How to Start Using Neothink Right Away to Become Unstoppable, Win at Anything, and Become the Person You Were Meant To Be

Are you looking for immediate results? The Neothink Secrets are built upon a spiral of techniques. You will acquire the tools to make man’s final evolution into a superior being called the Superhuman. The Superman enjoys several Gifts including extraordinary health and longevity, millionaire wealth, an exhilarating livelihood, romantic love, and superior intelligence called Neothink®. “But,” you may be thinking, “to read through all the Neothink Secrets and become the Superhuman seems overwhelming and would take such a long time.” This Inner-Circle Secret you are reading will get you started on this journey immediately. This Neothink® Secret will give you immediate results so you can start your journey toward the prosperous Superhuman tomorrow morning, bringing you instant energy, enthusiasm, and payoffs as you discover the life you were meant to live. Before you begin, let me ask you: how much is it worth to you to discover what you would have done best in life? $250, $500, $1000? I know I would pay five-thousand dollars to know. …Over the next twenty-four pages, you have the opportunity to see, via the proven Neothink® techniques, your best path in life. It will cost you an hour of your time to read those pages that open the door to the life you were meant to live. Some people just like to know, out of curiosity, what they would have done best in life. But, even more go on to travel that life they were meant to live, and they become deeply happy and motivated, wealthy and powerful, and often discover a rare and lasting romantic love. Men and women are equally invited to take the journey. When you finish reading these pages, as prosperous as those pages are for you, remember that your exciting journey will just be starting. Therefore, let us begin. The Gifts can start filling your life as early as tomorrow morning. The Gift of extraordinary health and longevity still relies on the Technological Revolution. But you do not have to wait for the other Gifts: profound security, millionaire wealth, a dream career, a dream lover, and superior intelligence. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this chapter today to open the door tomorrow to the life you were meant to live.

Opening the Door to the Person You Were Meant to Be

What motivates you into making the evolutionary leap into the Superhuman? Perhaps, the idea of success and power sounds exciting. Success and power come from something I call downstream focus. Downstream focus happens when your thoughts naturally flow back to your work, even in the evenings and weekends. If thinking about your work, especially in the evenings and on weekends, is an upstream battle (as it is for most), you will not be a major success because, for those elite few who make it to the top in your field, thinking about work is a natural downstream rush. They pass right by you to the power positions. Do you feel the tug to get back to your livelihood — after work and on weekends? I’m not talking about external deadlines, but internal desires? If not, then you are swimming upstream, and I can guarantee you will not experience major success…because there are people in your line of work who are pulled back to it. They may be the owners, or they may be your peers who will rise beyond you. Is watching TV or listening to a ball game or bowling or hanging out with friends hard to pull away from in your evenings? Those are indicators that you have not experienced what I call a downstream focus to success. Every person has a door inside that opens to the person he or she was meant to be. That person, once the door opens, lives every moment with natural downstream focus and soars to major success. Today, you will open that door within you. Without discovering and opening that door, you will never soar. It is a depressing thought to have lived but never soared. Let me give you an example, using a person who works for me. Dave was a high-energy guy, but in business he would never be big. He could do a good job, and he rose into management. But one day, I discovered that for him to be formulating thoughts and pulling together integrations outside of his designated duties, for example during the evenings and weekends, was an upstream battle for Dave. Business simply was not his element. At first, I was frustrated because I really wanted and needed Dave to become my right-hand man, and I was counting on him to be focused on the business all the time, including having his mind on it in the evenings and weekends. We live in a very competitive world, and to rise to the top, downstream focus is essential. I needed and wanted Dave to have downstream focus on the business. But over time, I knew Dave had other interests in the evenings and weekends, pulling his thoughts and integrations — his focus — away from the business. I reluctantly realized he would not rise in the business world to the top with me. About this time, I was learning about that one door inside a person that opens to the person he or she was meant to be. Although disappointed that the door to my expectations of Dave was closing, I began pondering: “What if I opened not the door I had planned for Dave, but that one door that exists in him that would open to the life he was meant to live?” Although one opportunity was closing for both of us, could even a bigger opportunity be opening? As owner of my company, I took on the challenge to unleash Dave’s human potential by discovering the person he was meant to be and creating a job that would offer him the life he was meant to live. The results are just being realized now. They look so profitable for both Dave and my business that I predict the most competitive companies in the 21st century will learn to hire people differently: based on who they were meant to be. The job revolution of the 21st century will change our routine-rut jobs of labor into exciting entrepreneurial jobs of the mind. Adding to that job revolution, companies will set us up as in-house “entrepreneurs” soaring ahead not just on any job of the mind, but