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Today I Am Actually Living My Personal Visions

Living the Life I Was Meant To Live! Becoming The Person I Dreamed of Becoming! Illusion!  NO,   Reality, YES                       Through The Neothink Society and the Multigenerational Books                                        I, Steve am achieving my Reality As a Boy/ Young Man I had this vision of myself as: Presenting myself with a Nice Slim Body Appearance Presenting a calmness, but having and being, in control of myself. Self- Responsible Man A Role- Model for Others Contributing Value to my Society Achieving Personal Success and Happiness Having a Forever Loving Caring Relationship Loving caring Father Having Ongoing Good Health   I always thought, well, if I can achieve 1 or 2 of these dreams before I die, I did OK and  therefore, accepted what I thought was my reality and let it go at that. I existed from day to day, doing what I had to do to survive.  Illusions deeply clouded my reality. Figuratively, I was a blind man bumping into and around the universe, somehow, just getting by.   However, with the gifts (tools) given to me by the Neothink Society, today, I can emphatically say, I Know I will achieve all of my earlier visions and even more.  My eyes are wide open, blinders are off, illusions are gone, clouds lifted. Clear weather today and ahead.  The sailing will get smoother and smoother as I continue to grow. I know this for a fact.   Through reading the Prime Literature and daily walking the walk with fellow Neothink Society family members, I am uncovering the Person I was meant to be, and Living the Life I should be Living.   Today I am actually living my personal visions(the visions are entering my life, one by one, it is very exciting to see all of my dreams unfolding) by creating values through my Friday Night Essence (FNE), which I have uncovered and am putting to very good use. By the way, I have a few FNE’s and there is still a chance for further discoveries. Through the many effective tools supplied in the Prime Literature, I am able to unleash my highest potential and live life to the fullest. That’s right, Live Life, Not Exist.  I am the one in control of myself, no one controls me, and I am a self-empowering, self-responsible human being. The readings showed me the way to this realization.   Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for extending me an invitation to Live the Life I was Meant to Live, and Become the Man I was Meant to Become.  I thank myself, Steve Fagan, who for years, knew there was something better out there for me, and continued on an ongoing search till I found the answers to my questions, and which in turn would relieve the unsettling turmoil in my inner being.  Mission Accomplished. Yes, the answers are in the Neothink Society Multigenerational Books, the Prime Literature.  So, if you want what I have, and many others, well all you have to do is: Read the Books Yes, the answers are in the Books. Let’s all Live Life the way we should, There is no Reason to Exist. Oh, By The Way, re: when I die, don’t worry, I have too much living to do first.  No time for dying……….   STEVE   Neothink Society-Tri-State A-Team of New Jersey  Nutley, NJ