Level 08

Integration for Level 8

Thank you, first of all, Mark, for sharing yourself with us, your apprentices, your creativity, honesty, passion, and persistence as our Mentor including the DTC (Discipline, Thought, and Control) process utilized so eloquently and skillfully. Thank you for sharing the Big Picture in a general, rather than a specific, format so we can hold the whole Big Picture in our head. Now we can focus on the major world-changing paradigm shifts! The first major movement that’s going to come out of your local Clubhouse Congregations is the Twelve Vision Party! Thank you for sharing the blueprint which is done, and is the Miss Annabelle’s Story. Thank you for sharing your vision and making me realize how it involves me. I understand our relationship, the business relationship, the nature of The Prime Literature, Neothink, in action! Thank you for sharing the reasons why the Twelve Visions World will successfully occur: First, the product itself, The Prime Literature; Second, the business structure; and Third, the personnel, Us, the apprentices, integrated, very persistent, and so very motivated. Thank You!