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I Have Discovered My True Essence

 I absolutely embrace life. I love my life, my family and my friends. I honestly am living the life I was meant to live. I have grown so much during my journey in the Neothink Society, that I can say I am a new man, I’m not the old guy trapped in my body living an insane life. I am a vibrant, enthusiastic, fun loving, energetic person that acts like I’m much younger than I really am. I have learned the true secrets to life, the true meaning to life. I now have controls over what I thought were once limited and impossible to do anything about, but now realized were just mere illusions. What the Neothink Society means to me is Everything. That’s right, everything in my life now has purpose and true meaning. I have discovered my true essence, and am currently loving and living life to the fullest every moment. I’ve learned it’s not just OK to be happy occasionally, In fact I have learned that happiness is the moral purpose of life. I find much happiness in all things. I find happiness even in the difficult situations most would just not see. I have discovered a very special person within that completes me, my child of the past that never gave in. I removed the so called common knowledge that most succumb to in belief it is just the way it is suppose to be. I have learned how to free my child of my past to run free, grow and flourish. I am living my “Friday Night Essence.” I’m doing what makes me happy, but I become extremely happy seeing others discover and live in their essence too. My newfound knowledge and belief in myself has yielded some nice results, but does not even compare to my confidence and fully integrated honest approach to my personal and business life. I am able to out-compete in every competitive situation plus protect myself and my loved ones from most all dishonest, greedy and deceitful individuals. It is as though I can put on special goggles and see the truth. I now know this is merely peeling off many layers of un-truths and discover that I always knew the truth, but it was shrouded in cleverly disguised dishonest manufactured facts. It is as if I have a special friend in the know that has taken me under his wing and given me all of life’s advantages and protections. The great thing is that I do have a really great friend and mentor and you can too. His name is Mark Hamilton and he, along with some really fantastic integrated people are just waiting to take you on the same wonderful journey I have been on along with some of the most truly wonderful and amazing people you will ever meet. The Neothink Society levels the playing field in an honest and fully integrated way. This is a journey that has already changed my life for the better, and my sincere wish is to encourage you to check out our Neothink Society and let us help you free your beautiful child of the past and help you discover how to live the life you were meant to live too. MIKE  G. Neothink Society of Southern California Super A-Team  Southern California, CA