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  1. There comes a time in our lives when we really have to “get off the couch” so to speak, and take action, apply what we’ve learned. I guess that is what separates followers from leaders. I feel I am so close to making breakthrough changes throughout my life since becoming familiar with the teaching of Neothink. I am so excited about these meetings, what I’m learning. So far, I’m taking baby steps, but they are steps nevertheless for me.

  2. i cant find my old comment i made about this meeting can someone help me find it……. and when is the level 4 meeting for me?

  3. I don’t no how to respond I’m trying hard to be a member of this club. i don’t no every thing but i can learn.

  4. hey Jonathan i just remembered something and i assume you already use it but sometimes in the heat of a moment it can be forgotten if you didnt read the first comment it also was for you i just wrote it 5min ago but this popped into my head after i submitted the last comment we also used something called the
    3 Rs READ,RELATE AND RELAX remember its just people you are talking to nothing more and nothing less you should be able to read a person before they ever make it through the front door to a house you are showing and remember when people really really want something and think they might not get it they start to figit if they are doing that you got them YOU just need to seal the deal again i hope i have been some help 🙂 have a greatday

  5. hello mark this really isnt a comment for the meeting i just attended i just had read a comment from jonathan hayes he had asked a question of what would bring out the human nature to get someone to buy a home even though i dont have a certain phrase i do have a thought for him i used to work a high pressure marketing job we used alot of acronyms the one i have for you and i think it might help is (fugi) stands for fear of loss, urgency, greed and indifference some of this i belive was used to help bring us were we are at the word JUST can mean alot of things when you say it to a potential buyer they think TODAY while (just) for you may have been a week ago you dont lie to them you let their own minds lie to themselves this will help bring indifference if the other person you had shown had any interest at all it helps you bring in the greed factor whitch will also bring fear of loss and urgency. just a thought and i hope it helps 🙂

  6. All is well. What is the the secret website mark talks about? Would someone help? I am excited to be a part of changing the world & this has been my desire my whole life. People tend to react strangely when I say this as if it is not possible. Hmm. They’ll come around. : )

  7. Yes Mark you are right I was searching.My search is over I have the answers to all the questions I’ve been looking for.I just finished reading Roots by your father Frank R. Wallace.All I can say is demystifing.Just ordered Pax Neo-Tech and can’t wait.I do understand what you mean about think in numbers.SOS Secerts has sold over 5 million copies.Visions and Powers have sold less than 300,000 copies.Superpuzzle less than 200,000 copies.Roots I can’t tell but it has been on the market for along time and has been publish world wide and in many different languages.The books are of the greatest value.Even at the price I paid for them.I think I understand where we a going with this, get the information to the masses so more people will have this knowledge.Just like Henry Ford mass producing the automobile so anyone can afford one.And than the masses can jump into neo-think.I’am here to help all I can. Can’t wait for level 4.

  8. I felt that this was a wonderful level 3 meeting. That gave a greater understanding on how we in the Neothink Society will change the world into being a conscious society. Also, it is up to us to lead by example.

  9. This information is so powerful and life-changing. I am so fascinated with everything that I am learning. I really need to dig deeper. Perhaps when I have time off this Holiday weekend, I can really ponder.

  10. If you don’t market you have NO business. I plan on using the techniques you taught me this month to expand my cash buyers list in my real estate business. Can you personally tell me a good marketing phrase that will bring out the human nature to get someone to buy a house?

  11. I submitted a nice long intergration but it didnt post and I couldnt even print it out but I left level 3 training completed step 1 and now doing step 3 but step 2 doesnt seem to work or I can’t pull it up on this computer yet. I am very intrigued and energerized each time I complete a level in Mr Hamiltons mentorship monthly meetings as we progress from level 1 to 12 each month. My process to become a value creator and more intergrated and aware of the processes is very exciting. From our mini day / mini companys to our experiences of our 10 second miracles to the latest concept of a marketing secret of discovering our common denominators and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together is very illuminating..I have all 4 heirloom books am trying to finish plus another one I found Neo Tech World, and Mangod – Godman text and several others I have been able to pick up from the 80s and 90s..There is simply no end to this learning process and now TVP and the new political party we are developing for what our 2012 elections? More More and now becoming more public for all to enjoy is very exciting to live in this decade and to share with all other NeoThinker all over the world. G Bruce in Baltimore,Md.