specifically on the path we were meant to travel. Some companies, as I have done for Dave, will even create new entrepreneurial jobs of the mind that open the doors of their best employees to the persons they were meant to be. Dave now lives his career 24 hours a day with downstream focus, which I will describe in a moment. He is deeply happy, living the life he was meant to live and rising toward major success. By focusing on his livelihood and integrating his thoughts in the evenings and weekends, he is beginning to build Neothink® puzzles and is on his way toward making the jump into the Neothink® mentality and becoming the prosperous Superhuman. In short, Dave discovered his downstream focus. I have never seen him so happy with so much energy. He is soaring toward something big…enthusiastically building his competitive creations at nights and on weekends, well beyond his daytime duties. That ongoing drive is the only way to put time and thought enough to rise into the top 1% success in any field. Dave’s job is no longer work for Dave — it is play. Indeed, he has so much fun pursuing his passion — his value creation — he now calls it playing. He “plays” most evenings now instead of watching TV. He “plays” throughout much of the weekend, too. My experiment with Dave taught me that by finding and opening his door to the person he was meant to be, I had someone who would rise to the top in that field working for me — a powerful asset to my company. I knew other companies will discover how to unleash the human potential of their employees in the 21st century and then put them into the new, entrepreneurial living jobs and watch them soar. Dave was not meant to be a businessman per se, although he functioned competently as such. After some deep searching on my part and honesty on his part, we discovered he was meant to be an artist. He was an artist, a performer, and performing brought forth natural downstream focus. So, I started a seminar circuit with Dave at the helm as the performer. I could not believe my eyes as Dave flowed into integrated thinking and onto building Neothink® puzzles. He became happy, dedicated, and focused. He has made it possible for me to seriously look at the next level of film, where he will become a valuable asset to me, “playing” at life, as he calls it. Dave went through a personal renaissance via profitable downstream focus, which as we’ll see brings: 1) wealth, 2) happiness, and 3) romantic love to one’s existence. To not discover the person you were meant to be is a personal tragedy. I know this from personal experience. I witnessed my mother, like most people, not identify thus not assertively pursue the life she was meant to live. This caused her, like many people, a hard life, including lost love, disillusionment, and poverty. Then, just a few months before she died, with my help she began to make the self-discovery of the person she was meant to be. Those last few months were by far the happiest in her life. She opened the door to the life she was meant to live as she discovered and pursued her downstream focus. She found her passion, awakened the child of the past, and finally began “to play” at life. The journey to become the person you were meant to be is an exhilarating adventure. My mom’s adventure got more and more involved and exciting with each day. The great tragedy for my mom was that her adventure had just begun: after a hard life, she had discovered immense happiness at the end. She died early and with no warning at sixty-six years old of a congenital cerebral aneurysm, right when she was finally discovering the life she was meant to live. In those few months, she produced an eternal contribution to the world, an invaluable book entitled Breakthrough To Enlightenment! …I often wonder, because of her death so soon after getting on the path she was meant to journey, what great values she would have created…values the world will never know. I know her brilliant mind had put together an immensely valuable Neothink® puzzle in Breakthrough To Enlightenment based on her lifetime of experiences. What that Neothink® puzzle could have grown into, well, the world will never know. Both my mother and the world really missed out. Our mortality makes it imperative for you to discover the life you were meant to live right now, without missing another day. How will you discover and open the door to the person you were meant to be to release your downstream focus? Everyone is different with a different set of life experiences, upbringings, environments, talents and tastes. Today you will discover your unique downstream focus, which may be quite different than your current job. It may not seem practical to pursue. But with special techniques that make it safe and practical to pursue your downstream focus, you will open the door today to your path to major success and, in turn, happiness and love. To open that door to success, happiness, and love is the first objective. The next objective is to show you how to get that success, how to soar after opening that door. Without opening the door first, though, you are blocked from the life you were meant to live. Every human being was meant to live a motivated, exciting life of wealth, happiness, and love…the life of the Superhuman. Let’s now work on opening the door to the life you were meant to live. Fill out the chart on the next page. Write down what you did Monday through Friday in the evenings after work and what you did on your weekends. Try to remember. If you cannot, then write in what you think you did or typically do. Do not try to impress yourself. This chapter is for you to dig in and discover your downstream focus that has been waiting to be discovered all your life. You will miss that opportunity if you are not brutally honest today. I am not looking for comrades. You are not trying to impress me or yourself. Instead, you must honestly observe your frustrations and stagnation. This chapter is your tool to break free from that stagnation and this anticivilization. So, write down what you do in the evenings and weekends. The more humdrum or boring it is, the more value this chapter will be to you