Level 07

Lvl 7

Holy shit-this stuff is real, but my stomach goes ggrrrrr when I think of clubhouses and selling anything. Gonna talk to charlie.Never had a business.Liked the OR because I pulled too much emotion from patients. This way there was little exposure to awake patients. I can feel too much and that is detrimental to my well being and balance.I “saw” the society going into space to another planet. It pushed itself into my consciousness. The universe has brilliant colors not black and grey. First came the AI face, then 4 people emerged in flight suits. I can’t see who they are yet, but one man has dark hair. holding a space helmet. They all have helmets.That’s all I got for now. Usually they evolve and are whole pictures. It comes when it comes. BTW most men are easily manipulated especially if the woman is beautiful. That is a cultivated skill. I learned to use it rather early. I am good at it. Seduction is also a skill. Lately I’m taking better care of myself. My 5’4″ 110lbs are getting pampered by me. 5 years on the couch was enough!!!! I am finally where I am supposed to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Melinda