  12. Finishing up my second journey thru Level 3, and what a journey it is!. November will be even better. Thanks, Mark and all members.

  13. Hi Dale here with a time sensitive request & pleas for assistance.

    If it seems I have been distant lately it is because of many continual obstacles have plagued my ability to be 100% as I would fully intended to be. I speak of things real similar to deceitful misdoings experienced by Anna Belle & John in the story. I need someone to contact me asap that is willing to take the time to call me at 406-671-9412 or 406-233-1276 ASAP in order to overt the motives of the oppositions I am currently facing. Mark if you read this pleas call me immediately as in my professional opinion goes beyond personal conflicts & directly aimed at targeting me in order to sabotage. SOS. As an active & forever committed member of SOS & Neo-tech/Neothink: I ask for much needed assistance that would certainly overt a destruction & feel is eminent otherwise. Please contact me ASAP!!! Preferably Mark Hamilton. Thank you & I will wait for a response. I at this time can say no further over the internet. Thank you. Dale M. Dahlin

  14. I’ve always known that the anti-civilization was a game. Many books have been written about it and how to play it to your advantage. Human nature is also understood. And how sex plays into every facet of Entertainment and advertisement. You would have to be living under a rock to not notice how this game is played. I like your approach and the get back to basics focus on FNE to bring us back to our passion.

  15. After I review my lesson 3 times and I understood the importance of telling the civilization the importance to tell them about Neo-tech socity. I’d be the warrior that will awake the Spanish people of the world to tell them about the Neo-tech and the impotance about the real world that we live in and the wonderful things of knowlege that we have in our socity so we can awaken the world. So I wold like to now if it would be possible to have the secrets socity in Spanish letters so I can teach my own Spanish population that does’nt speak English that would be the challenge that I would like to accomplish the way I see my picture so everybody could be equal in life. So we can understand the real civilization. So all the population in knowlege so we can live free of the lies of the political and the missitions. So we can be free I woul like to take that challenge.
    your student

  16. I also wanted to say…sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong..or if possibly it’s just 53 years of anti-civilization dogma stuck in my sub-conscious that’s holding me back. Any thoughts on this Mark? I appreciate any advice.

  17. After attending this meeting yesterday, I went back to read the first 56 page booklet. The first time I read it, I felt an absolute power within that I’d only felt once before in my life that I could recall. In fact, I went back several times reading it while I anxiously waited for my first book. I wanted so badly to belong to this organization I cannot express it in words. I patiently waited for the 2 weeks after reading it for the three very major good things to happen involving, money, love & power.

    Exactly two weeks to the day, my two youngest sons were involved in two near-fatal, separate car accidents shortly before mid-night. It was surreal, they were within a mile of each other, and both within a mile of our house. My oldest, lost control in a curve, hit a utility pole & flipped over twice. My Miracle: He got out of the truck with some cuts & bruises. My youngest fell asleep at the wheel, went off a curve 150 feet into the woods until a pine tree stopped the car. Investigators say impact was at least 50mph. But he walked away with cuts & bruising also. Another Miracle..

    After this incident, my family & I have continued to struggle in many ways, but primarily financially. Money, or the lack of rather, seems to be our only problem. Everything keeps going down-hill…But I still believe and feel this POWER…

    I read the others comments also, after the meetings. I know there are people worse off than me. I pray for those who are seeing success, and that they continue to do so…but I’m human, impatience is wearing on me…But I still believe and feel this POWER.

    I make a little over $12,000 a year from SS. I cringe whenever something come up that involves money. I can’t join the secret web site because that will feed my family for a few days…I can’t attend any meetings, or join GIN as a member…I can’t even afford to take my regular, 25 mile Sunday drive in my Classic 75′ Chevy Van any more, I have to save that to go to my Doctor once a month…and soon I may not be able to afford that.

    Part of the reason I wanted to be a part of this organization is because of the HONESTY policy…So I’m being honest here, even though it may seem like I’m complaining, I’m not. I stating facts about ME. I’m BELOW poverty right now and want to change it.

