My Neothinker Testimony

J.C.’s Testimony of the Neothink Society and the most wonderful experiences I have had entertaining information written by Mark Hamilton which began to open my attitude and my eyes to question why we are being kept from being creative from every angle known to man and mainly in our educational system.  If we remain dependent on what man says we will be, stifled into smallness and never able to achieve the greatness as planned by nature for our lives!

As I began my Journey into reading and thinking realm that has kept us isolated from the absolute truth of this great nation we live in.  I began to notice a change in me to get integrated into every written word and experience and I could actually recall instances in my own life experiences that I did question the validity of the information I was being fed and to mankind as saving money from one activity to intergrate into another but no movement of advancement for mankind would every materialize.

Clinging to every word that I read, I was being motivated to press through every challenge I was facing in my own life, immediately!  Every moment I spent reading the manuscripts I would sit down and craved to continue reading.  (That’s not book selling, that’s powerful truth being given for the taking)!

You cannot blame a writer for your lack of intellect to just read sent down and read the information, no magic tricks or hocus pocus, just facts of integrated power and success being passed down to future leaders and succeeders!

I purchased these books before but because I had an emergency surgery on my spine I did not get my request in by the due date to print the 3rd book for me and I also moved away 10-yrs ago out of the desert for health reasons as well.

You see I felt overwhelmed with hope when I received my invitation to purchase the books a 2nd time with the very special heirloom binding, my other set has been in a box somewhere in the garage and have recently reappeared.

I’m proud I have repurchased the Manuscripts to pass down to my children with instructions to give to their children and for generations to come, but you  must hear the rest of my testimony, here goes:

Something very powerful is happening in my life since I began reading; I have started visioning incidents that had nothing to do with me.  The more I read the more vivid the visions become and what I was learning was becoming very clear.  The manuscripts have changed my way of thinking and why our/my life will not change until we the Society Stand Up to change!

My visual experiences while reading The Neothink  Society writings and preparing my testimony of my  awareness are very important to the survival and expanding influence of Neothink®, TVP, and Mark Hamilton as this individual who has dedicated his entire life to open the eyes of Society in general, of the mental fog we live our lives in, which has been an illusion fed to us earnestly, but not honestly since the beginning of our great nation!  However, along the way the Illusionist forgot that sooner than later everyone’s eyes will be opened.  The time has come and it will not go away until the truth will be dealt with as a Society.

I am grateful for the understanding I did and will acquire reading from every page, plus my way of thinking has been changed forever and I hope that while I’m still around I can hand down my Manuscripts to my grandchildren after my children’s lives have become much richer than my life experiences because they will know the real truth of our Society from the beginning of their lives!

Blessings to Mr. Mark Hamilton and don’t let anyone put you down, I never even considered that I didn’t have the whole truth, I thought I was just another educated failure!