Level 11

Lvl 11. Melin

I’m now leaving sentences to paragraphs , in comments, on web sites. Seeing business flaws, superfluous actions and processes jumping out at me is new. I’m almost compelled to inform them how to improve. It’s so cool! I feel so intelligent, cetain in my assessment. Fantastic confidence builder! I got my nose bit on my first call, so I’ve hung back and watched. It’s time to consistently be on calls and share. I’ve been thru this lvl twice. Didn’t have anything to say. I was cofused on something, my mentor straightened out my thinking. I came into the society, after certain events occurred. I’ve been here for about one and one half years from the first letter. Listening to calls from someone definitely not in the society any more, along with a government news segment, had me upside down. Thanks Charlie!! Book’s done, moved apartments, set up printer, got help to babysit, instead of me!! Yeah!! My whole life has improved! Up until I got my last book, I believed ya’ll were ‘blowing alot of smoke up my skirt’! I have been shown the path. New people can be shown how to find theirs. That’s tremendously exciting! My graditude is freely given, bushells and bushells of it!! Melinda Inglis