    I’m still waiting to get my third Heirloom Package, Inner Circle Secrets. I can’t seem to get in touch with the right person to handle this situation.

    Mark, I still want to be a part of this with all my core, I know this bad run I’m on won’t last, I just don’t know when it will end. I will continue on with the meetings, continue reading the manuscripts, and continue NEO-thinking! Please bear with me, and don’t give up on me. Thank you for finding me.

  18. I think the last meeting i got the most out of it than the fist two i learned a lot from it.went over the meeting several times I am glad to be apart of this.
    thanks so much ,Steve warden.

  19. I spent 40 minutes on my last comment & it didn’t post for some reason. I have to go for now but will return later to comment.

  20. Im hoping to find and meet someone in my area who are a member so I can spend sometime talking about the books and how to use them. Anyone in my area you can reach me at my email please.Yes I got alot of good valuable stuff out of the second and thirty meetings too.That willhel p me with my ten second miracle. Thank you again Everyone Roy O`Kane

  21. I can not wait till I have infinite tools to further advance myself. The marketing secret is a great tool. Piecing all the raw knowledge I absorb with these meeting, the spiritual awakening unfolding inside of me, and the pure love that surrounds the society and its members.

    I have seen how amazing the C of U can be and am so excited to get my family and friends to start the journey I started and never wanna stop. For example I love the tools and capabilities the internet offers however I do not even have my own connection. Even though inside I am dieing to put my knowledge and integrations into effect to most importantly change the world for the better, I still have the patience every time I get online to breath and remember My True Vision. Which is FREEDOM FOR ALL.

    I am reading Silvia Browne books and loving The Mystical Traveler information. It’s crazy amazing the integrations you can put out when you involve your spirit.

    Also with the meetings in mind along with all Neo-Tech tools, I am also learning about Sacred G Technology or Love technology technically. The knowledge of how and what energy does and takes to manifests into your “reality” is empowering. Being a part of the Neo-Tech and TVP movement and using it as one of my FNE’s has always been one of my dreams. However knowing I will desire to travel and take time to really advance, sculpt, and transform my spirit inside may take time. The TVP and Neo-Tech movement is where I know changing the world will take place.

    With my miracle mail, having numerous opportunities on my lap and only having the cash to pick 1 at a time is getting frustrating no lie. With these meetings I am making it a goal to get back here as much as I can because I am done with not having financial tools. Also being in a relationship with someone with the child of the past not alive and so different internally than me is tough. Although I believe it is a part of my journey and advancing myself.

    And for you Mark, do not worry, I am going to send you a testimonial soon, my problem sometimes is I have to perfect things too much to make myself think I did all I could and did not waste any chance for failure. I have seen how I can use this to my advantage which is why I have no doubt people are going to listen to me someday when I am done making my “inside” unstoppable. Please understand how much Neo-Think, TVP, And Any Neo-Tech followers really do matter the most to the love I hold inside for the universe which someday soon will be the Civilization Of The Universe.

    I could sit on here for days and just pour my heart out to you guys. I can not wait any longer to meet another one of you like me. As of today I have $10 dollars to my name but that does not bother me because by The end of October, I will be at paradise islands with GIN friends spending all that money I did not have the month before. I will finally be living my dreams and it is all because my child inside had to have more, Mark and Neothink saw that sparkle in my eye and here I am about to change the world.


    Thank You AGAIN EVERYONE! Thank You!

    -John Mac Freedom Fighters (marketing idea, just trying it out 😉 )

  22. I have found these Neo tech tichniques to be 100 % useful as well as mentally envigorating. Practice makes perfect, however I am taking the steps that are laid out one at a time so as not to miss anything. Very, very good so far.
    Thank you very much!!!

  23. I was thinking that perhaps FB had sold you my information. I am glad to see that it is much more interesting and in depth than that. Brilliant! Thank-you.

  24. Everyday I use some of the Neothink processes to solve problems at home and at work or come up with some new ideas. This is not new to me, however Neothink is a good word to explain it. Looking back over the years, many of my ideas and methods become adopted as the way things have always been, knowing fool well that if I didn’t come up with the idea, process, or method it wouldn’t exist. This is what is normally refered to as going to work and earning a living, however when I find lots of people earning a living of my ideas, in the Neothink methods, that’s called value creation.