today. Okay, get to work. When you finish, read out loud what you wrote down for your evenings and weekends. Now, prepare yourself for this fact: people who have major success, their evenings and weekends look different than yours. And, here’s the key: their evenings and weekends looked different than yours before they were very successful. Now, that’s nothing for you to be ashamed of. Those super successful people had merely made a self-discovery that you have not. Their self-discovery sent their lives into an exciting adventure that naturally changed their schedules. Realize, they made their self-discovery of the person they were meant to be first; they did not change their schedules first. And so will you. When you make that self-discovery today of the person you were meant to be, then your schedule will naturally change. Most self-improvement programs try to put the cart before the horse by changing the schedule first. But the upstream battle will always lead to failure. In the weeks following your self-discovery today, your evenings and weekends will begin to look different, too…like the very successful. You need your evenings and weekends to look like theirs. You need to have focus. But it has to be downstream focus, or it will never last and major success will never happen. This self-discovery is of something you are magnetically drawn to — that unique something you are meant to be. As you become that person, you are naturally pulled away from TV and sports and from other entertainment…from those things that fill your evenings and weekends now. You lose interest in them. The real values stick, however, such as time spent with your children and spouse, but you really have to schedule that time, and the quality of that time multiplies many times for two reasons: 1) you are deeply happy, and 2) that time goes from passive to active planned time. How do you discover that person you were meant to be? How do you make that self-discovery that is unique for each person? How do you discover that “something more” to life you silently long for? How do you open the door to the one path that is uniquely yours that can take you to major success…to the life you were meant to have? Every person who ever became a major success discovered the life he or she was meant to live. Many if not most of those people simply got lucky. As a matter of circumstances, they got on the unique paths on which they were meant to be. They were victors of circumstances. As a matter of circumstances, you did not get on your unique path. You and most others are victims of circumstances, and you are here today to change that fact. Now, to discover your unique path is not so easy because your mind will not open the door to it. Your unique path has been buried by falling leaves of resignation over time, and you might not recognize it even if you were looking at it. The life you were meant to live has been filed away somewhere in your mind, perhaps permanently shut off in some closed section called “The Impractical Section”. But, when combined with the Neothink techniques, there is nothing in life more practical than opening that door to downstream focus. For now, we will not argue practicality. We are only going to open our minds — or at least stretch our minds — to discover your unique path and the person you were meant to be. The “how to do it” part will come later. I must say, you will be pleasantly surprised with the “how to do it” techniques I have developed over the past seventeen years that will rapidly change your long-lost “impractical” dream into a highly practical adventure that will do three things: 1) Make you deeply happy like never before (good-bye stagnation) 2) Lead you to major success and wealth 3) Make you a romantic lover like never before The motivational drive found today only in toddlers will become nourished and begin to grow inside you again from the combination of those three points above. The return of your deep motivational drive will release your human potential for the first time since your preschool days. Those dynamics will take you to the edge of an evolutionary leap, into integrated thinking and then into Neothink® puzzle building and eventually into the new mentality of the Superhuman. The techniques to travel your unique path are found later in this chapter. But right now, we must open the door to that path, before you walk the path. I must let your mind know, however, that no matter what, even if your path has been buried and lost in the impractical section of your mind, we will make your new journey very practical…even if you are in your golden years, I might add. Now, what I want you to do is to look over your weekday evenings and your weekends that you filled in earlier, and then remember back over the past year. Was there ever a weekday evening or weekend in which you would have filled in something of a different nature than what you have written on your Evenings-and-Weekends Chart…something different that you did — not because of some external demand or deadline, rather because you wanted to? Is there something different that was not a chore, not something you had to force yourself to do…rather something you just did? Now, I’m not saying like going to a football game or to the theatre; I’m saying something other than passive entertainment or sports, something that took initiative on your part? Take five minutes and think hard… First, clear your mind. Clear your mind. Take a deep breath. Again. Okay, I want you to think back over your last year or two. Can you remember moments in your life when you broke from your normal evenings and weekends? It may have happened only once. It may have happened more than once. Again, I want you to exclude passive entertainment such as watching movies, playing arcades, watching ball games, going to a park or amusement park. And I want you to exclude active sports such as golfing, playing basketball, bowling, playing tennis. You are looking for some activity, project, or interest that pulled you away, through your own will, from the environment that normally surrounds you. Take a few minutes to reminisce. Put your hands in your lap or on