Level 01

Mr. Sixto Gomez Jr

! am 71 years of age, hispanic, currently residing in Salt Lake City, UT and originally from Brooklyn, New York. I’ve navigated to my current residence in Utah from Laguna Beach, CA. I relate to all of Mr. Hamilton’s Trilogy of Heirlooms and I am in a state of euphoria, infused in a state-of-mind of integrated thinking far and beyond I had ever hope! Though I have been a casualty of the anti-civilization irrationalities and preconceive-notions of helplessness and powerlessness, I now see that I need a unique and personal “Friday-Night Essence”! That which is one of creating values for my self as to those loved-ones in my life! I have wasted-away for the past 71 years producing values that kept me in stagnation and in poverty. Now through this new and intriguing integrated thinking, self-leadership, I aspire in tapping into my very self-generated and elusive “ME” that this anti-civilization “Specialized Thinking”, has for some time now kept me from reaching my true “Friday-Night Essence”! That essence of true happiness is creating wealth, pride, happiness and health! Mr. Hamilton’s wise and understanding techniques in value creation is slowly but surely, inducing in me a brand-new level of success, competence, strength and a self-assured demeanor! Looking forward to Level Two!