    To move forward I find it’s better to keep my ideas and methods to myself and come up with a way of marketing them for profit for me, screw the neo cheater and freeloaders. Today these are a group of people being constantly distracted by constant cellphone chat, text messaging, internet surfing, and E-mail as a way of life and calling it work. If we could only turn cellphones into creative devices instead of entertainment the world would be a better place.



  26. Check out Monet’s Kitchen and Dinning Room his place setting are colorful, yellow blue and purples. He has those photos and more of his Garden and Lilies in a Cook Book, he not nnly Entertained he was a Gormet French Chef.
    Or Dr Seuss he’s my Fav!

    I looked at how much I was able to say this month and cried, Doctor.

  27. What Decorator did you feel sorry for? Boring, designs, colors, it’s crouded and the ceiling should have a mural, like a sunset with just the sky and clounds in red crimson and orange with white and blue violet and golden colors. What is that Chip and Dale? In a small room? Oh good is that art on the wall or just the wall with heavy frames?
    I do not like your decorator or how mcuh you must have paid. What a gerogeous house, it looks like you were in on the design. The rugs are ok but there is no thinkness to them and very hard to walk on even in stockings.
    Check out that Artist who does designs with and in Nature, the mathmatical designes he does with just yellow leaves is breath taking.
    Plants are good but the water for those should be used to grow food, they make beautiful plants, like lettusce eggplants tomatoes anything even flowers can; be eatable as in roses panseys nasturesums, and others. A Grass you cut and juice is another plant used in indoor gardens.
    There are designs for Oriental Gardens indoors where they take a room and use it or divide it or use them as dividers, with dirts and pebbles, very spacieously doen in a small area. Do you have a mini putting green outside in the backyard, you should. All these things can be found in keywords and clicking Images. I know, my bad.

  28. Thank you everyone, I truly am empowered and feel exhilarated. I know very soon my time will come when I can shine and never fall. I have so many amazing world changing dreams that its hard to wait some days. I love getting my “MIRACLE MAIL” and its amazing how many of my numbers appear throughout my mail. I am focused on getting all the inspiration for my Zon inside to unwrap the miracle person I am desiring to be. I could go on for days about how grateful I am and I know all you guys are waiting for me to blow up. I can feel it more everyday, I love everything about it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU I will see all of you soon. -John Michael McCarville 🙂

  29. This meeting answers the question that i always ask myself how was i discoverd,the answer was amazing remambering how i almost threw the first letter i recieved in the garbage thinking it was a hoax here im am sitting here today with a whole new look at life.I do have a question if someone has an idea for a product invention who should i contact.

  30. Mark, Thank you, for making me one of the select few chosen to change the world! I am excited that you knew I’m a searcher of the world, and I’m excited, because I knew (you) the world would come for me. I think I’ve been in the process of becoming prepared, “Cycle II.” I have been on my path alone for a long time, it’s been difficult dealing with dishonest people. Although, I have been teaching the children what I know. I’ve not always been able to think ahead putting the puzzle toghther. I am eager to continue moving forward with Neothink. Thank You!

  31. I think that this lesson was very inspiring and rewarding. I don’t know where to begin on my comment but I guess that I already have spoken on the feeling that I recieved after reading. I know by reading that I need some work done on me because I’m still in the process of my Friday Night Essence. But it helps me to know the targeting points of this system. With common denominators, forces of nature, and the marketing. The break down of communication gives me hope and faith that I will succeed but it will just time.

  32. If you read or read my previous comments about our history you may be on or go o;, an Archeological roller coaster ride, from the time and space you travel so fast, dizzy? It’s a fun rare free ride so have fun with it and yes you will see things from history as you re-locate your self to today again.

    Zoomie zoom zoom millions’ of years trillions upon trillions of moments in time super fast, it truely is time traveling. I am taking you back further to something else I just discovered, most of this is in print for the first time so’s this one; Zon.
    As we evolved from a single cell into fish, we decided as we evolved what we did best, dolphines danced on the water, we flew over it, onto land.
    What we did best with our natural abilities….did we have to re-learn? What we like and did best, yes.

