Level 07

Lvl 7 Integrations

I grew up Protestant, went to a Catholic nursing school ( complete with nuns ), Episcopal looked good and I threw in a stint in a synagogue just to be sure. Never found a thing. The NT writings gave the first logical explanation. The atrocities that have perpetrated “in God’s name” make me ill. Children are innocent. Priests-we need protection from them! They seduce, sodomize and rape children and then dare to tell us-kids lie. Politics are disgusting in political America. The latest are Democrats and Republicans having huge fights for power and perks! Reps had it and Dems wanted it. It was like a little kids fight except they were big people. They yelled alot, pouted and it was funny, now that I see they’re all the same, Fighting for power and the right to live off the populace is shameless. I must confess. I still yell at the TV sometimes. Anti aging supplements are making changes in and on my body. My hairline has returned, hair’s thick and long. I molted and younger skin has appeared. The white noise is almost gone. More energy, focused and my head is still exploding from the last letter and book. I’ll get the next ones tomorrow. It is easier to pick stocks. The videos were great today.Thanks! Melinda