Level 07

Level 7 Integration

Wow, Level 7 provided us with a road map to the C of U as we use our Child of the Past to use of imaginations and have fun by snapping puzzles together until our integrations provide Ten Second Miracles and solutions along the journey. Thanks to Mark Hamilton, in Part One, for exploring the creative cycles that every successful business transcends to grow and advance. That creative cycle is necessary for the Neothink public movement to snap the puzzles correctly together to continually enhance or create value! Part Two focused on trumping religion thru the Heirloom Package, the Second Insight that says God-Man is God. By reviewing this enlightening review of the Bible, and select stories, we learn that Neothink is the final evolution of human consciousness: the mysticism-free, human consciousness! The SOS Bible will be published that will cause two events to occur: The Twelve Vision Party and the Church of God-Man. The SOS Clubhouses stimulation, the life advantages getting connected, our mega-Churches, will allow the Church of God-Man to focus on the subject of immortality. That secret is The Child of The Past and the Zon within. Understanding the five growth cycles and experience all five synergistically together. The people of the Church of God-Man want immortality and their stimulation will provide the solution ti immortality – understanding the supreme value of the universe – universal love! Our First Insight discussed pure love or psychuous love based on mutual value exchange that awakens to universal Love! Part Three explains how the TVP will trump politics and government. It spells this out in detail and the Prime Law removes man from creating,interpreting and enforcing law and the fundamental nature of protection, (protection only), the Prime Law will govern. A great prosperity explosion will occur as it did throughout history, to evolve into making the Prime Law govern and include an amendment to the Constitution, the ingredient our forefathers missed. Thanks for the gifts you provided thru you and your father’s literature to us as we solved and follow the Child of the Past to the Civilization of the Universe! Huzzah!