    Who’s dizzy now, anyone, sit down then and close your eyes relaxing is the key. Zoom back slowly. I go back and forth in an instant sometimes whoa. 1700 century yet? 1800 1900 2000 home plate babe. Enjoy it it’s rarely been travled except, by me. Read the book see the movies, documentaries anyone? “Origins of Man”.

  33. Anticivilization Vs C of U Attitude
    Example: On the news, I heard, a prisoner in for robbery, had escaped and caught, for the fifth time; two months before he was up for parol and he is in maybe his sixties now. Adding this to that equasion, Robbery is the first thing taught in prison, this is highly regarded, he was two months from parol, he didn’t want out.

    It’s called ‘a cot and a hot’ or hotmeal, he perfers to be inside as they say. He has respect, the cops are happy, there’s more crime and excuses to get hipper and shoot, the judges are working, it’s a racket, RICO.

    Who looked stupid, him or some of the listeners, Anticivilization or C of U insanity or sanity, studidity is insanity, always the hand and glove or gloved hand; the not so secret secret society or rival throughout our history, almost.

  34. Tick Tick, time, to me is being in rhythm with the universe, which means I am where I need to be, when I need to be there; right place right time, thinking.

    When I am rushed and out of rhythm, or distracted by someone or thing and out of step with things, my lifes rhythm, messes-up, wrong thing wrong time and I do not feel like things feel right.

    I cannot stand time or days that are labled, I have been so far back in time in history as an Anthropologis I have witnessed when man evolved enough to name days, and form time frames and it was; forced upon us then, as it is still, today.
    I can understand certains things need time frames like public transportation, when I take busses, as I do not drive much, I never check the clock but it’s there soon afterI arrive usually. Why should I run by a time clock, why should I force myself to when I do not like to. I find exceptions with other peoples scheduals and as in school, or meetings; that’s why it was used to begin with, for civic meetings government.
    What someone else does is their business but for me time is an illusion, I can see by the sun what time of day it is. ?… I perfer music.
    I arerage out to anbout one and one-half hours a day on varrious projects and research. It’s my time.

  35. Is it possible to get copies of the meetings on CD?? I have a torrid time trying to download the videos when I try to go back to review them.

  36. Level 3 was very interesting. It helped me to understand some of the things I have known, but was confirmed with this lesson.

    I have always known that I was created to do something great, but I did not know what, nor how to prevent the cycle of getting knocked down each time, however I never stayed down, I would always manage to get back up, and continue my search, so here I am.

    The three marketing Systems was very helpful.

    Thank you,


  37. Aloha,

    I need a solution to a rare problem I have never incounter before; I cannot read the Annabell story; I was wondering if you had it on CD’s?

    Or any books as that is how I have to learn.

    But the problem in reading that particular story is, that when I strated it several months ago the pictures in my mind were too overwhelming and saddening. It was like I was there watching this terrible thing I could not stop happeng to me personally againand I have no explanantions.

    That’s the only way I can explaine what happens to me when I read this and although it does, picked-up the book recently, but what I experienced Doc was far too upsetting to tackel and try to read from paper too. I believe the CD’s would work best.

  38. I have finally been able to download and watch the entire video of meeting #3

    Another powerful meeting. What I learned in this there is stretching my mind in a all directions.

    I said that I wanted to be part of the Neo-Tech movement. However, there is one small problem – I live in South Africa, so that may not fit too well with your marketing plans.

    But this place is going to have to get Neo-Tech before it implodes, and that could happen within the next 5 years.

    Sid Nothard

  39. Another force is when are left powerless when they are lead by a female a smaller brain is cunfusing to a man; illogical. Ill ness sets in that leaves them parilized to make decisions for himself; this is writen about in Men are from Mars women are from Venus. Just as men relate to men and females relate to women Man relates to our Father and women relate to our Mother; honestly if you could create everything and anything and were a man…Do you honestly believe he wouldn’t havee made himsefl a wife first thing? and a beautiful paridise to live with? If I have made you think Coloradoians do naturally?
    That relationship sets guidelines for us to follow everlasting love like a pillow and a warm blanket; without it’s origination how can you have it? You cannot.

