Level 05


Mark , you may alredy know i was in sales once pretty good at it i may add. There are a couple of reasons i got out of the field but mainly the A.C.’s grappling techniques to suppress are too much for one single man. They let you build yourself up then they push you back down. What i mean is all the heavy contracts are owned by the in-laws and cousins of executives like my former boss there was no room for my potential, so i got out while i was still young to pursue my current career. Forgive me for being slow to form an a-team , i am glad i didn’t though because it would’ve been all wrong. I am very methodical in almost everything i do. Your strategy is parrallel to what mine was 7 years ago : bring them in! 90 percent of my sales were made before i ever even spoke to the customer. It was very speciffic word selection and placement (on the page) that makes a flyer work. SO, SURE MARK, your doing the hard part- bringing them in, all i have to do is seal the deal. Sounds like a win-win to me!