your desk and just remember. After five minutes, you’ll write down an episode or two you might remember. If you do not remember any such event, then you’ll write nothing. …Do this now. Assuming five minutes have passed, write down what you thought of. Now, ask yourself two questions: 1) Take a moment and try to remember and describe to yourself how you felt while doing it? 2) After remembering how you felt, ask yourself why you did not continue to pursue it more aggressively? Answering the first question potentially sheds light inside your psyche on a tiny cell of motivation that is uniquely yours. That cell is the germ of success within you and can multiply and rapidly take over your psyche and your life if able to reproduce. Answering the second question potentially sheds light on why that tiny cell of success never reproduced. Whatever cut off the growth of that cell of success — the reasons you did not pursue it — can quickly be removed through the techniques found throughout my Neothink manuscripts. The most common reason the cell of success never multiplied is lack of opportunity or circumstances combined with an emotional disbelief that it would practically succeed. Usually what happens is: one’s livelihood must come first, and so most people never know how to start the cell growing while still making a living. The livelihood is too demanding and enveloping. One never fully recognizes and goes right by his unique cell of success. Later, I will show you how to grow that cell while not sacrificing your livelihood. Right now, you are trying to recognize and come back to your unique success-cell lost within your psyche. Okay, if you were able to write something down above, consider it a potential clue for the next step to open your door to the person you were meant to be. Before you do the next step, let me tell you that at first the results may seem hazy. It’s not easy to recognize your tiny success-cell since it never grew after all these years. It is so tiny and inconspicuous, lost within a lifetime of complexities. But, you will write something or some things down. In the next few days, your focus on that image will sharpen and, like looking through a microscope, will focus on your cell of success. So, here’s the next step: Look at the chart you filled out earlier. Specifically, look at what you wrote down for Friday night. In many if not most cases, Friday night is the “shut-down” night. Our minds travel furthest away from active responsibility such as work. It all started back in our school days: Friday night was the furthest time away from our next class, further away than Saturday night, and much further away than Sunday night or any other weeknight. So, our minds did not even think about our homework. The first thoughts about homework did not even surface, at the soonest, until sometime Saturday afternoon. Friday night was the party night…time to turn off and tune out. So, Friday night becomes our litmus test for downstream focus. Once you discover your true Friday-Night Essence, then you have opened the door to your path, to the life you were meant to live. Your Friday-Night Essence is that one thing (minus passive entertainment or sports) you would enjoy doing on a Friday night. For example, my employee Dave would enjoy teaching or taking an acting workshop on Friday night — that is his Friday-Night Essence. I, myself, would enjoy writing on a Friday Night — that is my Friday-Night Essence. What about you? What would you enjoy doing on a Friday night? Your Friday-Night Essence always exists in you — even before you become successful and rich. You just need to identify it. For example, Henry Ford would have enjoyed taking apart and putting together an engine on Friday night, well before he had any business success. In fact, he did that for fun as a child. Steven Jobs would enjoy working on software applications on a Friday night before he had success. He did so often. I frequently worked on my literature, drawn to it even on Friday nights, long before I had major success. You need to discover your Friday-Night Essence — it’s in you. Look now at your previous clue…at what you wrote down, that something you previously did in the evenings or weekends that broke your normal routine. If you did not write anything down, don’t worry about it. Those of you who did, take one minute now to just think about that project or interest. Let’s pause while you reflect on that project or interest for a minute before moving on. Now, I want you to do something: Forget about everything you’ve read here today and what you’re trying to discover. Just relax your mind. It’s getting a little intense here, so let’s take a moment to relax. Take a deep breath and hold it for 3 counts. Ready: Take a deep breath — hold it…one, two, three…okay, breathe out slowly. Again, deep breath — hold it…one, two, three…okay, breathe out slowly. Okay now…think about the present and the past. What is something that you are drawn to…and perhaps have always been drawn to? Something that genuinely interests you. Take a couple of minutes to think about this. Sometimes a clue is something you like to read about. Put out of your mind any form of judgement such as, “Oh, that’s silly; that’s impractical to pursue,” or “I couldn’t possibly pursue that because I have no educational background on it,” or “There’s no money in it, at least for a long time to come.”   