Level 10

Level 10 Integrations

Hi Mr. Mark Hamilton, with each lesson I feel closer to the C of U than before. What stood out the most in this Essence Meeting was the important role the TVP has (will have) in order for us to reach the tipping point where we can tip over into the C of U and have our much better service based government. We are getting closer to the C of U, witnessing much in 2020 that brings hope to me for the positives out there I see during this horrible world-wide COVID-19 pandemic crisis reminds me a lot of Miss Annabelle’s story; even the businesses are banding together in order to help save lives through producing medical equipment and supplies they usually don’t make so that there will be enough ventilators, etc. Just like in Miss Annabelle’s story. I enjoyed all you shared in the Level 10 meeting. This meeting helped me figure out how I can be a value creator for the Neothink Society. I had an a-ha moment that included how I can superiorly implement DTC with my FNEs so my ability to create values improves. I am very excited about this for giving back values to the Neothink society is important. You helped me see where I fit in as a value creator, and that is very wonderful, exciting and energizing. Thank you so much! I love these meetings full of wholesome information/secrets, and am delighted to have the opportunity to seriously go through these. Can’t wait for the next one; looking forward to Level 11 Essence Meeting.