Level 02

how do I get the link to reset my password

HI Mark I did not attend the second meeting. I been having getting into private mode and then I forgot after the first meeting I forgot my password. I have tried for a month or even before but I do not receive the link, and as of yet some placing I sign into don’t even recognize that I had be verified. I have worked for many months on the computer learning new things to work toward getting to the meetings. I finally got a link that told me the steps to take to get into private mode. So Here I am hopefully in private mode. Now I need access to reset my password. I don’t understand why the system does not recognize my email or my name or my user name.[ I have filled many integration submits. One thing I know for sure is that I have been persistent about presuming this challenge. I don’t even know if the meeting is tomorrow or Thursday. I’m not sure I qualify any more. I have tried to power think and I always make getting my password and getting g to my meetings the top priory. I have been working on getting involved with any Neothink that I doesn’t need a password to enter I was so in awe at my first meeting that I got in and attended that I left before I gave my integration and enter active members site. I am missing out of my Neothink education and am deeply sad about it. What can I do to get the link? If the system doesn’t send it to me? Will you mentor me on this challenge please? Paula Thompson