How to Make Money From Home with Neothink’s 7 Steps of the Self-Leader Secret

Transcript How to make money from home? I am asked this question often. There are many ways to make money from home. I created an internet Marketing Company that I run from home. Hi! my name is Mack and I’m a Neothink Society Member and Mentor. You can earn money from home through Direct Sales. You can have an Ebay Garage Sale Become a Virtual Office Assistant There are many many ways to make money from home. Find something that you are passionate about. Something that you would rather do more than anything else. The real key to the question “How to make money from home” is to have the knowledge and mindset to succeed. To ensure your success with any home based business, as many of The Neothink Society Members have… including myself, you will need to immerse yourself in Mark Hamilton’s Self-Leader System. The Self-Leader System is a success booster. How to make money from home is not just about what you do… but how you do it. Mark Hamilton’s, Self-Leader System Seven Steps, showed me how to achieve greater success. Each of the seven secrets can be used independently to boost success. I use all seven steps together as a powerful system – The Self-Leader System. I’ve become a Self-Leader. You can also use Mark Hamilton’s Self-Leader System on your current job to perhaps achieve rapid advancement and more income. I used the Self-Leader System in my Corporate jobs to rapidly advance from a Field Engineer to a Corporate Executive. What are the Self-Leader Seven Steps? Well… Step One: Project Curiosity This is the step where you educate yourself about the business you decided to start Step Two: The Self-Investment Plan This is where you will gain enough integrated knowledge to be able to define the business’s basic responsibilities. Step Three: Invest In Oneself Now you can dig in and master the nitty-gritty details in order to absorb the responsibilities one by one of your new business and build strength and confidence. Step Four: The Fast-Track Method You will be able to race ahead with your area of purpose with the Fast-Track method: the mini-day/power thinking team. Step Five: The Window to Creativity Use numbers to open your window of creativity. Through numbers, you will discover more and more creative advancements for your new business. Step Six: The Final Obstacle The only thing that can stop you from success is yourself. Think hard about making progress every day. Do not slip out of the think-hard mode. Fight it with insta-act (instant action). Step Seven: Mind Muscle There are seven Power Techniques to help kick-start your mind into integrated thinking. They will give your mind the muscle it needs to get through the Self-Leader system and sail your own course to success. As you find your ways to make money from home, The Neothink Society Self-Leader System with teach you how to burn through obstacles between you and your goals. Experience the new you – the power you… who takes control of life. The Self-Leader.