Level 10

Integration for Level 10

What a simulating and emotional thought of finally becoming a Mentor after 12 meetings with you, Mark! What awesome information you have taught me with the beautiful literature you have shared, transforming me into an integrated, value thinker using power thinking acquired during the process. Thank you for revealing the issues of money and wealth that most new members misconceive. Your patience is helping us to realize this mystical concept which we need to be aware of, in ourselves, and other new members and change is deeply appreciated, Mark. The Prime Literature teaches us the secrets to changing this misconception by value creation, our source of happiness and motivation by focusing on our hidden talents and traits and skills! Our contribution to other members actually, as you stress, gives back to Society. Realizing human consciousness needs creation, as explained in the Prime Literature, is critical to us all. We learn patience is the best virtue as we prioritize money and learn to follow the numbers in our value creation businesses sharing with other members and finding our happiness. By following the road map that you give us in The Prime Literature, the process, and our FNEs, plus Ten Second Miracles we learn from the Secrets within the literature, we find total integrated honesty and eventually the C of U. We learn total integrated thinking as we learn power thinking to solve the picture puzzles snapping pieces, perfectly, the right piece in the right place, as we solve these puzzles together. We see the blueprint provided in “The Miss Annabelle Story” to develop the Twelve Visions World and the dynamics required to create the changes for a better world. We also see through the advantages, taken together, what a beautiful world the Twelve Visions World will be for us Zons, God-Men! The goals we must achieve in developing a School of Geniuses, giving back to Society, curing Aging / Death andfinally biological immortality. Our Clubhouses within our A-Teams, and more specifically our Congregations, in the Church of God-Man, and our Inner Circles is the source of solutions for these Super Puzzles. We need t move from integrated thinkers into the ‘chosen few’ to build the disintegrations, that of the AC. ending the psychological end game is the greatest value that you could bring to another human being! Huzzah!