but will do my part to stimulate.

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