Forget any kind of judgement for now; just think about something that naturally attracts you and has done so over your life. Try to finally see that recurring interest — try now to see the trend over your life to pay attention to a particular interest. Take five full minutes to do this. I purposely did not give you the four generalized categories in which I see these persistent attractions falling into so as not to sway your thoughts. But now that you have thought about what attracts you, here are the four generalized categories I see people’s attractions falling under. Pick which one yours falls under: 1) Business 2) Science 3) Arts 4) Professions Let me say that the category of arts is usually the easiest to spot…such as Dave and his acting; myself and my writing. Business can be a little more complex, for a lot falls under business. Business is easier to spot if one has an obvious lifelong attraction to business. For example, I actually have two Friday- Night Essences: business and writing, both being guided by my ultimate goal of creating the sociopolitical conditions for rapidly eradicating diseases, including aging. All my life, I was drawn to business. As a child I was very entrepreneurial, trying several different business ventures and door-to-door selling. As I grew up, I idolized, read about, and listened to tapes on the great businessmen and women. Business and its values, created out of nothing in order to benefit us, always fascinated me. Businesses could eventually create cures to all diseases, I figured, even aging. People who like to read about a particular subject — actually enjoy learning about it — have a pretty good sign of a natural attraction…be it in the arts or in business or in a specific profession such as psychology or medicine, or in the sciences. I did not say anything previously about sports because, first of all, every man enjoys watching some form of sports, so it can easily block out what one’s real Friday-Night Essence is. But, occasionally, and only occasionally, sports can be one’s Friday-Night Essence, especially when we get beyond the fantasies about competition. Competitive sports is so physically based and linked to youth that either you know you have a shot at the top or you don’t. At this point, assuming you are not a teenager, no one is going to leave this page and go into competitive sports to become a multi-millionaire basketball star, for example. But there is, as with every legitimate value, the business side of sports. It is possible, although unlikely, that your true Friday-Night Essence lies there. Of course, that falls under the sweeping category of business. Okay, now that I gave you the four general categories that Friday-Night Essences fall under, select a category based on all the reminiscing and pondering you have done today. I’ll give you a minute to do this. Okay, write down that category: business, sciences, arts, professions. And if you were able to define earlier a more specific attraction, write it under the general category. For instance, my employee Dave would write down Arts — acting. I would write down Arts — writing…as well as Business — marketing Neothink®. I live my two Friday-Night Essences. You, most likely, do not live your Friday-Night Essence, not yet. In the rare possibility that you currently try to live your Friday-Night Essence, the format of your job and your techniques might be all wrong for you to soar along that path of the exciting life you were meant to live, which we will fix today. Now, I want you to look at what you have just written down: either a general category or a general category with a specific next to it. Look at what you wrote down, and then imagine yourself spending a Friday night pursuing that interest. Take a moment and imagine that. I’m not saying that you will never go to the movies again on Friday night and will only do this. I am saying, picture yourself on one Friday night pursuing this attraction you wrote down. Does the thought excite you? If so, you have discovered something that brings you passion and deep motivation. You have discovered an interest that is downstream focus for you to pursue. You have discovered your Friday-Night Essence. That means, you have opened the door to the path that will be an exciting adventure to you — the life you were meant to live. The self-discovery you just made may or may not hit you just right now. After all these years, discovering your Friday- Night Essence is sort of like holding your first newborn child. Although you feel love and protectiveness, it takes a few days to get used to and to get to know the little one. Over those few days, your love for the little one just seems to blossom. You need a few days to get used to and get to know your Friday-Night Essence. Over the next few days, do not be surprised if your excitement for life and enthusiasm and, yes, love for your newborn Friday-Night Essence just blossoms. Today if you picked a general category but not a specific interest, that is perfectly okay. You can have a broad-based Friday-Night Essence such as business or arts. In fact, that generality can give you flexible advantages. Also, let me add that the general categories can cross over. A good example is myself whose Friday-Night Essence could be termed Business-Arts. I’m a businessman disseminating as much of my writings as I can. (In fact, Business will more and more cross over into a natural marriage with our Friday-Night Essences in the 21st century as the coming job revolution changes the nature of jobs into entrepreneurial mini-companies, as shown in Vision Five. I said a natural marriage because, of course, artists and scientists and professionals will be motivated to get their creations out into the world for maximum exposure and use. They will do that through business.) Hold onto what you have written down. Over the next few days, your love for your Friday-Night Essence will blossom, especially as you discover the techniques that send you along the path that you have now opened the door to…no matter how “impractical”. Without your Friday-Night Essence and the techniques to make it happen, you will die unfulfilled without experiencing wealth, prosperity, and romantic love. You will never evolve into the prosperous Superhuman. You will go on in your routine, silently suffering in stagnation. With upstream focus, you will never break free to the wealthy, prosperous, romantic life you were meant to live. But that’s not what you want, for that’s why you’re here today — to break free from your routine rut into the spectacular life of wealth, power, and love. So, I want you to carry around with you your Friday-Night Essence. The Neothink® Secrets give you the effective techniques and advantages to take you practically along your unique path without disrupting anything you have now. Let me tell you what happens immediately upon stepping through the door you opened here today…onto