Level 10

Lvl 10

This just gets better and better! Tape an intro meeting with testimony?Sounds like a blast! Giving baby open heart surgery and transplant lectures to nurses and doctors was taped. I’ve given testimony more times than I can remember. So the integration of taping, testimony and Neothink is so exciting! I’ll even let my daughter do my makeup.She wants to update me. Mentoring always provided graditude in bushels, for me. I love talking about the Neothink Society. I’ve missed not getting on neospace.My neothink membership app is old wonky. It won’t let me in. Doesnt even recognize me. Member services, here I come again? I’ve run out of bright ideas on how to fix this. Dues are paid. HELP! BTW this is not a complaint. Feelin’ isolated from ya’ll. Had extremely mild virus, alive due to the genius’ of society. Awake due to Mark’s works. The way we’ve been led thru this education, one step at a time, gives me solid stable ground to stand on, the Twelve Visions World. National canidates, board members and Movable Heads, ‘Oh My!’ So many new paths! All my heart and soul live in NEOTHINK. I can’t imagine life without it now. Things have definitely changed! Melinda Inglis