Hi Mark, It’s been a while

Dear Mark, I know you haven’t heard from me for quite some time. I have been preparing my future to give you as much of my undivided attention as I can see to do. Currently that has meant getting some major dental work done and getting ready for another necessary surgery and preparing everything that I need to do to be able to retire by the end of the year or just into next year. Also a lot of overtime and I have two jobs. Other than some laziness I have not been able to attend to my level courses and read the many books that I have and enjoy when I get to them, thank you very much. Please don’t give up on me. I haven’t abandoned you and/or the dream that I am slowly coming to envision. One thing though, it is difficult to afford the many books that you request me to buy when they come faster than I can afford. I’m sure that it is a blessing to be where you and your society are trying to take us/me. Thank You so much, Mark. David Hughes