your unique path to major success: Suddenly, you discover the power and joy of downstream focus. Whereas the wealth is not overnight, the joy, excitement and passion is. When you become a motivated, happy person, suddenly you have lots of feelings for love and you become romantic. Flames that flickered out long ago suddenly rekindle. It’s an amazing experience that I personally went through. There is nothing better than travelling through life on the path you were meant to travel and doing what truly impassions you. Suddenly, you are where you belong, and you know it! The journey is an adventure; it is the opposite of a stagnant routine rut, and you love the feeling! It is the love for the journey that will bring you to major success. Once you’re on your way, you know it, and nothing can stop you. But you will not know that journey if you do not have my techniques that take you along your path. You are standing before your path. You have opened the door to it. You know you want to start your journey and the exciting adventure. You know it. Let’s take the journey: Journeying The Life You Were Meant To Live Starting tomorrow morning, you will be walking along the path of the life you were meant to live. This time tomorrow, I guarantee you will be another person, the person you were meant to be. You will instantly feel the joy and power of becoming the person you were meant to be — tomorrow. Before you start your journey, let me make clear that the leap of power in the Twelve Visions comes from the new mind space that will open — something called Neothink®. Your journey into the life you were meant to live will bring you to the edge of ® making the evolutionary leap into Neothink®. When you make that leap, you will become the Superhuman. Now, let me show you a little diagram that demonstrates our approaching evolutionary leap: Man’s Evolvement Over Past 3000 Years     Through a very simple how-to technique, today you will get started, in a very practical way, along your path. Your deep motivational drive will reactivate and re-release your human potential. For, through the constant downstream focus on your great adventure, you will gather more and more experiences and will start seeing and pulling together common denominators over time. You will experience increasing integrated thinking, which will eventually take you into Neothink® puzzle building. Immensely enjoying yourself with each step you now take in life, you will not stop taking those steps. You will discover new experiences along your journey that snap into your growing Neothink® puzzle. Before long, you will see a puzzle-picture forming that has never been seen before…your first leap into the new, Neothink® mind-space of the Superhuman. To get started along your path, I want you to look again at Step Four in The Self-Leader Secret (click here to download). Those Inside Secrets show you how to get started in your job of the future. Starting tomorrow, however, you will use the technique not for your job per se, but for pursuing your Friday-Night Essence. So, as you read through The Self-Leader Secret, keep in mind that the technique (known as the mini-day system) will be used somewhat differently when you return to this article. Go now, and review The Self-Leader Secret again. When you finish, return to here to this article. Now, I want you to pull out your piece of paper upon which you wrote down your Friday-Night Essence. Think about it, and imagine it either as a commercial or professional venture. Take a minute to do that. The image of making a living doing your Friday-Night Essence is, whether you realize it or not, your ambition in life. So, you are going to now “mini-day” your ambition in life and put those mini-days around your livelihood. You are going to determine the physical movements necessary to accomplish your life’s ambition. Whereas in The Self-Leader Secret I had determined the physical movements of my living job of the mind, right now to live the life you were meant to live, you must determine the physical movements needed to accomplish your life’s ambition. And you must structure those mini-days to either side of your income mini-day, which is your current job. This will pull you out of your rut and send you along your unique path toward exciting success, happiness, and romantic love. Let me give you an example: An American hero pulled himself out of an impossible stagnation-trap. Yes, it can be done; it has been done. He was a laborer at the turn of the century, a dock worker among the roughest ports of early nineteen-hundred America. That dock breed spoke illiterate English, crude, unrefined. This lowly laborer had dropped out of school at fourteen. He lived on the streets. He survived. He never had an opportunity. Like millions of others, he was headed for a cruel life. A desire burned inside, though. He desired to pull himself out of the abyss. He desired to become a successful writer. In the early 1900s, an illiterate dock worker had essentially no chance to ever sell a piece of literature. But that man became the highest paid author in history! And if we adjust for inflation today, he is the highest paid author of all time. That man was Jack London. He wrote many adventure stories and best- selling novels including Call of the Wild, The Sea Wolf, Martin Eden. Exactly how did Jack London do it? He established four physical movements, four mini-days that would achieve his desire of becoming a writer: (1) reading, (2) intense grammar study, (3) self-education (a library-study program), and (4) writing. Those four mini-days were divided before and after his full-day income mini-day and on weekends. Even after he pulled himself out of his trap and off the docks, he never stopped the mini- day system. He stayed on the mini-day system through his fame and glory to the last days of his short life. Jack London merely discovered his Friday-Night Essence and broke it into mini-days. Now, talk about impractical — imagine an illiterate dock worker at the turn of the century dreaming of being a professional writer! But, using this simple technique combined with downstream focus, he became the richest writer