Level 10

Level 10 Meeting

I did not get into the society for money but rather for what the society had to offer in the way of intergration for my life and for the life of many other people around me. which i am slowly starting to talk about to these people, my FNE is to help other people realize the neothink society. I will agree with william Ryan that this hase been the best secret meeting yet. and steve Fagan is right we must now put everything that we have learned into action as I write this I see a greater world evolving around the human race one that will be the most productive anytime in mankind history. I have taken mark Hamilition words to heart and I have evolved as a Neothink Indiviual and now enjoy everthing that i do. my greastest acheivement will be to start the twelve Vision party in Arizona, and also help the society speared the word about Neo think society by working for member services .  Again thank you all for bringing me into the Society, I Love you all.