In time, I truly believe that we can change America

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for your great works of literature, Neothink and  the Political movement “Twelve Visions Party”.  In time, I truly believe that we can change America and the world into many great functioning societies that have the potential to benefit all.

     If and when a great many of us really practice and utilize the teachings within your manuscripts we will all be rewarded with great breakthoughs that will change all of our lives for the better.

    I will always remember the Miss Annabelle story and how society can be cruel and evil people can cause great damage to the real good people in society. I was blown away with Miss Annabelle and her style of teaching, that was more than just learning the subject at hand. Teaching our children to THINK is a far greater lesson than just plain learning.

    I have read many of your manuscripts and I 1000% believe if we can change societies current way of thinking we can change the world to where all can benefit not just the few at the top. I know with 100% certainty that by thinking along the lines of what is in the teachings of your manuscripts a great many average and even the poor can change their lives for the better in dramatic fashion.

    But you have to start and with luck here and there your life will change for the better.  By the way that luck WILL happen. I have personally experienced it many times since I have been following your principals.

   In closing NOW would be the perfect time to really start a social media movement that will show the masses that there can and will be a better option to our current two party system. It will no doubt move society into a much better place that benefits all, not just the few at the top at the expense of the many.

Heres to moving society in the right direction,