of all time (when adjusting for inflation). As I said before: there is nothing more practical than downstream focus. He wrapped his mini-days around his job in the evenings and weekends. …I recommend reading his autobiographical novel Martin Eden that demonstrates the drive, excitement, motivation when one gets on his Friday-Night Essence using the mini-day system1. Do this now: What are the physical movements to achieve your ambition in life — your forgotten dream? Take five minutes to do this. Now, assuming you have done this, you will do the same as Jack London — put the mini-days of your life’s ambition, your Friday-Night Essence, in the evenings and weekends. Let me point out something important: before if you tried to put work or tried to study in _______________________ 1 Jack London (1876-1916) fought an internal battle, ostensibly between individualism, which he lived through and through, versus socialism, which he believed in. On a larger scale, however, he fought the emotional battle of being a self-leader, a God-Man, living in a suppressed and irrational world, which he was inescapably surrounded by. The conflict led to turmoil and suicide for his fictional, autobiographical hero Martin Eden and, eventually and tragically, for Jack London himself. If Jack London had access to the Twelve Visions, he would have seen the route out of the irrational world and perhaps averted suicide. the evenings or weekends, sticking to it would frankly become a bitch, excuse my layman’s term. Words cleaned up a little: to work or study in the evenings or weekends was always an upstream battle — your focus was what we’ve been calling an upstream focus. But pursuing your Friday-Night Essence changes everything. It tugs you away from other things, back to it…back to the deep excitement inside you. For the first time, you’ve opened the door to the path you were meant to walk. This “work” becomes motivating, just as it was for Jack London and every other great success throughout history. You have discovered downstream focus. Below is the same weekly chart you filled out earlier. Fill in your evenings (you can take Friday evening off), and fill in a portion of your weekends — perhaps Saturday morning — with your new, Friday-Night-Essence mini-days. Take a few minutes to do this, now. Alright, have you done that? Now, compare what you just filled out to the one you filled out earlier. Flip back and forth and notice the contrast. Okay, I want you to stop and think hard about two things:
  1. Now your evenings and weekends look the same as the Bill Gates, Sam Waltons, Henry Fords, Jack Londons, and Mark Hamiltons.
  1. Now, with downstream focus, you are not deluding yourself. You can keep up this schedule — because it’s your essence — the person you were meant to be!
The self-discovery is complete. I want you to go out there and enjoy your life, which I guarantee you will with your new weekly schedule that opens the door and takes you along the life you were meant to live. You will feel exhilarated the first day you start. And the beauty of your new adventure in life is: it gets more and more exhilarating the further you go. Your adventure is the opposite of what most people experience, sinking in miserable stagnation. Each day, each week, gets you more and more involved in the person you were meant to be. And, that’s fun! As you go along, new experiences will begin linking together. That is the beginning of integrated thinking that will grow like a puzzle. As the puzzle grows, you will eventually see a never- before-seen picture forming, a new creation built by you. That creation goes beyond the normal capacity of your mind. That creation takes you into the new mind space of Neothink®. Although you have already done so, read again The Self-Leader Secret. That Inside Secret reveals power-thinking, the first small step toward opening the new mind space of Neothink®. …Today you are opening the door to the exciting life you were meant to live; tomorrow you can soar using the mini-day/power-thinking team. No More Suffering in Silent Resignation Let me tell you a little story about something that recently happened to me: I was having an interesting conversation with a religious man, a very nice man. He had a lot to say. Somewhere along the line, I started going into the history of man and Christianity, sort of scientifically explaining where religions came from, as I do in your second highly-guarded Neothink® Manuscript. To my surprise, he put up his hand as if to say, “Stop now.” So I stopped. He took a deep breath and nervously said, “I must have HOPE.” HOPE…let’s talk about that. What was he hoping for? He, like so many, was hoping for a better life in the afterlife. What does that hope really mean? It means he, like so many, is not getting the life he wants now. Today you opened the door to the better life, and with the techniques in my Neothink® Manuscripts, you are on your way to getting the life you want now. Deep-rooted motivation or lack of it determines man’s success. Anyone who stays focused long enough will rise to the top of the field. Anyone. He will go beyond competition and onto creation…unique creation of values people want. To stay focused, such a successful person erases laziness out of his life. How? Realize that laziness comes from backing off from hard upstream focus, and everyone has laziness written into his life…except for that one out of thousands who discovered his or her natural downstream focus. Today, with your Friday- Night Essence, you discovered your downstream focus. What do I mean by, “Everyone has laziness written into his life?” And is that why big-time success is so rare and so unlikely in your life? Deep-rooted motivational drive is what makes big-time success eventually. Of course, laziness kills deep- rooted motivational drive. But everyone has that root — that one, deep motivational root. You have one deepest root, but there are thousands of different jobs and careers. What are the odds you (or a loved one or anyone) has the job that is fed directly by that one, deep motivational root in you? The odds are thousands to one against you. Therefore, the odds