Level 02

A school for Neothink Society

At the end of level two meetings and discussions, you made some suggestions and submitted some ideas.  The one that appealed to me most is the possibility of initiating a school for Neothink Society.The reasons are as follows: I beg to crave your indulgence to enlighten you on some of my other very pertinent achievements. 1)I was inducted in the personalities of America ,Hall of fame as a professor of Maths. and Physics for my contributions for the betterment of contemporary society. 2) I was also inducted into the World Hall of fame for similar reasons. 3) I was chosen as an ambassador of achievement as a representative from Puerto Rico, for supreme achievements in the international community of man,all from that ABI,American Biographical Institute) However, despite my many achievements,I have never received monetary or financial remuneration commensurate with them. If the excellent idea of the Neothink school should materialize, then I would hope to be an integral part of the project for our mutual benefit. However, it takes money to implement such a feasible idea. I have submitted my scholastic achievements to indicate compatibility with an excellent idea. Sincerely, Winston, Since the society is international,I am a bit puzzled about the physical placement of said school,it can of course be done as distance education,but this loses some of the essence of the kind of teaching and education that we advocate and envisage.nevertheless, there is time to discuss details and other significant and important issues. I believe the school level is most important as the students minds are more flexible and susceptible to the thought processes and profound thinking envisaged in the appropriate education for the 21 century and beyond which includes technology transfer. I would appreciate a feed back if you find it necessary and convenient. With many thanks, Winston Joan A K