  40. Hot n Juicy DNA

    There is a Tower of Doom in Denver CO and if you take that ride you will learn you get religious real fast; saying oh pls God Christ stop this now PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE boom next words will be oh God ty! I swear it. Or you can wait…… If that does not tempt you I know what will.

    I shed blood everyday everywhere I go from my crainal injury DNA everywhere I go; honestly what do you think keeps me breathing? Not only breathing but walking, thinking, and doing? Energy from what sorce? Define it combine it and realize something about it; common territory. Love
    Win/Wins work nothing else does.

  41. Unconditional care for life is a very powerful force, the common ground or denominator is also being human,.. being a gender, being in a position to changes things, in yourself and others can be earth shattering in your life and in others.
    It has been said the wise become stupid and the stupid become wise, is true for everyone but not in every perspective, have people not suddenly heard something and suddenly do a 180, yes; anything is possible that is the magic in life., life is limitless and continuing as it always has.

    Limitless, does not limit imagination, all things man does first derives from thought, words can be powerful the pen is…but actions speak louder then words and that is another very powerful natural force. Martial arts uses natural forces, another.
    When you say sex sells, I’m not selling mine.
    What does, innocense kindness fun those things appeal to a child, we are children, brothers’ and sisters’ we are God’s children, birthing yous in twos, take care of that pls.

  42. For me I prefer privacy and boundries especially ones that special to me because I find creation deserves more respect then anything else on earth. People miss so much of life, it is missery for them; the no’s I have to when they feel that the know they would not like to. Saddly things like this have to develope because we like animals have a leader usually. Even animals will go to the smartest for advice when they need to, there is a story an Indian story about this.
    I suggest if you want to find the powerful forces in life or Naturt then what is it where is it and how does it work, how dose man fit in w/ nature; today he doesn’t. Why was that basic need taken and who took it, then who gave them the power to do that, where does anyone get just the basic right to breath then? The energy? The inclination to do?
    When Nature can easily over power man why does man fight nature? There is a cycle to life and there is a circle and we are the dot in the center of it. ty 4 ur time n energy dose it make changes in your mentality. What about eternal life?

  43. If I could do the numbers on a case like that going with nice try, try to prove a lie etc, in the real world with a real court say the World Court and won then take the win to the; vaccine producers since 1920. When the first test was done, how mush would they be accountable for when the first thing on the 1998 Bereley University Research Paper states; this is sickening the first thing is retardation the second thing is cripeling. The list goes on to the 6th being obesity, 7.gender Idenity crisis, 12,self mutilation 8.boughts of sudden violence and 10 suddenout-bursts of anger and it’s who that’s targeted here but mostly infants.
    Take the money and run with it, buy tractors seeds education so anyone can be who they were truely meant to be, alternative fules housing and basic needs for those countries deprived of them now; clean-up the world and get what we wnat out of life? In the real world it could be done it should be done.
    JC is there a spell check?

  44. To me someone with billions and billions that hasn’t ended starvation… of children and infants; isn’t worth much and looks like the fall guy. Passing out vaccines that mutilate the nervous systems protection really in my mind is criminal too.
    One should be carefull with what they do with knowledge and what can happen without it. As he should have looked into what he was selling or buying,we can’t say he’s stupid.

    I want to say thank-you for taking the time to teach, thank-you for trusting in me so much, I won’t let you down, I’d be letting myself down and that’s unacceptable.

  45. This session was truly a learning experience something that I must go over a few times. In order to get the secret message meaning related to the forces of nature also th common denominator. I’m sure once I visit the meeting again that I’ll have a different understanding than what I do now. I’m tired I stayed up late to listen to this message. Until we meet again thank you for your insight.

  46. First of all, thank you Mark and all the members who helped pick us. I am honoured to be picked and have you as my mentor. It is very good of you to put so much time and effort into all this tutoring for us. I hope I am worthy of this. Every time I view this Level 3 lesson, more and more questions come into my head about how we can make this work. I am excited about taking this public but also anxious. I have questions about the time frame I need to commit, money required to get into the royalty ground floor, public relations needed, etc. I am waiting with bated breath for Level 4. Thanks Mark for your great commitment to us, the apprentices, and to the Neo-Tech Society as a whole. Great work.

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