are thousands to one that you will succumb to this term called laziness…since we realized laziness happens by struggling against and finally succumbing to upstream focus. And that is why there are thousands of people to every one rich man-on-the-hill. Today, you experienced a godsend: you found your one, deepest motivational root inside you, perhaps never known before or long forgotten before today and given up on. Now, with natural downstream focus, laziness will, for the first time in your life, just seem to vanish. In its place, fed by your deepest root of motivation, energy and excitement will come rushing into your life, just as it did for my employee, Dave. What about discipline and effort needed to be successful? Sure — that’s all there, and the more of that you exert, the further you’ll go in any field. But your Friday-Night Essence and its downstream focus and your new source of energy and excitement will let it happen — discipline, effort, and all — and finally release your human potential. Now, back to HOPE. What if I say to you that I want to, first, unearth…and then, second, wipe out all your suppressed hope? What if I say I think suppressed hope is the greatest epidemic of all time? When you get down to it, doesn’t suppressed hope, as seen in my gentleman friend, mean that people are not getting the life they want — the life they were meant to have? And since there are thousands of people wasting their lives this way to every one person who is living that exciting life he was meant to live…isn’t that a horrific epidemic? As more and more people discover their Friday-Night Essences, they will get reacquainted with hope…and then they will harvest that hope. They will enjoy that elusive life they once silently hoped for and then forgot about. What my Neothink® Secrets do is: make suppressed hope resurface and happen. Over the years, youthful hope gets deeply suppressed, and most people like my gentleman friend silently surrender to resignation. Our deep motivational root shrivels up and dies as we lose our motivational drive. Hobbies, sports, entertainment, and routines take over. In most cases, our suppressed desire for a better life shows up in our religious beliefs — in some kind of vague hope for a blissful afterlife. We silently hold hope for something better…better than what? Better than now. Hope is a desire, often an unspoken desire, for something in the future…something better than the present. That hope can be for any number of things: wealth, health, love. Let’s use an example: if a person is in great pain, say, suffering from cancer, he holds hope for the future…for a cure. Anything that pains you — physical pain, emotional pain (as in financial or love difficulties) causes hope for the future…for a cure. The same applies for the painful state of stagnation. As the cure never comes, we become disillusioned. The feeling of hope in most of us has long ago been buried beneath recognition. I ask you, now that you have opened the door to the person you were meant to be, can you feel your hope in this world again…not just hope there’s something good out there in heaven, but hope right here for tomorrow when you wake up and take your first steps into the life you were meant to live? Can you feel it? I guarantee you that over the next few days you will feel your youthful hope resurfacing. It’s a good feeling, a feeling synonymous with youth. But feeling those youthful feelings is only the beginning, because before long, you will begin to harvest that hope, which will increasingly happen as you read the rest of my Neothink® Manuscripts. The person pursuing his Friday-Night Essence with the tools in the Twelve Visions is not wasting his life. He is not suppressing his hope; he is instead busy fulfilling his hope, living his dreams. Here is what you can expect will happen to you as you read further into my Neothink® Secrets: Your resurfacing hope becomes part of a process to wealth, love, and happiness. You will never again sink to disillusionment, pain, and resignation. Your resurfacing hope will take the form of energy and enthusiasm, looking forward to specific accomplishments…mapping out a course for your internal motivational drive. Through resurfacing hope, you will set new goals that you will achieve quickly with the techniques throughout the Self- Leader Secret, and our mentor Secret Meetings. Now, take a moment to acknowledge some of your resurfacing feelings of hope. I’ll give you a couple of minutes to get in touch with some feelings of hope. Anything goes — any feelings of hope…for better security, wealth, health, love — anything…and it can be one thing or several. Write them down. Take a couple of minutes to do this. From experience, I have found that hope usually breaks into a handful of common denominators. The seven most common denominators of hope are for: 1) Comfortable Security 2) Better Health and Longevity 3) More Wealth 4) Stimulating Career 5) Romantic Love 6) Superior Intelligence 7) Fulfilling Happiness and Spiritual Harmony Six of those seven points of hope will happen through your self-discovery today of your Friday-Night Essence combined with the techniques throughout the Neothink® Manuscripts, the Self- Leader Secret, and your future Secret Mentor Meetings. One of those points of hope — health and longevity — still largely depends on the advancement of technology. But through your Friday-Night Essence and the techniques in the Neothink® Manuscripts and the Self-Leader Secret, the other six points of hope — security, wealth, career, romance, intelligence, happiness — will happen the way they were supposed to happen in your life: in large abundance! As you will discover, they come to you as Gifts. Your Friday-Night Essence will lead you into Neothink®, which is a new way of using the mind beyond the smartest people today. Thousands of different jobs and paths through life exist, but of those thousands of paths, there is one path, in particular, that you can travel to a better life. The key to your future is to find your path and then get on the mini-day system to take the adventure. You have done that today. Tomorrow, your adventure begins.