Level 05

Integration for Level 5 Meeting

Wow, I just spent four hours listening to the Level 5 meetings and was astounded by the information contained within all of the parts since it presented in so many different manners that it was like a super puzzle that the reader snapped together. The separation of the application system which is Mark Hamilton’s essence and literature from the fundamental belief system which is Dr. Wallace’s essence and literature was presented. The final wrap-up with Steve Fagan and Ryan Williams where the Society of Secrets evolved into an organization that dropped the MLM business model to pursue the A-Team pursuit of value creative businesses was a shock but made great sense to the audience. I am now using integrated thinking to solve the remained super puzzles and can’t wait to see what the C of U will bring to our Society of Secrets and the Twelve Vision Party Platform. This has been an interesting journey and I can’t wait for it to continue. FNE is in place and common denominators formatted, so please continue the training.